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When you just arent feeling it...

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Oct 21 2008, 03:59 PM. 5 comments

Well, I tried and tried...I just dont have it.

Ive lost that loving feeling w/ this story...and the game.

VSSystem just isnt doing it for me anymore.

So where does that leave us? Well, sorry guys, but I wont be doing the story anymore. If anybody else wants to try, let me know. As for the game, well, u guys are my friends, so I'll still be happy to come up to the store. We convinced AJ to order MUN reprints, so I feel obligated to run a MUN sealed. As for the big tournaments and stuff, as long as the kit's ordered, we should pitch in enough to cover it, maybe a tourney once a month.

With all this, what's the purpose of this post? Just dont expect much from me. Im no longer active in the game effective immediatly. I have just grown bored of it.

As for Thursday: Ill bring up the Galactus raid. If I get to it, ill try dropping by Marc's to pick up the Arkham raid deck (my printer doesnt work). Next Thursday is the MUN sealed. Hopefully we still have bodies for that. The week after, i dont know. well figure that out later.

Blame all this on DC and UDE not getting along. I do. :)

Week 2: Escape

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Oct 9 2008, 04:18 PM. 0 comments

First of all, I sincerly apologize for not doing this sooner... computer issues.
Week 2: Escape

Damn shore lot of teleportin' goin' on...

Before you know it, you are thrust into a cell and force field goes up. You are just as dazed as you were when you first blinked into this situation. Now you have a metal collar wrapped around your neck. When you pull on it, it wraps tighter. Something else you notice...you are exhausted. Not like before, like the collar is stripping you of powers and abilities.

Oh, by the way, you are handcuffed to one of those guys you just faught.

After agruing, then trying to break the cuff, you find that you are stuck with the guy. You are not alone. Dozens and dozens of cells line the hall of this prision. Some voices shouting out you recognize, many you dont. You overhear that you are on a massive ship that landed in Kansas during the blink. Many of the voices are still confuse as to what happened, but now you know that you are truly not alone.

After a few long hours of bickering with your cellmate, you feel the prision ship rattle. Your first thought is "We're taking off." then the rattle continues. As they get closer and louder, you figure out that the rattle is explosions. One loud explosion later, the force field doors drop. You are free!

Heroes, villains, aliens and normal humans pour into the hallway. A squadron of soldiers start to fill in and attack the prisioners. This fight is no holds barred and someone's gonna die!

Format: Two Headed Icon

Since I only got replies from 2 of you, the teams will be randomized. Your team will start with 35 endurance. You will share a front and back row. You will have separate resource rows. You will play a best 2 out of 3 against your foe.

This will be one of those instances that your opponent is not your opponent. Meaning that if you fight against Tim Drake and Darkseid, it will not be Tim Drake and Darkseid, rather, your unidentified adversary. You'll have to use some imagination here.

Victor Condition: Win the best 2 out of 3. Both players will earn a victor.

Handicap: In the story, when the force field falls, your collars fall off too. If you choose to accept a handicap, instead, your collar wraps tighter. You will have no text in the power box of characters, equipment and locations you control.
Handicap Victor Condition: You will recieve a victor after each game you win. You will also recieve a victor for meeting the non-handicap victor condition.

From a reply on the Week 1 thread:
One last thing before I sign off... Dont stress over the future of the story,you have to get there first!

Somebody dies tonight!

Dont like the way the game is going for you? Want to start over? One of you gets a chance. The player with the least endurance damage caused (EDC) will die. If that player does not want to die and someone else does, that player may "take the bullet" for him. (If multiple people want to die, the one that is suppose to die will choose who bites the dust) This will not happen often, but it will be available.

I know this is insanly late, so if we dont have the bodies for this, we will push it back to next week. If we do, then I'd like to run Week 3 next week.

Erich, dont sweat the Skrulls, just play with what you have. I have another idea for you and John's dopplegangerness (huh?)

Week 1: In a blink...

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Sep 4 2008, 10:11 PM. 17 comments

It was a day like any other. You are going about your daily duties. Perhaps you were on patrol or saving a kitten from a tree. Maybe you were planning the downfall of your enemy or just planning the next bank robbery. Whatever you were doing, it was a normal day. Normal for you, at least.

And in a blink...it was all gone.

You found your familar settings gone. Destroyed, burned, obilterated. A war has been fought in that moment you closed your eyes. People are dead. Wether you cry or celebrate, it doesn't change the fact they are dead. You might think about your loved ones...are they dead, too? If you are capable, you would quickly find out that the answer is as bleak as you feared. You might think about your enemies or your possesions or whatever you covet the most. It doesn't matter now, all your hopes and dreams, good or evil or indifferent, are lost.

How? Why? What happened?

Not much time to think as you are overpowered. You are suddenly attacked by faceless aversaries. If you have a weapon, you instinctedly go for it, to find it disable. Perhaps your abilities are found within? When you need them the most, you find you cannot harness them. You are powerless, another thing you cannot explain.

They defeat you without a fight. You are bound and left as they move on. As they leave you scream as you feel yourself losing consciencious.

"What have you done!?"

And you hear in the back of your head...

"We have won."

You awaken to find yourself in some sort of makeshift arena. You are unbound. There are an assortment of weapons and other things at your disposal. In the distance you see another person. you cannot make that person out, but it is a person that is alive.

You hear it again...

"Some of you survived. That is fortunate. Our forces are fatigued and are in need of sport. You will fight. Fight like you faught us. If you win, you will be rewarded. If you fail...you will not."

You want answers. And with that you pick up the closest thing next to you and charge your new enemy.

September 25, ECHL Season Premier: BLINK Week 1

Deck Build:
One Character, Must be a 5-cost. Choose wisely, as this character will represent your faction (the word we will use instead of team affiliation). If your chosen character has two team affiliations, choose one, and it will become your faction. No unaffiliated characters.

30 card deck:
Does not include the one character card. Your deck may not have character cards in it. All cards must have your faction printed in it's text, or your chosen character's name in it's text.

You will start play with the chosen character in play. You will draw, lay resources, and play turns as normal. Your character cannot leave play at any time. You will generate resource points. These points may not be used to pay payment powers. You will never recruit a character, and a character will never come into play, as he is already in play when the game begins.

I decided tonight to start the next story. The ECHL is dying. If you want to give it a shot, Ill see you on September 25, and Ill have my character.

(Id prefer that players do not choose the same character, let alone the same character card. If you do, Ill work it into the story. That might suck for one or more of you...)

The Next Level

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Aug 16 2008, 07:34 PM. 11 comments

Lets talk about our hobby league. We have gone through so many changes over the years. From being the home base to many pro players to the originator of the story behind the cards, ECHL has had many faces.

So what is our face now?

With the birth of the Arkham Asylum forum, our hobby league became connected more then just 3-4 hours each Thursday. This board gave birth to Dynamic Duo, Team Titans and the conquest of the Galaxy. We have seen a raid deck rise and a fan made players set fall. We have competed in UDE authorized tourneys and some bullcrap someone here comes up with. We have cursed, sexualized both us and the characters on the card, and passed around our thoughts on the way corporate should run this game. We have adored and insulted one another. I can only speak for myself when I say, I have had alot of fun.

Where do we go now?

How do we keep this alive, again?

For the first time since I became the (honorary) Tournament Organizer, I have no idea.

Some of us choose to, or just cannot, play in tournaments with certain deck build rules. We have players that could play, but choose not to. We have hobby league kits that just dont seem to peak the interest of people dropping money in a tournament to play.

Of course, that earlier statement is a lie, I have an idea :) (yes, a smiley face)

September 25th will be the Season Premere of the 2009 Emerald City Hobby League. We have over a month. But im not going at this alone. I want each member of the ECHL to take a few minutes to respond top this post. I want to know what you can do, what you are willing to do, how much you are willing to spend to keep our League not just running, but exciting.

The Secret Crisis expanded the ranks of the ECHL from six at the start of the story to 22 at its peak. That was simply amazing. I want to know what you think. I want to know what will make you come down to the store on Thursdays. I want to know what makes you rearrange your calendar to make sure you are here.

Simply, I need imput. I know when I want to start, September 25th. I just dont know how to start. Help me help you make Thursday Nights the night you say, "Sorry guys, I gotta go to Emerald City tonight. Wait, you guys wanna come with me? It's gonna be fun!"

August Calendar

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Aug 6 2008, 05:27 PM. One comment

ECHL in August

August 7
Best of 3
Arkham vs. americn_badass
Torch vs. Quigonjon

August 14
Best of 3
Winners of August 7th's Games

August 21 and August 28
Entry Fee $12 (must be paid before competing August 21)
Barrel One, Aug 21
Golden Age, Swiss Format, Banned List Applies, DAA and DAX Legal
We will play four games this night. Winners will recieve the appropriate prize from the MUN Release Celebration Kit.

Barrel Two, Aug 28
Same Deck As Previous Week, Elimination
I will then take the final win/loss list and turn it into a bracket. Winners will recieve the appropriate prize from the MUN Bring Your Own Team Kit.

A couple of things before I close out this update. The August Double Barrel Shoot-Out's sucess will be determined by participation. I have dropped all limits on deck build for maximum participation. The $12 entry fee covers both events, an $8 savings if we were to run the tourneys separate. As for the Elimination format on August 28, I want to make it a Best-of-3, but that will depend on time. Also, if a player cannot make one of the nights, the fee is still $12. As always, their will be doorprizes, and I have an interesting way of awarding the door prizes for the Double Barrel.

Mega-Summer Update

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Jul 15 2008, 10:31 PM. 0 comments

The decklists are finally posted Yea!!!!

Click on over to BENDING CARDS (Bending Cards??? What???) and click the tab that says Mega-Summer.

Send in the Clowns!

Posted by Arkham (Asylum Director) at Jul 9 2008, 01:04 AM. 2 comments

Okay Inmates...been slow, but I know why.

Listen up....that last spot for the Rescue Team is still up for grabs.

You know what you have to do...and Saturday is the deadline for any entries.

I will except entries on Thursday Night at Hobby League...so GET THEM IN!!!

That is all.

Your Journey into Madness

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Jun 30 2008, 01:02 AM. 3 comments

Posted Image


Nice card entry Erich.

Oh...and now a message from Sterling who is here with me....helping with the final edit:

Good luck....you're gonna need it!

SOoooooo....see you peeps tomorrow night!

ECHL in July

Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Jun 27 2008, 08:50 PM. 4 comments

Let's just put it out there right now, so noone has an excuse...

July 3rd:
MEGA-SUMMER: Arkham vs. Noun, Torch vs. _badass, Mudkipz vs. Quigonjon
Tournament: Golden Age, Swiss Format (Mantis), Banned List Applies
Prizes: The "Random Punks" Kit
Entry $10

July 10th:
Rnd 1: Torch vs. Noun, Arkham vs. Mudkipz, Quigonjon vs. _badass
Rnd 2: Quigonjon vs. Noun, Torch vs. Arkham, _badass vs. Mudkipz
Rnd 3: Noun vs. Mudkipz, Torch vs. Quigonjon, Arkham vs. _badass
(This is not the day to decide you suddenly have to visit your ailing Grandmother)

July 17th:
MEGA-SUMMER: _badass vs. Noun, Torch vs. Mudkipz, Arkham vs. Quigonjon
Arkham Asylum vs. Quigonjon(captain), Spider_D, _badass, xpuppykickerx, (yet to be determined)

July 24th:
MEGA-SUMMER: Noun vs. Arkham, Torch vs. _badass, Mudkipz vs. Quigonjon
"The Spider_D Invitational": Golden Age, Knockout Format, Banned List Applies, MVL, DCL, MUN Banned
You may only have one copy of a each rare card in your deck (example: Only 1 Fizzle, Only 1 Savage Beatdown, etc.)
$5 Donation for Food, BYOB, It's a party to send Derrick off Oklahoma University in style, so bring those great gag gifts!
Prizes: Hobby League Kit

July 31st:
FINAL WEEK OF MEGA-SUMMER: Torch vs. Noun, Arkham vs. Mudkipz, Quigonjon vs. _badass
Tournament: Golden Age, Swiss Format (Mantis), Banned List Applies
"Bring Your Own Set" All cards must be from one set. (Bizarro World is considered to be in all sets)
Prizes: The "Release Celebration" Kit
Entry $10


Posted by Ster_of_Steel (Asylum White Coat) at Jun 25 2008, 08:49 PM. 0 comments




By the way, I haven't been keepin g up with that nifty countdown I was doing, so I caughht up. Mega-Summer players may want to drop by BENDING STEEL for a chance at some door prizes.

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