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Technique Shop; Come get some new moves here!
Topic Started: Mar 28 2017, 04:56 PM (9,477 Views)
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Eternal Dragon


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Click the tabs below to see Techniques, their descriptions and how much TP they cost to learn

[tab=Tier 0]
***Tier 0 Techniques cost 1 action and 20 TP to learn.***

AbilityDetailsTaught ByRestrictions

Absolute Zero
5% FatUser lowers their body temperature and touches the target, freezing them in place. Lowers the opponent’s Actions to only 2 Actions their next turn. Can only use once per battle.AnyNone

N/AA basic energy shield. Costs half the damage in fatigue to completely nullify the damage. Can only be used on tiers 1-3.AnyAny except Cyborgs
Buying TimeN/AUsing your wits, you verbally taunt or physically distract your opponent in order to give an ally more time to attack. The opponent’s next attack must be aimed at you, while your ally’s next attack at that opponent becomes very difficult to dodge or block.MooriNone

Chrono Sphere
7% KiThe user creates a time bubble around the target, slowing down their attack. Allows you to dodge any Tier 2 tech or lower as a free action. Can’t be used more than twice in one battle.SobaNone

Cosmic Alleviation
10% KiThe user opens a portal behind the target that was just healed. The portal absorbs the healing energy, robbing it from the target, and giving it to the user instead. Difficult to dodge. Can only be used once per battle.SobaNone

5% Fat+75% Agility to any defensive action, including blocks. Used in the same action as the defensive technique, but must add additional Fatigue costs. Requires Magic Materialization.AnyNone

10% FatigueUsed to augment blocks allowing the user to absorb power from ki attacks. Adds 5% ki and durability for the remainder of the battle. Can only be used two times.AnyEnergy Dependent Androids/Demons Only

Dimensional Strike
3% KiThe user strikes out at their opponent before immediately opening a portal to strike again from an unexpected angle. Allows user to use two Tier 1 or lower techs in one action (must still spend proper ki or str for techs used). Can be used to strike two opponents. If both strikes used on the same opponent, the second attack is undodgeable. Can only be used twice per battle.SobaNone

Giant Form
6% FatThe user pumps up their body increasing their muscle mass and height. +10% to Strength and Durability. -25% to Agility. Does 6% Fatigue each turn activatedAnyNone

Hail Mary
N/AThe user knows they are going to be down for the count soon. It’s time to pull out every stop in a last ditch effort to survive. Once the user reaches 75% Fatigue, all stats are boosted by 5% for the remainder of the battle.YagnortNone

5% FatThis technique allows you to strike much faster, making it appear as you have extra arms. This allows you two more actions for one turn for physical attacks. Does not cost an action, gained actions must be used in the same turn this technique is used. Can be used once per battle.AnyNone

Healing Light
10% KiAllows the user to heal the themselves or another character on the field by 10% of the user’s ki. Usable once on the user and once on another character. When used on another character it also reduces their fatigue by 15%.DendeNone

Instant Transmission
N/AAbility to instantly transport yourself to another planet once a week. Can also dodge any attack once per battle at no cost. Can also combine with any attack tier 3 or below once in battle to cause the attack to become very hard to dodge, block, negate, or overwhelm.SobaNone

Ki Blade
2% FatThe user forms a blade on any limb the user chooses, adding 2% Ki to any physical attack used on the same turn this is performed. Three times per battle.AnyNone

VariesThis boosts the user's current stats by a percentage but causes HP damage for each turn which is based on the level of percentage used.King KaiGood alignments only

Lightning Aura
5% FatAugments physical strikes for 2 turns by covering one's body in a powerful electrified aura. +3% Strength for attacks used. Any physical attacks that land against you will cause +2% damage to the attacker. This can give even punches a razor sharp edge of electricity, which can be used to sever limbs.KorinNone

Mind Reading
N/AAbility to dodge one move once per battle at no cost.KorinNone

Mystic Attack
3% FatAllows the user to extend a limb for attacks, giving them the Hard to Dodge status and increasing their power. +15% strength or agility for one turn.SatakaNamekians, Demons, Majins, Aliens, and Bio Androids Only

10% FatThe user can create clones of themselves for a limited amount of time. Each clone has a certain number of actions and cannot use attacks over Tier 2 attacks. Lasts for two turns. Each clone has 25% of the originals stats and gets two actions a piece. Only two clones can be used at a time. Once per battle. 15% fatigue.SatakaNone

Magic Materialization
2% FatUsed to bring in extra equipment and/or items. Usable twice per battle. Can switch entire outfit/gear and can bring up to three new items into battle by either switching or replacing once the slot is empty.DendeNone

N/AThis allows the user to mimic one of the opponent’s attacks or techniques as long as it’s not an ability that requires a master or has a prerequisite. Twice per battle.VashaNone

Perfect Barrier
FatigueCosts half the damage in fatigue, can be used on any technique. Requires Barrier. This completely protects the user from one attack, but can only be used once during a battle but does not count against usage of Barrier.AnyAndroids Only except Cyborgs

Power Ball
5% KiThis creates an artificial moon that Saiyans can use to trigger Oozaru.King VegetaNone

Potential Unlock
N/APermanent +15% to each stat. Only usable once.Moori/DendeNone

Powering Rage
N/AUser throws their hands/one hand outwards in front of them in order to block an incoming attack. Costs half the damage in fatigue to do 10% the damage. Can be used on all Tiers.AnyNone

Protective Bubble
4% FatUser forms a weak sphere of energy around their body, protecting them from any two Tier 1 or one Tier 2 technique. Uses 2 actions. Can be instantly destroyed if attacked by two Tier 2 attacks simultaneously or any Tier 3 Attack.AnyNone

Psycho Barrier
FatigueA more powerful energy shield that is nearly hermetically sealed, making it able to withstand even the most powerful of attacks. Costs half the damage in fatigue to completely nullify the damage. Can be used on techniques Tier 4 or below. Must know Barrier.ZeusAny except Cyborgs

8% KiWhen your opponent successfully blocks or dodges a Tier 2 attack or lower from you, you reverse time by three seconds and use your knowledge of what your opponent will do to stop them from doing it. Original attack goes through as a free action without spending additional ki, and hits automatically. Can only be used once per battle.SobaNone
SenseN/AThe ability to sense the power levels of others, negating the need for a scouter. Does not give the user an exact number like a scouter would, but does give an accurate feel for comparing another person’s power their own. Cannot be used on Cyborg or Energy Dependent androids. Passive.Shen/KorinNone

Solar Flare
5% Ki The user places their fingers to their head in order to create a blinding flash of ki energy. Reduces enemy agility by 25% for 1 turn. Very Hard to Dodge. Twice per battle.Roshi/ShenNone

Speaking Namekian
N/AThe ability to speak the Namekian language.Dende/Moori/SatakaNone

Stone Spit
8% FatThe user spits on the opponent. While at first this seems like a mere insult, it will begin to turn the opponent body into stone. This will reduce the next two turns by 1 action each and reduce agility, durability, and strength by 10%. It cannot be blocked.DaburaDemons Only

Sonic Sway
3% FatThe user of this sways side to side as the attacks come in, reacting somewhat like a blade of grass would when attacked with a large object. Increases Agility by +25% to any one dodge action.AnyNone

Spatial Redirect
12% kiThe user opens up a dimensional hole that can be used to redirect any Tier 3 or lower technique and aim it toward one opponent instead. Redirected technique cannot be dodged or blocked. Can’t be used more than once per battle.SobaNone

Super Drain
20% FatStronger Version of Drain. Can augment blocks allowing the user to absorb a Tier 4 or lower ki attack. Adds 7% ki and durability for the remainder of battle. Can only use once.AnyEnergy Absorbing Androids Only

Super Namek Unlocked
10% FatA power up that can only be used by Namekians. Increases all stats by +20% in battle.SatakaNamekians only
SuppressionN/AThe ability to hide or reduce one’s power to any level they desire. In battle, the user can choose to start the battle with their stats reduced by any percent they choose. All stats must be reduced by the same percentage. The user can spend one action to release the suppression and raise their power level back up. Once the suppression is lifted, it cannot be reduced again. Must be used as first action in battle. Passive ability, costs no fatigue. Cannot be used by Cyborg or Energy Dependant androids.AnyNone

3% KiThe general ability to move minor objects without physically touching them. Can be used to pull or push items to or from the user, such as weapons. If used to throw a weapon, adds +3% Str to damage. Can be used to attempt to disarm an opponent if the user’s Str is 50% or more higher than their opponent’s. Can be used three times in battle.TooloNone
TelepathyN/AA brief and quick picture of an incoming attack is played before your mind and gives you just enough time to react. This can be used to evade two physical actions in a battle or one ki attack below tier 4. Boosts agility by 75% and costs no ki to use.Demetrious/TooloNone
Wall of DefenseN/ASeeing that your ally is in trouble, you rush forward and throw yourself in the way of an oncoming attack, taking the hit for them. User takes 100% of the damage instead of their ally.MooriNone

Wild Sense
VariesThis is an innate ability in characters which depends more on instincts than anything else. The users moves to take themselves out of the targeted area while at the same time, unleashing an instinctive attack that does 7% damage, and is based on ki or strength as dictated by the user. Boosts agility by 50% when used, and can be used to evade and attack for one united ki cost. Takes two actions, usable once per battle on any Tier 3 technique or lower.WhisNone

15% FatigueThis technique helps the user dodge by leaving an after-image. Can only be used twice a battle and doubles the user’s agility and makes the next attack used hard to dodge. +25% Agility for one defense.Korin/RoshiNone


[tab=Tier: 1]
***Tier 1 Techniques take 1 Action and are passive, you start with these.***

AbilityDetailsTaught ByRestrictions

Basic Energy Ball
5% KiA simple ki ball.--None

Basic Energy Beam
5%A simple, but potent beam of energy.--None

Basic Energy Wave
5%A simple, but potent energy wave.--None

FatigueRequires at least 50% of your opponent’s attack score. Half Durability + half Agility. Reduces damage by half. It takes half the fatigue of an attack to block it.--None

Charged Kick
4% StrA kick thrown with more force than normal.--None

Charged Punch
3% StrA punch thrown with greater force than normal.--None

Counter Attack
N/ARequires at least 80% of your opponent’s attack score in agility.--None

N/ARequires at least 60% of your opponent’s ki attack score. Half Str + half Agility. Reduces damage by 75%. It takes 75% the fatigue of an attack to deflect.--None

N/ARequires at least 75% of your opponent’s attack score in agility. It takes 75% the fatigue of an attack to fully evade.--None

3% StrA basic kick.--None

N/AYou can cancel out an opponent’s ki blast with your own. Requires the same ki score or higher.--None

N/AYou can overwhelm an opponent’s attack with your own. Requires 200% attack score.--None

FatigueRequires 60% of your opponent’s physical score. Reduces damage by 75% to a minimum of 1%. Uses half agility + half strength. It costs 2% fatigue to parry a tier 1 attack, 4% to parry a tier 2 attack, and 6% to parry a tier 3 attack. Tier 4 attacks cannot be parried. May only be used on physicals.--None

Power Up
Fatigue+15% ki and strength. Costs 5% fatigue for every turn active.--None

2% StrA simple punch.--None

N/A-10% Fatigue--None

Speed Burst
5% Fat+15% defense score--None


[tab=Tier: 2]
***Tier 2 Techniques take 2 Actions and 10 TP to learn.***

AbilityDetailsTaught ByRestrictions

Acid Spray
7% KiThe user releases a jet of acidic energy from their body in order to harm the opponent.AnyNone

Bionic Headbutt
8% StrUser flies directly at their opponent as their body stays perfectly straight, ramming their head into the opponent’s body.AnyNone

Black Kamehameha
7% KiA powerful concentrated wave of energy fired from both hands. The user cups their hands behind one side and chants the name. Required for Super Black Kamehameha. Can be charged an extra action to do 12% damage.AnyEvil Only

Burning Attack
9% KiAfter performing a preset series of hand motions, the user releases a high powered ball of ki from their palms.AnyNone

Chasing Bullet
8% KiA heat seeking wave of ki energy, does not home in on Androids. Requires 175% agility to dodge.BeerusNone

Continuous Energy Bullet
6% KiA series of blasts that stack damage as they are fired.AnyNone

Cosmic Cannon
6% KiA flaming ball of ki energy that continues to burn after it connects. Burns for 2% damage per turn for the next 2 turns.AnyNone

Cosmic Illusion Blast
10% KiA ball of ki that sticks to your opponent and then explodes. Once it connects it cannot be shaken off. Detonates next turn.AnyNone

Crasher Cannon
6% KiA precise blast of energy that explodes upon impact.AnyNone

Cross Arm Dive
8% StrWhile falling from a great height, the user crosses their arms over their face and chest in order to plow into the enemy. Cannot be parried.AnyNone

Crusher Ball
6% KiA body sized ball of energy that has high explosive damage. +2% damage if blocked.AnyNone
Cryokinesis5% KiA mental attack on a target that convinces them their body is freezing up. Their limbs become stiff and their physical form is far reduced in its ability to take and handle damage. Reduces target's agility and durability by 50% for two turns. Using this attack on an opponent already hindered by Pyrokinesis does not stack decreased durability. Requires Telepathy.DemetriousNone

Daikaiten Kick
6% StrUtilizing momentum from a quick, ki-powered spin, the user kicks at their opponent. Cannot be parried.AnyNone

Dark Impact
6% KiAllows you to use ki as a method of countering an attack, as opposed to agility.AnyNone

Death Beam
11% KiA piercing beam of energy, fired with high precision. Hard to block.King ColdNone

Demon’s Eye Blast
5% KiA discharge of electricity designed to paralyze the opponent. -10% agility for 1 turn if successful.AnyNone

13% KiA beam of explosive energy utilized by the crane school. Requires 150% block score vs. the attack score to block.ShenNone

Double Energy Wave
10% KiTwo waves of energy fired from the hands. Hard to negate.AnyNone

Dynamite Kick
12% StrA super powerful kick that explodes on contact. Half strength + half kiAnyNone

Evil Impulse
4% KiA point blank energy blast that gets stronger as you grow more evil. 8% Ki if Chaotic.AnyEvil alignments only

Explosive Combination
12% Ki/StrA combination of physical and ki attacks. Half ki + half strength, hard to parry.AnyNone

Eye Lasers
7% KiA quick, weak beam shot from the eyes.DendeNone

Finger Beam
7% KiA concentrated beam of energy fired from the tip of the finger. This is required to learn Death beam.AnyNone

Finish Buster
9% KiA large orb of energy charged over the user’s head and then thrown at the target. The explosion from this attack is extremely large and is hard to dodge. This is required to learn Heat Dome.AnyNone
Full Counter7% StrUsing your opponent’s momentum, you dodge their attack and exploit its weakness to deal your own blow. Allows the user to dodge and attack in the same action. Must still meet dodge requirements. Difficult to dodge or block. Can only be used twice in battle.WhisNone

Galick Gun
8% KiThe user pulls both hands to the side, one behind the other, and charge a wave of energy. Can be charged for an extra action to do 14% damage. Required for Super Galick Gun, and Double Galick Gun.AnyNone

Gigantic Press
12% StrThe user charges into their opponent full force after shielding their body in a barrier of energy. Hard to block. Required for Gigantic Spike.AnyNone

God Split Cut
9% KiA field of purple energy around the user’s hand, creating a blade powerful enough to bifurcate anyone.VashaNone

Hell’s Flash
10% KiThe android removes his arms from the forearm down, they then release a large wave of energy from both arm holes. This is extremely destructive and is hard to negate. +2% damage per turn for the next two turns, even if blocked.AnyAndroid Only except Bio

11% KiA fire breathing technique. capable of inflicting damage over time, giving burn status. +2% damage per turn for the next two turns, even if blocked.DaburaNone

Ice Ray
6% KiThe user fires two waves of extremely cold air which freezes the opponent to some degree. This causes the muscles and biochemical response times to slow. Two turns of “frozen” status that reduces agility and Strength by 30%, does 6% damage.AnyNone
Jackhammer8% StrThe user clasps both their hands together in the air and brings their fists down together to land a single, solid blow on their opponent’s head. Difficult to block.YagnortNone

Javelin Kick
7% AgiA series of kicks that are meant to be more cumbersome than powerful. Deals low damage, but requires focus to avoid. When used just before another physical attack, the second attack is harder to dodge or block. AnyNone

7% KiA powerful concentrated wave of energy fired from both hands. The user cups their hands behind one side and chants the name. Can be charged an extra action to do 12% damage. Required for Super Kamehameha.AnyGood Only

5% KiThis is an invisible blast generated from the body, eyes, hands, etc. that is very hard to dodge due to it being a surprise invisible attack.LedgicNone

Mach Kick
5% StrThe user rains down kicks upon his opponent at extremely high speeds. Can be sustained to do +4% damage each action. Hard to dodge.AnyNone

8% KiThe user puts both hands over their head , one behind the other, and charges a wave of energy as he chants the name and shoves his hands forward. Can be charged for an extra action to do 13% damage. Required for Super MasenkoAnyNone

Original Kamehameha
10% KiA powerful concentrated wave of energy fired from both hands. The user cups their hands behind one side and chants the name. Slightly more powerful than Kamehameha. Can be charged an extra action to do 15% damage. Can be used in place of Kamehameha to qualify for Super Kamehameha.RoshiGood Only

Photon Energy Blast
8% KiA one or two handed blast of energy from the absorption pads of an android.AnyEnergy Dependent Androids Only

Psychic Bomb
11% KiThis creates an orb of invisible psychic energy that explodes upon contact with the target. Hard to dodge.AnyHumans Only
Pyrokinesis8% KiA mental attack on a foe that convinces them their body has caught flame. Their pain sensors go haywire and their ability to stay guarded and battle-ready heavily decreases. Reduces target's strength and durability by 50% for two turns. Using this attack on an opponent already hindered by Cryokinesis does not stack decrease durability.DemetriousNone

Reversal Launcher
12% KiA two part ki attack. First the user fires a small green orb of energy to distract their enemy, then quickly moves to their target’s blind spot and fires another stronger orb while hovering upside down. The first attack does not need to hit for the second to be successful. The second attack is difficult to dodge.ZeusNone

Rock Paper Scissors
5% StrA physical-based technique which involves three attacks: a punch, an open palm strike, and an attack at the opponent’s eyes.AnyNone
Scattershot4% KiThe user shoots several tiny orbs of power at the target. Does not do a lot of damage, but is very difficult to block, dodge, or deflect.WhisNone

Shadow Crane Strike
8% KiThe user performs a crane pose, folds their arms across their chest, and then launches a Ki Blast from their right hand.ShenNone

13% A sphere of energy that can be controlled by the user. It slams into them multiple times before exploding on contact. Hard to Dodge.King KaiNone
Telekinetic Shield7% KiUtilizing your mental training, you reach out into the world and grab ahold of the closest object you can find. You then bring it to you and use it to block an incoming attack. Can be used to defend against a Tier 3 attack or lower. Can be used to defend against two Tier 1 physical attacks. Requires telepathy.TooloNone

13% KiThe user puts their hands together in front of them in the form of a triangle. The center of which can be used to ‘zoom in’ as it charges energy. Can be charged for an action to 17%. Required for Neo Tri-Beam.ShenNone
Vortex Crusher7% StrThe user spins in place, building momentum and using it to put more power into their strike as their elbow comes down hard on their opponent’s head.BeerusNone

Wahaha No Ha
13% KiThe user takes in a deep breath, and laughs as they charge energy into their mouths to let out a powerful wave of energy. Hard to negate.AnyNone
Whiplash6% KiA wave of high impact energy meant to throw off the target’s footing by sending them flying. Does minimal damage, but causes the target to lose one action on their next turn. Difficult to block, cannot be deflected. Can be used twice in battle.DogNone

Wolf Fang Fist
5% KiA series of rapid, ki charged melee strikes. Costs 5% ki per action sustained.AnyNone


[tab=Tier: 3]
***Tier 3 Techniques take 3 Actions and cost 15 TP to learn.***

AbilityDetailsTaught ByRestrictions

Accel Dance
15% KiThe user releases several dozen blasts of energy from long range in an effort to overwhelm their opponent’s defenses. Must know Continuous Energy Bullet.AnyNone

Barrage Death Beam
21% KiA barrage/quickly fired series of Death Beams. Very hard to block. Requires Death Beam.King ColdNone

Big Bang Attack
16% KiA powerful energy attack that creates an enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud. The user extends an arm toward their opponent, with their palm open and pointed up at a ninety degree angle. Very hard to negate.AnyNone

Bionic Punisher
14% KiA Stronger Version of the Eye Laser technique. Must know Eye Laser.AnyNone

Brave Cannon
15%The user puts his two arms on his right side and charges a large, powerful ball of ki. Then, he throws the ball at his opponent, causing an explosion which inflicts a large amount of damage.Elder KonatsianNone

Brave Slash
20% KiThe user slashes the opponent with multiple sharp ki attacks.Elder KonatsianNone

Brave Sword Attack
13% StrThe user double slashes the opponent. Then, he charges energy on the Brave Sword, and runs towards the opponent. He stops in midair, then slashes the opponent in light speed. Must be wielding a sword.Elder KonatsianNone

Burning Storm
17% KiA one handed barrage, utilizing several one handed Buster Cannon waves. Can be charged to 20%. Requires Buster Cannon.AnyNone

Buster Cannon
15% KiCharging energy in both palms, the user releases a powerful wave of ki toward the enemy. Cannot be overwhelmed.AnyNone

Complete Shot
20% StrA high powered physical attack, augmented by the user’s ki.AnyNone

Darkness Rush
22% StrRush towards your opponent and deliver an unrelenting barrage of kicks and punches at them. Hard to block.AnyNone

Death Ball
23% KiA huge ball of energy, mainly used by changelings, that can destroy planets. Hard to dodge.King ColdNone
Death Fork20% StrWith a quick burst of speed, the user rams their opponent head first, using the horns on their head to gouge the target. Inflicts heavy damage. Very difficult to dodge or parry, and cannot be blocked or overwhelmed. Mostly used by Changelings, but can be taught to any character that has horns on their head.King ColdEvil Only

Death Wave
16% KiA wave of energy with a powerful, piercing effect. Hard to block.AnyNone

Destructive Wind
16% KiAn outwardly expanding wave of electricity designed to destroy the enemy. Hard to dodge. Requires Demon’s Eye Blast.BeerusNone

Destructo Disk
17% KiA disc of energy capable of bisecting an opponent. Cannot block.AnyNone

Dirty Fireworks
14% KiThe user sends an invisible thread of energy toward the opponent, stretching from their fingertips. Requires 150% agility to dodge.LedgicNone
Dirty Halo15% Ki Extending their hands to the sky, the user manifests a large orb of power above their opponent’s head before dropping it on top of them. Can be charged one action for an additional 5%. Extremely difficult to dodge or deflect.RoshiNone

Dragon Rush
14% StrUtilizing a burst of ki energy, the user thrusts themselves fist first at the opponent.AnyNone

Energy Geyser
23% KiThe user aims their hand at the ground below their target as the ground explodes while a geyser of powerful energy is shot upwards from the ground and into the air. Hard to block.LegicNone

Eraser Gun
14% KiThis attack can be fired at different levels, even making it powerful enough to destroy planets. The user simply leans over, and after charging large amounts of energy into his throat he fires it from his open mouth, as he yells or appears to yell or scream.Sataka, King VegetaNone

Exploding Wave
15% KiBy gesturing upward with the hand, the user creates a massive explosion at ground level.King VegetaNone

Explosive Demon Wave
18% KiA high powered wave fired from the user’s off hand, using the other hand as a brace to aim. Hard to dodge.AnyNone

Fierce God Slicer
19% KiUpgrade to God Split Cut. The user emits a blade of violet energy from his hand to slash and stab their opponent. It seems to be enhanced by the form's ki aura. Must know God Split Cut.VashaNone

Four Witches
14% KiThis technique causes the user to grow an extra set of arms from his torso. Lasts four turns and also allows for two extra actions per turn.ShenNone

Galactic Buster
19% KiThe user puts both hands in front of him/her self and charges a single sphere of energy. This is then split into two and fired in the form of two beams. Because It uses two beams it is much more difficult to negate and/or overwhelm. Requires Double Energy WaveZeusNone

Galactic Donut
15% Ki(Cannot be Negated) The user forms a powerful ring of energy. They then throw this at the opponent where it will attempt to constrict and crush them before exploding. The explosion is hard to dodge and cannot be blocked due to it being wrapped around the target.AnyNone

Gigantic Blaze
17% KiA large burst of energy emitted from below the opponent. Hard to dodge.AnyNone

Guilty Flash
18% KiA widespread burst of evil energy that acts somewhat like a shotgun. User must be in close range to use this. Does 22% damage upon characters who have a good alignment.AnyEvil Alignments Only

Hell’s Inferno
20% KiThe user puts both hands in front of their body as they shoot out a large spiraling flame that melts the ground in its wake. Blocking this attack lowers speed stat by 10% for two turns due to being burned.AnyNone

Hellzone Grenade
22% KiThe user fires many blasts which seem to miss, surrounding the opponent on all sides. The user the causes them to collapse towards the opponent. Very Hard to dodge and negate.AnyNone

Hundred Fists
20% StrOnce the user is in range of their opponent, they fire off a quick combo of punches ranging from jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks, back fists...etc. That looks as if one hundred of them were thrown at their opponent. Very hard to block or dodge.AnyNone
Kankousen15% KiThe user fires an energy beam from the finger that is short and seemingly made of triangles. Considered an upgrade to Finger Beam.YagnortNone

Light Grenade
18% KiThe user places both hands in front of themselves, the finger tips touching but palms away from each other. In this space they charge an extremely concentrated orb of energy, which absorbs the light from around the area and makes the area around the user appear darker. It is then launched at extreme speed, and explodes upon impact. Hard to Dodge.Elder KonatsianNone
Mighty Strike20% StrWith an expert swing, the user bears their weapon down on their opponent for a savage hit. Must be wielding a melee weapon. Blocking deals 3% more damage.WhisNone

Milky Cannon
20%A powerful beam of energy launched from one hand.AnyNone

Neo Tribeam
19% KiPerformed in the same manner as Tri-Beam but with much greater force. It drains into one’s life force as well as their ki due to it’s high power. Can sacrifice up to 20% Health to increase damage up to 20%. Requires Tribeam.AnyNone

Nova Strike
15% KiThe user charges up and surrounds themselves with a purple sphere of energy before charging at their opponent and headbutting them. Inflicts heavy damage. Sphere can act as a shield against a single technique Tier 2 when being used.ZeusNone
Piercing Light17% KiA ray of holy light that can pierce through a target’s body, only to change direction to pierce them a second time. Does an additional 5% damage to Evil or demonic characters. Cannot be blocked or deflected, very difficult to dodge, negate, or overwhelm.DogGood Only

Power Blitz
15% KiThis is a wave of electrified energy making it cause slightly more damage even if blocked. +3% damage, even if blocked.AnyAndroids Only
Psycho Thread17% KiPsychic strings meant to wrap around limbs and slow down opponents. You reach out with your mind, forging tangible but nearly invisible strings of energy. You wrap them around your enemy’s body and cut off their ability to move. Can cut an opponent’s actions in half and cause their remaining actions to be only defensive related. Does no damage despite ki cost. Requires Telepathy.DemetriousNone

Pulse Ball
19% KiUser creates a giant energy ball that can be shot with one hand, moves slow but powerful.AnyNone

Riot Javelin
15% KiA powerful condensed sphere of energy, which can pierce through targets. It will explode if the target is too tough to pierce. Can be charged an action to explode for 5% more damage.AnyNone

Rocket Punch
14% StrUser aims their fist at their opponent. The fist shoots off their wrist like a rocket and slams into their opponent, dealing heavy damage.AnyAndroids Only except Bio
Sneak Attack22% Ki The user extends their hand toward their opponent and summons forth energy, but the energy orb appears on the other side of the target and rushes them from behind. Extremely difficult to dodge, block, negate, overwhelm, or deflect. Can be charged one action for an extra 5%. Can only be used once in battle.ZeusNone

Super Kamehameha
17% KiA more powerful version of the Kamehameha, used and fired in the same manner but with much more destructive force released. The wave is often as large or larger than the user’s body. Hard to block, can be charged for an action to 20% damage.AnyGood Only

Super Black Kamehameha
17% KiA more powerful version of the Kamehameha, used and fired in the same manner but with much more destructive force released. The wave is often as large or larger than the user’s body. Hard to block, can be charged for an action to 20% damage.AnyEvil Only

Super Masenko
19% KiUsed and fired in the same manner as the Masenko, but over-charged with energy, creating a much large wave, almost as large as the users body. It’s destructive power is increased dramatically. Required for Hyper Masenko.AnyNone

Telekinetic Slam
15% KiUses one's mind to affect his surroundings to defend and attack. They can also use it to re-shape their surroundings to their liking to some degree. Hard to dodge, cannot be deflected.AnyNone
Time Bullet15% KiA spiritual successor to Wild Sense. User defends against an attack with a block, negating half of the damage of any Tier 3 attack or below. User then grabs at the opponent in an attempt to capture them in a hold and unleashes a vicious mental bombardment. The user's thoughts are the weapons. Requires Telepathy.TooloNone

Trap Shooter
18% KiUser draws their right hand back and charges a green or yellow energy sphere. Then, they wave their hand forward and fire several, compact, powerful energy sphere bullets that follow the opponent’s movements and inflict considerable damage. Extremely difficult to dodge. Cannot be deflected.LedgicNone

Ultra Punch
21% StrStarting from a distance, the user rushes his opponent at full speed and aims a punch directly between their eyes. Difficult to dodge. Cannot be parried, hard to block. +5% Damage if Blocked.AnyNone


[tab=Tier: 4]
***Tier 4 Techniques take 4 actions, and cost 20 TP to learn.***
After you use a Tier 4 Tech, you have 3 full turns until you can use another.

AbilityDetailsTaught ByRestrictions

Annihilation Wave
30% KiAn attack that detonates on contact to create a massive geyser of energy. Very hard to block, hard to negate.AnyNone

Calamity Blaster
25% KiA large and high powered wave of energy that can also be fired as a ball, +20% ki when used to negate or overwhelm another technique.AnyNone

Death Razor
26% KiThe user creates a huge barrage of Death Beams by swiping their hand through the air. Requires 200% Str/Agi score to deflect. Requires Death Wave.BeerusNone
Dimension Sword Attack30% Str/KiA combination attack meant to tear an opponent asunder. You focus your mental abilities into your sword and warp it into a weapon of vast destruction. You are able to attack once but the resulting devastation from it can shake worlds. Uses strength and ki traits. Turn after use, user’s actions are cut in half. Very hard to block and cannot be parried. Requires Telepathy and Shadow Savage Blade. Can only be used once per battle.DemetriousNone

Double Galick Gun
28% KiThe user fires a Galick Gun from both hands, however the power is only slightly stronger than the normal Galick gun due to the energy being divided. Hard to Negate due to it being two beams. Required for Final Burst Cannon.AnyNone

Dragon Fist
31% StrThe user goes to strike their opponent, releasing a dragon-shaped wave of energy to surround and destroy them. Very hard to black, cannot be parried.AnyNone

Eraser Cannon
29% KiA chargeable ball-like blast of energy. Can charge for +2% per action. Hard to negate.AnyNone
Execution Beam29% Ki The user fires a massive energy beam from one hand with the intent to instantly slay their opponent. Extremely hard to block or deflect.YagnortNone
Evil Containment Wave30% KiA technique used to banish an evil foe to Hell. Does an additional 5% damage to Chaotic players and demons. Must be the last action made on the user's turn, and the target must spend entire turn attempting to escape it or be sent straight to Hell. Extremely difficult to negate, overwhelm, and dodge. Cannot be blocked or deflected. If the technique is not successful, user's Ki score must be twice that of the target's Durability score or they take 30% of total HP in damage. Damage taken from unsuccessful attack is not subject to Durability reduction.DogGood only

Fierce God Scythe
35% KiUpgrade to Fierce God Slicer. The user is able to use an enhanced version of the technique, they emit a Scythe of violet energy from his hand to slash and stab their opponent. It seems to be enhanced by the form's ki aura. Must know Fierce God Slicer.VashaNone

Final Burst Cannon
25% KiThis is an upgraded version of the Double Galick Gun, launching two very powerful waves of energy. Hard to negate due to it using two waves. Double Galick Gun is required for this attack.AnyNone

Final Explosion
100% KiA much more powerful version of Self Destruct. The user packs far more power into their bodies before they explode. This attacks hits the entire area, hitting allies as well as enemies making it very hard to dodge. Self Destruct is required for this attack.AnyNone

Final Flash
30% KiA powerfully charged wave of energy capable of destroying planets. Cannot be deflected.AnyNone

Final Shine Attack
26% Ki A powerful beam of energy that is capable of inflicting huge amounts damage. It’s focused energy is great enough affect the area around the user.AnyNone
Forgiven, Not Forgotten20% Str/KiA strike meant to disarm an opponent completely. The Kanassans remember the Saiyan’s devastation and have no intention of letting it befall them again. This is a combined strike meant for the pressure points of the opponent. If it hits, the opponent is thrown into a wild flashing array of future events with which they can’t discern. Causes the “stun” effect and remaining action must be used to “break” out of the vision. Uses ki and strength. Requires Telepathy.TooloNone

Gamma Burst Flash
40% KiUser charges ki in both hands and releases it in an inverted position, resulting in a devastating beam capable of greatly damaging an opponent, even if they are stronger than the user. Cannot be negated. Does an additional 15% fatigue to the user.King KaiNone

Gigantic Spike
26% StrThe user rams into the opponent just like he was using a Gigantic Press, but then grabs the head of his opponent and slam it into the ground. Requires Gigantic Press.AnyNone

Grand Smasher
25% KiA powerful orb of energy fired from an open palm. The sphere explodes on contact. Required for Galactic Buster.AnyNone

Heat Dome
27% KiA large wave of energy, an expansion of the Finish buster. The highly condensed energy causes far more heat than normal from most attacks. Due to this it is difficult to block successfully. Requires Finish Buster to learn.AnyNone

Hyper Masenko
26% KiUsed and fired in the same manner as the Masenko, but charged with enough energy to warp and damage the user's surroundings. It releases a massive wave that has the potential to destroy planets. Cannot be negated.AnyNone

Kill Driver
29% KiThe user creates a fiery ring of ki and launches it at his opponents, releasing a massive explosion that is strong enough to kill a Great Ape.AnyNone

Lightning Arrow
26% KiThe user creates many orbs of energy above the area or opponent, and then rains them all down at once. Very Hard to Dodge.AnyNone

Mystic Shooter
29% KiA barrage of energy discs, capable of removing limbs. Cannot be deflected. Requires Destructo Disk.AnyNone

Omega Blaster
30% KiThe upgrade of Eraser Cannon. Easily capable of destroying planets. A small orb is released from the user’s hand, but once it comes into contact with the surface, a person, or another attack it expands to great sizes. It is far larger than the user and is even larger than most ultimate. Hard to dodge, very hard to negate.King VegetaNone

Planet Burst
30% KiThis is a large sphere of explosive energy, capable of destroying planets. The orb formed is normally far larger than the user.AnyNone

Self Destruct
100% KiThe user blows themselves up after concentrating large amount of energy inside their bodies. This kills the user and severely damages anyone near them for a short radius. Hard to block. Required for Final Explosion.AnyNone

Soul Punisher
33% KiThis is a nearly invisible attack thrown at the opponent. Instead of exploding it corrodes the body of the opponent from the inside. As long as it touches the opponent it will have this effect. +40% against evil alignments. Nearly Impossible to Block.DogGood Alignments Only

Special Beam Canon
26% KiThe user charges energy into the tips of their index and middle fingers as it’s pressed against the forehead. It launches with one beam of energy and another spiraling around it. It can drill through objects and people easily. Nearly Impossible to block.AnyNone

Spirit Bomb
25% KiAn attack that utilizes energy from the user’s surroundings. It can be charged for +25% more damage per action used to charge.King KaiGood Only

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
29% KiThe user breathes out ghost-like copies of themselves. These spectres generally have no legs and simply float. If touched by anything they will violently explode, causing large amounts of damage. It will cause +5% more damage than normal if the opponent blocks. Hard to Dodge.AnyNone

Super Wahaha No Ha
28% KiPerformed in the same manner as the Wahaha No Ha but with much more force, capable of destroying large areas and even planets. Requires Wahaha No Ha.AnyNone

Thunder Flash Attack
37% KiThe user places both their arms together and in front of their body as their fists are clenched. From there, the user shoots a stream of fiery inferno at their target. Hard to block.AnyNone

Thunder Shock Surprise
50% KiShoot some goddamn lightning at a mafucka and shock the shit out dat bitch! Extremely Lethal. Difficult to dodge or block.RoshiNone

Twin Stars of Darkness
25% Ki(Hard to Dodge) (Req Chasing Bullet) Two high powered balls of energy that will chase the opponent. Requires Chasing Bullet. Requires 150% agility to dodge.AnyNone

Ultimate Kamehameha
28% KiThe most powerful version of the kamehameha. Also launched the same manner but with enough force to severely damage the area around the user and even destroy planets. Much larger than the user’s body in size, it will overwhelm smaller attacks more easily. Requires 200% Str/Agi score to deflect.AnyGood Only

Ultimate Black Kamehameha
28% KiThe most powerful version of the kamehameha. Also launched the same manner but with enough force to severely damage the area around the user and even destroy planets. Much larger than the user’s body in size, it will overwhelm smaller attacks more easily.Requires 200% Str/Agi score to deflect.AnyEvil Only


[tab=Status Effects]
***Status Effects cost 35 TP to learn.***

A Status Effect can be added to techniques to cause additional damage or effects. These can be purchased and added to a technique you have of your choosing. Each Status effect costs 35TP. Can only add one status effect per technique and it can only be used once a battle to prevent spamming and stacking the status.

- Cut: If attack hits, it cuts the opponent causing Bleed damage. (Bleeds do 2% HP damage per turn, and can stack two times (to a max of 4% HP per turn).
- Pierce: If attack hits, it goes right through the opponent causing severe damage to the opponent. (Bleed damage: 2% HP Damage per turn and endurance drops 4%once)
- Burn: If attack hits, it burns the opponent causing opponent's HP to drop 3% each turn unless healed. Endurance drops 3% once)
- Stun: If attack hits, it stuns the opponent causing the opponent to lose all their actions on their next turn except for one.
- Crush: If attack hits, it crushes the opponent helplessly against the attack causing additional 2%dmg to the attack.

[tab=Custom Techs]

Once you hit LVL 10 you unlock the ability to create Custom Techniques for 50 TP a piece!
To submit your techniques for staff approval, reply below using the template

Code: Custom Technique Template:

[b]Technique Name:[/b]
[b]Ki or Physical:[/b]
[b]Damage %:[/b]

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Lord & Master of all

Custom Technique
Technique Name: Planetary Death Ball
Tier: 4
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 70% (+10% per turn charged) | Blocking takes full damage | Hard to Overwhelm or Negate
Description: The strongest variant of the Death Ball, this attack can be summoned at full power almost instantly and is used almost entirely for its unmatched destructive power. Unlike the standard Death Ball, if this is aimed at the planet and collides uninterrupted then the planet goes into death throes and will be destroyed in 3 turns. However, each full turn that the technique is charged in advance to it being used, to a max of 3 turns, shortens the wait allowing the planet to be destroyed instantly. Takes an entire turns worth of Actions to initially use and block.
Custom Technique
Technique Name: Death Saucers
Tier: 3
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 20% | Cut | Additional: Tracking (Telekinetic Slam)
Description: Two spinning disks of razor sharp energy that can slice through absolutely anything; people, objects, scenery, even energy. If the user knows Telekinetic Slam the disks are upgraded so that they can act separately and individually to each other enabling them to track their target/s. However, for them to track their targets an additional 3 Actions must be used every turn it’s active.


Death Saucers: Approved!

Planetary Death Ball: Looks good if you change "Cannot be Overwhelmed or Negated" to "Hard to Overwhelm or Negate"... People gotta do something to save their planet besides be a human sacrifice to block this thing. LOL

Uncle Zac:

Planetary Death Ball: Requested changes were made! This tech is now Approved!
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Hungry like the WOLF!
Technique Name: Thor
Tier: 3
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 19%, but can be charged for an additional 2% per action charged with a cap of 25%. (+25% if blocked, has Stun Effect, cannot be negated and hard to overwhelm)
Description: Heaven’s Judgment is Nigh! The user can charge the attack for + 2% damage per action used to charge it with a maximum of 3 turns charging, bringing the damage cap up to 25%. The charged attack begins with a glowing circle, almost resembling a magic circle, floating in front of the user, either in front of their hands – or in Shiva’s case, her guns – of Nordic Symbols. The attack will charge in the center of the circle. When fully charged and unleashed, an enormous energy beam, shaped like a bolt of lightning, and augmented with electrical properties, will rain down onto the enemy.

If the enemy is hit, or decides to tank/block the attack, they will be dealt a rather painful blow as the attack electrocutes the victim and causes a Stun Effect.

Technique Name: Jormungandr
Tier: 4
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 23%, can be charged for an additional 1% damage per action used charging it with a max cap of 28%.
Description: The World Serpent is here. Charging ki energy, a magic circle of Nordic symbols appears in front of the user. Once the attack has been fully charged, it is fired, it takes the shape of an immense dragon/serpent, twisting and turning, it chases down the enemy, homing in on their energy signature. It’s goal is to open its maw wide and swallow the enemy whole, and then once the enemy has been swallowed, the energy beam will implode and explode with the enemy as the center of the explosion. Hard to Dodge causing CRUSH effect.

Technique Name: Ragnarok
Tier: 4
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 100% Ki Explosion for a mass AOE area detonation, can be charged at 5% per 2 actions charging with a maximum of 125%.
Description: All things come to an end! Ragnarok is the end of all things, and as such, the attack is volatile. The user charges their energy, in addition, they also gather any left over Ki energy in an area – such as in the midst of a battle, there is a lot of Ki energy in the air left behind, trace amounts of Ki from the use of ki blasts, etc – and once it is all concentrated to one area, the energy is detonated much like the splitting of an atom. An enormous, violent, and deadly explosion rips through the selected area. This is an Area of Effect type of attack, though it can be targeted onto a specific person.

Ambient energy is NECESSARY for this attack to do MAXIMUM damage. If no ki attacks had been used during the battle then the technique only does HALF DAMAGE.

The people on the battlefield, not counting the user of the attack, must have done at least 15% of the user’s Ki stat in Ki based damage in order for this attack to be used to its full potential. If not, the damage is cut in half.


Technique Name: Yggdrasil
Tier: 3
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 15% damage, Decreases Enemy Agility by 25% for next 2 turns.
Description: It appears to be rather weak. The user charges what appears to be a relatively low power energy sphere, and then throws it at the enemy. It appears rather weak and pointless and it “misses,” as it either hits the floor beneath them or drills itself into the ground with no discernible effects, or is easily dodged. Either way, the attack isn’t meant to hit the enemy. Within seconds of the attack burying itself into the ground, a mass of ki erupts out of the ground beneath the enemy’s feet; resembling a mass of vines and tendrils and tree roots, it wraps around the enemy’s limbs and keeps them stuck there, anchoring them to the ground for 2 turns.

The user needs to have 80% more Ki than the opponent's Strength and Agility. If the user has more in their Ki stat than the opponent's Strength and Agility, this adds the CRUSH status, further debilitating the opponent and increasing the amount of reduced agility by 10% and for 2 more turns.

If the enemy has 80% more Strength and Agility than the user's Ki, they are able to break free and thus receive only half the damage and their agility is not reduced nor are they rooted.

Hard to Dodge.

Posted Image
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Saiyan Vanguard

Lets see how badly these are messed up!

Technique Name: Public Execution
Tier: 4
Ki or Physical: Physical
Damage %: 35%
Description: This technique can only be used with a weapon. This attack cannot be charged or empowered. The user raises their weapon into the air, holding it with both hands, pressing their energy within the metal and then slashing it down upon a weak point of their foe (joint, neck, head, etc) in an attempt to kill them outright in a rather ruthless manner. The attack is most often used with a sword or axe in an attempt to remove the head from their foe. (Hard to Block or Parry)

Technique Name: Derailment
Tier: 3
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 21% (Can be charged to deal an additional +3% per action, topping at +9%)
Description: Mikan raises both hands over his head, pouring his energy into his palms as he curls his fingers inwards, gripping the forming orb. When it is powered, he throws the ball forwards, pushing it along with his energy in a narrow beam. The blast explodes upon impact with it's target.

Technique Name: Final Stop
Tier: 2
Ki or Physical: Physical
Damage %: 10% (-5% agility if not blocked or dodged)
Description: By pouring energy into his sword, Mikan is able to make the attack that much more deadly. This is a single one handed slashing attack that is aimed to cut deeply and cripple the foe so they cannot escape quickly or easily.

Posted Image
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Technique Name:Vice Beam
Tier: 4
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 30%
Description: Custom version of Chocolate Beam. Zaccai’s eyes begin to glow and a black beam shoots from them at his target. Upon contact, the target is turned into either a bottle of alcohol or a pack of smokes. Zaccai can consume the alcohol or smokes for +20% Majin absorption gains instead of the standard +10%. Since this attack only requires contact, it cannot be blocked and is extremely difficult to deflect.

Technique Name: Majin Bond
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: N/A
Damage %: N/A
Description: Using his magical abilities, Zaccai can form a Majin Bond with an ally. A bonded ally will bear the Majin “M” symbol on their forehead. Both Zaccai and the ally receive +5% training gains when they are both in the same thread, and the ally gets +3% all stats of Zaccai’s current base PL in battle. Since this is a magical connection, Zaccai does not need to be present in the battle for the ally to gain the benefits. If the ally or Zaccai perish, the bond is destroyed. Zaccai can also choose to erase the bond at will if he desires. He can only bond with one person at a time. This tech is designed to be initiated through regular RP, not in a battle.

Technique Name: Recall
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: N/A
Damage %: N/A
Description: Zaccai can manifest a magical construct that is a clone of a person he has previously absorbed. The clone is manifested at 50% of Zac’s base PL, has two actions per turn, and can use any Tier 2 or lower tech that Zac knows (Except Majin Bond). Can only be used once per battle. Costs 10% Fatigue.

Posted Image
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True Gamer
Name: Forced Assimilation
Tier: Tier 0
Type: N/A
Description: Tensile has unlocked a part of his memory. Though the fragments are... Imperfect at best, Tensile can, after writing a thread of no less than 3000 words, forceful absorb one Namekian. This, being as it is imperfect, is a one time deal that gains him x2 to all stats.

After speaking with Tensile on discord, this tech is not approved as custom techs should not be used for gaining extra stats. -Popo
Edited by Popo, Mar 13 2018, 11:59 AM.
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Rebel Without a Cause
Custom Technique
Technique Name: The Immortal Energy Fist
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: Ki & Physical
Damage %: T1 Physicals are raised by +3% | Additional % uses Ki
Description: While not a racial trait the Kabochan's were renowned for their expert control over their Ki. As such, Daiz is able to direct his Ki to specific areas of his body, enveloping those specific sections in his energy for additional energy damage when he attacks physically. However, in using his strength and ki at the same time he suffers a higher rate of fatigue as a result.
Custom Technique
Technique Name: Energy Mist
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: -10% fatigue cost | -20% enemy Agi | Lasts 2 turns
Description: By internally cooling his body and rapidly expelling his hot Ki through his aura, Daiz is able to cause his excess energy to rapidly condense into a thick, dense steam that covers the surrounding area. Due to the mist being created from Daiz’s own Ki, his energy signature is impossible to locate while within it as he seems to be everywhere all at once. The user must know the ‘Absolute Zero’ & 'Suppression' techniques. Adds stun effect to the user's next attack and makes it hard to dodge. Cannot use a T4 in the same turn that this tech is used.
Custom Technique
Technique Name: Nameday Suit
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: N/A
Damage %: +15% Agility | Area of Effect | Additional +10% to either Strength or Durability if a woman is present
Description: The Kabochan race had a tendency to be carefree and enjoy life. When Daiz removes all of his clothing in battle he is granted a boost in agility due to the extra freedom. However, if he even puts one item of clothing back on he loses the gained agility. IF the opponent can provide solid proof as to why nudity wouldn't throw them off, then the tech doesn't affect them at all. But if they can't provide a solid reasoning or proof, they have a 60% chance to lose two actions on their next turn. This is an AoE technique and affects both allies and enemies alike; no one is safe. If a woman (player character) is present then Daiz's ego is boosted along with either his strength or durability. Ladies, gents - try not to swoon.
Custom Technique
Technique Name: Dick Shot
Tier: 3
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 25% | Extremely difficult to Block, Overwhelm & Dodge | Cannot be Negated or Deflected | Piercing
Description: Who in their right mind would use their junk as a means of fighting? That would be Daiz. Meant as a surprise attack, from the last place an opponent would expect, the Kabochan fires an extremely deadly beam of piercing energy from... his crotch. Despite being particularly well hung, at least when the weather isn’t cold, Daiz has to be in close proximity to his opponent to use this attack with any hope of it being accurate; you trying to shoot energy from that area with any semblance of control.

All suggested changes to the techs have been made, therefore all of these are now APPROVED! -Popo
Edited by Popo, Mar 13 2018, 03:11 PM.
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Lord & Master of all

Custom Technique
Technique Name: Emperors Vision
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: N/A
Damage %: Passive
Description: Due to Frieza’s stern belief that his wants and desires are best for the universe in which he will rule over, any opinion or stance that differs from him is wrong in his eyes. Therefore, all alignment restrictions are subjectively negated - no matter what alignment his opponent may be it is considered opposing to that of Frieza’s.

After discussing this with Frieza, this tech is being denied on the basis that it's more of a trait than an actual technique. You can discuss with Zen-Oh trading this in place of one of your current Frieza traits if you'd like. -Popo
Edited by Popo, Mar 13 2018, 03:14 PM.
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Deeply Disturbing
Technique Name: Perfect Regeneration
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: Both
Damage %:

If Cell is ruled as dead in a battle, his regeneration kicks in as a last ditch attempt to claim victory. Cell regenerates to full form, at 30% health and 30% fatigue remaining. If he manages to defeat his opponent within three turns, his regeneration will stabilize and he’ll remain alive. If he does not manage to defeat his opponent within three turns, the stress of battling and regenerating becomes too much and Cell will die once more, adding an additional week onto his time in the Other World. Note that Cell requires Regeneration for this ability to even be used.

Technique Name: Perfect Impression
Tier: 4
Ki or Physical: Ki
Damage %: 39%
Description: An attack utilizing the ki created for the Fierce God Slicer. This attack is part of a graceful combination and thus cannot be used unless the beginning number connects. If Fierce God Slicer is used as Cell’s last action and connects with an opponent, Cell can follow up by launching needle-shaped ki-blasts that constrict the opponent by stabbing into the muscles and seizing up the body. He tosses these via swinging the emerald blade in arcs as well as dancing in his spot. He finishes it with a grand flourish, posing and pointing the blade towards his opponent -- causing the needles to explode. This carries the Stun status effect with it.

Should the opponent block the Fierce God Slicer, Perfect Impression can still be used but it’ll only do half the damage. The Stun effect cannot take effect in this case.

Technique Name: Viridescent Hunter’s Blade
Tier: 0
Ki or Physical: Physical
Damage %: 5%
Description: An upgrade to Ki Blade, utilizing the energies of the Fierce God Slicer. The blade can only be formed on the arm but it grows in both size and power, adding 5% Ki to any physical attack when used on the same turn. It can only be used twice per battle. The advantage of this weapon is its size and distance minimization. If Cell is transformed, this is boosted to 7% damage. Must know Ki Blade to use

After making the discussed changed, these techs have been approved! -Popo
Edited by Popo, Mar 13 2018, 03:26 PM.
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Cold Hearted
Technique Name: Nova Chariot
Tier: 4
Ki or Physical: Physical
Damage %: Deals damage equal to the opponents ki attack, in strength. Increase speed by % of Ki used by enemy. If used against T3 or T4 attack, causes opponent to lose 1 action on their next turn.
Description: Handed down from father to son down countless lines of Arcosian family's this technique is a common counter among any of the royal species. Condensing the barrier technique around their skin, allowing them to fly or 'swim' through an energy attack made against them without any serious damage. Further, as the user moves through the technique their speed is increased by using the ki around them as a type of rocket fuel for their barrier and increases their speed by the amount of focus that the enemy puts into their ki attack. Due to the sheer force and surprise of the attack, it often stuns the opponent as well.
Requirements: Must know the barrier technique. Must be a beam attack that the user is countering, cannot be a blast or ball technique. May be used once per battle. Must have at least 80% of the opponents speed to counter, this number includes the boost from the techniques. All other normal counter rules apply.

As seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8HloiBnagM

Technique Name: Pacman's Death Ball
Tier: 3
Ki or Physical: Physical
Damage %: 20% + any energy attack it encounters via assistance or counter.
Description: A smaller, more quickly created version of the death ball suited for being used against energy users. This attack is about 1/3 the size of the original, but grows upon interacting with other sources of energy. Whether its being thrown against an opponents ki attack, or being boosted by an allies technique, the Death Ball absorbs any pure ki that it encounters within its own spacial reasoning.As well, it is a bit faster than the original techniques,and it will home in on and track the opponent for up to 1 rounds of turns if dodged. if met with an attack of greater power than its own, it is instantly destroyed and negated. This technique cannot be used against good only techniques.
Requirements; Cannot be used against, or aided by techniques with a higher % than its own. Must know Death Ball.May be used three times per battle. Evil Only.

After making the discussed changed, these techs have been approved! -Zarbon 24/05/18
Edited by Zarbon, Yesterday, 8:56 AM.
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