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2017 Multiverse Adventure Votes (Details are in Posts Below).
Better Tomorrow. 6 (11.8%)
When The Mists Roll In. 3 (5.9%)
Complications. 3 (5.9%)
The Descent. 5 (9.8%)
"We're Not Alone". 5 (9.8%)
Bureau of Ad-Tourism. 0 (0%)
Mistakes Happen! 0 (0%)
Wait Out The Rain. 6 (11.8%)
Drifter's March. 7 (13.7%)
Sweetwater Saloon. 4 (7.8%)
The Curse of Wilbur Ranch. 3 (5.9%)
The Caves of Lost Dal'marq. 0 (0%)
The Delver's Legion. 2 (3.9%)
The Annihilation Treaty. 4 (7.8%)
The Seasonal Alliance. 3 (5.9%)
Total Votes: 51
The Multiverse Cycle (2017); LARP
Topic Started: Aug 24 2016, 02:11 AM (3,341 Views)
Shannon Lopez
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This set of rules-lite standalone adventures involve entirely pre-generated characters and are loosely connected in that they are each are set on one of seven different worlds. Each adventure may have a drastically different style, tone and setting to the ones that come before and after it. In other words, one adventure could be a horror event where everyone dies, another a touching social exploration of an alien world's funerary customs, and a third a straight up murder mystery or political soiree.

Each world will have its own costuming style, and most involve non-human civilisations. You are not expected to manage a costume for each of the seven worlds but it is requested that you at least skim the setting document for each world before the session. Your character details will typically be short, sharp and shiny to compensate.

These sessions would use a custom and very rules-lite system designed by myself. Thus there may be changes between sessions as we determine which rules work well and which need adjustment.
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Shannon Lopez
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When considering which adventures you would most like to see in the first six months of 2017, please bear in mind the following details about each world as it will flavour each of the adventures listed below. Also note that unless otherwise specified all of the below adventures are rules-lite theatre games (i.e. no live simulation of combat) using pre-generated characters.

• Earth is a near future science fiction world whose fashion is a mixture of cyberpunk (without the actual modifications) and sleek designs.
• Mistshrewdon is a dystopian world using 1930s - 1950s fashion styles and is inhabited by the seemingly stoic race of Gargoyles.
• B.R.E.M.A. is a steampunk world of massive skyscrapers and civil libertarian gremlins and gargoyle refugees.
• New Hope is a post-apocalyptic world of torn fashions, ex-military designs and lost innocence.
• Arcadia is the Wild West mixed with Mad Science peopled by the rather changeable fae.
• Atlantis is an underwater world where the land is deadly and Atlantean scavengers seek to salvage still working arcanotechnology from the ruins of ancient civilisations littering their seabed.
• The Tribal Alliance is a war-torn world of medieval technology, magic and mysticism peopled by various tribes of animalistic humanoids called Yokai who each bear the mark of a particular mammal (i.e. neko have cat-like aspects).

PLEASE NOTE: This cycle of adventures has not yet been approved by ARC Inc. This thread is therefore part of a process of reflection and conversation on a "potential" game rather than the promise of an "approved" game. I'll let you know once I have approval.
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Shannon Lopez
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Better Tomorrow
(Mistshrewdon, Gargoyles). Welcome to the Harborin checkpoint where you will have the opportunity to be selected into the superior Alpha Green District (Section B, Sub-Sector C1) as part of the Better Tomorrow lottery programme Please present your entry tickets and passports to the checkpoint officials to commence the selection process. PSYCHOLOGICAL. MA-15.

When The Mists Roll In
(Mistshrewdon, Gargoyles). A fog-shrouded evening in a Victorian mansion takes a turn for the worse when the secrets of a noble family are steadily uncovered in matters both beautiful and grotesque. In a dread house of many secrets, who can say where rumour ends and reality begins? GOTHIC HORROR. MA-15.

(Mistshrewdon, Gargoyles). Espionage and spies, deception and lies, are the name of the game in this part of Mistshrewdon where two countries war over ideology and resources. But what does this have to do with the murder of a man in the middle of a fundraising party out in the middle of nowhere? And why is everyone so desperate to continue the party? INVESTIGATION. MA-15.

The Descent
(Earth, Humans). Two submarines are sent down to explore the depths of the ocean to gather information and intelligence on some strange sounds heard echoing from the deepest trenches. You are one of the submarine crew and it's your duty to see just what is crouching there and return with what you have learned. HORROR. PG 13+.

"We're Not Alone."
(Earth, Humans). A message from a possibly alien vessel brings fear, mystery and not a small amount of politics and chaos to a small transport vessel on its way to the Lunar Colonies. How did it creep past your satellites and why does the message feel like it was intended for your ship and your ship alone? PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR. MA 15.

Bureau of Ad-Tourism
(B.R.E.M.A., Gremlins). An advertising agency aims to increase gargoyle inter-dimensional tourism to their city through fantastic headlines and attention-grabbing gimmicks. You are one of their ad-folks and it's your job to figure out just what might be the ticket in convincing them to come over here despite all the infighting, sabotage and chaos such a lucrative contract inevitably brings. CREATION & POLITICS. PG 13+.

Mistakes Happen!
(B.R.E.M.A., Gremlins). A large Gremlin corporation finds itself face-to-face with a terrible scandal after supplying a new high protein powdered formula for the poverty-stricken underclasses as part of Relief Aid. Unfortunately no one thought to tell these folks that it couldn't purify contaminated water and hundreds have died when they used drain water rather than purchasing bottled water to drink with it. You are a member of one of several agencies, each with its own political agenda, as you try to find some way to either profit from the affair or turn the scandal into another person's problem. POLITICS. PG-13.

Wait Out The Rain.
(Wastelanders, New Hope). This post-apocalyptic adventure involves a group of survivors hiding out in a cellar while a radioactive storm blasts down on the world above. If that wasn't bad enough, most of those within the cellar are strangers with their own secrets, needs and machinations. Can you survive the night? PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR. MA 15+.

Drifters' March
(Wastelanders, New Hope). Drifter's March sits on a major road between two settlements -- one old and one newly discovered -- and the route happens to pass through some of the most deadly and lucrative scavenger territory in Lost Valley land. Locals and travellers alike both branch off from this spot to scavenge some of the old sites despite the risks of radiation poisoning, robots-gone-haywire and the nanite-controlled ghouls. What are you willing to risk to earn your crust? (Boffer / NERF LARP). ADVENTURE. MA-15+

Sweetwater Saloon
(Arcadia, Fae). This Wild West adventure throws some of the more interesting and eccentric townsfolk into a single saloon while an alchemist mixes up some interesting substances upstairs which have some rather unintended consequences on the guests below. What could possibly go wrong? ADVENTURE. PG 13+.

The Curse of Wilbur Ranch.
(Arcadia, Fae). An old oil tycoon died recently and the heir is a would-be alchemist hoping to get into college. The heir wishes to finance that trip by selling up all the old bits and pieces to other strange sophisticates during an auction. Unfortunately the other disowned (older) siblings have shown up and there are some local feuds already in the air. What could go wrong? Nothing, I'm sure. INVESTIGATION. MA-15.

The Caves of Lost Dal'marq
(Atlantis, Atlanteans). This underwater adventure involves exploring the wild coral-covered caverns of lost Dal'marq in the hopes of finding a cure for a terrible fungal infestation that has been afflicting the local tribes. NOTE: Involves a lot of walking along dirt paths. PG 13+. (Boffer LARP). EXPLORATION. PG-13.

The Delver's Legion
(Atlantis, Atlanteans). It is time to unlock the puzzles of many pieces of salvaged arcanotechnology to determine what is safe, what is dangerous, and what needs to be contained in semi-secure housing that has been cobbled together by earlier forays. You are one of those salvagers trying to make sense of the days of old using only superstition and a bone age understanding of the laws of science. INVESTIGATION. MA-15.

The Annihilation Treaty.
(Tribal Alliance, Yokai). Four tribes of Yokai (possumfolk, deerfolk, ratfolk and wolffolk) come together to negotiate a peace treaty before the war escalates to the point of mutual annihilation between at least two tribes. POLITICS. PG-13+.

The Seasonal Alliance
(Tribal Alliance, Yokai). The neko, kitsune, and ratfolk come together for their first ever annual celebration of their new alliance. This is a simple adventure that explores the beauty and the confusion that comes whenever cultures collide and the exciting task of developing new traditions and re-introducing old ones through experiencing one such celebration from the inside. SOCIAL ADVENTURE. PG-13.
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Shannon Lopez
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See the posts above for more information about what these adventures actually entail. The top six adventures will be run during the first six months of 2017 (dependent on Multiverse Cycle approvals). I can't guarantee that anything that isn't picked now will be run later as I may have whole new ideas for the second half of 2017 so if you're really excited about anything than I firmly recommend voting and encouraging some of the other members to vote.
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Shannon Lopez
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Voter Numbers: 7.
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Shannon Lopez
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Please note that this entry includes racial mechanics which might not matter depending on the LARP style in question. Unless you're dealing with magic uses or chemical mind control than it doesn't matter if they can ignore it once per day. I just thought you might be interested about taking a peek at some of the type details.

"Woah! Hold up a second, who you think I am?
No, sir, I ain't that person no more. That's gotta
have been over six months ago! I been a whole
bunch'a different folk since then. Haven't you?
I mean, we ain't who we were. Times changes
us all no matter what you say."

Home World Details
Home World: Arcadia
Common Language: Arcadian.
Technology Range: Bronze Age to Wild West.
Naming Conventions: See the Pathfinder Tian Name Generator from the Fantasy Name Generators list.

• Tuanh Khuot
• Viep Huiy
• Khem Khakham
• Kheoth Ponlil
• Ashibe Yahide
• Hayi
• Boem Dokraul
• Kae Mun Young
• Tsirga
• Kurimano Ayako
• De Miande
• Glohih
• Shaster
• Bot Thamaly
• Buynh Kiup
• Qum Saiy
• Voum Luypiany
• Sung Shiyeon Yeon.

World Summary
The fae exist on a world of somewhat mutable yet noncorrosive scientific principles which allows for the use of nonstandard magical abilities. This world is smaller than Earth (roughly the size of Pluto) but is still covered with a range of different societies ranging from bone technologies to the wild west of guns and canons. Regrettably the somewhat random and non-static nature of scientific laws means that gravity reversals, exploding combustion engines and attempts to move beyond the current technological heights of making a safe railroad is limiting their progression. Fae are known for their belief that the natural changes that occur in a person over time means that you consistently become new versions of yourself and that the You who is speaking now will be different to the You that will exist in six month time. This doesn't mean that they don't take their oaths and contracts seriously, however, and often see it as a point of honour reflecting the transgressions of their past selves. Though fae have somewhat more changeable personalities than those other species, they are often quite recognisably the same person over the years but the fae themselves refuse to acknowledge this.

Fashion Traits
Most people wear a wide-brimmed hat of some description to keep the sun out of their eyes. People wear vests and matching ties, long-sleeved shirts and either slacks or plain skirts that hang nearly to the ankle. Corsets and bustles are exceedingly rare but are occasionally imported as fashion styles from Mistshrewdon by more cosmopolitan sorts. Comfortable shoes are considered a necessity. They cannot reliably produce polysynthetic clothing in their alchemy laboratories and must rely on imports to obtain them. Therefore they typically wear clothing made in natural fibres such as wool, cotton and leather. They tend toward natural, or at least neutral, colours as well - brown, cream, and light grey - with more brightly coloured embroidery as a highlight. They tend to wear small and discrete jewellery. They do not define themselves by gender but instead define themselves by occupation which includes carers who look after the extended family's children. This is reflected in their fashion choices. Those who consider themselves to be more sentimental, i.e. carers and medics, tend to wear their hair long and in a practical up-do; youths often wear their hair short or in braids; and others tend to wear their hair loose or short. They tend not to favour complicated designs outside of up-dos.

Personal Statistics
Health 3.
Faith 4.
Consistent Traits: Pointed ears.
Occasional Traits: Insectile wings, goat legs, horns, bony protrusions along the chin.
Free Language: Arcadian.
Upper Age Limit: 130.
Racial Trait (Mercurial Minds): Due to constant exposure to an uncertain reality, fae may shrug off a single mind-affecting magical ability per day so long as it is of chemical or magical origin. This doesn't affect anatomical changes to the brain such as is caused by parasites, nanite technology or forced neural re-coding.
Racial Trait (Notice Anomalies): Just as sailors can tell when a storm is brewing, you can tell when the weave of reality is being breached. You may identify and read any OOC notices on anomalies in the area. If the unstable reality would deal damage to those present, you are able to ignore the first three points of damage once per day.
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Shannon Lopez
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Yokai (High Fantasy.)
"We haven't forgotten what they did to us.
They who shared our world, our home. We are
allied with them only because we doubt you.
Our land has always been at war, and yours
is much the same. So we will ally with our
traditional enemies for now so that our
world may prosper."

Home World Details
Home World: Tribal Alliance.
World Trade Language: Puresong.
Technology Range: Iron Age to Medieval.
Naming Conventions: Those from the Tribal Alliance typically use their tribal name in place of a last name or, more commonly in the Blasted Lands, their overarching tribe so that fox folk will be called Adthon Kitsune.

•Kitsune (fox folk) use Dragon Age Elf: Adthon, Taewen, Yeran, Adrion, Feynris, Camael.
•Possamu (possum folk) use The Witcher Elf: Cranlim, Gleanna, Filavandrel, Vingic, Dulath and Gehingrod.
•Shika (deer folk) use The Witcher Dwarf: Rhierdieard, Caulrik, Shrosuho, Strudnags, Ierclord, Kruldarn.
•Ratfolk use The Witcher Halfling: Bosco, Madoc, Guntram, Gerold, Deagol, Hobson
•Neko (cat folk) use Dragon Age Qunari: Rubrize, Salaarad, Bastant, Taman, Akinant and Arisojan.
•Inugami or Okuri-inu (wolf folk) use Elder Scrolls Forsworn Last Names: Usroda, Rulmis, Surdega, Engate, Dravut, Wuvlega, Grudowi.

World Summary
This world follows the laws of magic, rather than science, and so what would be caused by gravitational forces in other worlds are instead caused by the song of devotion uttered by the coiled dragon in the core of the world that is sung to every physical thing in the world. There is no solar system revolving around the sun. Indeed there is no sun at all but rather a constantly starry sky in a landscape lit mainly by fireflies and phosphorescent plants. Occasionally the stars are blocked out and the sky becomes blue when fire elementals streak and dance within the heavens like giant flaming birds for hours at a time. The oceans are not tidal and sit placid (yet without stagnation) like giant lakes. There are giant reptiles, akin to dinosaurs, that roam these lands, requiring less sustenance than the smaller creatures and thus managing to co-exist with them. The six races of Yokai are each independent and intelligent species who are each genetically distinct and unable to inter-breed and form hybrids. They don't see themselves as any more closely related to anyone in the animal kingdom than we would. While most of the various tribes are rivals, or at war, a recent alliance between the Neko, the Rat and the Wolf kingdoms and queendoms of the Oramay continent in recent years looks set to change the global stage.

Fashion Traits
There are as many different fashions in clothing as there are tribes and towns. Typically the Yokai prefer strong colours that can help define their tribal affiliations.

•Neko (black and gold, beaded and braided hair, dangling necklaces, gemstone jewellery).
•Kitsune (red, orange, black and gold, tunics and loose trousers, chains and imported pocket watches).
•Wolfkin (browns and greens, loose tunics and trousers, minimal bone jewellery, esp. fangs).
•Deerkin (pinks, purples and pastel blues, bright patterns, layered clothes, multi-coloured beaded jewellery).
•Ratkin (blues, whites and blacks, comfortable and very clean clothing, beaded hairnets, lace shawls).
•Possumkin (blue, green and grey, detailed embroidery, elaborate bodices and vests, chunky jewellery).

Personal Statistics
Health 3.
Faith 4.
Consistent Traits: Facial markings (dependent on type).
Occasional Traits: Fangs, tail, clawed gloves, horns and and pointed ears (dependent on type).
Free Language: Puresong.
Upper Age Limit: 100.
Linguists: The Yokai each have a distinct Species language as well as their shared World Language. These options include oskarad (neko), tamega (wolf), colrarg (deer), wazo (rat), sindrar (possum) and feyriel (kitsune).
Quick Reflexes: You can avoid any one vital strike effect per day (this is an attack that targets a limb and renders it useless). You must call "No Effect!"
Keen Ears: You can hear anyone using their stealth skill if they approach within ten strides of you (approximately 15 feet). You can also recognise people by their footsteps even if you are blinded. Sometimes you will hear or smell details that others won't (i.e. have access to certain Notice Cards based off your enhanced senses).
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