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It is time...; Mikan and Frieza
Topic Started: Jun 5 2018, 04:17 AM (106 Views)
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Saiyan Vanguard

Mikan had been sitting at the computer for nearly four hours. He had to mill all of this over. There was so much to process. So much had changed in the years since all of the things with his world, and the universe as a whole. With a sigh, he flipped the switch. It was time to get this over with. Lexi was... Skilled. She knew how to contact people, she how to route things to find people who didn't usually want to get contacted. Mikan waited for several moments. He knew what she was doing now. The signal had been sent, not towards someone who would route it to Frieza, but to the Galactic Overlord himself. When it did finally lift, the face of Mikan would on the view screen.

"Greetings Lord Frieza..." He said, pausing for a moment. "I'm not sure if you recall me, but I am Mikan, the Saiyan warrior who offered his blade to help you while we were... Removed from what we once knew." He said, nodding his head once. "I am General of the Saiyan Armies now, and I have come to talk to you about a number of things. I will be honest, forwards, and blunt. I am not a diplomat. I am a soldier. I think it is time to renegotiate the former terms of the PTO and the Saiyan Empire as a whole."

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Lord & Master of all

OOC Notes: This thread is set before Frieza went to planet Namek to make his wishes on the Dragon Balls, so for this thread, he will be on planet Cold still.

“The future is dependently uncertain to those without the power to make change.”
There still hadn’t been any word sent from Zarbon and Tensile, and that was… frustrating, to say the least. Of course, there was still a chance that they hadn’t heard from them due to the fact that the ship was buried and that the proposed communication booster, from Frieza’s ship to that of Tagoma’s or Palkon’s, had not yet been put in place. Nevertheless, the Changeling Prince was just eager and restless. The idea that he could right one of the largest wrongs he had ever received was just too tempting to pass up on. If this was successful then Zarbon would be owed something spectacular for coming up with the idea in the first place.

Still, it wasn’t as if he had anything better to do with his time. Until Tagoma and Palkon arrived to be debriefed on the plan, Frieza couldn’t even make his move against his Father. He supposed that, more so than anything else, was what happened to be grating on him. Not being able to act, even though he had finally returned home. For now, all he could do was wait and with Leviathan otherwise occupied – he could sense that she was off somewhere else on the ship, no doubt allowing her curiosity to get the better of her – he was left to amuse himself in other, less pleasurable ways.

Finishing his glass of wine the Prince floated up from the sofa that he had been lounging on and began making his way across the room to pour another glass. Why had he bothered leaving the bottle so far away, to give himself something to do in getting up? With a sigh, he rolled his eyes, but before he could even make it halfway across the room the far window darkened and the view screen that was built into it flashed to life without warning or permission. No one, besides Levi could access his private network without him first accepting the call, and she was still close enough to contact him through their bond. Just who was this?

“Who dares contact me so abru-” but his words fell dead as the image appeared and recognition took over.

Before the individual even finished introducing himself Frieza remembered who he was, though not his name. Surely he couldn’t be expected to remember every name belonging to the infinite insects he came in contact with throughout the universe? However, this particular individual, who introduced himself as Mikan, had made a mark in the Changeling’s memory; no easy feat to be sure, especially for a Saiyan. Still… he wasn’t the biggest fan of their species and it was hard to ignore that, even with the few of them that he found interesting and bearable.

In truth, it might have the situation and location, rather than the individual, but considering what had happened it was honestly hard to tell which it was. Frieza had been pulled to what had appeared to be a universe outside of existence, along with Mikan, Raditz and a small, rude female whose planet he still fully intended to obliterate. A lot had happened in that place, much of which Frieza did not like to dwell upon overly. However, it could not be denied that, despite history between him and their people, both Raditz and Mikan had shown him reverence throughout it all.

That seemed enough for the Prince to cool his anger and to allow a wave of curiosity to wash over him. This curiosity was further ignited by what seemed to be each line that the Saiyan spoke, for it every part of it came as a surprise to him. Mikan was now a General of the Saiyan forces and, perhaps most surprisingly of all, he wished to renegotiate the terms that had once stood between the Saiyan Empire and the Cold Empire.

“My, what a surprise this is,” Frieza slowly began. He had purposely not replied to anything specific that Mikan had said. “Both that you, General, are contacting me… and that you were even capable of doing so directly.”

That was unfortunate. It had not been long since Frieza had specifically demanded all electronic security be upgraded, to stop this very thing from continuing to happen. However, it seemed that either this Saiyan was in possession of technology capable of circumventing said security upgrades or someone hadn’t done their job properly. Regardless of the truth, someone was like to die for this before the day was out, and they would never know that it had been Mikan, General of the Saiyan army, that had been the cause.

“I must say, your request has… intrigued me.” He added.

With graceful purpose, the Changeling Lord moved across the room sideways on from the screen. His eyes were no longer looking toward Mikan’s image, but rather straight ahead as if he had no care in the world. The truth was, he didn’t. Not really. And even if he did he wouldn’t have dared show it. Negotiation, such as this was, was about power and holding said power. The Saiyan had contacted him and thusly Frieza currently held that power. He wasn’t about to give even an ounce of it up, not if he could help it and especially not until he had at least heard more details.

“Tell me then. What is it that you feel about our former agreement needs addressing?” He asked in earnest.

As he paused his tail swished sharply across the floor and he glanced toward the view screen with a dark expression; an expression that was made all the more unsettling by his light tone. Even when countless light years separated them and Frieza was unaware of his exact location, he wanted the Saiyan to fear him. Being feared was quite the rush, but more so than that it was once more a useful bargaining chip in whatever negotiations they were likely to have.

“If I remember correctly it was your people, led by your King that broke our pact, boarded by vessel and attempted to assassinate me.”

Word Count: 1,021.
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Saiyan Vanguard

"This line is secured. Both Voice and Lexi have ensured that much. My two advanced artificial intelligence units. As for the events of the past. That... Is going to be the first part of it all. While history is indeed fragmented from that time frame, it is known that he, and a handful of elites, attempted to assassinate someone who was miles out of their league in a very dishonorable action." Mikan reached up, shifting the camera to one side, and showing the heads upon pikes from all those, save for King Vegeta himself, who had stormed his ship. "And all but one have been dealt with for their actions. I am not the King, as doing so would involve far, far too much micro managing. But on to more important matters."

He waved his hand once and the camera panned down to him once more, though this time it was without his hand. "The King himself is going to be disposed of. He has made too many enemies, and in doing so, he is in need of an... Early retirement. His replacement is going to be the Queen. She is loyal to the people, not to her ego. Raditz and I are going to ensure that all of this happens in a smooth manner. But on to the details."

With a slow breath, he brought up the original contract with the Saiyan Empire. "The old contact is not... As beneficial to us both as we would like. The warriors that I have crave battle, we both know this, but I also have found those who do not, and who have been picking apart and rebuilding Tuffle technology. It's why I have the AI's that I do. My suggestion is simple: information, technology, and man power for an non-aggression pact and scientific research on both sides. That way you can continue to expand your empire, and the Saiyans can do the same so we won't be competing for the same worlds and resources."

While Mikan knew he was not in the best of bargaining positions, he knew he did have some level of leverage. The fact that he had already proven himself once before was something that was indeed helpful, and would play into his favor, though the fact he now had memories that he probably shouldn't would not come to the surface unless he need to use it for some kind of added measure. Though, knowing how some people worked, it probably would not be the most wise of choices to bring up. For now, he was going to have to play a lot of this by ear.

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