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Alexander's Profile
Topic Started: Feb 12 2018, 08:21 PM (205 Views)
Alexander Voss
Member Avatar
Scion of the Void

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Character Information

Character Name: Alexander Voss

Character Level: 17
Current EXP: 14,330/15,299

PL: 103,832
HP: 25,958
Strength: 12,979
Ki: 12,979
Agility: 12,979
Durability: 12,979

Zeni: 45,676 Z

Alignment: Neutral

Character Trait: The Low Road
Out of Battle trait: Alexander gains an extra 20% zeni from RP, but 10% less SP
In Battle trait: Against a foe with a higher base power level, Alexander has an additional +10% to his Fatigue Threshold

Specialization: Capitalist I [+10% Zeni from Threads]
Alliance: Red Ribbon Army


Tier 0:
Zanzoken - (15% Fatigue) - This technique helps the user dodge by leaving an after-image. Can only be used twice a battle and doubles the user’s agility and makes the next attack used hard to dodge. +25% Agility for one defense.
Solar Flare - (5% Ki) - The user places their fingers to their head in order to create a blinding flash of ki energy. Reduces enemy agility by 25% for 1 turn. Very Hard to Dodge. Twice per battle.

Tier 1:
Power Up - (+5% Fatigue for every turn active) (+15% ki and strength)
Speed Burst - (+5% Fatigue) (+15% defense score)
Punch (2%) - A simple punch. Uses Strength instead of Ki.
Charged Punch (3%) - A punch thrown with greater force than normal. Example : Haymaker Uses Strength instead of ki
Kick (3%) - A basic kick; uses strength. Uses strength instead of ki.
Charged Kick (4%) - A kick thrown with more force than normal Example: Donkey kick. Uses strength instead of ki.
Basic Energy Wave (5%) - A simple, but potent energy wave.
Basic Energy Beam (5%) - A simple, but potent beam of energy.
Basic Energy Ball (5%) - A simple ki ball.
Negation: You can cancel out an opponent’s ki blast with your own (requires the same ki score or higher).
Overwhelm: You can overwhelm an opponent’s attack with your own (requires 200% attack score)
Counter Attack: Requires at least 80% of your opponent’s attack score in agility.
Evasion: Requires at least 75% of your opponent’s attack score in agility. It takes ¾ the fatigue of an attack to evade. (Negates all damage by dodging)
Block: Requires at least 50% of your opponent’s attack score. ½ Durability + ½ Agility. Reduces damage by ½. It takes ½ the fatigue of an attack to block it.
Deflection: Requires at least 60% of your opponent’s ki attack score. ½ Str + ½ Agility. Reduces damage by ¾. It takes ¾ the fatigue of an attack to deflect.
Parry: Requires 60% of your opponent’s physical score. Reduces damage by ¾ to a minimum of 1%. Uses ½ agility + ½ strength. It costs 2% fatigue to parry a tier 1 attack, 4% to parry a tier 2 attack, and 6% to parry a tier 3 attack. Tier 4 attacks cannot be parried. (May only be used on physicals)
Respite: -10% Fatigue

Tier 2:
Finish Buster (9%) - A large orb of energy charged over the user’s head and then thrown at the target. The explosion from this attack is extremely large and is hard to dodge. This is required to learn Heat Dome.
Continuous Energy Bullet (6%) - A series of blasts that stack damage as they are fired.
Cosmic Cannon (6%) - A flaming ball of ki energy that continues to burn after it connects. Burns for 2% damage per turn for the next 2 turns.
Finger Beam (7%) - A concentrated beam of energy fired from the tip of the finger. This is required to learn Death beam.

Tier 3:
Dirty Halo (15%) - Extending their hands to the sky, the user manifests a large orb of power above their opponent’s head before dropping it on top of them. Can be charged one action for an additional 5%. Extremely difficult to dodge or deflect.
Accel Dance (15%) - The user releases several dozen blasts of energy from long range in an effort to overwhelm their opponent’s defenses. Must know Continuous Energy Bullet.
Death Wave (16%) - A wave of energy with a powerful, piercing effect. Hard to block.
Gigantic Blaze (17%) - A large burst of energy emitted from below the opponent. Hard to dodge.
Hundred Fists (20% Str) - Once the user is in range of their opponent, they fire off a quick combo of punches ranging from jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks, back fists...etc. That looks as if one hundred of them were thrown at their opponent. Very hard to block or dodge.

Tier 4:
Thunder Shock Suprise (50%) - Shoot some goddamn lightning at a mafucka and shock the shit out dat bitch! Extremely Lethal. Difficult to dodge or block.
Head Dome (27%) - A large wave of energy, an expansion of the Finish buster. The highly condensed energy causes far more heat than normal from most attacks. Due to this it is difficult to block successfully. Requires Finish Buster to learn.
Lightning Arrow (26%) - The user creates many orbs of energy above the area or opponent, and then rains them all down at once. Very Hard to Dodge.
Final Shine Attack (26%) - A powerful beam of energy that is capable of inflicting huge amounts damage. It’s focused energy is great enough affect the area around the user.

Master Moves:

Items and Weapons


Dirty Baseball Cap | +5% Durability


Plain Training Gear | +10% durability, +55% to SP gains, -19% agility | +1,000 Weights





Chewed Senzu Bean | Recovers 10% Health, used once
Puar's Petunia | Recovers 5% Health, used once per battle
Kame Turtle's Lucky Coin | Allows you to dodge any attack in a death match | Can only use one time
Astral Crystal | A magical crystal that lets you spar with a someone on another planet once a week via your mind.

Fortress (7 Slots)
Basement Sweatshop (+15% Zeni Gains)
Important Documents (+5% Zeni Gains)
Architect's Blueprints
Edited by Alexander Voss, May 31 2018, 12:42 AM.
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