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The DSoJ is set mainly on Lore, one of the worlds created by the Deities of Alyth. With some magitech, Lore nevertheless relies heavily on beasts of burden and family-run, eco-friendly industries. Towns are somewhat numerous over the gigantic world yet far between and the wilderness is rife with danger, but Lorians have thrived here. It is home, it is wild, and it is breath-taking – but mind your step.

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Welcome to Lore, one of the worlds created by the Deities of Alyth, where almost anything can happen. With some magitech, Lore nevertheless relies heavily on beasts of burden and family-run, eco-friendly industries. Towns are somewhat numerous over the gigantic world yet far between and the wilderness is rife with danger, but Lorians have thrived here. It is home, it is wild, and it is breath-taking – but mind your step.

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For Queen and Country

Friulios Magic Can's and Can'ts

Posted by Zema (Lore Master) at July 16, 2014, 10:24 am. 0 comments

CBOX Archive Messages

There seems to be some confusion about what friulios magic can and cannot do. It is described as Godly Magic, used by deities. Friulios is, in essence, creation and destruction magic, but also entails other aspects of magic that are not covered in any Contagion branch. Friulios is freedom and Contagion is control. Excessive control, or contagion, limits the use of Friulios as it needs freedom of the mind and body. Characters who use this type of magic are rare. The only class to date that knows friulios magic strictly are the Heirophant's of Teselata.
  • What Friulios CAN do:
    • It can cure illnesses such as plagues, but the user will have to visit each ill person individually to cure them. It will take a LOT out of the user.
    • It can create some inanimate objects, such as a chair.
    • Things created by means of Friulios magic are sturdier than the objects they're based on. Anything the Friulios user creates can also be destroyed in the same fashion. While it will be harder than usual for a non-Friulios user to destroy the Friulios creations, high level Contagion magic can unravel them.
    • Can make objects complete tasks. For example, it can animate a broom to clean the kitchen or the house, and animate the items in the kitchen to clean themselves. THIS is the simplest form of Friulios.
    • Well seasoned Friulios users can cleanse "unclean" souls. In other words, they can 'exercise' evil spirits and make them good. The process HAS to be repeated numerous times to complete. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't; it depends on how corrupt the spirit is.
    • Friulios users can see the astral line. They can also sometimes see spirits.
    • Can manipulate the energy of an element. For example, they can turn water to ice and fire to lightning.
    • Friulios users, both divine and undivine, can counter Contagion spells. "Counter" is a nice word, though. Realistically, it unravels Contagion by enforcing 'freedom' upon it. Heavy use of Friulios can unravel Contagion and vice versa. In other words, lots of Friulios can unravel contagion, but in turn, lots of contagion can unravel the Friulios magic, and in some cases even weaken Friulios users if they have low will power. To counter either is a matter of using greater energy, as equal amounts of both results in both sides being unraveled. Magic being unraveled alters and/or warps reality. Contagion and Friulios unraveling together can create a black hole or even a worm hole in the place of the 'collision'.

  • What Friulios CANNOT do:
    • It cannot create a living organism from nothing. This aspect of Friulios is strictly limited to the divine.
    • Cannot touch the astral line or speak to the spirits they see without the use of astral magic - which would limit Friulios anyway.
    • Non-deity Friulios users cannot create any elements such as fire or water without the use of some contagion (because elements require control to use), but as long as they have a source, they can manipulate the element. For example, they must have a body of water nearby to manipulate water at all. The supply of water would be limited to how much was in that body of water (i.e. a puddle, lake, etc.).
    • Cannot manipulate spirits. They can see them and they can exorcise them. That's pretty much it.
I hope that this answers your questions. If not, please ask.

Al Needs a Pal

Posted by Shadow Wolf (Ruler) at June 1, 2014, 3:04 pm. 5 comments

So I noticed Al needs some play, and was wondering if anyone wanted to plot some threads with him. I have some ideas and am also open to others.

Idea 1: Blast from the Past
I have this vague version of his history in my head concerning his Queen (the mother of Rex) and I thought it was written out somewhere but I can't seem to find it. If anyone wants to be the other half of Al, hit me up. Otherwise it can just be a thing that happened.

Idea 2: Heritage
As far as I know, Rex still doesn't know Al is his father. It would be interesting to see what would happen if he finds out, no? This may have to take place pre-Vecna madness, because I think the current timeline has Rex...in Alusterial??? Some other random realm??? Idk, but we can figure it out if that sounds fun. There would have to be some way of getting the two of them together and Al can be all "Luke, I am your father" and Rex can scream "NOOOO!"

And whatever else Ruler stuff can happen with him involved. I'm pretty sure the Post-Vecna thread is once again down the rabbit hole and not returning anytime soon, but if other Rulers want to throw a slumber party and pal around, that's cool with me.

Note: I'm not as active as I once was. My replies will be slow in coming. (Hopefully we can do a relatively short RP with a plan of action so we don't get lost along the way, otherwise it'll be a year later and I'll just say "welp...can't remember where we were going with this...")


Posted by Beleth (Dark Sider) at May 30, 2014, 12:31 pm. 2 comments


Need people, Feel free to have anyone DM npcs. ANd PCs feel free to join,

My posts sucks I swear.

Endangered Species

Posted by H'tes (Dark Sider) at May 14, 2014, 7:23 pm. 8 comments

I have made a list of species that would either be endangered or extinct in Lore after Lego’s Purification of the Planet. These races are those with a high chance of dying out for now. Undead creatures would be cleansed of their undeath, changed back to what they used to be. Almost anything else would be converted into a good version of their race, for example, Demons become Daemons, etc. Some races have special notes for if they could not survive purification, or if there are special circumstances about their purification.

For those not purified but still these races, it would likely have to be for very good reason. Wolf Lego was out to destroy all corruption, so the only ones likely to be spared are those who are good or nice in the first place and of a race that could not survive the purification process, like Dark Demons.

Comminus Demons
Sin Eater Demons
Creeping Shadows
Demonica Fluidinorils
Acisa Demon
Morsus Demon
Socordia Demon
Anansi Demon
Crossroads Demons
Dark Demons (Could NOT survive purification)
Plant Demons
Virtuous Demons
Dazahak Demons
Gluttonous Demons
Colopravus Wolf Demon
Tso Wu Demon
Invidius Demons
Dark Diabolo (Can survive purification, but only if there is a spark of anything good in them, and they will always revert back to how they used to be)
Shade Demons (Could NOT survive purification)
Coeurone Empty Hearts (Undead Brought Back to Life)
Utor Demons
Fear Demons
Regeneration Demons
Lust Demons
Dark Dragons
Dark Elementals (Could NOT survive purification)
Death Elementals (Could NOT survive purification)
Chaos Elementals (Could NOT survive purification)
Vampires (Protected in the Gemini Kingdom, but most likely extinct almost everywhere else)
Dark Alfen
Fallen Angels
Night Gypsies
Dark Wolf Ookami

Um... Just tell me if anyone wants a secondary list involving what all these would most likely be converted into, and Zema might want to weigh in on a few of them herself.

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