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Rules and Registration
Topic Started: Apr 18 2015, 12:52 AM (530 Views)
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General rules for using this forum

• This forum is for discussing the hobby of plastic modelling in general and the activities of Airfix Modelling Special Interest Group (AMSIG) in particular.
• We welcome contributions from people of all ages and abilities irrespective of gender, nationality or beliefs.
• We expect contributors to be polite and considerate of others at all times.
• When creating or replying to posts please keep on topic.
• You are welcome to select an avatar from the forum samples or upload an image of your own. If using your own image please keep it legal and decent.
• You are welcome to post relevant images on the forum by linking to images stored on picture hosting websites. You must own the copyright to any images that you post or have the copyright holder's permission to use the image. If you don’t own copyright or have permission but you believe that the image is relevant to the post, just provide a link to the originator's website instead.
• Not everyone who contributes to this forum has English as their first language; please make allowances for this when commenting on posts.


• You may view the public sections of the forum without registering but you will not be able to comment on any posts and some other areas may not be visible to you.
• Registration is free. Simply click on Register at the top left of the home page and enter your details. Your membership will be approved within 24 hours, usually much less.

Personal Messages and topic notifications

• At present the forum does not provide automatic notification by email of Personal Messages (PMs) or new posts to topics that you have contributed to. This facility will be added when it becomes available.


You are welcome to create a signature that will appear on all posts you make as long as it conveys something about you and your interests, e.g., a link to a site of modelling interest that you manage. To make any links stand out you may want to make them bold. Please do not include any graphics or banners. Any non-modelling signatures may well be removed.

Things not to be discussed on this forum

• Anything to do with ‘adult’ past-times, religion, politics or nationalist ideals.
• Anything that could be expected to give rise to offence

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