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Topic Started: May 16 2018, 03:52 PM (271 Views)

I am trying to use Qxw for the first time. I finally managed to produce the blank grid with numbers which I successfully contrived to send over to "Documents" on my computer. I have also managed to produce the filled grid with numbers but when I transfer it over it always comes with numbers omitted. The answers are all there but not the numbers. What am I doing wrong (nothing too technical please). Thanks
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Liam Culligan

Hi Colleague,
Try this; When you open Qxw, click on "EDIT", then at the very bottom click on "PREFERENCES", then under "Export preferences" tick the box that says "Include numbers in filled grids", then click "APPLY" at the bottom.
Hope this helps,
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John Nick

That is a feature which was added in the latest release of software btw, so if you can't see it you need to download the latest version. This is from the download site:

What’s new?

The principal new features in this release compared to release 20130906 are as follows:

Facility to allow filler to choose which lights are affected by answer treatment
Arbitrary permutations of letters arising from answer treatments
Jumbled lights
Free light path import and export
Patterns to restrict cell contents
Experimental facility to read TSD format dictionaries
Option to include numbers in exported solution grids
Entry letter/digit histogram with live update
Colours for cell numbers and marks
Simple support for codewords
Simple templates for blocked grids
Various user interface improvements, including new keyboard shortcuts to simplify use on some laptops
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Liam - thank you for your help. However, I do not have an "include numbers in filled grids" option.

Therefore, John, it would appear that you are right. As a computer technophobe could somebody please advise whether I need to delete my existing program, if so how, and where I can find a link to download the latest program. I hope it is easy!
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John Nick

I just tried downloading without removing the old program and it updated fine. If you are using Windows you should be able to upgrade by clicking this link and following the instructions.

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