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The DSoJ is set mainly on Lore, one of the worlds created by the Deities of Alyth. With some magitech, Lore nevertheless relies heavily on beasts of burden and family-run, eco-friendly industries. Towns are somewhat numerous over the gigantic world yet far between and the wilderness is rife with danger, but Lorians have thrived here. It is home, it is wild, and it is breath-taking – but mind your step.

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Alyth and the Deities

The world of Lore is overseen by a the pantheon known as Alyth (pronounced as “A-yuh-thhh”) – a sort of greater pantheon that looks over two realms, but is divided into two regions. The first region oversees Lore. The second region oversees a realm known as Crimia. Only Adrasteia Celera, the Goddess of Alyth and Nemesis, her advisor Elincia Critious (Goddess of Tears), and Draken (Elincia’s dragon mount; God of Wine in Crimia) can travel between the two regions. They do not speak of the outside realms.

Alyth, on the first region, consists of only a handful of deities. Each deity represents two signs instead of one, except for one; the dragon goddess, Ruina, who was the first signless (the 13th sign). Ruina betrayed the gods and was banished from Alyth, and cursed by all of the gods as punishment. She, in her final moments, said that her children – the other signless—would survive her bloodline and see to the world’s destruction if they did not… Her sentence went unfinished when Nerezza (goddess of death and darkness) reaped her.

Mysteriously afterwards, one of the deities discovered a prophecy in the form of a poem that foretold of the worlds’ end. Since then, the deities have copied and passed on this knowledge to the Rulers in hopes that they would do whatever it took to prevent the lines of the poem from coming true.

The Gods of Alyth

Adrasteia Celera - The War Maiden
Allied to all deities of Alyth, and head of both sides of the Pantheon. Although stories about her portray her as compassionate and wise, she is always portrayed as a woman clad in black and red armor with a dark cape - baring the DM mark upon the crown of her head. Adrasteia "The War Maiden" earned her name from her fierceness and prowess in battle. Followers of Adrasteia seek balance and peace. They are not strict pacifists, though, and will fight to defend themselves and their loved ones. The peace they seek in an inner one. They wish to know all there is to know about themselves and the world around them. They thirst for knowledge of their true selves and strive to help others attain enlightenment. It is though the sharing of this knowledge that they believe universal peace can be obtained. If every creature fully understood itself and its neighbors there would be no need for conflict and war. Followers of Adra often follow a nomadic lifestyle, constantly seeking what there is to know and hoping to find themselves along the way.

Bernakuleg - Lord of Dreams
Bernakuleg, the Lord of Dreams, rules the Plane of Dreams where he is responsible for the rich texture of sleep visions. He creates, animates, and thoroughly enjoys the creatures who romp in his realm. he is nearly seven feet tall, well built and has handsome, youthful features. His body is that of a pure white centaur with the tail of a lion. His silver hooves sparkle constantly and he has a unicorn-like horn on his brow. That horn is not made of hair as with most such protuberances, but is purely a thing of light. His long hair grows down his spine and ends in a glistening white mane which, with his pale skin, set off his beautiful green eyes. He is the father of the demi-god Morrel-Thule in Crimia.

Draken - The Father of all Wurms
Draken is the great crystalline dragon who rules the Planes of Sky. He needs no allies but considers Elincia his friend and Golith Serilis an enemy. He is often seen as Elincia's mount when she descends in humanoid form. Draken is known as the Father of all Wurms and this title includes all of dragonkind such as the drakes and wyverns. When the universe was young, Draken traveled throughout the cosmos depositing His children on worlds He deemed worthy. He would then strike the planet with His massive claws so that the other deities and mortals alike would know He had laid claim to that world. The continent on which Cerise stands on Crimia bears His mark, known as the Scars of Draken.

Elincia Critious - The Tyrant of Fire
Elincia Critious is the being who rules the greater elemental Plane of Fire, from which she derives her title, the Tyrant of Fire. She is the right hand of the War Maiden. She manifests herself often as a giant nine tailed fox whose fur generates embers, whose tails can create typhoons and tornadoes. Although she has been known to be a fanatic in the preserving of the element of fire, displaying a short temper toward that preservation and any who would dare threaten it, Elincia retains a strong influence on the wheel of Order and Discord.

Ludubadelta - The Ocean Lord
Ludubadelta, the Ocean Lord, is allied with Ardasteia, Elincia, and Nerciscius and is an enemy to Nerezza and Ruina. Followers of Ludubadelta believe that true power lies in the vast depths of Lore's oceans. They believe that eons ago life first formed in the murky deep, and that one day the oceans will rise again to consume those who are unworthy and embrace the faithful. The Oceanlord's servants tend to live and work near, on, or beneath large bodies of water. They seek to spread the word of Ludubadelta to all who will hear and defend the oceans and seas of Lore against any who would cause them harm. Many sailors and fishermen are followers of Ludubadelta.

He is God of the seas, storms, and strife who governs over the signs of Pisces and Taurus. His moods change with the storm, being calm one minute and in a violent rage the next. Lu, as he is called, is perhaps the most unpredictable of all the gods. Ludubadelta is the twin of Bernkuleg, and is said to be the son of the combined forces of chaos and darkness.

Nerciscius Spade - The Lord of Balance
Nerciscius Spade represents the divine power of unity. He is patron to warriors and soldiers who work with their companions to fight evil and combat injustice. He is representative of the virtues of courage and honor. In essence, he is the god of holy warfare. He is the patron deity of the Obsidian Marauders. Spade is an enemy to all dark aligned deities, and ally to all patrons of good.

He governs over the signs of Libra and Aries as the nefarious Lord of Balance. He was truth, order, balance and justice personified. He is harmony, he was what was right, he was what things should be. It was thought that if Nerciscius didn't exist, the universe would become chaos once again!

The God of Balance has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality. Another variation is to depict a blindfolded Lord of Balance as a human scale, weighing competing claims in each hand. Statues of him are normally blindfolded, holding a sword in the right hand and a balance scale in the left.

Nerezza - The Dream Scorcher
Nerezza is the mistress of the undead, darkness, and is representative of fatalism. She hates life, thinking it a gift wasted on mortals. She festers within the hearts of mortals, trying to get them to give up the shell of mortality and move on to the next stage in the soul's journey. Nerezza tempts mortals with the promise of "immortality." In reality, she is condemning them to an eternity of undeath as her slaves. This is the Goddess's way of mocking life.

She opposes Adrasteia, who stands as a champion of life, as well as the rest of the gods of good, and is often also in conflict with Elincia and Draken. She governs over the signs of Cancer and Scorpio from her home in the Underworld, and tends to favor demonkin - who have proven to be one of her best followers.

Nerezza is known as the Dream Scorcher or the Nightmare, for her effect on the sleep of dreamers. She rules the Planes of Death, Darkness, and Nightmares and delights in torturing the innocent as they rest where she will sometimes appear. She is tall, well over six feet in height, and may sometimes appear as skeletally thin. Her skin is pale with hints of gray. Long, black claws extend from her bony hands, to match her slinky gown. Her face is smooth - no features mar its sleek surface other than two solid white eyes. Long black hair flows back from two massive brass horns at her temples. Gigantic dark wings, her trade-mark, are usually hooked over her chest to mimic a cape. However, the horns are just for show for scaring mortals in their dreams; she doesn't actually have horns. She does, however, have an eye in her hand that bares a huge similarity to Shalusa's...

Ruina - The Queen of Oblivion
Lady Ruina was the first signless born in the month of Tunare. She was a greater Dragon Lord that was granted Godhood to govern over other signless, though many stories concerning how Ruina became a Goddess claim that she clawed her way there to battle the deities for reasons unknown. Ruina went mad with power and manipulated the Deities of Alyth into turning against each other, making it easier for her to seal them away one by one and claim the world of Lore as her own under the atlas of the "One God". She single-handedly whipped more than half of the first Lorians off the face of the world to create her version of utopia, earning her the nickname as the Queen of Oblivion. Ruina spawned more signless draconians to be her followers and bathed the world in fire.

She took Nerezza's throne in the Underworld, restoring any signless that had died after she became a Goddess. But her reign was short lived.
Nerezza was the first to escape her prison, taking Ruina by surprise long enough to trap her and free Adrasteia, who then freed the others. All of the deities of Alyth, light, dark and even neutral, gathered about the winged Goddess and cursed her with every fiber of their being - a curse than ran deep in her blood. Breaking free of her bonds, the mad goddess challenged the others all at once, leaving several demi-gods mortally wounded and many of the higher Gods with eternal scars. The war ended in Ruina's defeat. She and her people were banished from the light of Alyth, shunned from the blessings of the deities. She was stripped of her Godhood soon after.

Ruina had caused a personal blow to Nerezza; as retribution, the Goddess of Death reaped her soul and throw it away from the Astral Line, leaving it to wander the Abyss for eternity, and turned her body into a mindless dracolich (which later became called the Bloody Augus) that she used as a minion for eons. Rumor has it that the vengeful soul of the Queen of Oblivion somehow was able to reincarnate, and her undead body is a summoned mount for Empress Yang.

The Bloody Augus is the essence daughter of Shälusä Cesario, whose purpose was to reap vengeance upon the Deities of Alyth for creating the Mother Stones. She is the sister of Cetanu, Shago, Lego, and Sego Shadow. Such information, however, is known to a small select few - none of which reside within the realm of Lore.

The Demi-Gods of Alyth

Chaoson - Prince of Death
He was created by Nerezza, Goddess of Death and Darkness, for some purpose only they know. He is a demon of sorts with vampiric and mixed demonic qualities, which include Lust Demon, Fear Demon, Regeneration Demon, and others. To list the entire strand would take an eternity or so, and only his creator knows his full DNA (besides himself).

He has an illusion effect to appear attractive according to whoever sees him (and can also change genders); although this can be overlooked. He has three main forms: Humanoid, Demon, and True. In Demon Mode black tattoo-like markings appear coming from his eyes and down throughout his entire body, he also sprouts leathery wings while his claws and fangs enlarge. In True Form he is a giant monstrosity, a light red colored beast standing on two hind-legs with one set of wings, a tail, and two black horns growing atop his head. His skin looks slightly flayed, like underneath a human’s skin, and is leathery.

He is a Master Seducer, Torturer, and Tormentor. After a while of his mind games you will beg for death, and being unmerciful he will not grant that wish, choosing instead to break you down until you don’t know whether you want to keep on living or finally end it all. He thinks in paradoxes, with hidden meanings and schemes that are very difficult to unravel, but he knows exactly what he’s doing all the time.

Haita - The Immortal
Also known as the White Goddess or Devil’s Little Sister because her big half-sister is Nerezza. She was born from the essence of darkness and chaos, so has no notable parents. She dresses primarily in white, matching with her eyes, skin, and hair color. Usually she can be seen in a long gown that is revealing enough to tease the senses, with long sleeves and trails with slits up the sides. Her lips contain the only color that pops out as a luscious cherry red.

She’s insane, utterly diabolical, conniving, incestuous, and wants more power and dominion. She can be unpredictable and childish, but it is all just a ruse. She is every bit as a manipulator as her nephew and just as fearsome as her sister. She looks at every other being besides the deities and Mother Spirits as beneath her, and ignores any potential threat (even when it slaps her in the face). She is selfish and views mortals as objects to be toyed with, never taking them seriously. One of the only things she desires besides power is Chaoson, hoping that they could become a Dark Trinity and take the universe by storm, one realm at a time.

Name - Atlas

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