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Airfix 1/72 McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG1 A06016
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 02:22 AM (306 Views)

Announced at Telford SMW in November 2016 and originally due for release in October 2017 it eventually arrived on January 4th 2018. Sold out on the pre-orders mostly within hours of its release

A large stout lift off lid box. 2 Airfix Flying Hours. Skill level 3. 162 parts. Adam Toby artwork
Posted Image

I've posted scans of the instructions here;
20 page booklet A4 size* covering 111 build stages plus 4 A3 coloured pages for painting and decaling. One of the A3 is devoted to the 250 plus stencil decals. * Actually the instruction pages are slightly larger than A4, also being of that size they don't fit into the box neatly but curve up on the long sides; the decals are packed within the instructions so the sheet gets curved too

5 large frames and 1 half-size frame of parts in grey plastic and 1 frame for the clear parts
Frame A;
Fuselage and folded wing tips and two different parts for under the main wings
Posted Image

Posted Image

Frame B;
Main wings top halves, intake trunking, two different tail fins and another pair of outer main wing sections
Posted Image

Posted Image

Frame C;
Main under fuselage part, two more wing tip outer sections, rudder, flaps, airbrakes
Posted Image

Posted Image

Frame D;
Cockpit tub, seats, etectera, engine fans and exhaust ends, undercarriage parts
Posted Image

Posted Image

Frame E;
Assorted weapons and fuel tanks
Posted Image

Posted Image

Frame G;
Tail planes, radar unit [bottom, centre], parts for having nose cone open, rocket pods, parts to make an extended or short nose wheel leg
Posted Image

Posted Image

Frame F; The clear parts
Front u/c doors, canopy; option of open or closed, radar dish
Posted Image

3 options
892 NAS, HMS Ark Royal 1974-75
787 NAS, RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, 1971
Naval Air Support Unit, RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, 1969
Posted Image

There are about 255 numbered stencil decals. Highest number decal I've spotted is 297, but several similar decals have the same number to there must be about 400 decals. Not all are used though.

One of the A3 colour pages;
Posted Image

Very nicely detailed multipart ejection seats. There are no crew however
Oddly the front wheel well doors are supplied as clear parts
Another oddity is there are two arrestor hooks; one deployed and one retracted - the difference is in the angle of the fixing stud and one small rod
The canopy has part of the fuselage on it; this is around the windscreen so that'll have a neater fit.
Famously the Phantom canopy has two small windows in the section between the front and rear cockpits. The original Airfix Phantom had that area soild. On this kit, for the open canopy option a hoop part is supplied with framing marked. There are two of these hoop parts but only one is mentioned in the instructions. It looks like the other is to fit in a depressed part of the closed canopy but its not mentioned at all.
3 sets of outer wing sections are supplied; one set for folded wings, one set with slats extended and one set thats neither of those.
The refueling probe can be closed or open

A lot of choices need to be made before building commences as some parts, such as the nose cone needs cutting off first if the radar unit is to be used with an open nose.
There'll be a fair number of spares which I think might end up being used on the old Airfix Phantom

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A very detailed and interesting review fred, thank you.

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Super review Fred, thank you for taking the time to post it :cheers:
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Somebody over on Britmodeller has reported* he got the FGR.2 frame instead of the FG1 half-frame. It has non-slatted tail planes, a recce pod and an SUU gun pod and FGR.2 nose wheel oleo. * photos provided as proof.
Somebody at Airfix packing has made a whoopsie there then.
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