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This community is not a democracy. You may be banned for any reason the admins deem fit. This is a place where people can talk about sensitive subjects without being judged, condemned, or outcast.

1. No one has the right to attack another user personally... personal insults will result in being banned.

2. Do not attack anyone's personal religion. The majority of this community is of a Judeo-Christian faith and while it may be ok to attack people with these beliefs on other boards, it will not be tolerated here. People of any faith or belief are welcome here.

3. If you are engaged in a debate, be respectful. Bring light not heat to the discussion.

4. Christianity is a very diverse religion. While most agree on the essential beliefs of the faith, there are many different views about other aspects of the faith. We can all learn from each other. Do not attack other Christian because they do not believe the exact same thing as you. We are all brothers and sisters.
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