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A Quick Character Run Down For The Upcoming Saga.
Topic Started: May 28 2018, 10:01 PM (400 Views)
Jackie Chun
Member Avatar
Blowin' Up the RPG!
Hey guys and dolls, not sure if you guys do this kinda thing or not, but I thought we could give it a try. If everyone wants to ignore it, that's also ok lol. But with the saga coming up, I figured we could give some cliff notes about all of us who've meet in character with regards to the rest of the participants so it gives the other writers a general view point. For example:

With my character Jackie Chun, two people know for a fact he is a version of Master Roshi. One is Tien who found out about the fact from the canon show during the regular Dragon Ball series, and the second is Android 18 who will be finding out about in in an upcoming rp we do that's set during our time training on KK's Planet.

Goku of course knows of Jackie Chun because of the canon story, Jackie having beaten him in the 21st World's Martial Arts Tournament. He never found out that Jackie was in fact Master Roshi. Which means neither of his sons from the present or the future knows who he is.

Jackie knows nothing of Bebi, Caulifla, Champa, Nightshade, Alexander Voss, Thrakon, Reijin, Daiz, Liu Mang, or Mikan.

As far as Raditz goes, Jackie would only know of him as Goku's brother who in his timeline stayed dead. Him being revived and being a Super Saiyan will surprise him.

Z Fighters like Tomago, Jackie hasn't meet but would have no problem aligning with (same goes for Z Fighter prospect Shin Kyto).

Future Trunks is another timeline version of the Trunks from his timeline. Roshi is from the same Timeline as Cell, and was sent back to the past by his Bulma after Cell killed his Future Trunks, stealing the time machine, after Trunks returned from the past and destroyed the Androids in his timeline. So that will also bring an interesting edge to how he sees Trunks.
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Alexander Voss
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Scion of the Void
Not a bad idea JC.

Alexander has met Champa in-character, as well as Tamago. He does not know anyone else.

The main thing that people will know about him, if they get his last name or pay attention to tabloids, is that Alex is the son of Andrew Voss, the CEO of Voss Pharmaceuticals. While not the most prominent establishment, there are some unsavory rumors surrounding it and while most of them are dismissed, a few have taken root.

Alexander has been in these tabloids now and again for talking with aliens as well as collaborating with insect people to take over the planet. Neither of these are true, mind, but those who read those may at least recognize him as being from such.
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Space Snek!

IF I choose to participate Leviathan, she has not known the scenario.

She has met little of those on Earth, including that of Tights, Videl, Zac and Cell.
Her main circle is that of Frieza, Tensile, and Zarbon. She has not met any others of the PTO as of yet.

She will be played in her alienated form, with some human features but including her tail and claws. Her locks of hair will continue to defy gravity!
Currently she is not battleworthy, hence why she will be played on the sidelines if she so chooses to enter this saga.


For chapter one, I played Pan. She is unfortunately non-existent in this chapter!
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Rebel Without a Cause
An excellent idea, Jackie!

Hmmm, lets see...

Despite being around the block Daiz hasn't met a ton of people. He's friends with Raditz and has recently met Mikan. He's also recently became BFFs with Tien too.

He was friends with an old version of Future Trunks, though that's a different version from the one in this saga. The same can be said for Android 18 - Daiz having had a "one field stand" with Future 18, whom he never got a name from and never saw again. So meeting the current 18 and FT should be interesting, to say the least.

Naturally, Daiz dislike Goku. In fact, at one point early after his Resurrection he wanted to kill Goku as much as he wanted to kill Turles. He even killed a Goku Black, because he was convinced it was Goku. He's mellowed a lot since then, but he isn't going to be pleased to see the man that killed him and that shares the same face as someone he hates.

Beyond that, he hasn't met any of the others taking part. So only time will tell how he reacts to all of them.
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Saiyan Vanguard

Mikan gonna be here! Because he can! Also, because this is mostly because of general convenience. He is mostly here because things are popping off, and he is a fighter. He sorta knows Tien and Daiz, best friends with Raditz, and... That is pretty much it at the moment.
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Member Avatar
Being Human
I like this idea a lot, it's pretty neat.

Tien has obviously met Daiz, his not-BFF, he knows about Jackie, he's now learned that 18 exists from Dende and that she's good, but not her name, just what she looks like. He also knows the rest of the typical crew like Goku, Krillin, Gohan, etc. He hasn't met the newer Z Fighters, but if he figures they're good guys he has no issues.

He's also recently met Mikan and Raditz, and is aware at least that Mikan is a Super Saiyan as of right now. He isn't aware that Raditz is, but it wouldn't be a stretch for him to believe, since it currently threw his theory about Super Saiyans out the window.

Tien's also quite isolated and doesn't read newspapers, so he might not know about Alexander, though he reads books enough to know who Tights Brief is and that she exists, so if she's turning up he might figure out who she is just from the general resemblance to Bulma. Whatever their resemblance may be.

Tien doesn't know of Bebi, Caulifla, Champa, Nightshade, Thrakon, Liu Mang or Reijin.
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Son Gohan
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Phenomenal Paragon
May as well chime in on this as well, make sure I express what Gohan does and does not know as well as who. Gohan obviously knows all of the main/canon Z fighters, that's obvious because he's fought beside them and known them for years now. However he's likely unfamiliar with the new recruits, plus although he traveled to Namek with his Future self. They've not actually met in thread, so that bridge has yet to be crossed for them but it wouldn't be hard for him to figure out who he is. Gohan would know of Jackie Chun, from stories his dad told him but not who is underneath it all.

Gohan has met Thrakon and Kale while out and about in the world, he doesn't know a lot about them but that's essentially it on their end. He obviously knows of all the people the Z fighters have fought up to this point including the movies, but beyond that he wouldn't know Bebi, Caulifla, Champa, Nightshade, Mikan, Levi, Liu Mang or Reijin. He'd Recognize Daiz from his more evil days, he knows Zarbon, Frieza but doesn't likely know Cell as of yet. He might of heard of Voss or at least the company itself, given his studies he does from time to time.

Otherwise I think that's about it really.
Edited by Son Gohan, May 29 2018, 09:03 AM.
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Cold Hearted
Bebi has only ever met Zarbon, but knows of Frieza due to his multiple assimilated PTO officers and due to that also knows of basic PTO on going. Other than that, he has never been to Earth and never met anyone that he hasn't murdered horrifically like a Chuckie doll.
Sooo many friends will be made.
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Jackie Chun
Member Avatar
Blowin' Up the RPG!
Great to see all the replies Guys and Dolls! One thing I did forgot to mention about Jackie, is that he is shocked about the return of the saiyan race. After all in his timeline only Vegeta was the last living saiyan by the time the Androids showed up, Goku having died of heart disease, and Gohan being a half breed.
Edited by Jackie Chun, May 29 2018, 07:53 PM.
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Shin Kyto
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Rockin' It!
Though Shin Kyto did not take part in the last saga directly he was one of the victims. Falling into a brief coma due to injury.

Since awakening he has sought out how to make himself stronger. Meeting with Tomago and Thrakon. Also knows of Queen Kholra due to an on going thread set before this event.

He only knows of Z-Fighters due to training with Master Roshi and Tomago.
Edited by Shin Kyto, May 30 2018, 07:23 AM.
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