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Hello! This is my first post here!
I have recently come across DinJerr's discontinued HQ UI mod for P3P and decided to continue it for a little while in my spare time.
I have added some new elements like "HQ" Persona icons, "HQ" Party member icons and other things that I hope you will enjoy!
If you want to work on it too, I'd be really thankful! After all, I'm no professional modder or artist :D
I haven't asked permission from DinJerr to work on the mod and release this pre-alpha version mostly because I don't know him but also but also because I didn't think I'd release it and just kept it for my own.
I released it because maybe one of you will decide to also contribute to the improvement of this mod and we can have a really cool looking P3P!
It's going well, but I have a few issues. Most of the time my new .png files that I replaced don't work, instead the normal low quality blurry pics show up.
Maybe one of you can explain how to fix that and teach me more in-depth how to mod this way.

I hope I'm not breaking any rules by uploading the mod on google drive.
V0.1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6AhGmpA4CLDNnZhSjk3enhFaDA/view?usp=sharing Credit: Demox
V0.2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6AhGmpA4CLDRDAyYlp2RmszeDA Credit: Demox
V0.3 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6AhGmpA4CLDdzEwTkhrREVFdm8 Credit: Demox + Simeon Armenchev (monyarm)
Instructions on how to install on PPSSPP Windows:
Travel to your PPSSPP PSP directory (Documents/PPSSPP/PSP)
Create/Travel to the folder named "TEXTURES"
Extract the .zip file into that location (Must be a folder named ULUS10512 for the NTSC-U version)
Go to Settings --> Tools --> Developer Tools
Check Replace Textures
Start P3P and check if it works!

Instructions on how to install on PPSSPP Android:
Travel to your PSP folder (Internal Storage 0)
Do the rest of the Windows version instructions
Start P3p and check if it works!

Instructions on how to edit the mod:
Open PPSSPP, Go to Settings, Tools, Developer tools, Uncheck Replace textures and check Save new textures.
Open P3P and find the texture you want to change (Example, Elizabeth's portrait, go to velvet room and go to compedium/requests)
Find a HQ Version of the texture you want to change (or anything really, just as long as you like it)
Travel to PSP/Textures/(P3P folder)/new, here is the folder with all the saved textures
Find the texture you want to edit
Go to an image editing software and edit it to your liking
Save it on a folder in the P3P Textures folder
Open textures.ini
Copy the original name of the file you want to change (Example 095a2430d39382e1b606c9fc)
And follow the pattern of the other textures (Example 095a2430d39382e1b606c9fc = 0947a05020dcec753b6a20a0 = 2dmodels/elizabeth1.png)

I hope you all will enjoy this mod and contribute to it's completion!
Hopefully, I taught you something today and I hope you will teach me how to make this mod even better and fix all the issues with it!

Replacing low-poly PSP MC model with high-poly PS2 models.
Fixing the missing new textures issues
Adding more texture elements
Edited by Demox, Sep 13 2017, 02:28 PM.
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