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The Character Room

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The Avengers Today, 4:36 AM, By Iakus
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Feminism 5 minutes ago, By The_Numerator
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Writing Thread Yesterday, 12:30 PM, By DragonReine
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General Art Discussion Oct 15 2014, 08:28 AM, By Thordy
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VGA Trailer Game Oct 12 2014, 03:22 AM, By Onyx Jaguar
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For all things related to the Dragon Age franchise.
Dragon Age random comments and... stuff Yesterday, 7:04 PM, By EssenceEngine
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For all things related to the Mass Effect franchise.
Tali's romance, P2 Sep 19 2014, 10:40 AM, By EssenceEngine
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For all things related to Star Wars: The Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic.
Bounty Hunter Thread Oct 19 2014, 10:01 PM, By tigrina
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  • Today, 7:18 AM
    EssenceEngine: Ah, Minecraft, how I miss thee. :P
  • Today, 1:17 AM
    abstractwhiz: I'm sure the underground lair below it is much larger.
  • Yesterday, 8:34 PM
    EssenceEngine: Assuming you believe it actually has wings. Smaller houses are more inconspicuous, you know.
  • Yesterday, 8:29 PM
    abstractwhiz: it is impressive that your house has wings
  • Yesterday, 8:28 PM
    abstractwhiz: ...the north wing, you say. :bandit:
  • Yesterday, 8:24 PM
    EssenceEngine: Cant be arsed to actually check, it is by the window behind the cluttered desk in the north wing and thus a pain to reach.
  • Yesterday, 8:16 PM
    abstractwhiz: And what does this so-called thermometer say about the temperature?
  • Yesterday, 6:35 PM
    EssenceEngine: Lol, I think I will rely on the thermometer in the building, thank you very much.
  • Yesterday, 6:18 PM
    abstractwhiz: Just Google "<your_location_name> temperature" and find out
  • Yesterday, 6:15 PM
    EssenceEngine: I dunno what temperature it is where I am, but it sure as hell is not that warm.

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