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The DSoJ is set mainly on Lore, one of the worlds created by the Deities of Alyth. With some magitech, Lore nevertheless relies heavily on beasts of burden and family-run, eco-friendly industries. Towns are somewhat numerous over the gigantic world yet far between and the wilderness is rife with danger, but Lorians have thrived here. It is home, it is wild, and it is breath-taking – but mind your step.

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The World of Lore

What is Lore?
The world of Lore is the main setting on DSoJ, forged by the Gods of Alyth and ruled by the Zodiac. The Zodiac are defined as the astrological signs such as Leo and Virgo, all of whom have their own Kingdom, culture, and so forth. Each Kingdom is governed by a Ruler (King or Queen) - an individual chosen by the Gods to lead - who acts as an avatar of their sign. While smaller kingdoms exist within Lore, for the planet is three times the size of Jupiter (held together by divine magics), the Zodiac Kingdoms are absolute; anything within their territory must abide by their rules.

Geographical Features
The world of Lore is comprised of five major continents. In the southern east is Eterna Tenebre and Kimona, in the northern east is Stierrasen, in the southern west is Lambdadelta, and in the northern west is Isokiles. Lore is considered a beautiful landscape with a vast variety of geographical features. Vesting from the blizzard snows of Talamh Sneachta to the hot deserts of the Bull Kingdom. In the center of the Ludorian Ocean lies the largest island of Lore, called Zaphlora Isle, home of the Obsidian Tower and a guild that has earned the name “Guardians”, called the Obsidian Marauders. The world of Lore is a vast one, able to house many kingdoms and thousands of islands.
The World of Lore

Although there are a minority of boats in multiple locations such as Grad u Sunce, civilization prefers to use winged creatures such as pegasi and dragons for quick travel between provinces, which can be used from the Flight Platforms found in every town. To use them, people must pay but a small fee of 10 silver and 10 copper. Mounts have been a major choice of travel. Most used mounts are mecha horses due to their high stamina. Winged races and those who can teleport at will do not use these methods.

Money in Lore is a currency which is used for trading certain things between NPCs and PCs. It is divided into three kinds of coins - Gold, Silver, and Copper.
Conversion rates: 100 copper = 1 silver
100 silver = 1 gold

Money is automatically converted upon reaching either 100 copper or 100 silver, meaning that one can never have 101 copper or 101 silver. Money will not convert once reached 100 gold. Keep in mind that Lorians do not call it money. They refer to their currency for what it is - coins. They do not ask, "How much money do you have?". They ask, "How many coins ya got?"

Government of Lore
The world is governed by the twelve signs of the zodiac – twelve because the thirteenth is considered forsaken and has not been accepted among the zodiac circle—which were organized into Kingdoms. Kingdoms are led by a Ruler; an individual chosen by that signs governing deity to be the physical avatar of the sign, or more specifically, that deity’s representative/“messenger”. The first Rulers were chosen clearly; by leaving the mark of their sign upon their body. They’re given four special blessed abilities to fulfill their duties as Rulers the night they take the crown.

Rulers to follow were not marked, for they have been from the same dynasty. Should that dynasty be destroyed, another family would be chosen. A Ruler who is overthrown by one seeking the power is not likely to be recognized as the sign’s avatar. It is rare for that governing deity to grant them their blessings, even if they are related to the royal family, but it is not unheard of. Most are cursed by the governing deity and later die of mysterious causes. The one next in line for the throne would be marked, just like the first Rulers were, and the process would repeat again. To date, there has only been one case reported where the governing deity chose the murderer of the former dynasty, in the kingdom of Mrak.

In addition to the OM's, a second defense exists called the Dark Side of Justice, which will be explained later.

Note that the following information is the basic system of Lorian Education. It may vary from Kingdom to Kingdom, but fundamentally, this information will remain the same.
Lore’s education system has a few key components: Magic, combat, mythos, and academics. Academics are not considered all that important and are more like extra knowledge than required knowledge; only the basics are required (like basic math, which involves addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication… SIMPLE math). Only those who seek knowledge and/or aim or a job in the technology field take extra academics. Combat and magic are the main requirements, for they are key to survival in the real world. After school activities such as sports are rare and are often frowned upon; they often distract students. For this reason, students are limited to two such activities (which includes piano lessons, etc.).

Schedules are broken down into a system called Block Scheduling, consisting of eight classes that are divided into four per day as all eight at once proved to be too overwhelming for students. The first day, called A-Day, consists of the first four classes. The second day, B-Day, consists of the remaining four classes. Teachers are the best of the best, are paid well directly from their city “government” (which are supplied by the Royal family), and are fired on the spot if caught slacking during class hours. Lorian law is strict on them, and for good reason.

Connections to other Worlds
Lore is isolated from all other realms and cannot be reached without higher divine means or an otherworldly summon from a character who is not a native Lorian. Characters from the Realm of Man (Earth), Crimia, and Primordis are prohibited. Only a few characters from Alusterial will be allowed. We crave native Lorians, not aliens from other worlds, in Lore. Keep this in mind while creating your character(s). Specific, special event characters, however, may be allowed with Admin approval. If any of the Staff members catch a character from any prohibited realms without admin consent, expect a PM to inform you about the issue.
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