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Randall Strong has always been considered one of the best minds in the world of wrestling with everything he touches turns to gold. That was certainly the case in the late 90s when he started 360 Wrestling from scratch and took it to heights that have rarely been seen since. In the early 2000's, wrestling is the biggest that it has EVER been. The wrestlers were larger than life, the match-ups were violent, and every episode was more important than a huge blockbuster release in the cinemas. There was no hotter company in the world of wrestling than 360 Wrestling. It was the pinnacle of the wrestling world. You held a title there, you were immediately a legend ...and probably going to get those big time Hollywood studios knocking down your door. Ran by Randall Strong, he was on the top of the world and basking in the riches due to his billion dollar company. Unfortunately, fate is a cruel mistress, as Randall was involved in a messy car accident. Randall was left in a comatose state thereafter.

But alas, in May 2017, Randall awakes from his coma in something of a miracle. He finds his crowning jewel is a shell of what it used to be. Now, his claim to the wrestling industry is gone. It has moved on with no ONE name brand in all of wrestling and several other pretenders to the throne. 360 is now unknown and there are only a handful wrestlers under contract with it from those old days ...and they are all jokes. Randall, still having money stashed aside for in case of a emergency, must take it upon himself to bring back his legacy. Turn this indy fed back into a National Brand that will tour the country. Thank goodness his name still means something with the broadcast world as he is immediately get a cable deal on name alone as well as sign some huge marquee stars to get the ball rolling once again on 360 Wrestling.

Enter: Randi Strong, Randall's recklessly enterprising daughter stepped in and vowed to take over the company when her father was comatose. Not having the business acumen that Randall had she drives it into the ground, turning it defunct in the process. In the year 2017, it is nothing more than a whisper of what it used to be. It is now just an indy fed that Randi has other people run for her as she focuses on more "hip" ventures like selling handbags and her own clothing line. Upon the miraculous recovery of Randall, he gets rid of the people Randi had placed in charge and despite what his colleagues warn him about, he makes Randi his vice President in charge of the company, hoping that she can learn from him. Old habits die hard however, and she quickly makes some highly questionable and controversial decisions and signings before the doors even reopen.

Trixie being a megastar in the wrestling industry was a very attractive signing for Randi Strong, who was assigned the task from Randall to start recruiting new talent (thinking she couldn't mess that up.) What resulted was a contract that made Randall Strong furious at his daughter. First and foremost, Trixie was given a guaranteed contract. She has it written that she must be making more than any other person on the roster. If someone gets offered her pay grade, or makes their way to it by main event status, her earnings go up. She has full royalties of any merchandise the company sells of her. She also earns ten percent of any PPV that she appears on. Her likeness must always be prominently featured. Also, the company must pay for her private jet to and from shows, as well as limo. She will be furnished with her own private dressing room away from the rest of the roster. Also, she has priority scheduling, as in she can pick and choose the dates she wants to work and doesn't. In addition, she has full veto on any ideas management has creatively with her persona.

Randi gave into all of these demands, but Trixie wasn't finished. She was not going to sign on the contract unless she was handed over some kind of authority. Namely, she wanted to be able to book and change matches on a whim; she wanted the power Commissioner. Randi so badly wanted her to sign AND remembered what her dad said about not taking no for an answer. Randi willing gave it to her. Trixie signed the contract, and Randi walked away thinking all was done.

However, sources say that Randi got a call from Trixie a bit afterwards and she announced that her first commandment as Commissioner was to gift herself the Universal title. Randi attempted to put her foot down, but Trixie threatened to not show up to events if the title was not fed exed to her the next day. Randi, being the amateur in business that was, folded and made it official by sending Trixie her Universal title, making her the first ever champion without so much of an effort.

Randall, furious by her daughter giving in to every demand has been reported to have sent the contract to his personal lawyers. Will this contract stand up? How will Trixie shape the fate of the company with her powers as commissioner? Only Time will tell.

Michael Patel has been called one of the best up and coming play-by-play announcers in the business. Seeking the American dream, Patel's father migrated to America from India when Michael was just a baby and through hard work was able to put his son through school where Michael received a Masters in Communication from Stanford University. Fresh out of college this 24 year old is getting his first big break calling the action bi-weekly for 360 Wrestling. Using his quick wit and charm, Patel calls the matches for the most part right down the line, all though he does tend to be a homer towards the "good guys" of the company. Being handsome and never really having a problem in the "ladies" department, his constant rejections from Mandy Creel, his counterpart at the announce table, leaves him more infatuated with her than he ever dreamed.

Mandy Creel was once on of the best women wrestlers in the business, even having held the old 360 Wrestling women's title in the early 2000's. Her former opponents and employers would all describe Mandy as being one of the "great minds" in the sport and her skills on the mic were one thing that catapulted her to success. Now, bitter that age is leaving her behind, she begrudgingly took a job as a color commentary because of her love for he business and her refusal to walk away all together. Feeling slighted that she never go the chance to compete in the inter-gender world that is more welcome in today's world, she holds on to a lot of jealously to any woman she she's succeed in the business, especially the faces. While she would never admit her age, the schoolboy crush that Michael Patel has on her, someone she feels is young enough to be her son, annoys her almost to the point of sickness. However, when the cameras are on, there is no better duo to work off of one another than these two masters of the headsets.

Greg Lancaster was once thought to be one of the best up and coming wrestler's around. However, in a match on the independent circuit, he was the victim of a botched pile driver that broke his neck and temporarily left him paralyzed in the ring. Making a remarkable recovery he quickly realized that he would never be able to return to in ring action for fear of furthering the damage in his neck. Forced into an early retirement from the ring, Greg wanted a way to stay in the business and when he seen the opening for Ring Announcer for the newly opened 360 Wrestling, he jumped on board.

Considered by some, "eye candy" for the women audience, Greg brings all the energy of a wrestler into his work as he announced the contestants in the ring. While he is just a ring announcer, Greg is definitely not one to be pushed around and has been known to push back a heel who gets too snippy with him.

Tito Williams can simply be described as a lovable goof. He met Michael Patel at Stanford University where they both attended for Communications. They quickly became best friends, kind of a yin and yang to each other with Michael being a hard working, dedicated student and over achiever and Tito being the slacking, partying, "just want to get by" college student that the American college life presents. Feeling bad for his friend, Patel is able to get Tito a tryout and ultimately a job with 360 Wrestling. Tito, always excited about talking to the "stars" is one of the crowd favorites on Saturday Night's. While he can often be seen eating on screen, whether or not it's because he has the "munchies" is a question that most people have.

Bella Ray is the daughter of a famous British reporter who used to cover the international side of the former 360 Wrestling. An old friend of Randall Strong's her father was able to pull some strings to get Bella a job in America with the company. Known for her seriousness in reporting, Bella is always trying to get the inside scoop on the stars of 360 Wrestling. Frustrated that most of the performers would rather "hang out" with Tito, Bella sometimes will say things about her counterpart that are not becoming of her proper British upbringing.

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