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Airfix Battles
Topic Started: Oct 26 2017, 05:59 PM (145 Views)

Hi folks. About a year ago an "introductory wargame" called Airfix Battles was released. I have been meaning to get hold of a copy and give it a go for a while. I'm no wargamer and I do like Airfix so this should be right up my street...
Posted Image

The box is fairly small but contains a couple of maps, dice cards and lots of tokens representing some Airfix classics. I think the idea is that you could replace the tokens with models.
Posted Image

The guide to set up an initial scenario makes picking the sides fairly straightforward - two squads and a Captain each = 3 "units" per side. You have to clear the area of your enemy to win the first scenario.
Posted Image
Initial deployment is also simple, one unit per square on either side of the map.
Posted Image

Then things get complicated. A fog of war descends. The instructions become impenetrable. Several cups of tea later I am able to make some progress. One side gets the "initiative" and they get to go first. Each team selects some orders. The first turn consists of some movement only as everyone is out of range of each other.
Posted Image

The next turn it all kicks off. The Americans have the initiative and pick off a few of the German Grenadiers. When a unit takes losses, it also has to take a morale test. This may result in no effect, the unit being pinned, or the unit retreating.
Posted Image

This repeats with new orders being selected each turn. Some orders are special - eg a unit can move an extra space then fire, or you get an artillery strike etc. I could not figure out exactly how the orders system worked so I allocated and used them as I saw fit and stuck to basic moving and firing.

After a few rounds the Germans pressed home an advantage and won the battle.
Posted Image
I'll reserve judgement until I've given this another go. I would say that although the game comes with a guide to get started which has a section on each element of the game, I would have benefited from a step by step idiot's guide to a minor skirmish to get the idea. Having just about managed to get through a game it makes a bit more sense now, but I came close to giving it up. It certainly kept me busy for a bit on a wet afternoon.

I think most of the fun will come from building and painting models to use instead of the tokens. A possible group build maybe? :wicked: Has anyone else tried it?
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Hi Luke,

From my experience the people at NASA would struggle with some of these games. I once bought a Star Wars card based 'battle' game. I read the rules and promptly sat in the corner of the room rocking and weeping. I just ended up collecting the cards.

An idiots guide would have been helpful, they used to do this in some of the more complex PC simulator games. Good luck with working it out, it would be good to hear your experiences of 'round 2'

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Oct 26 2017, 05:59 PM
A possible group build maybe? :wicked: [/url]
Sounds a good idea and we could play it at one of the multi format shows. The Sutton Coldfield show has had war gaming in the past.
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Indeed Mark, these Airfix things are supposed to help keep me from sitting in the corner rocking. I'll see if I can come up with my own Idiot's Guide, it might be better if it's written from a wargame idiot's perspective!
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