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Future Gohan's Plotter; Plans for the Future
Topic Started: May 18 2017, 08:40 AM (321 Views)
Future Gohan
Member Avatar
Mister Gohan Miraison-sensei
[tabs][tab=OOC Info & Current Topics]OOC Info & Current Topics

Timezone: Eastern Australia (GMT+10)

Posting Priorities:
1. Site Events
2. Battles
2. Group RPs (RPs with 2 or more other people)
3. Partner RPs / Spars
4. Solo Topics
First post first reply, priorities may change depending on circumstances.

Topic Slots:
+ Means topic is being planned

1. 5k Alliance Base Mission
2. Alien Invaders
3. Turtle's Dilemma

1. You're Strong, but How is Your Ki? (Videl
2. Chronological Mistranslation (Tarble & Luka)
4. Disneyland Open Realm topic
5. History of Gohan - Mecha Frieza (Open Realm - Flashback RP)
+ RP about getting Yadrat Ship: Speeding Bullet (reveal that Frieza is alive)
+ Another Arrival, Retcon (Krillin, Piccolo)
+ Miss Fix my Alien Spacecraft (Bulma)
+ RP with Teen Gohan



Inactive (one week waiting) Topics:
No More Sad Panda (Arale)


[tab=Character Info]Character Info

Name: Future Gohan (Mirai no Gohan)
Aliases: Gohan Miraison, Han Songo, Hans Gruber, Mira
Race: Half-Saiyan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: May 4, Age 757
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Allegiance: Z Warriors
Address: (Future) Earth, Orange Star City Apartment, Capsule House
Occupation: martial artist, vigilante, time patroller

Appearance (attire)

  • orange turtle school gi (with ‘Han’ kanji symbol on back), dark blue undershirt, wristbands, belt, and boots
  • office worker uniform with thick black glasses; white shirt, black belt, grey pants, black leather shoes (while undercover in the past)
  • Kai Uniform (when visiting the Sacred World of the Kais)

Personality: a mix of canon, TFS's DBZAbridged, and my own spin on the character

Biography: the same as canon Future Gohan, but with some changes and explanations that become canon for him (will be expanded upon in flashback RPs). which include:

  • Future Trunks is the son of Bulma and Yamcha (instead of Vegeta)


- Gohan (alternate timeline counterpart)
- Goku (alternate timeline father)
- Raditz (alternate timeline uncle)
- Bardock (alternate timeline grandfather)
- Gine (alternate timeline grandmother)
- Chi Chi (alternate timeline mother)
- Ox King (alternate timeline maternal grandfather)
- Piccolo (alternate timeline mentor)
- Future Trunks (student and fusee)
- Videl (alternate timeline love interest)

- Krillin
- Tien
- Choutzu
- Yamcha
- Yajirobe
- Master Roshi

- Android 17
- Android 18
- (Future) Cell
- Frieza
- Cooler

[tab=Wanted Plots & Ideas]- Future Gohan fights then loses against Cell (spar or battle)
- Future Gohan has a rematch with Cell

- Future Gohan becomes a time patroller (Chrona involved)
- Fusing with Future Trunks to become Future Gohanks

The following will be set after Future Gohan goes back to his timeline:
- Fighting future counterparts of (player controlled) villains
- Stopping or dealing with the resurrection of his timeline’s Majin Buu
- Same deal as above, but with an immortal (such as Zamasu or Garlic Jr.)
- Future Gohan Black (Rose)

Dragonball Wish
Future Gohan: Oh mighty Shenron, grant me my wish! Give me the power to destroy the Androids!
Shenny: Okay! -gives him Android Racial Trait: Infinite Energy)
Future Gohan: NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Edited by Future Gohan, Jan 12 2018, 06:02 PM.
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Future Gohan
Member Avatar
Mister Gohan Miraison-sensei
Character History
[tabs][tab=Days of Gohan Past]
In this alternate future, Future Gohan did not die or lose his arm, With Future Trunks, he was able to destroy the androids, after the latter brought back a shutdown remote from the past. When going into the time machine for a return visit, Future Trunks was killed by Imperfect Cell, who then stole the time machine to travel to the past where the androids still existed.

After finding Future Trunks dead and the time machine gone, Future Bulma worked on a second time machine to send Future Gohan to the same time in the past. His goal was to primarily avenge Future Trunks, but most importantly; warn the people of the past about the monstrosity that did not belong there, and take the responsibility of destroying it himself.[/tab]

[tab=Dragon Ball Summit]
Dragon Ball Summit


[tab=Back to the Future Gohan]
Back to the Future Gohan

(set during the 3 years training for the Androids)

  • Another Arrival (RP with [Old] Piccolo & [Old] Videl, 1,780 WC): Future Gohan arrives in the past, and is first aproached by Piccolo, then (by a time displaced) Videl

  • Crash the Future (Battle vs. Cell, 930 WC): Future Gohan confronts then fights Cell after saving a young boy from him, Gohan is unfortunately defeated, with the boy being absorbed after.

  • Shall History Repeat? (Battle vs. [Old] Future 17, 2,800 WC): Future Gohan crosses paths with an alternate Future 17 who is looking for Bulma for upgrades. Gohan is defeated but knocks himself out before 17 could extract any information from him.

  • McCloud’s Delivery Service (Solo Mission, 1,500 WC): Gohan helps a man delivering a package for Capsule Corp, and protects him from the Black Banner Brigade (Silver Streamer Army) who attempt to steal the package for themselves.

  • Miss Fix My Time Machine (RP with [Old] Bulma, 1,500 WC): Future Gohan visits Bulma for help in fixing his Time Machine. They fix it together, but not before Bulma reminding him that he has the makings of a genius just like her. With that in mind, Gohan pursues his studies once again while continuing to look for Cell.

  • Buisness is Pleasure (Solo Mission, 1,500 WC): With his defeat by Cell, Future Gohan seeks Master Roshi's training in order to become strong like his father before him.

  • Master Roshi’s Training (Master Training – Roshi, 1,510 WC): Gohan starts his training with Master Roshi, by first doing milk delivery in extreme hard mode.

  • Say What? (Battle vs. [Old] Future Trunks, 3,181 WC): Future Gohan meets Future Trunks then battles him to compare their powers while catching up, and is surprised to find out that he is a Super Saiyan.

(set after Z Warriors fight Androids 19/20)


(other topics that don’t fit in current timeline)

  • Another Year, Another Birthday (Group RP with [Old] Pan, 600 WC): Future Gohan attend's Pan's birthday amongst her other friends and family

  • Aftermath of Buu (Tea House RP with Kohira, Gohan/Videl AU, 7,629 WC): It has been a year since the events of Majin Buu, Gohan and Videl go on a date to celebrate their anniversary. Gohan wishes to pursue tech science and work with Bulma at Capsule Crop, while Videl wants to start her own marital arts school. Gohan ends up proposing to Videl that night.
Edited by Future Gohan, Jan 12 2018, 05:43 PM.
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Son Gohan
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The Young Hero
Hello future me, I'd love to have threads with you. We can go through all the weirdness that comes with time traveling and maybe even train or spar together or something. I'm sure we could have all kinds of fun, as well as weirdness too.
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