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The Character Room

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  • Today, 8:36 PM
    Leah: apparently.. I am >_>
  • Today, 8:33 PM
    Alice829: Say, aren't you getting snow tomorrow? :evil: *flees*
  • Today, 6:37 PM
    Leah: now I'm hoping that I luck out and it didn't freeze all the way through and that it won't burst. the worst part is - basement bathroom pipes are fine. its the main upstairs bathroom that has an issue and just. fuck this weather
  • Today, 6:36 PM
    Leah: apparently that wasn't enough
  • Today, 6:36 PM
    Leah: not happy. not happy at all. at least one of our pipes froze the one I didn't think could freeze, since its not close to the outside of the house and I had a kitchen sink running all night
  • Today, 4:10 PM
    Alice829: Happy Sunday folks. :D :hotcup:
  • Today, 5:38 AM
    Leah: so as long as I check on them again early enough, they SHOULD be ok. I still worry though, cause these are out first chickens ever. so.. yeah...
  • Today, 5:37 AM
    Leah: I'll check on them around 6 am, if need be, bring in the water in a separate dish. they are a hearty breed, meant for cold climates, i just worry about them being thirsty. they did have some water before it went dark
  • Today, 5:36 AM
    Leah: garage is probably colder than their actual coop. no setup for them in a kitchen and basement is a lost cause (as in its only marginaly less cold than outside, and by marginaly, I mean its still freezing temps
  • Today, 5:05 AM
    Alice829: Can you bring them in the garage or something? Maybe the kitchen, just for overnight?

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