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Mission Statement

360 Wrestling prides itself on bringing the most exciting and action pack sports entertainment to it's loyal fans in its quest to become a household name on a global scale. 360 Wrestling opens its doors for all competitors and fans no matter the race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs and non beliefs. Doing this, 360 Wrestling can truly set itself apart from the competition.

History of 360 Wrestling

In the early 2000's, wrestling is the biggest that it has EVER been. The wrestlers were larger than life, the match-ups were violent, and every episode was more important than a huge blockbuster release in the cinemas. There was no hotter company in the world of wrestling than 360 Wrestling. It was the pinnacle of the wrestling world. You held a title there, you were immediately a legend ...and probably going to get those big time Hollywood studios knocking down your door. Ran by Randall Strong, he was on the top of the world and basking in the riches due to his billion dollar company. Unfortunately, fate is a cruel mistress, as Randall was involved in a messy car accident. Randall was left in a comatose state thereafter.

Enter: Randi Strong, his recklessly enterprising daughter. She vows to take over the company, but drives it into the ground, turning it defunct in the process. In the year 2017, it is nothing more than a whisper of what it used to be. It is now just an indie fed that Randi has other people run for her as she focuses on more "hip" ventures like selling handbags and her own clothing line.

But alas, in May 2017, Randall awakes from his coma in something of a miracle. He finds his crowning jewel is a shell of what it used to be. Now, his claim to the wrestling industry is gone. It has moved on with no ONE name brand in all of wrestling and several other pretenders to the throne. 360 is now unknown and there are only a handful wrestlers under contract with it from those old days ...and they are all jokes. Randall, still having money stashed aside for in case of an emergency, must take it upon himself to bring back his legacy. Turn this indie fed back into a National Brand that will tour the country. Thank goodness his name still means something with the broadcast world as he is able to land a deal with Spike TV Network right away on name alone. While upset with his daughter's terrible decisions, he semi-blames himself for never teaching her the family business. Despite what his colleagues warn him about, he makes Randi his vice President in charge of the company, hoping that she can learn from him.

360 is back and is looking to take its place back on the top of the mountain of pro wrestling.

360 Headquarters

360 Wrestling Headquarters is located in the Second Ward district of downtown, Charlotte, North Carolina at:

360 Wrestling
420 E. 3rd Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

360 Wrestling Touring and At-Home Viewing Info

360 Wrestling is currently operating with big scale ambition and financial backing, while maintaining a small action packed plan to run on an independent promotional circuit. Currently the company travels in the North Carolina and surrounding states in the southeast, running most shows out of Convention Centers or small arenas with its home base being the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC. 360's bi-weekly show, Saturday Night Whiplash, will air every other week on Spike TV and its Pay-Per-Views will run on its on streaming channel on the Fite TV App available in the Apple Store and Google Play store.

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