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Jackie Chun
Topic Started: Jul 10 2018, 11:38 PM (48 Views)
Jackie Chun
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Character Name: Jackie Chun (Future Master Roshi likely from the Third Timeline if we are going by the DB Wiki.)

Canon or original character: Canon

Character Race: Human

Character Racial Traits: Determination (+10% Fatigue Threshold)

Heroic Nature (Human's receive a 10% gain boost when defeating villains)

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: Well let’s do some calculations. He was born in Age 430. Since he is from an alternate future timeline he is a bit older than the mainline Master Roshi, but since both are immortals age wise it doesn’t make much difference.

Trunk is born in both timelines in 766. 18 years later in 784 Trunks goes back in time, when he returns he is killed by another Android named Cell, who steels the Time Machine. A year later in 785 Bulma uses a return “Call Back Platform“, that sends Roshi back to where the Time Machine had last traveled to the past. So Jackie is 355, well his mainstream counterpart is 337. Again not that it means much since Roshi doesn’t age.

So 355. Final answer.

Character Alignment: Good.

Starting Planet: Earth

Starting Items: Chewed Senzu Bean: A single Senzu Bean, looks like it's been chewed on. [+10% Health]

Dirty Baseball Cap: A dirty, but perfectly fitting cap with your favorite team's logo embroidered on it. [+5% Durability - Slot: Head]

Starting Technique: Kamehameha

Stats or Pure RP: Stats.

If stats, distribute 500 SP (skill points) between your four stats

Strength: 100
Ki: 200
Agility: 100

Personality: Like his mainstream counter part, Jackie Chun is a kind man, who has helped train, and taken care of multiple students over the generations, opening his home to them as he taught them the ways of the Turtle School. In good times Roshi was known as a successful man, who was beyond his prime, which had turned him into a bit of a lay about, spending most of his time reading porno magazines, watching women exercise programs, playing video games, and ordering fast food pizza.

That is until the death of his prime student the Saiyan Goku. When Goku died of a sudden heart attack, at a relatively young age Roshi was taken a back, shocked at first, but eventually he became overcome with grief. Having been endowed with an immortality that protected him from the affects of age and diseases, he forgot just how young some people are when the grim reaper comes and takes them. After getting over the shock though Chun returned to his previous lay about ways on his island, presuming that the rest of his students, and their friends now calling themselves the “Z Fighters” could take care of any major problem that arose.

It was in the middle of this prolonged retirement that two Androids attacked his students and their friends, and killed them all off except for Gohan, the son of his greatest pupil Goku. Because of his perceived uselessness, caused by his old age on the surface, but really because of his long lazy ways of the past few decades, Roshi’s offer of help was rejected, and he retreated from the world hiding in a submarine as most of the Earth’s population was massacred one city at time.

Years passed, and regret began to fill Chun’s heart. On multiple occasions he wanted to fight the Androids, but always stopped himself for a simple reason. Fear. He believed his best days were long gone, and he hadn’t properly trained himself in decades.

This regret, and drive to make up for his mistakes in the future is what drives Jackie Chun now. Although his former perversions are still a part of his personality to an extent, they have been driven deep into his psyche. He is now driven to reclaim his former title of “The World’s Strongest Man“ in order to protect the planet and it‘s people again. He lived threw the Android’s destruction once, and doesn’t want it to happen again to the word. Now that he has found himself back in the past Roshi is determined to make a difference this time around.

Once the lay about old master, who’s highest aspiration was to sleep with a young twenty something female beauties, now Roshi desires to once again become a true master of the martial arts, and to protect a world that he once failed.

History: Like the Master Roshi of the main timeline, Jackie Chun was born over 300 years ago into a family that had learned the secret of biological immortality. Although ancient compared to many of his contemporizes, his older sister Baba is over 200 years older than he is, and it is also stated this is Mother is also alive.

Well his sister became a master of the dark arts and magic, Master Roshi became a martial artist, a road that eventually lead him to becoming the student of Master Mutaito, the greatest hero of his era, who also became the first human being who was able to us his KI energy. It was during this time that Muten Roshi became partnered up with fellow martial arts aficionado, and former criminal, Master Shen. Although originally not liking each other, mostly because of their different moral alignments, they eventually formed a bond built under the harsh training methods of Master Mutaito.

It was at this time, roughly 300 years before the events of the main series, that a Nameless Namekian was named guardian of the planet Earth. Unknown to anyone at the time, this eventually lead to the original King Piccolo’s birth and then rise to power. As the King Piccolo War began millions of the world’s population was destroyed, as the evil demon desired to ultimately to turn the entire planet into his own personal Kingdom. When Master Mutaito, Master Shen, and Muten Roshi first attempted to defeat this being of pure evil, they all were defeated one by one.

Following this defeat, Master Shen left the Mutaito School, and returned to his evil roots, believing that good could never defeat evil in the end. The great hero Master Mutaito seemingly abandoned the planet to it’s fate, and Jackie Chun went into hiding. Destroying members of King Piccolo’s Army when he could, but ultimately unable to defeat the Demon King on his own.

Years passed, millions of people were killed all around the world. Small towns, villages, and large metropolitan cities were all destroyed seemingly at random as King Piccolo laid waste to human society. It was in this dark time, that Master Mutaito reentered Master Roshi’s life. Claiming to have found a way to defeat the Demon King, Mutaito asked for the help of his last student, and Chun followed his Master into one final battle.

Mutaito and Roshi once again proved unable to defeat the Demon King, but it was during this time of desperation that Master Mutaito used his trump card, an electric rice cooker! Much to the shock of Roshi, and to the bewildered laughter of King Piccolo, Mutaito proved what he had been doing for all those years in the mountains. Unleashing a technique known as the Evil Containment Wave, Master Mutaito was able to trap the considerably stronger opponent inside the electric rice cooker. After trapping the Demon King and saving the world, Master Mutaito slowly passed on, having used his entire life force to trap the would be world conquer. He left the protection of Earth into Roshi’s hands, as he died in his arms.

Decades would past between the Great King Piccolo War, and the start of Dragon Ball. It was during this time the Roshi became The World’s Strongest Man, and the Earth’s great defender. It was during this time that Jackie Chun continued training with Master Korin of Korin’s Tower, meet the new guardian Kami of Kami’s Lookout, and kept his former ally Master Shen, and his brother Tao, in check. It was also during this time that Roshi taught Grandpa Gohan, and the Ox-King how to be martial arts masters, and was when he first won the World’s Martial Arts tournament. Eventually his best student, Grandpa Gohan would be murdered by a mysterious Giant Ape, but Gohan’s adopted Grandson ,the Saiyan Goku, would soon take his place as Roshi’s best student.

As the events of Dragonball, and Dragonball Z stretched on, Muten Roshi became more lazy and lack luster. The excitement of being The World’s Strongest Man had long lost it’s luster, and now that his students were surpassing limits even he had difficulties conquering, Jackie was willing to sit back on his Island and read porno magazines well the younger generation took over his promised duty of being the protector of the world.

By this time Roshi was treated as little more then as a wise old has been, who occasionally could make his students and their friends laugh. Which was fine with Roshi, he enjoyed his leisure filled retirement, and spent most of his time being a lecherous old man, very rarely getting involved in the fights of the younger generation that he had helped mold.

These lazy and happy days weren’t meant to last forever though. One seemingly random day, Chun’s greatest student Goku died of a heart attack despite the Saiyan’s still relative youth. Heart broken over yet again outliving one of his loved ones, Roshi went on a bit of a bender, but eventually accepted the death of his student. Believing that there was nothing the rest of the Z Fighters couldn’t solve, Roshi slowly got back into his old lazy life style, until one day two Androids showed up.

At first Roshi wasn’t to interested. There had been plenty of threats over the years, and time and time again his students or their allies were able to defeat it. After all wasn’t that other Saiyan, what’s his name, Vegata a Super Saiyan himself now? Plus Piccolo and Goku’s son Gohan were no slouches. And yet, by the end of the day all but Gohan would be dead.

At first Roshi offered to help Gohan train, and even planned on getting back into the fight himself, but Gohan politely decline the old man’s offer of help, and instead choose to train himself, well also, eventually, taking Bulma’s son Trunks under his arms.

As this was happening, city after city around the world were being destroy, in a similar fashion to the King Piccolo War of 300 years previously, but unlike his Master Mutaito, Roshi did not head to the mountains to further his own training. Instead he once again put his faith in the younger generation, believing he was simply to old to be of value to the world. So like a miser, he hid upon a well stocked submarine as the last great warriors of Earth were being defeated.

Eventually something had happened. The great hope of the world Gohan had been defeated, and Gohan’s student Trunks was sent back in time, presumably in order to keep Goku alive long enough, so he could defeat the Androids. Whatever seemed to happen to Trunks though, it didn’t change the timeline Jackie Chun was living in.

At first Roshi was in his submarine along with his friends Oolong, Puar, and Turtle. Once the supplies ran out after years of isolation though, all that remained was Roshi. As far as he was able to remember, he had set Turtle free into the ocean to live his life in the wild, Puar had seemingly escaped, Oolong…. well after having died of starvation he had seemingly been made into a meal for Roshi, who went into a long moment of madness afterwards, only being able to draw himself out of it after having a vision of his former Master Mutaito.

With nothing left to live for, and no longer fearing death, Roshi took his submarine back to his long abandoned island home. Once there he looked around at what remained of his legacy. A huge pornography collection made up of magazines, VHS tapes, DVDs, Bluerays, and account names and numbers for numerous pornography websites. A stack of video games, and a couple of video game systems. A large plasma television, a huge refrigerator, and all the modern connivances a man of means could ever want. Was this the house of the former World’s Strongest Man? Or of a teenage boy, who never learned how to grow up?

As he rummaged threw his belongings, he eventually came upon a box marked “21st World Martial Art’s Tournament”. Inside of it he found multiple news articles written about the victory of the great martial art’s Master Jackie Chun, along with picture of himself along with his dead students Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha. There was a thank you letter from a man named Nam, who claimed the Master Roshi was a great hero who helped save his entire village. There was also a World’s Champion title that Roshi never bothered using, seeing it as nothing more then a corny piece of cheap tin. But under that was a black martial arts uniform, that was wrapped around a blue wig.

The wig had been designed to look similar to how his old Master Mutaito wore his hair. And he had used it to trick his students into believing that he was a different person. After putting the wig on once more, Roshi felt the calmness of the old days once again take over his mindset. Placing some glue onto his bald head, he then placed the wig on more permanently this time, and put on the black uniform he had worn all those years ago.

Jackie Chun had officially returned to the world, as Roshi traveled around the post apocalyptic planet for a few months. Defeating multiple bandits, gangs, and tin pot warlords who often controlled important resources that the Androids hadn’t destroyed yet. He did so in secret though, knowing full well that he was still no match for the Androids. Because even though he was able to defeat many “normal” baddies, he found he was unable to do many of his former techniques after living for so many years in isolation on the submarine.

Eventually Jackie Chun found himself at Capsule Corps. It was here that he meet up with is old friend Bulma there was some good news, and something terrible. Trunks had returned from the past, and indeed had kill both of the Androids that were terrorizing the present. Soon after though a green alien, or some kind of creature had killed Trunks in kind, and escaped with the time machine.

Broken by the lost of her son, Bulma at the time, was unable to develop a new time machine. None the less, she eventually told the old Master about a device she called a “call back platform” to travel to where the monster had gone. The call back platform an experimental device, one that she had designed as a final “get out of jail free” card for herself. It was designed to take one person back to the past, following the trail of the time machine to the past, she created it in case the Androids ever properly attacked the Capsule Corporation’s compound, she’d have one final way to go somewhere the monsters could not follow.

Bulma wasn’t sure if the device worked, and the Androids never attacked her, so she had no reason to try to escape to the past on her own, but now she was asking Roshi to go back in time for her. According to Bulma the time machine had gone back a few years before Goku had died, seemingly in the year 763 around the time of the return of Garlic Jr.

Seeing this as not only an opportunity to avenge Bulma’s son, but also make right the many wrongs that had happened because of his laziness, Roshi, wearing his Jackie Chun outfit, used the “call back platform“. Unknown to either Bulma or himself though, Chun was not sent to 763, but instead to the modern day, landing in front of a moss covered time machine.

The theory as to why he had shown up later then expected can be chalked up to the fact that this time frame has had multiple different time traveling events. The Call Back Platform performed perfectly but was unable to pick out which Time Machine to connect to, and the flux landed him a bit further in the future then he had expected.

Still, there was time now. Time to train, time to prepare, time to make right all of his failures of the past. Far from 100%, and still trying to find out how to regain many of his lost techniques, Jackie Chun has decided to once again try to reclaim his title as “The World’s Strongest Man“, and to take up the mantel of one of the Earth’s defenders.

Sample RP:

Chapter 1. The Conclusion of the Android Wars.

It had been over a year since Jackie Chun had left the isolation of his submarine, one year since that terrible time when his mind almost broke because of the actions he took in order to survive. One year since a vision of his Old Master, Mutaito came to him. Was it just his mind playing tricks on him? Or had his old Master really come back to drag him out of the darkness, so he could make a difference again.

Roshi wasn’t sure. What he was sure about though,was that ever since he had put on the disguise he wore during the 21st and 22nd World’s Martial Arts Tournament he had begun to make a difference in this broken world again. He had defeated ranging groups of bandits who were terrorizing the innocent, he had killed tin pot tyrants who raped and pillaged the few hold out communities of the wasteland, he even taught a few young wannabes some simple martial arts maneuvers so they could act like defenders of their small towns.

And yet, his hands would shake at times when he tried to use some of his old maneuvers, and he found that he was unable to perform them anymore. Was he really that out of practice after all the decades of debauchery? Had years of sloth and the pursuit of lust caused his body to weaken to such a state? Or was it simply his guilt still controlling his mind? A self made punishment, for the pain his inactions over the years caused.

It didn’t matter now, Chun thought to himself as he slowly made his way threw the ruins of West City. He occasionally felt the small KI presences of some fellow survivors, but they never bothered to come out of hiding to see him. If they were normal people, they may simple be to afraid now to leave their safe spaces, if they were bandits perhaps they had heard about the killer old man who made evil pay. He had heard his actions being reported as such in some bandit camps over their CB radios, which was one of the few remaining communication lines that the Androids hadn’t managed to destroy.

It had been announced weeks ago threw the Capsule Corps network that Vegeta’s son Trunks had finally destroyed Android’s 17 and 18. Many areas celebrated once the news reached their ears, others refused to believe it, and some of the bandit camps attempted to grab more land and power. Chun had destroyed one such bandit network, run by the Bear Clan who had taken control of Mount Paozu near the foothills of his old students Gohan and his adopted grandson Goku’s home. It was there where he meet up for a short time with his old student Ox-King along with his daughter Chi-Chi.

After killing off the final Bear Clan bandit, Chun learned from his old student the Ox King that her beloved home on Fire Mountain had been destroyed, and all of his subjects with it. He also learned from Ox-King about the death of the Androids, and that Bulma herself had called upon them to make their way to West City.

Chun was making the journey instead, but for a very different reason then mere celebration. He had sensed two huge power level spike around that time, and then the extinguishing of one and the complete disappearance of the other. He had only felt that kind of feeling once before, when his old master, Mutaito had trapped the Demon King in an electric rice cooker using the Mafuba technique.

But Chun had not taught the technique to Trunks, and to his knowledge Trunks had no idea how to use it. So what was going on?

Taking the corner on Briefs Drive, Roshi came face to face with the huge Capsule Corporation compound. The proud set of buildings that once stood as a symbol of mankind’s technological prowess no long shined with a fresh coat of scientific advancement, now they stood covered in cracks, with windows blown out, and black singe marks that came either from KI attacks or simple mankind weaponry.

Like most of the wasteland, the landscape stood in complete silence, only broken by the occasional wind gust, and the slight tapping of Roshi’s shoes on the pavement. Once Roshi got a few hundred yards from the main gate though a large robot suddenly shot up from the ground bellow!

The old master got into a fighting stance, Kame Style #3 to be specific. The robot stood a solid seven feet from the ground, towering over the old man. It had a fresh coat of Capsule Corp white, with the number 164 on it’s round robust torso. Two red eyes stood on stalks above it’s chromed dome, and the lens inside these eye sockets quickly focused on the old timer.

Chun’s mind quickly began to plan out attack strategies. The robot seemed solidly built, as was expected from the Capsule Corporation, but like most of their bots it’s appearance was relatively human. It stood on two legs, had two arms, and besides the stalks and enlarged eyes on top of it’s head had the same build of a normal man. Which meant it had the same joint weakness of a man, the mechanical beast was simply larger, and weighed more.

It’s red eyes scanned the old man up and down for a moment, Jackie didn’t move a muscle as he prepared to counter attack whatever this piece of modern technology was about to throw at him. All it did though was speak.

“Scan finalized. Results tallied with a 98.5% accuracy. Conclusions, you are Master Roshi. Founder of the Turtle School. Friend of Bulma Briefs. Keep eye on in case of sexual deviancy. Threat level: Friend. Access to CC Compound, Granted.“ The bot was talking in a loud mechanical hum before, but then suddenly switch it’s voice to what can only be described as a salesman’s pitch .“Welcome to the Capsule Corporation, enjoy your time here as you take our tour! Remember no flash photography of any kind, and don’t forget to buy a souvenir in our gift shop for your journey home. You can also join the Capsule Corporation Club at our gift shop, and don‘t forget to sign up for our monthly Capsule Corporation Loot Capsule Club!”

With that the mechanical guard dove back underground, the hole his massive girth created seemingly covered up instantly, as if it never existed in the first place. As Chun let his guard down, the massive front gate made a large clicking sounds, and the rusted gears squeaked as if they were in pain as the large metal gate moved to one side.

Roshi made his way towards the main build of the compound, and the gate behind him squeaked close almost as noisily at it had opened.

As Chun continued to slowly walk towards the main building he made a quick scan of the grounds around him. There were large cracks in the pavement, parts of it melted as if from great heat. Some of the dead trees near by were burnt from what to Roshi’s eyes looked like KI blasts. The grass was trampled on in areas, mostly around where four small pillars seemed to have stood, but whatever had made them was not there now. All that remained was a large pool of dried dark red blood.

“Roshi? Master Roshi is that you?”

Jackie looked up away from the dried blood as he continued to walk forward. There before him was the slightly middle aged Bulma Briefs. She was wearing a ball cap with the lid turned backwards, and a white mechanic suit that had the Capsule Corps’ CC brand on the right breast. She was covered in black oil and held a metallic wrench in her right hand. She had put on a bit of weight, and there were bags under her eyes as if she hadn’t slept in a long time. None the less she was if anything rather more breathtaking then even in the past, she had filled out even more in her older age, and now had a proper hour glass look to her.

“Steady on old man” Chun thought to himself. “Thoughts like what you were about to think is how you got in this state in the first place.”

As his stopped his mind from thinking about what she’d look like without anything on, he simply smiled. It was good to see another old friend. “Hello Bulma. You are looking well.” He finally said as he was a mere 10 yards away from her.

Tears began to fill up in her eyes as she dropped the wrench by her side and ran up to him. Soon her arms wrapped tightly around him, and her body pressed tightly against his. This time though any thoughts of her sexual beauty wasn’t on his mind, because tears streamed down her face as she buried it on her shoulder. Her walling and wallowing echoed for what sounded like miles.

“He’s dead Roshi! He took him from me! After all he did for us, and fate stole my baby boy right from under me!!!”

Jackie placed his arms around her in a comforting fashion, as she continued to let out cries of agony. She must have been keeping this buried deep inside her all this time. It was as he feared though , what he had sensed all those days ago was the death of Earth’s latest hero. Trunks. The unlikely son of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs, the man who had saved the world from the plight of the Androids had been killed.

Chapter 2. An Old Man’s Regrets

Bulma was wearing a simple blouse now, along with a pair of Mom’s jeans and some simple slippers as she washed the dishes. Jackie stood by her side drying them off with a white towel, as he considered it the least he could do after the fresh meal she had made for him. She still looked ravaged by the lack of sleep, but did seem to be happy to be in his company.

“So they destroyed much of West City but left your Father’s compound largely intact?” Roshi asked as he dried one of the plates off she had handed him with a white towel.

“I never told Trunks, but I think they left us alone largely because they hoped he would get a bit stronger over time so he’d be a bit more of a challenge for them. He always thought they were some kind of hell spawn, but I knew this entire time what they really were. Kids. Even as they got older that’s what they were. Teenage brats, getting enjoyment over the pain and suffering they caused others. Hell I feel in love with a man who was like that once. A part of Vegeta never did get over the joy of hurting people. Even if he was slowly changing before…..”

She paused slightly, but she had obviously cried enough for now because instead of continuing to talk about Vegeta’s impulses, she simply changed the subject slightly, and instead talked a bit about what happened when Trunks went back to the past.

“You should of heard Trunks when he got back talking about his Father. I don’t know all the details, but in the end I guess Vegeta showed him that he did really love him. Can you believe that? Our Vegeta showing love to someone in public? He wouldn’t even do that with me even after I became his lover!”

Roshi scoffed a bit, but just said with a smirk. “Sometimes we don’t really know what we care about, until we’ve almost lost it.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true enough.”

After they finished washing the dishes Bulma made them up some hot tea, and they made their way out to the large deck that over looked the devastated city. Chun didn’t say much at first, as he was simply enjoying the moment. It had been awhile since he had a good cup of tea, and he could just stretch out a bit in a nice lawn chair.

“How’s Turtle?” Bulma asked once she had settled down into a chair next to his.

In a tone more somber then he meant it Jackie simply responded with, “I don’t know. From what I remember one day I took the submarine up for some air, grabbed him by the shell and threw him over board. I told him to go back to living in the wild and to forget about us. Forget about all of this. After all those metal nightmares never seemed to attack wild life. If they found him with me though, they’d of killed him. And our food supply was almost completely out.”

“Puar?” She asked after sipping some tea.

“I don’t know.” Was all Chun said. He really couldn’t remember what happened to the shape shifter. All he knew for sure was there was no sign of her on the sub or on his island. Wherever she had gone to, he just couldn’t remember. He hoped it was because she had disappeared one night well he was drunk, and it wasn’t simply his mind blocking something out.


Jackie just looked at the ground, attempting to have a blank look on his face. He knew Oolong was dead, but he didn’t want to say anything or relive that. It had snapped his mind once, and it took the spirit of his old Master to bring him back to reality.

“You hitting on young women again? Is that why you started wearing that ridiculous wig again?” Bulma said with a smile, trying to change the subject and get the old man’s mind off whatever had happened to Oolong.

“Oh this?” Chun’s fingers combed threw the wig as he blushed. “Well I found it again looking threw some of my stuff after I left the submarine for good. Guess I saw it as a way to begin again. Master Roshi had failed the world, but Jackie Chun? He was a World Champion as far as anyone who remembered him knew.”

“Oh come on Roshi, you didn’t fail the world.” She said with a look of genuine concern on her face.

Roshi took one final large gulp finishing his tea off, and then placing the cup on a nearby lawn table. He then stood up and slowly made his way to the white fence that was just before the end of the balcony. He leaned up against it slowly, and looked out as the sun began to set over the destroyed building of West City.

“I failed the world in more ways then you know Bulma. This isn’t the first apocalypse I ever lived threw. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this land like this.”

Bulma stood up, placing her cup down on the same table as she made her way towards the old man. She placed her hand on his shoulder slowly as she spoke. “We all have regrets Roshi. If you could of done something you would have. We all know that.”

Chun closed his eyes slowly as she said that, but soon opened them again. “You know I tried using the Evil Containment Wave on a black cat the other day. Did the motions exactly as I remember it, got the sealing bottle out, and used the right amount of KI, and all that happened was my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. I don’t know if it’s simply because I’m to weak now, or if a part of me simply doesn’t want to admit to itself that I could have trapped those two in a bottle decades ago, and ended this even before your lover died.”

“Doesn’t that move have a chance of killing you?” She said for a moment.

“It depends on your level of mastery.” He then paused for a moment as he opened his eyes over looking the city wasteland once more. “And who cares if I had died? Had I even been able to trap one of the monsters, then the rest of the gang could of killed the other one. It was always the fact that they worked in tandem that they were so dangerous. What is my life worth compared to the millions who died?”

She rubbed his shoulder but didn’t really respond to that.

“This isn’t the first time something like this happened to this world Bulma. During the King Piccolo War this same thing happened. The great Demon King defeated Shen and I, and then even my Master. After that Master Mutaito headed for the mountains and trained for years to find a way to defeat the beast. Meanwhile I hid myself away, only saving people when I knew for certain that I could defeat the minions King Piccolo had laid upon them, until one day my Master returned. Using the Evil Containment Wave my Master did what all heroes do, he saved the world, even if it cost him his life. As he died in my arms I promised him that I would honor his teachings and continue to defend the world in his memory.”

Chun made a fist with his right hand, as the tension of the moment got to him. “This time when the wolf was at the gate again, I did what I had done 300 years before. I hid away and let someone else deal with the problem. Then when it cost me everything, even my sense of reality only one thing brought me back to this world….”

The image of Master Mutaito standing in front of him that day, flashed before his eyes again. The old man simply yelled:


Roshi turned towards Bulma and looked into her eyes as tears slowly filled his own. He fought back to make sure they would not fall, but he could not deny that they were there.

“My Master appeared before me, and reminded me what I had been. I was once the World’s Strongest Man. The defender of the planet as my Master had been before me, but the instant my students got strong enough, I slacked off. More concerned about the pleasure of the flesh, and living the easy life. I preferred to try to sleep with young twenty year old women than train anymore. I became so arrogant, believing that I was such an amazing Master that my students surely could solve any problem. And then once the darkness came again, unlike my own master who went to the mountains to figure out the answer on his own. I hid under the ocean. Content with my large food supplies and pornos. Telling myself that there was nothing I could do after all, even when the world feel apart.”

Chun took a deep breath and then slowly continued with his rant.

“Muten Roshi failed his promise. He allowed chaos to rise again, so is it any surprise that Jackie Chun would return? I’ve used many name over the years, but that one, that one hadn’t failed anyone. I could begin again. So once I reclaimed the reality of this world, I made up my mind, to once again do what I was always destined to do, even if I wasn’t the best anymore, even if I was an old man beyond my prime. I had to fight back. So I traveled from town to town, doing small acts of kindness, defeating the occasional wannabe dictator or bandit gangs. Telling myself with enough good deeds I’d get my skills back, and would be able to help your son. Eventually I found out that he had destroyed the demon robots on his own, and then mere moment later I sensed it. The moment that he died.”

Tears filled Bulma’s eyes for a moment, but she then reached her hand backwards and then firmly swatted the old Master across his face.

“You stupid old pervert! Don’t you dare start saying that! Don’t you dare claim you could of saved him! Don’t you do it! Uhg and I thought I hated you when you just acted like you wanted to sleep with me! He was my SON Roshi! Don’t you go pretending that you could have been a hero!”

Shocked by the fact that she had struck him, Jackie didn’t respond right away, but soon he spoke up. “I’m sorry Bulma. For anything I ever did to hurt you.”

Rage filled her eyes for a moment as she then turned her back on him.

Jackie wasn’t sure what to say at first, but eventually she spoke up again before he did. “You want a second chance is that it? To begin again? To save my son?”

“If I could I would…..”

“Would you?” She responded slowly as she looked into his eyes questioningly.

Chapter 3. A Mother’s Wish.

Roshi looked over the pictures Bulma had laid out on the table. Between the bunsen burners, odd blueprints, and mechanical parts he didn’t understood, were the images captured by the Capsule Corporation’s security system of Trunks’ final moments alive. A strange green creature, that looked almost like a giant grasshopper had killed the young half Saiyan. Roshi hadn’t seen anything like it, in his long life.

“Well it’s not a Namekian.” Chun said as he stroked his beard with one hand, and used his other to move around the pictures showing the creature at other angles.

“I know that.” Was all Bulma said as she rummaged threw a box of parts, and applied them to the strange platform she was working on.

“You saw Freeza and his Father, I didn’t get to did they…”

“No. They had grey skin with some purple patches.”

This creature was ugly as hell, but besides that didn’t look like any Earth creature he had ever seen. It had some intelligence though obviously since it had used the Time Machine.

“Why do you think it’d take the time machine? Do you think it’s another plan by the Red Ribbon Army?”

“Maybe, but the few scans the system got of that thing showed that it’s completely biological, not robotic. It doesn’t even have any cybernetic upgrades. Dr. Gero may have dabbled in other sciences, but this would be a stretch for him. Granted the bastard was smart, my Father claims he was almost as brilliant as he is. Which if you knew my Father well would scare you.” She continued working on the strange platform, welding something to something, the air was soon covered in heavy smoke as the torch flames’ light flickered against her black welding goggles.

Roshi then grabbed a nearby tablet and pushed the play button on it‘s screen. The young Saiyan was ambushed by this creature, he put up a fight for a few moments, but then the beast snapped the purple haired teens neck. After that it seemed to shrink down for a minute as it entered the time machine and took off. None of this made any sense. Although it looked similar of one of King Piccolo’s offspring, he never knew one that could easily change it shape, and surely not one as powerful as a Super Saiyan. So where did this thing come from?

“Ok Roshi. It’s time, if you honestly want to do this.” Bulma said as she moved away from the large platform, and instead towards a computer keyboard. She typed a few things which turned on a couple of screens around them room on, after typing a few more the sounds of multiple generators starting up began to echo throughout the entire compound.

“This is my “Call Back Platform“. A one time final escape plan for me. The idea was if the Androids attacked this place again it would mean that Trunks had failed. This device if it works would have locked onto the path of the Time Machine and using something I’ve termed the time stream, would force my essence threw space time, and pushing my mind and body to the last coordinates of the Time Machine. Basically it was my final escape plan to leave this nightmare. If nothing else I could see Vegeta and the gang again, maybe figure out a new way to defeat these beast. Not that I could have really done anything, but I could of felt what life was like before again if nothing else.”

Chun walked up towards Bulma who looked at him, and then sighed slowly.

“I can’t promise you this will work Roshi. I conceived it as a last ditch effort, I figured even if it didn’t work I’d die by my hand and not by those damn Androids. But now… there is nothing to go back to anyways. That green thing would kill me pretty easily anyways. What am I going to do? Shoot it with a laser weapon that won’t work?”

The room glowed computer screen blue as Bulma then walked up face to face to Roshi. She then grabbed the Old Man by the beard pulled him closer to her, and kissed his forehead.

“So here is the deal you silly old pervert. The best that I can tell, that green thing landed sometime around 763.”

Jackie was taken aback by Bulma’s forehead kiss for a moment, but was quickly snapped back to reality by the mention of that date.

“763... Let’s see.” Roshi thought back to around that time, letting his mind flow back to a time gone by. “Wasn’t that the year Garlic Junior showed up again?”

“Around then, yeah.” She responded.

“You think that thing is somehow connected with that wannabe tyrant? I don’t remember any of Junior’s henchmen looking like that thing.”

“Neither do I, but it could be anything at this point. Listen now: closely Roshi. Whatever reason that, thing, choose to go back to that time, it really doesn’t matter to me. What matters is stopping him from whatever it’s trying to do. And above all else… KILL THE SON OF A BITCH WHO STOLE MY SON FROM ME. Trap him in a bottle, do whatever you have to do, but you make sure however long it takes you, to make sure that bastard pays for what he did.”

Roshi knew he couldn’t perform the Mafuba yet, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t relearn it once he figured out what the hell was going on with him.

He shock his head yes in her direction, and then simply said. “What now then Bulma?”

She sighed deeply, as if she felt guilty about what was going on. She pointed to the platform. “What’s going to happen is this. You stand on that platform, and if my calculations are correct, you’ll be forced threw space time until you land in front of wherever the Time Machine is.”

The turtle hermit looked into her eyes for a moment, but then the old man turned and made his way onto the platform.

“This is only going to work once if it does work.” Bulma said as tears gathered in her eyes again. “The platform won’t last, and I don’t have what I need to make another one. It’s a last ditch effort. That’s all it was suppose to be. You don’t have to do this Roshi. We can just forget everything, and can just rebuild here.”

Chun thought for a moment about it, but then shock his head no. He had failed far to badly, this was a chance to make a difference again. To begin again, and make it right. Make it all right. “Don’t worry Bulma, I’ll fix everything, and then this world won’t happen.”

She sighed slowly as he said that. “It doesn’t work like that Roshi. When Trunks came back here he didn’t change our history, he simply created a new timeline. What you will be doing is going back even before he arrived, and at best getting justice for my boy. But if you do this, you won’t ever be coming back here.”

Chun looked down for a moment as Bulma came towards him with a small bag. She then handed it to him.

“There are a few capsules here. Ones I planned on using myself if I ever had to escape. Some food, water, a watch that will lock onto the old satellites and tell you the time and date you are in, as well as work as a GPS, and few other things that you may get some use out of.”

A few tears rolled down her cheeks as he took the small pouch from her.

“Ox-King and Chi-Chi would like to hear from you Bulma. You should go to them after this. Get away from all this pain, live a little.” Jackie said with a smile, as he cleared the tears off her cheek.

“You can stay here Roshi. I can’t even promise this won’t kill you if we activate it. You can just stay here and we will forget about everything.”

“I’m an immortal Bulma” Roshi responded with purpose in his voice. “One who failed to do anything twice now when the world needed him most. Even if I stay here all that will happen is I’ll live a long life until eventually someone will kill me. And however long that takes, I’ll have to live with that regret. Of not doing anything. I can’t live with that pain stuck in the pit of my stomach for that long. If this thing kills me now, it will be doing me a small mercy. And if it does do what you say, it will give me a chance to do something right for the first time in a very long time.”

Jackie hugged the middle aged woman tightly and kissed her forehead in the same matter that she had kissed him earlier.

“Don’t be like I am now Bulma. Don’t become an old woman who regrets her choices, who regrets how she lived in isolation, in a prison of her own making. Go back out their, reconnect with Chi-Chi and Ox-King, and whatever other friends you can find again. Start a new life with them. Don’t be like me, a man who can’t let go of the past.”

She didn’t say anything to that. She simply walked over to the keyboard, typed a few more things and then looked up one final time at him.

“I’m going to miss you, very much you old pervert.” She smiled at him and then pushed a button as white light suddenly overtook everything Jackie Chun could see, until eventually his senses felt nothing at all except oblivion.

Final Chapter: Begin Again.

Jackie couldn’t remember how long he had been standing there, but suddenly he took a huge breath and he realized he was outside, on a bright sunny day. The birds were chirping around him, as he began to breath heavily. He fell to one knee then as his right hand lifted up to the center of his chest. He was suddenly in considerable pain. Kami above, was he having a heart attack?!?!

The old man’s left hand wouldn’t stop shaking for a few minutes, as he open and shut his eyes over and over again, until eventually things seemed to return to normal. His shortened breath was gone, the sharp pain in his chest ended, and then he slowly felt “normal” again.

Muten Roshi took a good look at the landscape surrounding him. He was in a wooded area, somewhere in the countryside. The area was covered in browns and greens, except for one obvious piece of man made machinery. Before him was the yellow time machine.

The modern technological wonder was covered in a green overgrowth, and the see threw top was blasted open, the center of it looking like a hole surrounded by melted glass. He looked around a bit more, but didn’t see much else in the immediate areas.

It had worked. Jackie Chun was back. The old man then reached into the small bag Bulma had handed him, and pulled out a Capsule with a tiny letter W written on it in black marker. Pushing the button down, the old master dropped the Capsule onto the ground, and with a white poof a large watch appeared on the grass covered ground.

Roshi picked it up, placed it upon his left wrist, and slowly pushed some button on it. The most important fact he discovered that moment though, was that he was in 767 instead of 763 as he had thought he would be.

He would never know that the reason the Call Back Platform sent him here was because of the multiple time machines affecting this general area of space time, but Jackie just assumed that Bulma’s original calculations of when the time machine had arrived was off.

With little worry about the reason for this change in time, Jackie Chun instead saw the opportunity that had just presented itself to him. He could do it now, begin again, and try to make right all the wrongs he had made in the past.[/center]
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