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Terror on Imecka; Planet Annihilation | Frieza, Zarbon & Tensile | Closed
Topic Started: Feb 26 2018, 06:47 PM (529 Views)
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“People don't change, they come closer and closer to who they really are… and when your heart changes, you change, and your plans change accordingly.”
Within the large chamber that had been converted to the ships throne room, a lone figure sat atop the singular thone that resided at the far end of the room, slightly raised atop a dais. The lights within the room had been shut off and the window that ran part the way across the length of the left-hand side of the room had been partially blacked out - a technological process within the glass that was far too difficult to explain - dimming all light that entered the room to a low luminosity. It was in this state that he had chosen to exist, alone and in thought, not otherwise to be disturbed.

They had all attempted to speak with the Prince at some stage. Captain Zarbon, Lieutenant Calor, Sargeant Tensile; even his Lady Consort, Leviathan, had tried. Each and every one of them he had turned away, the Changeling Lord unwilling to see any of them and having told them as such in varying degrees of forced politeness and dark severity. Such had continued for days at this point and the only explanation that any of them had been able to from him was that he needed time to think and decide on their next move would be in their grand plan.

That was precisely the issue though, wasn’t it? He had once had a plan. It had been a grand plan with boundless layers all wrapped into an end conclusion worthy of someone fitting his ambitions, stature and power. Most importantly though, Frieza had been driven by it. Just the thought of it had made him Excited by all that he still had yet to achieve. He wanted to get out into the universe and reclaim everything that he had been stripped of. He needed to prove his Father and Brother wrong. He craved revenge against the Saiyans and all that had dared stand against him. Yet now… he could scarcely find such drive to do anything.

The truth was that he no longer felt the same drive that had consumed him when he had secretly escaped from planet Cold, against his Father’s specific orders. Oh, how exhilarating that had been! Father had no doubt been beyond furious when he had eventually discovered what had happened. Especially so when he realised that not only had Frieza been the one to destroy planet Yardrat, for King Cold would no doubt work that out, but also when the two men he had sent there to scout the planet failed to report in it would become all too clear that they had either been killed by Frieza or died on the exploding planet. Regardless of how he felt now, that served to put a smile on the Prince’s otherwise dark face.

Still, where did that leave him? There was no denying what had happened. He hadn’t even managed to conquer Imecka yet, though that was almost entirely to do with the methodology that he and his people were using in the process. Taking the planet under the guise of peace was an ambitious plot that had, for a time at least, been working. No, in truth it was still working. The downtrodden and destitute people of the planet loved him, which was basically all but one percent of the planet's population. Yet, even while they sparked an open rebellion in his name, where did that leave him? Sitting in his throne room, waiting. King of nothing but sand and this ship.

Yes, after several months stuck on this forsaken planet, the vast, seemingly unending and infuriatingly hot desert of Imecka had finally succeeded in consuming his motivation…

That wasn’t it though. There was more to it than just how much he absolutely despised this planet and how hot he always was whenever he left the ship, even at night… no, this cursed planet was only part of it. All of this had caused him to miss his rendezvous with Cell too. He would have to contact him soon and explain, reorganise their meeting if at all possible. Despite everything he found himself pleased at the prospect of it still potentially happening sometime in the near future. Still, that would mean having to solve his current quandary first, swinging him annoyingly back to square one.

Why was this all so difficult? Why couldn’t Don Kee simply realise that he was unmatched and had no hope of surviving this? Why couldn’t he just surrender and die!? Some people completely lacked the class and regality needed to be a true ruler. Even after syphoning all of the planet's wealth, that pretender of a ‘King’ still couldn’t even portray himself as a competent leader. In many ways, Don Kee reminded Frieza of his elder Brother, Cooler. The two useless cowards would have no doubt got on like a Saiyan on fire, what with everything that they had in common.

Then there was the other, main source of his anger… the posthumous Doctor Alexander. He had more than deserved to die for what he had done to the Lady Leviathan. In fact, death had been all too quick of a punishment for the crimes he had committed against Levi and, by bonded link, him too. He should have drawn out his death, tortured him until the man regretted ever even being born, before devising the most painful possible end imaginable for him. However, as had once been his immediate reaction to anything of displeasure, Frieza had lost control of his emotions and acted hastily. Nevertheless, while it had not sated his desire for vengeance, it had indeed set a painfully and visually graphic message to every other member of his crew.

But even with it finished and in the past… Frieza could not help but go over the event again and again in his head. The pain she had been in, that he had inadvertently caused during his trip into the dream world, had only been the beginning of her terrible ordeal. He should have realised what had been happening to her sooner and stopped it. Beyond that, he shouldn’t have ever allowed an atmosphere to develop where one such as a pitifully weak and lowly scientist or doctor felt that he could get away with harming the Lady Consort of Lord Frieza. It was, without question, his fault.

His anger flared at even the thought of it, and even with no one there to witness it, it seemingly even affected the air that surrounded him in the gloomy light of the throne room. It may have resulted in him regaining almost all of his lost control as an end result, but in this case, the ends had not justified the means. He wished he had never asked Leviathan to take him into the dream world. At least then he would never have been forced to face that nightmare and he might have held onto his control a little longer.

Though that nightmare that he had experience… it had plagued him ever since, even while awake. There was no longer any reason for him to deny to himself that he had been afraid back on planet Namek and, even now, he was afraid too. Not of any specific Saiyan. The likes of Son Goku, Trunks and Vegeta did not scare one such as he. But the Super Saiyan transformation… that was something entirely different. That granted those filthy monkeys a power, unlike anything he had ever witnessed in his entire life. A power unlike anything even he had at his disposal.

That was why it had been necessary for him to begin training. In that, his Father had been right, at least. He couldn’t allow this fear, or his anger, to consume him. He needed to push beyond his natural talent and his perceived limitations. Beyond the gut-wrenching fear, he felt toward the Super Saiyans. Beyond the anger that had twisted and contorted his rational ability to make logical decisions. He needed to do more than he had been able to do in months, and Imecka was the single thing that was slowing him down and hindering everything.

When it came down to it that was the simple truth of the matter. Everything felt as if it hung on the precipice. Behind him stood the boring safety of solid ground. That was Imecka and everything that had happened thus far. He could see this plan through to its inevitable conclusion, whenever that might be. There was even a chance he could speed that up too and walk away with the first planet under the control of his new Empire. That was no small feat to be sure. The only problem was that nothing would change and there was the real chance that they could even get worse too.

Then in front of him resided the unknown abyss. How far did it go down? The bottom was mysteriously obscured from all sight. This symbolised his step into the unknown. No, that wasn’t entirely correct. It wasn’t the unknown but it was unexpected. There was a chance it could breath new life into him and his efforts, as well as the individuals who followed him. Yet with that, there was also a chance that it could go completely the opposite way and send him down a path of ruin and even death. Such was the risk took when stepping off the ledge into the unknown.

After all of the time, he had spent thinking and mulling over these ideas, when it came down to it these were the only two real options available to him and, by extension, everyone under his command. Naturally, it would down to him to make the final decision, for that was what true leaders did. They didn’t shirk their responsibilities or hide behind their wealth and bodyguards. Yet, the simple truth was that there really was no decision to make at all. It was clear to him and had been for a while that out of those two options there was only really one choice that he could realistically make.

With his mind already made up, Frieza closed his eyes, though he did not necessarily need to, and connected his nanomachines to the ship’s computer. The whole process was all but second nature to him now and so it was completed in a matter of seconds. From there it was a simple matter of accessing the communications relay and then tapping directly into individual scouters to connect to the owners. On this occasion, Frieza connected with both Zarbon’s and Tensile’s directly. He considered doing so with Calor too, but this time he had something else in mind, something very specific and the small Varanus’, even though he had proved himself valiant and loyal, still had much further to go until he was ready for this.

“Zarbon, Tensile… I want both of you to report to the throne room immediately,” Frieza commanded in a low tone. “I have decided what our next course of action will be.” His voice was akin to a distance storm on the horizon, oncoming and insidious.

With that, he severed the line of communication, not even allowing for either of them to reply. He did not need to hear their words of submissive acquiescence. All he needed was for them to do as they were commanded, and he knew without question that they would do just that. Taking a deep breath Frieza shifted his position upon the throne and rested a hand on either arm of the large chair, bracing his back against it as he rigidly forced his posture into the most intimidating and imposing position that he could manage sitting down. Now all he had to do was wait for his two men to arrive, for as soon as they did all three of them were plunging off the edge into the abyss together.

Word Count: 2,000.
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Zarbon watched with mild fascination as a bead of water gradually formed at the end of his nose. The little droplet of water wavered slightly with each repetitive motion his body made, his muscles thrusting up and down, over and over again. The aquamarine-skinned Adonis continued to watch as the droplet of sweat grew larger, becoming somewhat distracted from the activity he was currently engaged in. The drop swelled with each passing moment as it was fed by tiny tributaries running over the surface of his skin. Eventually, the bead become so large that the salty drop of water could no longer adhere to his alien skin and the little pear-shaped collection of water finally released its grip on him and dropped towards the ground, only to be replaced immediately as another bead began to form on his nose.

"Well then...." Zarbon said, his muscles halting part-way through their motion. "...that’s probably enough of that; it pays to work up a bit of a sweat, but it would be a little unsightly if any of the crew were to catch me looking so disheveled at this time of morning."

As if expecting someone to walk in on him in reaction to his very words, the Captain’s eyes flicked toward the door, which looked odd from the unnatural angle the alien currently found himself watching from. Seeing that the coast was indeed clear, Zarbon flexed the powerful muscles in his arms, those very muscles that were currently supporting his entire body weight, which brought his nose close enough to the floor that it was practically touching. The bead of sweat that had been forming actually did touch the cold metal plating that lined this room’s floor, instantly seeking its own level and abandoning the handsome alien’s face. With the litheness of a cat, he then extended those arms in a single motion that pushed his body free from the floor and sent him soaring into the air, feet first in a controlled arc that saw the Captain land neatly on the tips of his bare feet. It.

Wearing nothing but a sports strap on his groin to prevent his manhood from interfering with his morning workout, anyone who had entered the training room aboard Lord Frieza’s ship during the past hour would likely have got quite an eyeful as he completed as his sets of handstand press-ups.

"Three thousand and forty eight….less than I would have liked, but still an improvement over last time." He reflected, as he inspected the way his muscles looked when he flexed them in various different poses, the result of each more glorious than the last. "Oh well, that’s training under increased gravity for you."

The Captain made his way towards the central column of the room, where he had left a small towel hanging next to the controls. He grabbed this and began to pat away the moisture that had formed on his body while, at the same time, disengaging the gravity machine. He felt the strain lift from his muscles almost instantly, as the artificial gravity in the room cycled down from the current level of fifty times that of a normal sized world, all the way back to zero, leaving him standing in only the ambient gravity level that Imecka normally possessed. Zarbon shut off the machine and strolled towards the entrance, dabbing at his face and hair with the towel as he went.

He was just thinking that a hot shower would be just what the doctor ordered, although this would not be the doctor that had been idiotic enough to attempt to cop a feel of the majestic space-snake Leviathan whilst she lay, vulnerable, on his treatment table; the doctor who had met a swift and merciless end at the hands of Lord Frieza. The proverbial doctor Zarbon was imagining, would be a more competent sort of doctor, and one who valued his own life as well as those of the patients under his care. Yet, before he could make it as far as the entrance, next to which he had stowed his armor, cape and scouter, he saw the little blue lens of his communications device light up with the characters that indicated an incoming call. A momentary inspection (and mental flipping) of the symbols told Zarbon of the caller’s identity; it was none other than the Changeling Prince that he had served for the majority of his adult life.

That’s odd... He thought to himself, bending over and scooping up the little device in a smooth motion. ...his majesty is rarely active at this sort of hour, especially of late.

It hadn’t escaped the Captain’s notice that his master seemed to have lost the drive that had directed his actions upon Imecka since their initial arrival on the desert planet some months ago. It had been a gradual thing and he was not totally sure of the reasons behind Lord Frieza’s attitude shift, though he suspected that it may have been, at least in part, because of the oppressive heat of the world that they had been, for want of a better word, languishing on these past few weeks. Zarbon’s Lord had become ever more reclusive as the days passed; he’d spent more and more time inside his own personal quarters (where he could control the climate and maintain it at a temperature that was more comfortable to those of his race), and less time in the company of his subordinates; even his Royal Consort, the Lady Levi, did not seem to be immune to this funk that had apparently consumed her bondmate lately, as Zarbon had often witnessed her listlessly wandering the corridors of the ship, having been dismissed by the Prince in much the same fashion as he had been whenever he had attempted to make any headway into what their next move should be on this backwater planet.

As it was, Zarbon didn’t particularly mind a bit of downtime, especially considering that he was far more tolerant of a hot climate than his master. Even so, boredom had begun to sink its talons into the Captain and he now found himself wishing for some excitement once more.

Perhaps Lord Frieza might be calling with an opportunity to let my hair down a little. He thought to himself as he fastened the scouter to the side of his head and quickly depressed the button on its side to answer the communication request before it timed out.

To the Captain’s surprise, Lord Frieza was actually already in the middle of relaying his message by the time Zarbon actually accepted the call; he tuned in just in time to hear his master’s order to join him in the throne room, followed by an exciting, if somewhat ominous, piece of news. Lord Frieza had made a decision of some kind, something pertaining to their purpose here on Imecka. He heard the clicking as the line went dead, even before he had been able to respond to, or acknowledge, the Prince’s order in any way. This didn’t worry him as Frieza had long possessed a curtness to his demeanor, one which would border on outright rudeness were it not for Frieza’s obvious superiority to all others. Was it possible for one such as he to be rude to beings who were so much less than him? Zarbon thought not, for it would be akin to being impertinent to an ant.

"I suppose I shall have to forego the shower." He said to himself absent-mindedly as he slipped his armor over his head, pulling the elasticated fabric down until it wrapped snugly around his chiseled body, now mostly dry from his earlier workout. Next he pulled on his briefs, followed by his legwarmers and boots, the former smelled pleasantly of perfume, the most expensive kind he had been able to procure during his time on Imecka. "Hopefully, Lord Frieza won’t notice that I have come straight from my morning exercise. I might well die of embarrassment."

The Captain needn’t have worried, even at his worst, his physical appearance was that of almost total perfection, at least for those whose orientation leaned towards the human end of the spectrum. Even his sweat smelled somewhat sweeter than you might expect, similar to Lilac, and his skin appeared even more radiant after exercise than at rest, which in turn caused his amber eyes to stand-out all the more; it would likely induce an impotent sort of rage inside the heart of any lesser male specimen that might encounter the beautiful Captain.

Once he had finished dressing himself, Zarbon affixed his cape to the shoulders of his armour with a flourish and placed a hand on the small panel to the right of the rooms entrance, causing the metal door to slide smoothly upwards into the recessed wall-cavity. Striding confidently, he made his way to Lord Frieza’s throne room, his thoughts wandering to what excitement might lie in store for him in the hours to come.

WC: 1,500
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Tensile had been in a bit of a slump himself. Life on this oppressive and dry world had taken it's toll upon him as well. He had been at the base of the ship, floating several inches off the ground, for literal days now. His mind was so far into the depths of his memories, that it almost seemed impossible to pull himself out of... But there was a change in the air, and Tensile knew it was time to awaken from this deep meditation. He opened his eyes slowly, and he saw the landscape before him. Soldiers were currently training, many of them refining hand to hand combat skills.

Some of them used weapons, and in truth, he understood that fully. A number of techniques were useful, and more powerful, when harnessed through a blade or staff, he had to admit that much. Though he personally didn't care of those weapons, he was understanding of those who use them. Walking towards the first group, he would simply stand there, inspecting them for a few moments as they trained and practiced. One pair he would even wave to, making them stop before approaching. These ones had potential, at least if they kept up what they were doing.

You remain standing still too much. You want your foe to come at you so you can exploit things, but you don't shift your own foot work enough. If someone notices this, they can exploit it, and your counter attacks become useless. You will end up with broken bones in very, very short order.” He said, trying to show this one the value of foot work, as the same ideas applied to those who are in the air as well. It was not going to be good if they didn't do something to prevent these bad habits from forming early.

To the other one, he would turn and look him in the eye. “The PTO also has no room for cowards. You pull too much back in fear of extending yourself, and in doing so, you are simply making yourself an easy target. I understand not wanting to over extend yourself, but you need to find the balance that you seek in order to keep yourself on the same level ground as everyone else. Failing to do so, fully failing to do so, will not allow you a second chance in combat. Now, continue and learn from what you have been shown.” He said, moving away from them and heading towards the training sergeant.

Ahh, Sergeant Tensile, it is a pleasure to see you here. These grunts are borderline useless!” He shouted as Tensile moved past him. He understood the nature of Namekian hearing, so he wasn't going to push things too far with this. “These maggots might as well be in the presence of a Demigod and they wouldn't even understand the true nature of it!” He called out, then turned back to the Namekian who loomed over him. “Though, don't let them hear this...” He said, his voice barely above a whisper. “But they all have a lot of potential. That Jingle girl you brought in, she has been helping to push them far and above what many of them probably dreamed able. Most of these useless shitpots have gotten to nearly a nine hundred power level. Still sub par for the PTO, but it is a massive improvement over what they used to have and could do.

Tensile would turn to look over the group. Yes, they had been growing rather nicely. It was almost like they were plants. They only needed the right environment in order to flourish. It seemed they were providing the proper environment for them to do just that. In some ways, he was simply surprised they had come this far. He had expected far, far less from this world. With a shake of his head, he would turn to look over the sands of the world. This world was, in many ways, a simple dust bin. It was well located, but thanks to the ruin that had been caused by Don Kee, it was slowly dying on it's surface. It was only going to be a matter of time before even the ruler of this world was forced to flee from it's decaying surface. It was a bit of unique irony, that he was going to be wealthy and powerful on a world, only to be reduced to a pauper in the blink of an eye. Tensile wanted to see that, but then again... He also wanted to see the Don snapped in half and tossed into a gutter to see his fate.

The military of the world was... Lack luster, and the fact that the leader was simply draining everything away from world to feed his own greed. The military had size, but lacked any of the power of smaller, more effective military like the PTO. They could barely afford to feed their soldiers, because the Don wanted to keep himself with the best of the best. It was nothing like how a military should be, and it was not the way the PTO functioned. Tensile was happy about that much. The soldiers they used were also poorly trained, where the PTO were far, far better trained, better armed and armored, and would be more likely to be the victors unless something happened with far, far overwhelming numbers.

Shaking his head, he would turn back towards the ship for a moment. There was a lot to do on this world, but without the direction of their master, it was not something that could be done quickly or easily. Tensile knew what he was supposed to do in this kind of situation, but even then, without direct support, things might be rather tough, to say the least. He pondered for a moment when his communication device rang. Odd, he wasn't expecting anyone, and seeing as Jingle was currently in her own training and would be still locked into that for several more hours. He pulled out the device and connected.

And heard the voice of Lord Frieza... It made him stop and freeze for a moment when he heard his name spoken into it. For a second, he was expected to be told to write out his last will and testament. When that didn't come, he realized what it was all about, that made him smile slightly. The Lord of the PTO had finally made up his mind, and that suggested that the funk that he was in was finally gone. He had decided to make his actions and plans known, and it was time to make sure that these plans were carried out their greatest level.

As you command.” He said, not realizing that Frieza had hung up on him as soon as the order had been given. At this point, it was more reflex than anything else. He kicked off the ground quickly, rushing over the soldiers who were currently working on counters and landing softly on the other side of them. He was in a hurry, and walking was not going to be acceptable.

It seemed like everything around him was moving at the speed of a snail going uphill in the middle of a winter. As the elevator, lowered, he simply waited long enough for the gap to be large enough for him to slip into. He jumped up and landed on the elevator, sending it back up as he landed on the edge of it. There was plenty to do, and he didn't want to keep Lord Frieza waiting at all. There was nothing good that could come from doing that here.

He reached the main level and took off down the hallway. Several soldiers moved out of his way as he rushed down the hallway. Thanks to the design of the ship, it never took long to get any place. The throne room, the seat of Frieza's current power, and the center of the universe for his controlling eyes and hands. When Lord Frieza gave an order, it was something that was supposed to be done instantly. He was working to the door when he saw Zarbon. The Green skinned alien was slightly ahead of the Namekian, and nearly to the door.

When he landed next to Zarbon, he took a moment to relax. He was regathering himself and centering himself. “Do you have any idea what this direction is going to be? I am sure the soldiers would like to know as soon as we are done.” He said, trying to buy a few seconds for both himself, and unwittingly, for Zarbon as well.

I can only hope that we are finally going to move forwards with the idea that we are going to take down Don Kee directly. I am honestly ready to take care of the government, instead of simply dancing around the issues and not going for the kill.” He said, popping his neck for a moment before smirking a bit and taking a slow breath.

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Frieza had no idea precisely where his men were on the ship when he had summoned them, that didn’t really matter. Both were well trained and smart enough to know not to keep him waiting, especially when he was in the dark mood that he had been in for the last few days. Actually, perhaps Tensile wasn’t as aware of this as Zarbon no doubt was, but the Namekian was not stupid either and would no doubt surmise as much from common sense alone. Soon they would arrive and the sooner the better, for besides explaining to them what he had decided he would not be wasting any time at all in getting these plans into action.

He was right as soon enough the intercom system outside the throne room buzzed; it was someone requesting access. It had to be them. No one else was foolish enough to disturb him without prior invitation, not after he had killed the first and only soldier who had made that mistake. The Prince considered activating the room's lights to make it more hospitable for his newly arrived guests, but he mood was still a dark one and so he opted to instead leave the room as it was, to better reflect it. Not to mention it would help to remind his subordinates of such.

With a single word and a wave of his hand, he authorised the system to allow entrance. Moments later the large doors slid open and admitted Zarbon and Tensile entrance, the noise echoing throughout the otherwise quiet chamber within. The two men were met with the foreboding scene, yet neither were deterred where some would have been. The light from the corridor they stood in illuminated part of the way into the room, showing them the way, but not by far. Into the belly of the beast they strode, the doors closing behind them and plunging the innards of the large room back to the level of darkness it had been host to before their arrival.

Slowly but surely they made their way along the length of the room, their footsteps on the metallic floor echoing in the absence of all other sound. It was clear that Lord Frieza was sat on his throne. Where else would he be within a throne room? Yet it was difficult to see his form beyond that of a menacing silhouette that steadily came into view the closer they approached. It wasn’t until the two of them had almost reached the dais, which the throne sat atop, that they stopped just inside one of the few rays of natural light from the mostly blacked out window off to their left.

“Good, you both made excellent time.” Frieza finally began now that they had stopped. He allowed the words to linger in the air until their slight echo had dissipated before he continued. “As I told you both a few minutes ago, I have decided what our next course of action will be and I have called you both here, as my two most trusted and reliable subordinates, to relay these orders to you.” That much was no doubt obvious, but being expected to state the obvious often went hand-in-hand with being a member of Royalty. “For it will be you two who will act out my will in this matter.” He explained to them both.

As far as Frieza was concerned that was enough for the basic introduction. No doubt they would have something to say, even if it was just to acknowledge that had heard and understood what he had said, and so he paused and allowed them the time needed to do so. Sometimes it was just so tedious being polite to other people. One would wonder why anyone even bothered. With that out of the way, Frieza leaned back in his throne and repositioned himself so that he was a little more comfortable. What he had to tell them would not be a quick thing, especially if they had questions, which they no doubt would do.

“Since arriving on Imecka I am aware that very little has gone to plan.” This was quite the sore subject still, but the Prince pushed on regardless. “Our efforts, though mostly unobstructed, have slowed to a near complete stop. Our incitement of the population has resulted in no clear advantage. That flamboyantly glorified King of this planet, Don Kee, has refused to surrender and die, granting me this world without all this undue hassle. And that’s not to mention the blasted heat of this God-forsaken plane-!” Frieza paused.

He was allowing his emotions to get the better of himself again. Doing so would not achieve anything, nor would it change anything either. He had to avoid getting himself so worked up and frustrated over insignificant things, even if, when combined, all of those insignificant things became something much larger. Still, right now he had to focus on what he was doing and that was explaining what his decision was, and why he had decided upon it, to his two subordinates. Nothing else, including his personal frustrations over the entire situation, mattered. At least, not this time anyway. With a controlled sigh he continued.

“Let me simply summarise by stating that this planet has been nothing but a curse on my much grander plans. Which, I might add, stretch far beyond this pitiful ball of sand and poverty. As such it needs to be removed from the equation so that all of these wrongs can be righted.” By now it should have been perfectly clear to the other two men where he was going with this, but just in case he was being too subtle Frieza pressed on with a more blunt conclusion to his monologue. “In other words, planet Imecka is to be obliterated from existence.” He paused for effect, allowing his words to echo outward into the large room and then die, just like the planet would.

“However,” he continued. “This time I have decided to forgo my pleasure of doing such in light of a somewhat different approach. It is as I stated earlier, it will be the two of you whom will act out my will in this matter. It will be the two of you who will destroy this worthless planet.”

This was the part that had taken the most time to decide upon, though only because Frieza had been fighting with his own selfish desire to destroy the planet himself. He enjoyed ending worlds. There was never a time when he felt more like a God than when he was taking life on such a grand scale. Perhaps it was also partly because he had Lord Beerus to thank for that pleasure, or rather that he had him to thank in allowing him to be his agent of destruction and to destroy worlds on the God of Destructions behalf. Not to mention all the mass omnicide had done wonders for the Cold Emperor’s reputation.

Nevertheless, he stood beside his final decision. Zarbon had been a trusted and loyal advisor and had served him well on more occasions than Frieza could remember. Yet in all the time he had worked for Frieza, through all the planet destructions he had been present to witness, he had never himself partook in the glorious act himself. He had never felt that primal rush and God-like feeling! Of course, that was mostly because the Prince had never given him the chance. Naturally Tensile had never remotely done so either, or so Frieza assumed considering his prior lack of reputation and the fact he was somewhat weaker than the aquamarine Captain.

Yet it was more than simply giving them the chance to experience it. Not everyone had the right to experience such a thing, not unless they could take it for themselves. There was also the fact that not everyone was strong enough to do such a thing, either. This was a test, and more so for the Namekian than Zarbon. Frieza knew what Zarbon was like. Who he was. In comparison, he was only just beginning to know Tensile. He liked what he had seen so far. The Namekian had the potential to rise to the heights of Dodoria or perhaps, if the two of them pushed each other, they would both surpass even Captain Ginyu himself. But beyond this, was he capable of committing murder and destruction on this type of scale?

Mostly ignoring anything that the two of them were saying in regards to his revelation if they were indeed speaking, Frieza used the opportunity to connect to the ship’s computer. Through a series of processes too odd to explain in normal terms, the Prince activated a direct communications line to the bridge of the ship, specifically the individual who was in control of the ship's engines. It took a few moments to isolate the precise terminal but as soon as he did it was a very simple matter to open communications with whoever was standing there.

“Salutations Lord Frieza,” The voice answered almost as soon as the call connected. “How may I be of assistance to you?”

That surprised Frieza in several ways, from the immediate nature of the connection, the grunt knowing who was contacting him without any prompting, and even the eloquent nature of his articulateness.

“I want you to take the ship into orbit immediately.”

“I…” The soldier began, though he quickly fell silent. No doubt because it was a foolish thing to ever question an order from Lord Frieza. Still, following such an order without being sure, if he had heard wrong, for example, could also result in his death. “… my Lord-”

“You heard me correctly, soldier,” Frieza interrupted, saving the hassle of waiting for the man to work up the courage to clarify himself. “I want this ship to be taken into orbit immediately.”

Yet even with this clarification still the man hesitated in signifying that the order had been completed. There was clearly something wrong with this order but the other man did not dare tell Frieza that something he had ordered was incorrect in some way. Frowning, though mostly at the situation, the Prince attempted to think of the flaw in his order; it served to show that he was without fault in such things, but to do so it helped to actually be without fault. Thankfully his neurons appeared to fire at full capacity on this day, for an idea of what it might be struck him almost immediately.

“Send a communication to all of our troops on the surface and tell them to immediately evacuate the planet via their designated transports. Then contact both the Cydonia and the Pandorum and tell them to expect said transports.” Frieza made sure to speak with a tone that exuded confidence rather than the dark anger and annoyance he still mostly felt.

“Right away my Lord!” The soldier clarified. It appeared as if his concerns had been answered.

“Good. See to it that it is right away. I want to feel this ship taking off in the next few minutes.” With that the Changeling Prince severed the connection and ended the call.

Frieza knew full well that it usually took more than a few minutes just to warm up the engines enough to make a vessel of this size take off, but he found that it often helped to set near to impossible targets when dealing with underlings; they always seemed to give that much more effort toward completing their goal when they were rushed for time, as well as having them believe that their lives were on the line if they failed to do so. Still, already he could feel small vibrations making their way through the ship as many of the systems started coming back online.

Finally, the Frost Demon stood from his throne, adding that much more height over that of his two men stood before him. With purposeful steps he made his way down the steps from atop the dais and toward them both, stopping only when he stood directly in front of them both, albeit somewhat between them too. From there, for without the dais to stand atop, they were now both taller than him, he looked up at their faces ones after the other. Even though the light was a little bright where Zarbon and Tensile had stopped the shadows still seemed to dance about Frieza’s expression, darkening it dangerously.

“If both of you are ready then each place a hand on either one of my shoulders, and we shall begin.” He instructed and waited for them to do so.

Word Count: 2,111.
Total Word Count: 4,111.

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The gentle clacking of bootheels on the metal plating of the floor alerted Zarbon to the presence of someone behind him. He hadn’t heard their approach, which meant that they must have been levitating in an effort to catch up with him, which narrowed the odds as to who it could be; the fact that he was practically at the door to Lord Frieza’s chamber narrowed the list of suspects down even further. So it came as no surprise the Captain when the newcomer spoke and revealed themselves to be Sergeant Tensile, the only sensible option remaining after Lady Levi or, possibly, Lieutenant Calor.

"Good day to you Sergeant." He said, only half-glancing around at his comrade in acknowledgment of his presence. "As it happens, I’ve no idea as to what Lord Frieza has in mind but, I must say, I’m terribly glad that he has finally decided to take some action; I’ve had my fill of sun and sand."

Zarbon was fond of the Namekian, he had been ever since they had gotten to know each other on the long flight from Planet Cold to the sector of space where they were finally able to locate Frieza. He may not share the same love of wanton destruction as his erstwhile companion, Dodoria, but he was intelligent, thoughtful and capable; no doubt Tensile’s presence during the Captain’s reunion with the Changeling Prince had been sweetened the deal when Frieza had agreed to allow Zarbon to return to the fold. That, along with the discovery of the young prodigy, Lieutenant Calor, had served to restore Captain Zarbon’s tainted reputation to something approaching the level he once enjoyed.

During the short walk to the entrance to Frieza’s throne room, Tensile made mention of the other soldiers aboard this massive vessel, those members of the PTO who had stood idly by these past few weeks while their campaign to rule Imecka stalled. It seemed that they grew just as restless as Zarbon himself, though they would never dare to mention it directly, such impudence would only serve to put them in an early grave if word reached the ears of their Lord. Still, it was important to be in tune with the opinions of your subordinates, lest they grow unruly, a lesson that was excellently exemplified with the uprising of the Saiyans all those years ago on Planet Vegeta.

Of course, that little rebellion didn’t exactly amount to anything. He thought to himself, scoffing under his breath. But that was more a testament to Lord Frieza’s unfathomable strength. Had it been anyone else...I wonder if those monkeys would have been stopped so easily.

The Namekian Sergeant seemed to have earned the respect of the soldiers, yet was still considered one of them. He served as an invaluable link between the PTO’s sword and the mind that controlled it. But he was more than a soldier, that much was obvious to anyone who had met the man. He had wisdom seemingly beyond his years (though Zarbon had to admit that he was truly unaware of the Namekians actual age) and a calm strength to his convictions that the handsome Captain found admirable. So, when he suggested to finally go after the Government of this desert world, Zarbon found himself in agreement. They had been here for too long and this experiment in benevolence had failed, at least, that was how it seemed to his eyes. He could only hope that his master had reached the same conclusion.

Frieza had his flaws. Zarbon was intelligent and insightful in many ways and, of course, knew this about his master but found them to be largely irrelevant. Frieza was unto a force of nature in the emerald-hued Captain’s eyes, whatever foibles he might have were insignificant next to the raw power he wielded. What use was diplomacy against a being who could snuff out your species with a click of his fingers? What did it matter how excellent a strategist you were if your opponent could crush your every army single-handedly? Besides, if Lord Frieza truly possessed any weaknesses which might prove to be a burden to him, Zarbon saw it as his duty to make up for those weaknesses. He would be the diplomat, the strategist and he would do it excellently until he died or Lord Frieza found somebody better.

"I couldn’t agree more." He said, placing his hand firmly upon the biometric sensor on the wall, the pad illuminating a faint green and chiming softly to indicate that access had been granted to Lord Frieza’s throne room. "I suppose we will know more in very short order."

The hydraulic door slid, almost silently, open and granted them access to the chamber beyond. Zarbon remained standing in his position beside the door and made a sweeping motion with his hand, indicating that the Namekian should enter ahead of him. It was a habit he had picked up years ago after witnessing the Changeling Prince disintegrate a guard’s head simply for being the first to enter his chambers after Frieza had been on the receiving end of some irritating news about his father. It paid to be mindful of Frieza’s dark moods, that was something you tended to learn fast or not at all when you were under his employ.

Tensile was, more-than-likely, aware of the danger his new master’s mood swings posed, but he was outranked here and had little option but to enter the gloomy chamber first, while Zarbon followed closely behind. Both warriors made their way directly to where the diminutive Changeling sat at the Chamber’s end, knowing better than to keep him waiting. Zarbon took to one knee and lowered his head in deference, a formality he might sometimes overlook, but with his master in a questionable mood he thought it better to err on the side of caution.

"Greetings, Lord Frieza.." A simple greeting was often best.

As the Prince made his own introductions, it became apparent to Zarbon that his earlier trepidation may have been unwarranted; Frieza seemed to be in a pleasant enough mood and cut immediately to the chase when it came to the reason for their summons today. Apparently, he had some kind of task for the two of them.

"Of course, Lord Frieza." Zarbon said, filling the brief pause in his master’s monologue.

The little Prince went on to recap on their campaign so far, echoing Zarbon’s sentiments so similarly that it was almost eerie. It was, however, reassuring to know that his own thoughts mirrored that of his master’s. Even so, Zarbon did not predict what the Changeling said next.

He wants us to what? The Captain’s eyes widened with surprise, but he kept his thoughts to himself, knowing better than to question a direct order. Once the initial shock had worn off, a smile tugged at the corner of Zarbon’s mouth. He’d never destroyed a world before, though he’d certainly witnessed more than his fair share of genocide, this would truly be a first; his hands trembled at the very thought of it so he balled them into tight fists in an effort to hide his anticipation.

How would I even go about accomplishing such a task? He thought momentarily, before being struck with the obvious answer to his question. Of course, there can be only one method befitting of such an act. I suppose it is time to show Lord Frieza the fruits of my training with his father.

The handsome Captain stood sharply from where he knelt, drawing breath with which to enthusiastically accept the duty that had been bestowed to him, but the words died in his throat when he realised that Frieza had already engaged himself with another conversation, this time with somebody who was not present in the room. Zarbon closed his open mouth and turned towards Tensile, speaking to him for the first time since they had entered the throne room.

"Is this outcome to your satisfaction, Sergeant?." He raised an eyebrow and allowed a thin smile to fall over his lips. "I should think that this counts as ‘going for the kill’, don’t you?"

Frieza wrapped up his conversation with the crew member who had been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to answer his call, eventually actioning the Prince’s request to have the ship leave the planet’ surface whilst, somehow, managing to avoid his ire (Lord Frieza really does seem rather chipper this morning). The little Lord then turned to his subordinates and instructed them to place their hands on his shoulders, who both obliged willingly enough.

Zarbon knew what was coming next; he had seen the Instant Transmission technique in action before but hadn’t yet experienced traveling by such a method first-hand. Perhaps it was for the best that he hadn’t had the opportunity to eat breakfast yet.

“Shall we, gentlemen?”

An instant later, the gloomy throne-room was empty and the 3 aliens were half a world away, bathed in bright sunlight. There wasn’t the dizziness one would expect come hand-in-hand with teleportation, they simply arrived at their destination with no apparent break in continuity; one moment they were in the throne-room, the next they were floating, 200 feet in the air above the desert that was Imecka. It took a moment for the Captain to regain his bearings but, as he looked at the surrounding landscape and the sprawling city that lay below them, he realised where they were at once. He altered the pitch of his flight to angle his body so that he could look directly underneath them and what he saw confirmed his suspicions.

"Oh, Bravo Sire!." Zarbon gasped, unable to hide the giddy excitement in his voice. "Of course it had to be this place."

The trio of aliens had materialised in the sky directly above Don Kee’s palace, which was to be the epicentre of the blast that would wipe this world from the face of the universe. The tyrant who had refused to yield to the superior intellect and far superior might of Lord Frieza, would be the first to be destroyed by his vengeance. It was incredibly fitting.

"Well then, Sergeant..." Zarbon said, turning to his comrade and repeated his earlier sweeping gesture. "...after you."

While neither of them had laid waste to an entire planet before (at least, not to Zarbon’s knowledge), the Namekian had more to prove. He was new to the P.T.O and to Frieza’s good graces, he was also still working his way up through the ranks; very quickly as it happened, but he had yet to attain a rank befitting someone within Lord Frieza’s inner circle. Perhaps that would change after today, depending on his performance. Zarbon was eager to see how Tensile would go about this monumental task, if he could bring himself to go about it at all.

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Zarbon had, luckly, beed in a better mood than he had expected. The was probably also due to his ignorance on the subject as well, but... It was good he was not the only one in the dark. To be honest, the idea of seeing Lord Frieza alone made him nervous. He had, probably foolishly, looked up all the data regarding the Frieza Force's invasion of his so called home world. According to the reports, there was a lot of blood shed on the side of the Namekains, and only a handful of deaths caused by the Namekians themselves. Only a few of them broke a power level of three thousand, and they were quickly defeated by a warrior named Dodoria.

Lord Frieza was a being of fearsome power, and due to that, Tensile was going to err on the side of caution as much as Zarbon was as well. The door wished open, and Zarbon said for him to enter first. He had this, his face become like stone, his hearts became softer in beating, and he simply relaxed as he walked in. If he showed too many signs of stress or strain, he was going to be in for a world of hurt, be it physically or verbally. He honestly was still walking a tightrope at this point, and he needed to make sure he was still doing good until such a time came as when he was able to prove himself to be more valuable than he currently was. Little did he know, fate had that very idea in for him.

Nodding his head once as he entered, he would take a knee and bow his head, as he was prone to do when in the presence of Lord Frieza. He could feel the frustration in the air, despite the almost stoic expression on Lord Freiza's face. “Greetings my Lord.” He would say a moment after Zarbon spoke.

The emerald skinned Alien was someone who outranked him. It was only proper for him to follow orders and suit to what he did. He was still getting used to everything that made Lord Frieza into who and what he was, both in terms of being a leader, and in terms of how he lead. It was something that was a far cry from his chaotic memories, it added a sense of order that was otherwise missing from within himself.

Tensile listened as Frieza spoke. The pause in his voice, the hang of the words. It was a threat and a promise rolled into one, made fact by the simple inference it carried with it. Freiza had once again said he was going forwards with a plan, but it was not the one that Tensile had expected at all, he suspected far more, but remained silenced, listening instead of speaking. Zarbon had already done so, there was no need to follow up. There was a level of frustration that seemed to come out, anger as well. The fact that he so hated being on this world was something echoed by Tensile as well. The Namekian had been born and grown in the depths of space, aboard a ship that was decaying away around him. The heat on this planet was intense, and as such, it was something he had also grown to hate, and much preferred to spend time in space or traveling on the world when it was night time.

Then the bomb shell was dropped. The planet was now slated for destruction, like a derelict building, it needed to be removed so everyone could see what happens to those who stand in the way of Lord Frieza and his forces. The second bomb shell in the notice than Zarbon and himself would be doing the task. Tensile had looked over to Zarbon in that instance and had seen the moment of shock and pause upon his face. There was an almost giddiness to the Captain now, and that spoke volumes to Tensile as well. When he shot up, Tensile stood a moment later, not shooting up, but standing on his own two feet.

Yes... Though unexpected, it is something that is to my satisfaction as much as it to yours. We are indeed going for the kill and taking care of many problems at once." Frieza was speaking to one of the bridge officers when Tensile reached inside of his clothing. He had practiced this, but it seemed it was time to use it. He touched the communication link that went to Jingle, rang it twice, paused, and then twice again. It was her signal to get her ass to his quarters and to wait for further instructions. She was nothing if not dutiful. More than likely as soon as it hit her, she would be moving and on board the ship before the engines had fully warmed up.

Part of him wondered if Lord Frieza was also going to be taking the troops who had signed up with the PTO in order to get off the rock as well. Those would be good, and they could be useful in the more... Forceful acquiring of other planets later on. His machines, the Tensile Armored Forces, as they had been jokingly called, would only partly follow as well. Most of the more damaged ones had been stripped for parts, and the ones who in the best of shape after being repaired would be placed onto small pods and loaded into cargo bays before too long. Next came the odd one...

He had seen Lord Frieza appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, but he had no idea what the instant transmission technique really was. Zarbon was confident, so there was no hesitation on Tensile's side either. The transition was akin to blinking ones eyes as well. It was odd, being in the throne room, and then suddenly floating a few hundred feet in the air. Tensile's reflexes had kicked in almost instantly and he had avoided losing any of the height they had upon appearing. Looking around, Tensile quickly realized where he was.

The Palace... Now that was going to be an interesting point to launch an attack. Zarbon had made mention for Tensile to start things off, and he nodded once. Closing his eyes, he would start to power up. Though he was not as powerful as Lord Frieza or Zarbon, he was not someone who was really lacking for power either. He was, at least in the old system, considered to be of at least Elite Status in terms of power and ability. Though he had not yet taken any of the tests and exams required just yet. That was something that was going to have to wait for the moment.

Once he peaked out, in the neighborhood of about twenty nine thousand, he was ready. “I have not tried this, but one of my memories had come to light recently. I was hoping to have more time to work on it before putting it to use...” He said, clenching his fists and shifting his angle. He pulled his fist back, looking at the way the palace was set up as he focused his energy and consolidated it within his body. “Here goes nothing.

His body would take on a glow, much like the Namekian Warrior named Piccolo had taken when he battled against Lord Frieza in his second form, but instead of white, this glow was a deep blue in color, almost like a super hot star. Energy would blink softly around his body as well, like something was trying to come alive. As his energy built within in, there was almost an odd change in the air around him. It was mostly centered on his fists, but it seemed like the energy around his hand was warped. Like he was close to breaking through something, a ghostly illusion of power long dormant. Everything on his body became more and more defined, he was preparing to launch his attack now, and it showed.

The ghostly illusion seemed to scream to life around him. The front most hand, the guiding hand, seemed to have the end of a tail resting upon the back of his hand. Coiled up his arm, to shoulder, and then wrapped around his body was a long, serpent like creature, with glowing claws that clenched his clothing tightly. Across to his other shoulder, there were two more claws, and then down his arm was more of the body, but instead of being wrapped around his arm, it was his arm, leading all the way to his fist, which was the head and mouth of a serpent like dragon, eyes blazing with blue energy. While normally a physical attack upon a planet wouldn't do much besides make a crater or cause an extinction level event, this was something else all together.

His own eyes seemed to glow a bright blue as well, his energy was peaked out and he looked to Zarbon. “This will take a few moments to work. If you would be so kind as to provide me a bit of cover...” He said, nodding once before he looked to the world he was about to end. “I shall end this heated ball of ashes...

(1547/3062... LET THE TIMER START!)
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They had been fully unaware. Everything up to this point had gone perfectly. Those who were under them, in the palace itself, had no idea what was going on. Either they had zero detection skills beyond visuals, or they were just as incompetent as he had suspected. If it is indeed the latter, they would have no one in position to slow him, or even make a vague attempt to stop him when he rushed towards the planet. The glow of his energy was bright, and it only got brighter as he approached the ground. His eyes narrowed as he blasted forwards, he was ready to end this world and all the useless beings on it.

Don Kee wouldn't surrender, then it was time to show him the power of overwhelming force. As the Namekian rocketed towards the ground, the dragon that seemed to be a part of him only grew larger, until it was the size of a capital star ship. The yell that escaped his lungs as he rushed down was the only warning most of the soldiers there got. The glow on Tensile was almost blinding as he slammed his fist into the ornate marble of the open area floor. His eyes narrowed slightly the dragon impacted the ground a half second after his fist did. The roar of the energy was loud and powerful, knocking so many more onto walls and the floor.

The attack was powerful enough to kill the world, but it would take time. A lot of time. It would give Don Kee time to run if they weren't careful. Tensile grit his teeth for a moment, forcing the attack through the foundation and towards the core of the planet. Cracks would start forming all across the ground around the Namekian, and with his eyes narrowed, he would twist his arm, sending the attack deeper into the ground like a drill now. The Dragon Strike was more powerful than Tensile was expecting, but he was not disappointed with what he had done here now.

In the distance, earth quakes would start. Some long dormant volcanoes would now start up again, the ground shaking and shivering as they exploded in the distance. There was plenty happening all around as well. People were freaking out at the sheer oddity of the attack. Those who were weak couldn't understand what he was doing. Those who had some measure of strength, some form of real power, they understood what was happening, the sheer levels of terror that would be shown upon their faces, and how some of them were running. As the tail of the dragon entered the ground, Tensile stood up, looking across the warriors who had the guts to stand up to him at this point, blasters raised and fear in their eyes. It was a refreshing to see so many people generally fearful of him. He wondered if this is how Lord Frieza felt around many people.

“Before any of you speak, that attack is headed towards the core of this world. When it connects, it will explode and reduce this world down to ashes in only a few moments.” He said, smirking a bit as they all started to lock between each other. “Normally, I would be warning all of you to leave... But...” He smirked a bit, raising up his hand and firing off several finger beams in a quick succession, killing three soldiers in an instant before looking over the rest of them. “You are all already out of time. By the time your ships are loaded, online, and ready to take off, the world will already be dead.” There was a chuckle from Tensile as several people all opened fire at him, and he avoided with ease. He didn't have a lot of power left in him, that attack was very draining on him, but avoiding his enemies was easy. Those finger beams had just about tapped him out fully.

Now it was just a huge game of delay and support. The attack couldn't be stopped at this point. There was no way to. They could only add to the damage it was going to cause. Perhaps Zarbon had something up one of his sleeves, something to help this world deeper into it's death throws sooner. Tensile had never broken a planet before, but maybe Zarbon had, or had seen it. That kind of thing was something you don't just forget. It also tickled the back of Tensile's mind, like the had seen or done something like this before. Maybe in one of his past lives they had done something similar? Maybe his creator had broken some kind of world in practice once before. Based on the few and far between details he had, the one who made him had been a truly ancient being. The power that was locked up deep within him was starting to stir, and perhaps he was close to awakening it here, but he was too drained of energy to really press it further than he would have liked. Perhaps it was for the best. He knew how long this was going to take now. At least from the feeling of the attack and how it moved.

Lifting up his hands, he would activate the communication device he carried on himself. “Lord Frieza, Captain Zarbon, the attack should reach the core in only a few minutes. From there, planet death will happen in seven minutes. The crust and the mantle have also been disrupted to the point of even stopping the attack will result on the world being reduced to nothing more than a molten wreck that can't be inhabited for centuries.” He said, looking over at the guards who were still shooting at him. He lowered himself down slightly, kicking forwards and slamming a hard strike into the man's chest and crushing his ribs. This one was very dead. “If you two have any extra business... We could take care of it quickly enough while we are here.”

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Sergeant Tensile certainly didn’t disappoint. As per usual, he took the challenge that had been presented to him in his stride with nary a complaint. When they materialised in the sky above Don Kee’s palace, the trio of would-be-destroyers exchanged very few words, for words were not what was needed this day (even the mighty Lord Frieza was unaware of any combination of words that could be used to destroy a planet), which seemed to suit the stoic Namekian just fine.

With a simple acknowledgment of the task he was expected to complete, Tensile looked down at the palace below them and begun to summon the energy necessary for whatever technique he was planning on using to tear this world asunder.

"Oh my...." Zarbon practically swooned with surprise when he saw the Namekian’s ki begin to visibly manifest itself around the man’s emerald skin. To think he would be capable of this much, so soon. I’ll have to watch my back at this rate.

He grinned slightly as this thought crossed his mind, for he wasn’t truly worried about his position at Lord Frieza’s side, even when his scouter clicked on, detecting the rapidly increasing power level that had appeared in the vicinity and relaying this information to the Captain via the crystal lens that had tinted his vision for most of his adult life; any P.T.O soldier worth their salt would keep their scouters set to activate in such a situation to avoid being ambushed by strong warriors (after all, it was rule number one-hundred and sixteen of the Ginyu Force handy handbook!).

Zarbon’s surprise continued to grow from one moment to the next as he observed the Sergeant’s chosen technique take form around his body, the blue-toned energy enveloping the Namekian’s torso and coiling itself tightly around his hands in particular. All at once, the energy seemed to morph before his very eyes, transforming from a shapeless mass of ki into something that resembled a living creature, one made up of tough scales, sharp teeth and boundless aggression (it reminded the Captain, a little, of his body’s own metamorphosis, something that he hadn’t even attempted since his defeat at the hands of Vegeta on Planet Namek). It was all incredibly impressive as far as Zarbon was concerned.

Perhaps, I won’t be needed after all.. He thought to himself, looking at the look of quiet determination on Tensile’s face as he dropped out of the sky with the speed of a meteor and twice the deadly intent.

The Namekian directed his “Dragon Fist” attack directly at the open courtyard area of Don Kee’s Palace, a grand marble affair that was the centerpiece of his empire. When his fist collided with the polished stone floor, it tore the earth asunder but left the surrounding area strangely intact. It wouldn’t have been immediately obvious to the uninitiated what exactly had just happened but, for Zarbon and Frieza, who knew exactly how much energy was just channeled directly into the planet’s core, they had a fairly good idea of how much time the planet had left.

Tensile’s energy signature dropped sharply after the attack, returning to its resting level, which was still more than enough to deal with the common riff-raff that Don Kee tended to bring into his employ and who, even now, were beginning to circle around the Namekian where he had come to rest in the courtyard.

Tensile could no-doubt deal with them with little effort, but he had asked for some cover and, after that truly remarkable display, who was Zarbon to refuse to lend his support to a comrade in arms? It was the Captain who now dropped from his vantage point in the sky, eventually coming to a stop some 50 feet above the smashed marble floor of the courtyard. With a few, well-placed, finger beams of his own, Zarbon disposed of the few remaining guards who dared to threaten his comrade.

It was then that the Sergeant confirmed his own suspicions, by informing them over their communicators that he estimated that the planet had around seven minutes left before it would cease to be and, along with it, all of the problems that had plagued the P.T.O as of late.

"Seven minutes, you say?" Zarbon responded over the scouter. "I think we can do a little better than that." With this, the Captain raised a single hand above his head and, on that single hand, he aimed a single finger directly towards the clouds above. "Tensile, why don’t you rejoin Lord Frieza above us? I suspect that we’ll be wanting to make a swift exit."

The planet was beginning to die. It was obvious to someone who had seen so many worlds ended as Zarbon had. Aside from the fact that Tensile had told him as much, there were subtle clues that informed him of such; a distant sound like thunder that would have been the grinding of tectonic plates caused by the damage caused to the world’s core, an electrical charge to the air that made the fine hairs on the back of your arms stand on end and a sudden gathering of black clouds overhead. All of these things told the Captain that Imecka was in its death throes and he was more than happy to put it out of its misery.

Once he was sure that his emerald-skinned friend had cleared the area, the small pinpoint of aquamarine energy that had been gathering at the tip of his finger suddenly expanded, growing dozens of times larger than before. Zarbon focused on condensing this energy as much as he could, forcing the orb to occupy as small a space as possible while feeding the attack with more and more of his personal reserves of power. The Death Ball continued to expand, seemingly in sudden bursts; at first, it was the size of a bowling ball, then an automobile, before eventually becoming the size of a small spaceship or a house. At this point, the attack would be visible to everyone for miles around. Anyone who happened to turn their eyes towards Don Lee’s palace at that precise moment would see what appeared to be a small moon hovering above the tyrants home, impossibly luminescent and oddly beautiful.

"There..." He said, sighing a little with the effort it took to gather such a large amount of energy in such a short span of time. "That should about do it."

He paused for just a moment then. For such a momentous occasion as the destruction of a planet, Zarbon supposed that he should say a few words, something poignant to mark the occasion perhaps. But it seemed that all of Don Kee’s guards were already dead and there was no sign of the man himself, so he ultimately decided that such efforts would be a waste of time. Instead, he opted for a more simple eulogy, pre-emptive as it was.

"Compliments of Lord Frieza, the leader you sorely needed but refused to accept."

And with this, Zarbon flung the gigantic sphere of ki towards the remains of Don Kee’s palace, pausing long enough to watch the aquamarine ball of death melt through the marble structure and sink beneath the planet’s surface, following in the wake of Tensiles earlier physical assault.

What a feeling... He found himself practically trembling at the thought of what they had done here today. ...is this what Lord Frieza feels like every time? I must remember to ask him.

He would float up to rejoin his comrades with our dawdling for too long, not wanting to get caught up in the death they had caused. When he finally arrived, he would offer a bow and his gratitude to the one who had given then this great honor.

"Thank you, my Lord. That was most...cathartic. is there anything else you wish for us to do before we leave?"

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Life was a very complex ordeal made up of countless, differing things. Far too many to list or even comprehend in full. However, when it came to decisions and actions everything could be summed up in two opposing ways; those that were right and those that were wrong. This wasn’t a matter of morality, but rather the ability to make the correct decisions when the moment truly called for nothing less. No one was infallible in this. Everyone made mistakes because there wasn’t a being alive that was truly perfect. Nevertheless, on this day, on the repugnantly hot planet known as Imecka, Lord Frieza had made a very good decision.

Both men had, in turn, surprised Frieza. Tensile’s chosen attack had been unlike anything that Frieza had ever witnessed before. The energy dragon that had been formed by the Namekian’s Ki was not unlike that of the eternal dragon of Earth’s Dragon Balls, which Frieza had briefly witnessed upon being wished back from the dead. an attack held such devastating potential, a potential that would only continue to grow as Tensile also grew. The Changeling could picture the dragon wrapping itself around the planet and constricting until the sphere of rock crumbled and exploded. Whether that was feasible or not, it was an entertaining thought.

Then there was Zarbon and his use of the death ball, Frieza’s own technique. That had been somewhat more surprising, if only for the fact that the Prince had no idea that Zarbon knew how to or physically could use such an attack. He had questions that he would ask his aide, but those could wait. This was far too joyous an occasion to dull with unnecessary words. Though it was not an issue that the aquamarine Captain knew the attack. After all, mimicry was the sincerest form of flattery. Still, as the death ball careered down into the palace and decimated all in its path Frieza could not stop himself from letting out a gleeful laugh.

From there Zarbon floated back up to Frieza position, which Tensile had also done shortly before. There was something quite marvellous about watching your subordinates, men, that you had watched and assessed and even trained with, succeed in the tasks that you had set them. Especially when the task was something that had otherwise previously been completely outside of their realm of experiences. In this, both Zarbon and Tensile had, or rather were in the process of excelling. If nothing else Frieza would not forget the job that the two of them had done on this day, though just from their acts alone the both of them would grow.

“Not at all,” Frieza replied through an extremely pleased smirk. “Now we sit back and watch the show.” His arms rose as he extended them to encompass all below.

As if on cue an almighty explosion erupted from the ground within the city just beyond the palace. It had only been for the briefest of moments, though in many ways that had heightened the listening experience, but if any of them had been listening closely at that moment then they would have caught the faintest sounds in the immediate wake of the explosion. It was the sound of thousands of pitiful beings scream in horror and pain all at once, before instantly being extinguished in the searing heat. Such was music to the Changeling Emperors ears.

That initial, huge explosion seemed to be the catalyst for Imecka’s death, for several other eruptions soon followed. Most were lesser in force, but all things considered, they were no less visually spectacular. The core of the planet had been well and truly ruptured. The seven minutes of decaying life that Tensile’s attack had left the planet with had been reduced to less than one when combined with Zarbon’s. Together the two of them had succeeded where individually they would have fallen short. For while the imminent destruction of a planet, if purposeful, was acceptable, it fell short if you wanted an instant effect.

Despite that, Frieza was far from disappointed. Quite the opposite in fact. As the rising and falling illumination of the many explosions lit up the Emperor's face, his expression was one of manic excitement and sadistic glee. He may not have launched either attack and as such wasn’t physically responsible for the destruction of the planet, but he had given the order. This was him in his true element. This was where he belonged. In the thick of destruction on a cosmic and primordial scale. It was events like this that truly reminded him of his goals and aspirations. They would be his. All of it would be his.

However, the time had come to leave. His ship would have reached a safe distance in orbit of the planet by now and while he could happily remain as the planet exploded, and survive the process, his two subordinates could not. If nothing else the vacuum of space would kill them in the aftermath. Quickly placing a hand on either man’s shoulder, as he had done previously, Frieza once again used his instant transmission to instantly teleport them both back to the bridge of the ship. They had appeared directly in front of the viewscreen with the planet visible below them.

From here they would watch the final moments of the dying planet and, as the crust on planets surface began to rent and magma poured out from within, the three men who had been directly responsible for the events below simply looked on from safety. Then, just like that, a flash of blinding illumination encompassed everything as the planet exploded and Imecka was no more.

Word Count: 946.
Finished Word Count: 5,057.
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