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Justified; Cell vs Zamma on Earth
Topic Started: Feb 7 2018, 02:33 PM (118 Views)
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Deeply Disturbing
It had certainly been some time since Cell had communed with nature. That wasn’t exactly what he was doing in all honesty; the bio-android wasn’t one for sitting in meadows and meditating on the grander questions of life. He just wasn’t that wizened enough, it seemed. But after everything that had happened in his laboratory and in the future, he needed to just… be away from people. He had ensured that his homes and bases were safe and his minions hadn’t been targeted either. Once he had done that, he had taken to the woods and that was where he had ended up for some time. He’d taken one of Kochin’s communicators, just so they could check in and make sure he hadn’t disappeared again. It was usually followed by Monica crackling over the speaker with the question of his still being alive. When he answered yes, she’d simply tell him good and that was it. It was her way of showing she cared, in a way.

He was in the forested park area just outside of South-Central city, having taken up dark refuge among the condensed area. It was actually classified as a nature reserve but there was no official that came through and kicked angsty, hormone-filled teens from their secret beer parties and make out corners. But much like a certain masked killer who stalked sex-crazed counselors, these almost adults found themselves within a walking nightmare. The bio-android was in no mood to play around, his hunger newly heightened by his frustration and his anger. Over a dozen kids had gone into the woods over the last two days and none had ever returned from within its depths. Empty clothing, with newly knit holes in the fronts and/or backs, were discarded in rooted holes and gopher holes, to be lost to the sands of time. Parents had been suspicious, sure, but all of these teens had told such elaborate lies to their folks that even suspecting that they had gone to the woods in the first place was at the bottom of the list. Once or twice a pair of cops had come through, running flashlights over the trunks and caves in hopes of breaking the case. But unfortunately for them, no evidence was ever found. And Cell was far too smart to ambush police; their disappearance would garner much more attention.

Hiding within trees and bushes was something he hadn’t done in quite some time. It was, he supposed, what Gero had originally built him for. Sulking within the underbrush, watching with careful gaze until he could pounce on his prey. And frankly, it was a bit relieving to just unleash all his anguish and misery in this way. Plus it was relieving the hunger that had very quickly built up inside of him from his… well, it was safe to call it a transformation now. It was odd to think back on -- the feeling of it was so unnatural to his regular state. It was like something had been flipped on inside of him and his body had risen to a higher plane. He imagined this was what being high was like. In truth, he was hoping that skulking through the woods would bring forth an answer on how to access that transformation again. He was certainly still angry over everything that had happened and that had seemed to be the key. And yet nothing.

He growled softly, the noise rumbling out from his beak. The afternoon had been fairly quiet, considering that the morning had been met with several joggers and free runners. He left them alone -- their patterns for exercise would possibly be shared via the internet, such as social media, or among spouses. If they disappeared in their route, it would certainly bring suspicion down on his hunting ground. But now it seemed it would remain quiet until the evening runners came. He shifted out from his spot, a large rotted out hole in a tree far above the curious eye. As he rolled over to lean out of the hole, his eyes scanned over the forest floor below him. He was about to emerge when he heard the distinct sound of footsteps. He knew them well and they were coming closer. Slowly he pulled himself back into the hole, staring out and down to see who had come upon his hideaway.

WC: 730
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Food. In many ways, food was the key to everything. By investigating the price of food, Zamasu could calibrate the price of everything else. How much was an apple versus a full course meal? How much did the baker value his bread? This would give insight into the value of the golden orb he had just sold. Perhaps the other way would have been better, but considering the scuffle he had gotten into over just trying to sell the damned thing, it was burning a metaphorical hole in his pocket.

Once he had arrived at his own conclusions about the value of various types of food, he grabbed an older loaf of bread and several freshly cooked slices of meat. The two together were fairly cheap while purchasing a completed sandwich was more expensive. Humans were willing to pay for convenience. Of course. As he walked he ignited a single finger and slid it through the bread loaf, inserting the meats and gliding his ki-warmed finger along the bead to create a slightly toasted texture. Now it would be more or less indistinguishable from a fresh loaf.

Next came searching for shelter. Drifting out of the market through the south, he grew exhausted by trying to figure out how much he should be paying for a single night’s rest in a small resting room versus a fancy villa all to himself. Of course he preferred the latter, but since glitz and glamour were valued highly on at least this planet (if not all mortal realms), paying for privacy was one thing, but paying for luxury would require something else entirely.

Of course there was always the option of finding a more natural place to sleep. Given his admiration for the scenic locals in preference to the more... urban areas, it seemed easy to come to the conclusion that a trip to the forest would be a better idea than heading back into the city proper to forage for a nice temporary shack. And so as he finished crunching the last bits of his sandwich, unaware that eating such a thing in public may not be the social norm, he found himself entering the forest.

The sandwich had satisfied him, of course, but he had not rested in a while and was looking for a place to sit down at the very least, when alarm bells metaphorically rang in his head. He had lost the power to sense energy with his transference to this realm, but this was not energy he was sensing. The minuscule hairs on the back of his neck were rising. Something primal, even in a creature as high as divine as he, had activated. Eyes were upon him.

Turning about slowly, looking for unnatural movements ahead of him, to the side of him and behind him, he announced, “Show yourself!” He continued to watch the trees for something that wasn’t a leaf swaying in the wind or a branch moving naturally. A hunter, perhaps, lost en route to murdering a deer? He was fairly certain earth weapons wouldn’t harm him...

“I command you to show yourself, human! Continue to cower in darkness and your life is forfeit!” Every ounce of exhaustion had been shoved aside for adrenaline, coursing through him and filling him with heightened senses. Why couldn’t he see the damned thing?

WC: 556
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Deeply Disturbing
Whoever this… being was, he seemed to have mistaken Cell as a human. It was more miraculous that he had even the wherewithal to realize that something was watching him in the first place. The bio-android’s insect-like slits narrowed as he stared at the green-skinned humanoid that had entered the wood. Whoever he was, he reacted much like an actual human would in a horror movie. He didn’t ask if anyone was there though; he demanded that they show themselves. This person was quite bold in assuming that he held any sort of authority in this hunting ground.

What came next though was even more interesting -- that whole human bit. He said it with such indignation and venom that was easily deconstructed. It was the sound of hate. Well apparently that ruled this person out as a mutated human. Good; Cell had had it up to his metaphorical ears in mutants for the moment. Was he an alien then? He seemed awfully casual for a non-Earth inhabitant. Then he outright said that if he didn’t show himself, that he would be forfeiting his life. So threats now, was it? Crawling through the darkness and spouting out such nonsense was either brazen or stupid. Probably a bit of both.

But he saw no point in torturing the man any longer. His anger and anguish hadn’t been sated yet and this bold man would certainly make a fine meal. They always tasted a bit better with fear anyways. Why not ramp it up a couple more volumes? In a flash, the bio-android had pulled himself out of the hole, latching his hands onto either side of the trunk and using them as a foundation to launch. He flew right under the canopy and then immediately fell towards the ground, the monster allowing gravity to pull him down. With a crash he landed, his knees bending to cushion against the impact.

His head rose slowly as he stared at the unknown Kaioshin, a low growl escaping his beak as he looked him up and down. “Hunters don’t cower, friend. They wait for the moment to strike when their prey lets their guard down. But alas, you’re far different from the rest of the sheep, aren’t you? You some kind of elf? Forgive me if that comes across as racist but the pointed ears, emerald skin and general disdain in your voice for humans seems to point in that direction. Can’t say I’ve ever had elf before…” As he trailed off, his tail slowly swam through the air behind him, wiggling to and fro like a lure.

“Last batch of greenbacks I drank tasted like slimy water. And no, I mean actual greenbacks -- their skin was green and all. So tell me, bucko; how do you taste?”

WC: 471
TWC: 1201
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