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The DSoJ is set mainly on Lore, one of the worlds created by the Deities of Alyth. With some magitech, Lore nevertheless relies heavily on beasts of burden and family-run, eco-friendly industries. Towns are somewhat numerous over the gigantic world yet far between and the wilderness is rife with danger, but Lorians have thrived here. It is home, it is wild, and it is breath-taking but mind your step.

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Whispers in The Dark

I decided to start an audio show for the forum called Whispers in the Dark. Here, I will list episodes and such like for your enjoyment.
Each episode will cover vital information concerning the forum and its content. Details will be posted with the episode. I hope that you enjoy them. :3

Episode 1 - Introduction [1/31/11]

Me introducing Whispers in the Dark and answering an frequently asked question.

Episode 2 - Take the Dark Side [1/31/11]

I have Co-Admin Man of Sacrifice with me this episode. We discuss likeable things on the forum and more. For more fun after this episode, check out the Episode Two Commentary and music test!

Episode 3 - Life of an Admin [1/5/11]

In this episodes, both Co-Admin's (Lirts and Man of Sacrifice) are present for a discussion on the life of an administrator. After the episode, I made a commentary to further elaborate.

Episode 4 - From the Outside Looking In [2/4/11]

Arimwen and I are joined by a special guest to have a guest's point of view on the forum. Who could it be~? Also? The "commentaries", as suggested by H'tes, will be called Dark Extensions from now on. ;}

Episode 5 - Fiery Novels [2/8/11]

Arimwen, Lirts, and I are joined by Shadow Wolf to discuss some updates coming to the board, members who are working on getting their works published...etc.

Episode 6 - I Just Can't WAIT to be Kiiing

In this episode, Arimwen, TBK, and I discuss several details about the Rulers of the DSoJ.

Episode 7 - Raaaannndom Dannncing! o.O

Shadow Wolf and I make an episode. :>
Bloopers, part 1 annnnd part two.

Episode 8 - So, ya wanna be a Role-playuh?

Shadow Wolf, Man of Sacrifice, and I discuss things around the forum. We were too lazy to make the Dark Creation for this one, so we'll do it in the Dark Extensions coming soon.

Episode 9 - Madness Returns

H'tes and I plan and discuss the main Mirror Event and iron out the loopholes from last year, leading to the revamp of Lycramosa in the near future. This is a special episode, so we didn't include a Dark Creation.

Episode 10 - The Reign

I discuss the events and touch up on a related Dark Creation. Not much to this one, really.

Episode 11 - Aftermath

I discuss multiple points of interest~

Episode 12 - Gute Nacht

I discuss multiple points of interest~

Episode 13 - Some Extra Notes

I brush upon notes never before shared with... Anyone. Hope you like what I reveal.

Episode 14 - Tournament and More

Shadow Wolf and Zema discuss the Tournament, the continuation of Gute Nacht, and more.

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