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Space Douches Collide (when morons do battle); Raditz Vs Daiz
Topic Started: May 11 2018, 08:45 AM (112 Views)
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Continued from here.

"Well, look what the Tuffle dragged in!" Raditz exclaimed, ignoring the bald one for the moment. Let Mikan deal with that one. He thought. It’s not every day you get to meet an old...what is this guy’s name again?

The Saiyan marched towards where the Kabochan had landed, clicking the fingers on one hand at the side of his face while shaking his head; it looked as if he was grooving to some particularly funky jazz music that only he could hear but, in reality, he was trying to jog his memory. Suddenly, the name came to him as he drew closer to the other man, who had also been walking towards him.

"Daiz! The strongest man in the world." He said grasping the alien’s hand firmly...a lot more firmly than was really necessary.

In fact, it was downright vice-like, the way his digits wrapped around the other man’s hand and dug in like steel cables. Once the manly handshake was in full swing, he even tugged at Daiz’ hand, aiming to pull him off balance, perhaps make him stumble a little. It was a real dick move but, then again, he was a real dick and Daiz had had his own fun with the Saiyan the last time they had met and their positions were reversed. You see, these two aliens (if it wasn’t already obvious by this point) had met before, in a place not too far from here (when you could fly faster than the speed of sound, most places on Earth weren’t too far away), when a slightly younger and much weaker Raditz had foolishly attempted to steal the Kabochan’s space pod. At the time, Daiz had been roughly 7 times stronger than Raditz, a monstrously powerful alien already ill-tempered from boredom and the loss of his traveling companions. Despite the potential for disaster on Raditz’ part, they had got along like a house on fire and had parted ways on good terms, each expressing the desire to meet again someday.

That day was today! And this time the gap in their powers was diminished and, if his senses weren’t betraying him, reversed.

This is going to be fun.

"Oh, I’ve got a ship alright, you should see her! She’s big, she’s ugly and she handles like an asteroid, but she eats planets and that’s really cool." He paused for a moment, eyes flicking upward in contemplation, even as Daiz withdrew his hand and shoved it into his pocket to join its opposite number. "In fact, I’ve got two ships, but one of them can get super trippy, so that one’s for emergencies only."

He looked the Kabochan up and down, not just with his eyes but with his ability to sense energy also. He was definitely more powerful than before, several times more, in fact; something inside the Saiyan grew a little excited at merely being in the presence of another powerful warrior besides his usual sparring partner.

"That’s some nice energy you’ve got there. You been working out?" The Saiyan cocked his head to one side noticing, once again, the man standing behind Daiz as he did so. "You know, when I mentioned groupies, I had something totally different in mind, but who am I to judge?"

Now that he was looking in the direction of the bald Triclops, and I mean really looking, Raditz could tell that this guy was no joke either. Both Daiz and his companion were easily sitting at the same level as that purple buffoon, Captain Ginyu.

This planet is so fucking weird. Raditz thought to himself, turning back to the Kabochan, once more.

It was Daiz’ turn to speak now, and Raditz found what he had to say extremely interesting. Of course he did, he was talking about fighting! Considering what he and Mikan had been up to prior to their arrival, it was only natural that his blood was up and he found the prospect of battling with someone new too enticing to turn down.

"Oh, you are so on, Kabochan kid!" He said, a smile turning up the corner of his mouth.

The Saiyan’s eyes flicked ever-so-briefly to the left, just over Daiz’ shoulder, where he could make out an outcropping of great sandstone monoliths jutting out of the desert hardpan like tremendous tombstones. Without realizing he was doing it, Raditz’ brain began to calculate the distance from where Daiz stood to the huge red tombstones and, more importantly, the force it would require to send the Kabochan careening into them. His smile spread even wider.

"Hey Mikan!" He turned his head slightly to call out to his friend, but he never took his eyes from the Kabochan. "You mind if I fight this guy? We know each other from before. You can take the other one, if you like? Don’t kill him though, wait..." He turned back to Daiz and whispered. "...you don’t want us to kill him right?" Then, seeing the look on the Kabochan’s face, he called over his shoulder again. "That’s a no, don’t kill him."

With that taken care of, and without any further warning, Raditz rocked backward on his heels before launching himself toward Daiz at phenomenal speed. Pushing upward with his toes, Raditz seemed to almost hop forwards, bringing his right knee towards Daiz’s unguarded midsection.

"Think fast!" Raditz yelled brightly as he made his opening gambit.
The distance between them was no more than a few feet and his opponent would only have a fraction of a second to respond to the unprovoked attack, but he did have the advantage of knowing what kind of a person Raditz was; he may well have been expecting this kind of attack and that might just give him the edge he needed to throw up an effective defense. The Saiyan aimed to move this battle away from Mikan and the Triclops and what better way to do that than to send his old acquaintance flying with a friendly knee to the sternum? He supposed that he could have asked, but that was boring.

Raditz’ grin grew wider as he followed up his first attack with a second, a quick-fire beam of energy gathered and released from the palms of both hands. Whether Daiz fell victim to his knee strike and was sent flying towards the desert rocks behind him or whether he was able to guard or avoid the attack altogether didn’t matter, either way, he would find himself being pressured by a golden pillar of ki hurtling in his direction. Raditz was keen to get this battle started in earnest, but these attacks fell short of his full power, they were just love-taps. He wanted to draw every ounce of enjoyment possible out of this battle and he didn’t know exactly how much Daiz was capable of just yet. But he intended to find out.

WC: 1,145/2,328 (carried over from previous topic)

Battle Info.
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Rebel Without a Cause
OOC: This thread is continued from here, including the WC from the previous thread.

“Can something really be classed as work if you're enjoying it and wouldn't rather be anywhere else?”
As Raditz took Daiz’s hand and pretty much attempted to crush it, whether intentionally or not, the Kabochan openly flinched. Surprisingly it wasn’t the pain that had caused it though or the realisation that he was getting a taste of his own medicine – which he hated the taste of, I might add – but rather it was what the Saiyan had said. It was the “strongest man in the world” part, specifically. He had claimed that when they had originally met, hadn’t he? It was hardly surprising though as he liked that title. He had been the strongest man on his own planet and, for a time, he had genuinely been the strongest man on Earth. Still, Raditz was only mentioning it to rub salt in the wound; the funny bastard.

“Damn, two ships? Ain’t you been busy,” Daiz chuckled and shook his hand to clear the pain in it after it had been released from the other man’s vice-like grip. That was the fucking understatement of the century. Just where and what had Raditz been up to since their last meeting? “Seems like your time off-world was more bloody fruitful than my own.”

That wasn’t wrong either. What had he gotten for his troubles? He’d been tortured by those blasted bird people on that asteroid and come away with a seed for the Tree of Might, which he couldn’t use because it caused mass genocide. Fucking useless. Oh, not to mention that his rust bucket of a ship had been pretty much destroyed on his return to the planet too, so there was that. “You did get to bang that hot blonde woman though,” a voice in the back of his head reminded him, which brought about a satisfied grin as he remembered the details. Yeah! Hell, perhaps it hadn’t been so bad after all.

“Ha! You can fucking talk! Where in HFIL did you get all this power from? It’s basically pouring off of you, you damn show-off.” The Kabochan shook his head. “And here I thought I’d been busy. Clearly, I’ve been slacking off.”

Now that was an unavoidable truth if he had ever been slapped in the face by one. Of course, there had been some downtime involved, though that had been necessary on two occasions after the torture and crash landing, and then the physical beating that Zaccai had given him in their friendly brawl. Then there had been the week or two where Daiz had, or rather Trashbag had found all of the Dragon Balls, and then the time it had taken to summon the eternal dragon too. Naturally, in all of that time, the Kabochan had done little to no training. In fact, yeah, there was no other way to look at it. He had slacked off. Majorly.

Daiz hadn’t been exaggerating either. He could almost see the power radiating off of the Saiyan in front of him. Both Saiyans if he was being honest, even if his attention was primarily focused on Raditz for the moment. The reputation that the Saiyans had built for their battle prowess over the years had reached as far as Kabocha, so Daiz hadn’t been completely ignorant of it, and now he finally understood why. Their potential for growth was insane. Perhaps more than a race such as his could even compete with. Still… if he had needed a kick up the arse to get himself back in gear then he’d most certainly got it today; if not with Tien then most certainly with Raditz.

Regardless, it seemed as if the Saiyan was as eager as he was to throw down! That brought a satisfied grin to the Kabochan’s face. He didn’t verbally respond with the other man asked if Tien was to be kept alive or not, but his expression and raise of his brow were enough for Raditz to assume the answer was ‘yes’. I mean, it wasn’t that Daiz was fond of Tien or anything, but equally, he didn’t have a reason to want him dead either. So why bother? Besides, the Kabochan still had unfinished business with the bald triclops in the form of their yet to be concluded tournament match.

Daiz opened his mouth to say as much; after all, he didn’t want the other man thinking he had gone soft or something. However, before he could even form the first word in his sentence the fight abruptly and quite unexpectedly begun. In what must have been faster than the blink of an eye Raditz sprung forward and buried his knee directly into Daiz’s completely open and unguarded midsection. The suddenness of the attack took the Kabochan completely off guard, causing his body to momentarily arch forward and mould around his opponent's knee. That was short-lived, however, as the sheer force of the attack sent him flying backwards.

Digging his feet down against the ground, Daiz managed to slow himself down as he slid back against an outcrop of rocks some distance away from where he had initially been stood. Thankfully his quick thinking had lessened the impact to the point it was almost negligible. That damn clever Saiyan… getting the jump on him like that. His stomach was completely tensed now, though not of his own design. That had hurt. Though at least now the two of them had a little more room to duke it out, what with the added space they had because of that opening attack; silver linings and all that jazz? Though it seemed that Raditz wasn’t finished there.

In movements that near mirrored the Saiyans own, the Kabochan leaned back into the rock to prop himself up and threw both of his arms forward and launched a beam of energy of his own. The two golden waves of energy collided in the air somewhere between the two warriors, exploding on impact and obscuring each of them from each other – at least with their eyes. However, when the small puff of smoke began to settle and was blown away by the wind, Raditz would be met with quite the peculiar sight indeed when his eyes fell on his opponent once more. Now stood a few metres ahead of the rock was now a very naked Kabochan, only now a second pair of arms had sprouted out from the tops of his shoulders.

“That wasn’t half bad. That’ll probably even bruise,” Daiz said with a grin. He’d already slipped into a fighting stance, which looked even more formidable with the strange pair of extra arms. Shen’s technique sure was handy – oh, pun most certainly intended – but it bloody hurt to turn it on, as it were. “But you’re going to have to use a lot more of that power of yours to beat me, Raddy.”

Daiz was already rushing forward, almost as soon as his words left his mouth, and it was clearly evident that he intended to take the fight straight to his Saiyan opponent. He didn’t move half as quickly as Raditz had attacked him, for he wasn’t actually sure he actually could, but as Daiz finally closed in on his opponent and his arms pulled back in preparation to go on the attack, a strange hue of orange energy began glowing around his fists. His energy imbued punches shot through the air, the first punch a left hook from the upper set of arms and the follow-up a right hook from the lower set of arms.

However, he wasn’t done there, for Daiz’s energy hadn’t just covered his hands but also his feet. As soon as he had thrown his second punch, whether it hit or not, he used the right-to-left momentum of the punch and jumped up and back into the air, spinning his body as he attempted to kick Raditz’s directly in his jaw with a spinning heel kick.

Word Count: 1,305.
Total Word Count: 2,325.

Battle Info.
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"Oho! " Raditz exclaimed, somewhat joyously, as he saw the second column of golden energy spring forth from the Kabochan’s hands. "Taking it head on! Come on then!"

The two waves of energy raced across the desert hardpan, cutting two converging trenches as they moved inexorably towards their collision. The explosion was sizable and accompanied by a rapidly growing ball of dust that blocked Daiz from Raditz’ sight. But he could still sense him.

Not a scratch. He thought, as he reached out and assessed the damage caused by his follow-up attack. What a guy.

Raditz shook his head, slightly in awe of the Kabochan. Despite his surprise attack, which had been successful, Daiz had shown a remarkable ability to fight on his feet by countering that energy beam with his own. From his initial reading of his opponent's energy signature, the wild-haired Saiyan had thought that Daiz might have struggled with that opening salvo, but the pure amount of energy that had sprung from the Kabochan in that last moment had been simply massive. As he peered through the smoke-cloud, not with his eyes but with his other senses, he pondered the power he had just felt from the other man. If he wasn’t mistaken, that counterblast had been even more powerful than his own. Granted, he wasn’t giving it his best, far from it, but that was still some display of power at such short notice.

One other thing Raditz had only just noticed was the feel of Daiz’ energy. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it felt...off somehow. It didn’t feel like the readings he got from most people, it buzzed in the back of his head like a fluorescent light bulb and it had started to make the Saiyan’s head throb, so he pulled his senses back a bit, enough that the strange sensation was lessened, but he could still faintly sense his opponent’s location. This was not someone he wanted to lose track of during a fight.

"Cooey!" He called out, through the haze. "Mrs. Daiz? Can little Daisy come out and play? "

He knew that something was going on, even with his senses withdrawn as they were, he could feel the shift in the Kabochan’s energy that indicated he was molding his ki for use in some kind of technique. Something about the pattern of the energy felt familiar, and Raditz screwed his eyes together and shielded them from the sunshine with one hand as he tried to peer through the smog, which was finally beginning to clear.


Whatever he had been expecting when the dust-cloud finally dispersed, it surely wasn’t a fully-naked Daiz crouched and ready for battle. But it wasn’t the other man’s nakedness that surprised him at this moment, in fact, this little fact had escaped his attention somehow. What shocked the Saiyan were the two new arms that seemed to have sprouted from Daiz’ shoulders. The Kabochan said something then, but Raditz was too busy having his mind blown by the fact that Daiz had just used one of his moves.

It is my move, right? He thought to himself. Or did I steal it from somewhere?

He wracked his simple brain for the details, but they seemed to elude him for the moment. He looked back across at Daiz, who seemed to be closer than before. A lot closer.

Oh, right. Fighting, duh!

The Kabochan’s fists came flying in, the first swooping toward his temple on the right, which Raditz nimbly leant away from, springing backward at the same speed as Daiz sped towards him. The next came from the opposite side, another hook punch, this one aimed at his ribcage. This time he planted his right foot in the Earth and pivoted away from the second blow, which passed him by, knuckles swiping the air just inches from the chest piece of his armor. The attacks were fast, but not overly so and Raditz had time to observe the slight aura that surrounded Daiz’ fists.

"Ooh! That’s neat! What do you call that one?" He said, eyes wide with delight at the colorful technique.

As he continued to hop away, dodging the Kabochan’s strikes one after the other, he sensed a third strike incoming from below and made the mistake of looking down at Daiz’ lower-half. It was then that he noticed the other man’s nakedness, particularly the foot-long appendage that was swinging between the alien’s legs.

"What the hell is tha...!?" Was all he had time to say before the Kabochan’s heel caught him square in the jaw.

The moment the foot made contact with his skin, the Saiyan’s battle-hardened fighting instincts kicked in. The kick had come from the left and had a downward spin on it that snapped his head around to the right, forcing his wide-eyes to look away from the monstrous thing between Daiz’ legs. Which was good for Raditz, because it meant he could turn his attention back to the task at hand. His head was already close to fully rotated, and the force of the kick was enough to give him whiplash, so he did the only thing he could. He swung the rest of his body around, leaping from the ground and rotating his body with a spin that matched the kick. At the same time, he thrust his right hand out and planted this on the ground, using it as a springboard to vault himself into the air.

For the briefest moment, Raditz was upside down, hand planted on the ground and head at exactly groin height. And there it was again. Time slowed to a halt.

What is that thing? He wondered, aghast. No, nevermind that, how does he even get around with that in his trousers?

The shock of coming face-to-face with such a beast was so great, that Raditz’ body reacted on its own. So it was not a conscious decision on his part to attack the thing between Daiz’ legs (even Raditz was not that cruel), but these things sometimes happen in the heat of battle. He felt the heat of the fireball rising from his throat before he even realized what it was and, by then, it was far too late to stop the flames from bursting forth from his mouth directly towards the fleshy appendage that had startled him.

And then the thing was gone again, obscured by the fiery blast which hurtled toward the veiny behemoth, threatening to burn it to cinders. At that moment, the Saiyan couldn't help but wonder just exactly what he had done.

What have I, fucking, done?

WC: 1,104/3432

Battle Info.

Edited by Raditz, May 17 2018, 04:51 AM.
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“Holy shit!” Daiz exclaimed in wide-eyed terror as the blast of searing flames shot forth from Raditz’s mouth.

Without even thinking about it, his body moving on pure instinct alone, he jumped back through the air in an attempt to put a bit of space between him and the oncoming wave of fire destined for the lower part of his body.

“Why am I naked?!” He didn’t bloody remember removing his clothing.

Still, whether he remembered or not didn’t really matter in this instance for there were far more pressing matters to attend to, such as the fact that his now exposed nether regions were about to be burned and turned to ash.

“Quick! Think. Think! Ygritte… boobs… the blonde big boobed woman that you banged! Nakedness… that blonde flat woman that you want to bang!” His mind was a flush with everything and anything that turned him on.

It was not an incredibly well-known fact outside of the Kabochan people, which was now even more obscure what with Daiz being the last of his kind, but as a race the Kabochan people, both male and female were capable of sexually arousing themselves at a moment’s notice. This had naturally played a large part in their cultural proclivity for enjoyment in all forms, which was something that they were in fact widely known for. That tidbit of information had never factored into battle for him in the past, but in that exact moment, Daiz couldn’t have been more thankful for it.

As blood was diverted from other areas to his body and channelled to the beast between his legs the veritable appendage came to life and rose up from its slumber. At the same time, the glow from around the Kabochan’s hands and feet vanished, the energy pulled back into his body and redirected elsewhere, exactly where his blood was currently rushing. The length of it took on an orange glow, which pulsated from one end along its length to its tip. It was brief but noticeable if you were looking, and as it reached the end an equally sized beam of energy shot forth and ripped through the air toward the oncoming attack.

Unlike most beams, this did not maintain its cylinder shape but instead expanded the further it got away from “Daiz Jnr”, akin to the shape of a cone. Of course, the Kabochan had manipulated the flow of energy thusly for this attack, as his previous energy beam had been, was once again being used as a means of defensive negation rather than its offensive damage.

“Damn it man. Why in HFIL would you go for my family jewels like that?!” Daiz exclaimed.

“Well that was fucking close,” he thought as he reached up and wiped a few beads of nervous sweat from atop his forehead. “I was a moment away from being half the man I am.”

Now that was as terrifying a thought as he’d ever had.

“Now to reign the beast back in… the cold… dickless Namekians… being tortured – no wait, I kinda enjoyed that – bald people… almost losing my dick in a fiery inferno-”

Just like that the rush of blood ceased and all previous thoughts of being turned on vanished and Jnr fell back to sleep. In that moment of calm Daiz found himself looking down at his penis in surprise. Was it that long and wide because he had woke it up, or had he simply lost control again and allowed it to morph to such a size based on some subconscious thought of his? He didn’t know, but while it was so large and hanging so ridiculously low it was just going to get in the way. He could only imagine how ridiculous he would look running about the battlefield with that bouncing off the inside of his legs.

“Not that you’re going to hear this very often, but for now I’d reckon a little smaller’s gonna be better.” He said to himself… and totally not his penis.

Just like that, as if on command, his member began to shrink and lessen in size. It was not an overly quick change and was far from instant, but within ten or so seconds it had completely reformed into something far more average and easier to maintain. After all, he was hardly going to get dressed now he was naked; this was far more comfortable and it added an element of risk that just tickled him in all the right ways.

“Ugh… why do you have to be such a show-off?” The first clone asked as it stepped out from behind the Kabochan. “Can’t you be a little more conservative?”

“You call that showing off? HA!” Another stated. He walked out from behind Daiz in the opposite direction, slapping the real one on the back heartedly. THIS is showing off!”

In the blink of an eye, the second clone’s penis grew in size until it looked akin to the girth and length of full-grown man’s forearm, before thudding against the ground. Daiz rolled his eyes and sighed. What was up with these two? Was this how it always was when using multiform? This was the first time he had even attempted it and, if he had to guess by the looks and sounds of his two clones, he had done something wrong. They looked, for the most part, like bad imitations of himself, though he couldn’t quite pinpoint any specific issues with their appearances. It was just all so… odd.

“As if you’ll be able to even move with that,” Daiz found himself replying… to himself. “Anyway you two, care to focus?” He gestured off in the direction of Raditz, who was still stood not too far away.

At that moment both of the clones instantly turned and glanced at Raditz. Clone one’s lips were pressed thinly together, though in what was quite the smug smirk, while clone two was grinning widely with all his teeth on display. Neither wasted a moment in going on the attack. While clone one forcibly chilled the air in the area, trying to hinder and slow Raditz’s movement, the other threw his hands up in front of his face and flashed a burst of bright, blinding energy in the shape of a solar flare. The Saiyan was fast, perhaps too fast for Daiz to hit by normal means, which made this his/their best chance.

After that, both clones shot what could only be classed as a weak, basic energy beam each. Even combined the damage would be negligible. Even if they both struck true, undefended, Raditz would not likely even feel either attack. These clones were far weaker than Daiz had anticipated they would be before having split, but that in itself was a lesson learned. However, the real Kabochan wasn’t just watching, he was trying something equally new that he had been working on for quite some time.

Having gathered a sizeable amount of energy in the pit of his stomach the Kabochan pursed his lips and began to blow it out of his mouth, much like how one might blow up a balloon. He didn’t entirely understand the process of how it worked or how they were formed, in fact, he didn’t even care all that much as long as it worked. However, when he was finally done a ghost-like being was floating directly in front of him. It turned its head and looked at Daiz and the Kabochan blinked in surprise. It looked almost identical to him, albeit somewhat more cartoonish.

Much like clone two had done, the ghost grinned widely and stuck out its tongue. That was before it looked down at the rest of its body and wailed. The shape of its body was exactly the same as Daiz’s… until its stomach. After that its body began to slim and smooth out until it came to a tail-like point where its legs should have been. Clearly, that wasn’t what the creature wanted to see, or had expected to, and the Kabochan knew exactly why before it was even vocalised.

“No willy!?” It exclaimed hauntingly with a pained expression.

But before Daiz could even reply the ghost wailed even louder and took off directly for Raditz, rushing directly at the Saiyan.

“… Well, this all just got pretty fucking bizarre…” Daiz mumbled as he looked back and forth between all of his creations, the ghost and his two clones.

Word Count: 1,407.
Total Word Count: 3,732.

Battle Info.
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Just as he was thinking about how he was going to have to collect the Dragon Balls once again so that he might rescue his new sparring partner’s manhood from the oblivion caused by his fire-breathing technique, Raditz was surprised to see the flames flicker and die out before his very eyes. In their place, the Saiyan was brought, for the briefest of moments face to face with Daiz Junior, who was now fully awake.

"Gah!" Raditz exclaimed, propelling himself away from the other man’s johnson as fast as he possibly could (which was quite fast indeed). His body was already in motion so all he really had to do was allow him momentum to carry him away from the kabochan but, once his feet were back on solid ground again, Raditz made sure to add one more somersault to ensure he was well and truly safe from the threat.

"What the hell was that?!" He cried, pointing at Daiz’ nether regions before wiping his brow clear of the nervous sweat that had appeared there (it entirely escaped Raditz’ notice that Daiz was doing exactly the same thing). "Hey, it’s not my fault!"He then said, responding to the other man’s question. "You could have warned me you were carrying a loaded weapon down there!" He was finally able to calm down a little and regained some of his joviality.

Then, before his very eyes, the veiny, pulsating monster began to slumber once more, even seeming to shrink more than seemed natural. It was horrifying and mesmerizing at the same time and Raditz found himself staring, wide-eyed, at the entire process, his mouth hanging agape.

"You’re a weird dude, you know that right?"

But it seemed that the weirdness wasn’t over just yet. From behind the four-armed Kabochan emerged another naked man, or was it the same man?

It is! He thought as he watched, somewhat appalled, as a third Daiz started sauntering around.

Oh for crying out loud... He thought when he made the mistake of looking between this one’s legs.

If it wasn’t obvious what this was before, it certainly became so once he saw how the duplicates were behaving. He knew this technique.

"Hey!" Raditz cupped both hands at the side of his mouth and full-on yelled across at the trio of nudists before him. "Stop stealing my moves!"

No sooner had he said this, than all three of them suddenly turned to glare at him.

"Oh, don’t get all high and mighty. I know you’ve been watching my SpaceTube channel and copying all my sweet-ass techs."

This made him chuckle a bit. Truth be told, he didn’t mind being on the receiving end of some of his favorite attacks for once, so long as Daiz had remembered to like and subscribe. Raditz was too busy thinking about his stats to notice that the two clones had started to move. In fact, the first inkling he had that something wasn’t right was when everything turned white. It felt like his retinas were on fire.

"Son of a…!"

But while his eyes felt hot, the rest of his body felt like it had been plunged into an ice-bath. Nothing he could do about that, so he ignored it for now. He wouldn’t be able to move very well at all in this cold and with his eyesight impeded in such a way, all he had to go on were his remaining senses, so he reached out with his mind and searched for his assailants. He was quick, but he had been literally blindsided and, by the time he had managed to pinpoint the location of the clones, it was already too late to avoid the energy blasts that they had thrown at him. Both energy bolts struck him, one after the other. The first slammed into the chest piece of his armor, bouncing away without doing anything more than forcing the Saiyan to take a backward step. The second energy beam, however, struck his shoulder and was enough to knock Raditz off his feet, as he was already off-balance from the first shot.

He grunted as he was fell over, rather pathetically onto his rump. It didn’t hurt, but he felt more than a little silly.

"Right then..." He said, rubbing his eyes, as the light slowly began to return to them. "...if that’s how it’s gonna be, then bring it. "

Pushing himself to his feet as quickly as he was able to, Raditz, once again, reached out with his mind and quickly located his attackers energy signals.

Gotcha. He thought, turning his streaming eyes towards his opponents.

But it seemed that his problems weren’t over quite yet, for there was a fourth energy signal, but this one didn’t feel like any clone he’d ever met. This was just a huge mass of condensed energy, like a bomb. And it was moving!

"Ah, hell..." He said, as he realized it was rapidly approaching. He still couldn't see properly and, with this cold slowing him down, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to avoid it in time. All he was able to do was throw his arms in front of him and project as much energy as he could in an attempt at a defense.

"Arggh!" Something between, a scream and a growl escaped the Saiyan’s mouth as the attack exploded and engulfed him. What little sight had returned to him was swiftly taken away again as he was enveloped by heat and soot.

Well, at least I’m not cold anymore. He thought bitterly to himself as he felt his body get swept into the air by the force of the explosion.

It was all he could do to keep his outs in front of his face, shielding it from as much damage as possible. His body skipped and bounced off the hard desert floor several times before the momentum began to wane and he eventually tumbled to a stop, ending up face down about 100 meters from where he started. Every bit of him ached, but he was alive.

Wordlessly, Raditz pressed the knuckles of both fists against the floor and began the painful task of pushing himself to his feet so that he could face Daiz once more. This was turning out to be more difficult than the Saiyan had anticipated and a whole lot more fun.

WC: 1,062/4,522

Battle Info.
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