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  • Today, 9:51 AM
    abstractwhiz: Leah, that's basically us. Down to the occupations, except for classical music. My family isn't particularly musical.
  • Today, 2:42 AM
    Posted Image AntiChri5: http://i.imgur.com/kqUJTg9.jpg
  • Yesterday, 8:54 PM
    Leah: I'll give them that though, when it comes to career, there was never anything gender specific. it was mainly - go to school, get good education, make good money. marry someone equally ambitious. and jewish. that was important.
  • Yesterday, 8:48 PM
    Leah: stereotypes becomes such becasue there are enough real life examples to back them up. my parents specifically wanted me to either be a doctor, pharmacist, programer or classical musician. marrying a doctor was secondary. lawyer also an option.
  • Yesterday, 8:16 PM
    EssenceEngine: I have come to a point where I assume there is some reality to all stereotypes.
  • Yesterday, 8:14 PM
    jtav: Wait the whole "Mama wants you to either be or marry a doctor" isn't just a stereotype?
  • Yesterday, 7:49 PM
    Leah: lol. they keep parenting until they are dead, from experience.. but yes, similarities ARE astounding. up to and including obsession with making kids into doctors
  • Yesterday, 7:30 PM
    abstractwhiz: The real similarity is that they've figured out successful patterns for raising families well. It's just that they're a little too good at parenting. They'll keep parenting you until you're fifty.
  • Yesterday, 7:27 PM
    abstractwhiz: My cousin taught English at a Jewish school, actually. She confirmed that the similarities are quite astounding.
  • Yesterday, 7:26 PM
    abstractwhiz: That works too. My friend listened to a description of my family, and said "You guys are Indian Muslim Jews" and then laughed helplessly for ten minutes. :P

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