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The Closing of ARPF

Even though there are new members here, most of the Admins are getting older and are busier with their lives. This forum has been open ever since 2006, but we've reached to the conclusion that this forum should come to an end. Hardly anyone manages the forum anymore because of our busy schedules...school life, etc. We're getting older and not getting any younger. So, it's time for us to let go of role playing.

To all the members of the ARPF, I'm sorry to say that we are going to close this forum for good. May you role play to other available forum websites because this forum isn't going to open anymore. Thank you all for your support and criticisms, even though we may be strict most of the time. Anyways, good luck with your life.

This board is officially OFFLINE since May 29, 2010.
From the Admins of ARPF