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The Character Room

Regular Forum Entertainment
TV, Film, Music, Traditional Games, & Literature
Dungeons & Dragons Today, 5:41 PM, By Iakus
0 viewers Topics: 483 Replies: 28,488
Regular Forum Debate
Culture, Morality, Politics, Philosophy, News, Religion, Science & other weighty subjects
Politics in the US of A Today, 4:05 PM, By Iakus
1 viewer Topics: 326 Replies: 28,823
Regular Forum Writing & Fanfiction
Discussion for those interested in the process of writing and/or fanfiction.
Fanfiction Listing May 27 2015, 09:05 PM, By Sia
0 viewers Topics: 83 Replies: 7,723
Regular Forum Video Games Pillars of Eternity Today, 3:54 PM, By Iakus
1 viewer Topics: 523 Replies: 34,741


Regular Forum General BioWare Discussion
For general discussion relating to BioWare and its IPs.
Orbit Apr 6 2015, 08:43 PM, By Darc Requiem
9 viewers Topics: 423 Replies: 23,724
Regular Forum Dragon Age
For all things related to the Dragon Age franchise.
Dragon Age random comments and... stuff May 27 2015, 12:40 AM, By HansyRod
2 viewers Topics: 382 Replies: 42,405
Regular Forum Mass Effect
For all things related to the Mass Effect franchise.
General ME3 Spoiler Thread Yesterday, 3:01 AM, By Darc Requiem
1 viewer Topics: 1,036 Replies: 100,503
Regular Forum The Old Republic
For all things related to Star Wars: The Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic.
General SWTOR Spoiler Thread Yesterday, 2:56 AM, By Iakus
1 viewer Topics: 51 Replies: 18,334


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