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Blue Rumble!; Saga Battle!
Topic Started: Jul 25 2018, 12:42 PM (1,222 Views)
Android 13
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The Bomb!
Now that his own power had swelled, it was a threat to the other androids. It appeared that 16 was slightly more powerful than his base form. It was oddly interesting that it took so long for the dear doctor to make an android stronger than him, 16 was stronger, and 17 was about as strong as his peak power, maybe a little weaker. Either way, with these new cores and CPUs, he was going to be a hell of a lot harder to take down, and he was going to make people suffer greatly. Sure, he looked insane with this blue color and orange hair, but he didn't care in the long run. It was the power that was currently running that made it all worth it.

Warning! Dr. Gero's Shut Switch has been activated, generators on restricted use.

“Well, fucking great.” He said, shaking his head and looking over and each person. He could kill several of them in short order. The woman who was battling against 14 and 15 appeared to have a defender, the one who was with her, the human male, had some power as well, but not enough to really last long. Beating them down won't take long. Next, he looked over at Goku and the ones who were helping to defend him. Tienshinhan, he was probably the strongest of the group, oddly enough, but he had bigger problems.

Android 16 Inbound … Intentions unknown.

That was going to make things interesting as well. He would turn towards the massive android, who was now smaller than him in the over all. While he was indeed powered up this much, he knew he could do more, as the main reason he had been built was in the hidden feature that Dr. Gero had not seemed to place in any of the others. At least not that he had seen yet. This limiter removal was risky, but he knew it was helpful in the long run of things.

And seeing as the Saiyan Raditz, and someone known as Mikan (both of which had MINIMAL data at best in the Super Computer, and one of them should be dead.) were here, and these two, with their ally, the alien Daiz, had been able to thrash Android 14 and 15 without much more than a broken sweat. Those three would be the most dangerous, followed by Tienshinhan and then he could kill Goku. His programming would be complete, and he could as he wanted to, not what others felt he should. With the level of power he carried, no one on the planet would really hold a candle to him. Maybe the Saiyans if they really pushed it, but right now, there was nothing serious in his way. The Saiyans might even leave the world and seek out their home world!

That was an idea. But for now, he had to focus on the task at hand. Android 16 was heading towards him, for reasons unknown. Perhaps it was to settle the score, much like what 13 had wanted to do when they first woke up and 16 had tried to take instant command. And this way, once 16 was out of the picture, he could finally take out Son Goku and call it a day. The others androids would fall in line behind him, and the so called Earth Special Forces would fall before him. A dark grin spread across his face and his looked at the approaching Android.

“Finally showin' up to settle things with me?” He asked, floating towards the approaching Android. “Or is this ya way of giving up?”


OOC Note: Please refrain from posting here until Staff states it is ok to do so!
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Android 16
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The Bomb!
It hadn’t taken Android Sixteen all that long to reach the location of Android Thirteen, mostly because all of the individual battles were relatively close to each other - each scattered about the tattered remains of the former Doctor known as Gero. Though all of that was of little consequence to the large Android and as he came in to land his eyes quickly took in all those that surrounded him. There were several individuals positioned throughout the immediate area, all of whom were clearly here to fight against the “Android menace”, but the ginger Android barely even skimmed over them with a quick glance. None of them were of importance to him. It was another that held his attention and gaze now; Android Thirteen, or rather the figure that felt like Android Thirteen. It certainly no longer looked like him.

He was enormous, even by Sixteen’s standards, but more bizarrely than that his skin was a deep shade of blue and now, instead of the skin-like substance that covered his mechanical innards, parts of his body were covered in thick sheets of protective metal. It gave him the appearance of wearing armour. It was another change still, albeit a more humorous one by the understanding of Sixteen’s systems, his hair was akin to Sixteen’s own in colour and standing on end, much like the Saiyan Vegeta’s. There was a joke about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, but such was beyond the large Android’s comprehension.

“Number Thirteen you are defective. I cannot allow you to destroy all that is good about this world.” He stated clearly and sternly. “I will stop you!”

Without further warning and no hesitation, Sixteen punched the air ahead of him, despite the distance between both large Androids. With a loud hiss and a blast of smoke around his forearm, his fist rocketed forward toward the bigger, blue Android’s face. However, number Sixteen didn’t wait around to see if his attack would be successful. He could sense how strong Thirteen now was and such an attack would not end the hillbilly. Instead, the robot with the mohawk rushed forward until he was little more than a few steps away from his opponent. Sliding to a stop, his feet digging down into the dirt, he threw both his hand and stump ahead of himself and allowed his energy to surge in the shape of a powerful attack.

Sixteen was holding nothing back. He couldn’t afford if he wanted to defeat Thirteen… then he could finally get back to his primary objective of killing Son Goku.

Android Word Count (Ryan): 429.
Total Android Word Count (Ryan): 5,296.

Battle Info.

OOC Notes: To all members involved in the saga, please do NOT post yet! A posting order will be put up when it's time!
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Android 13
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The Bomb!
When 16 arrived, Android 13 knew there was going to be a fight. His orbs locked on the android and he shifted slightly, looking down at 16 and crossing his arms as he waited for the attacks to start up. Upon hearing the words about him being defective and how 13 was going to stop him. Personally, he couldn't care about the world as a whole. Everything that was on the world is something that can be used and turned into an asset, anything that was otherwise... Was something to be cast aside and dropped into a waste bin... Which is where this one was going to go. This Android who simply did not understand what he had become. By the time he was done talking, 13 had already created his plan.

Activating Core 1 … Core 1 active … Accessing Drive Function 12 … Emergency Release Protocols Engaged

Activating Core 2 … Core 2 active … Accessing Drive Function 12 … Emergency Release Protocols Engaged

Activating Core 3 … Core 3 active … Accessing Drive Function 12 … Emergency Release Protocols Engaged

When the android raised his fist, 13 didn't even flinch, he knew what was about to happen to him. Android 16 followed a set pattern when attacking. It would start with a rocket punch, then followed by an energy attack. Thanks to the effect of pulling from all his cores at once, he could do something like this, even when, some how, the dear Doctor's Shut Switch had been activated, he was going to be able to do something that the dear pride and joy of Dr. Gero would never be able to understand. The punch came in, followed by the point blank attack from 16, both of them connected with the body of the massive monster... And he stood there, like a stoic monster preparing to tear apart a helpless fool.

Reaching out, it would finally become apparent just what was happening within the Android before him. With all three of the cores running, it was going to, for this instant only, bypass the usual shut down signal. In a blinding flash of both speed and power, Android 13 would wrap his hands around the throat of 16, and the belt line as well. Lifting him into the air, the roar that escaped him was like that of a dinosaur about to crush a human under foot. He didn't jump, or fly off, he shifted, bringing the android down upon his knee like he was man who had merely adopted the power. He wasn't born into power, raised within in, molded by it. 13 had not seen weakness in another until he was already fully programmed.

I am not the detective one, 16... I am Dr. Gero's vision of power! It's time to get with the program... Enjoy yer stasis lock... I'll be back for ya See Pee You and Core after I finish off our little... Guests...” He said, looking up at the group before him. “Now... Where did we leave off? Oh yes... I was breakin' ya, wasn't I, Boy?” He asked, pointing at Goku.

Core 1 … Returning to Shut Down Mode … Unlimited Energy Deactivated …

Core 2 … Returning to Shut Down Mode … Unlimited Energy Deactivated …

Core 3 … Returning to Shut Down Mode … Unlimited Energy Deactivated …

Core Temperature … 66c … Coolant Systems Normal …

Battle Info.

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Android 16
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The Bomb!
It wasn’t until after both of Sixteen’s attacks had landed against Thirteen’s midsection that the smaller of the two ginger Androids realised the true difference between the two of them. While the former was the newer design and had been the stronger of the two, by a considerable amount, it seemed that Thirteen’s “transformation”, as it were, had drastically turned the tables between the two of them. Several thousands of calculations flashed through his cranium and not a single one came back with a potentially positive outcome. Every next step resulted in the potential destruction of himself and there was nothing he could do about it.

In a flash Sixteen’s large frame was lifted by the blue hulk of an Android before being slammed down across Thirteen’s large, solid knee. The machine with ginger Mohawk cried out as his pain receptors flared intensely, mostly along the length of his spinal support and across the core of his frame. Thirteen then toss Sixteen aside like a ragdoll, who then slammed into the side of a nearby cliff face at tremendous speed.

As the dust cleared Sixteen was lying in almost a seated position against the side of a nearby cliff, where Thirteen had violently tossed him after breaking his spinal support. The large Android, though clearly no longer the largest on the field anymore, found he could no longer even more. He was, as an organic might same, completely paralysed. While that was worrying, for he was now little more than scrap metal or a sitting target, it was of little consequence since his damage assessment systems were still informing him that he was beyond the limits of what his on-board self-repair programmes were capable of. In short, he was dying.

Death. Such a strange concept for a machine. A concept that Sixteen, who was newly awoken, had not yet had the chance to truly dwell on. In many ways, including this one, he was akin to a child. A child knew of things such as death but had no need to consider it or truly understand what it meant. While number Sixteen understood the definition of it, it was only now, as his vision darkened and he felt his systems shut down one after another, that the true understanding was dawning on him… coupled with a somewhat perplexing and new feeling; Android Sixteen was afraid.

His systems came back online but everything remained dark. He was, deep within his circuits and programmes, alive. However, with all the damage that Sixteen had taken he was still utterly out of action. His back components had been torn apart and bent, his right arm from the elbow down was completely missing, and a large chunk of his forehead on the left side was gone, exposing the sparking circuits beneath. As much as it went against his core programming his life, as well as potentially all of the life on this planet, was no in the hands of the very organics he had been programmed to kill… including that of Son Goku.

When, or rather if he came out of his unconscious state, that was going to take a lot of time to come to terms with.

Android Word Count (Ryan): 555.
Total Android Word Count (Ryan): 5,851.

Battle Info.

OOC Notes: To all members involved in the saga, please do NOT post yet! A posting order will be put up when it's time!
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Android 17
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Fresh Meat
Weird. #17 thought, as he soared through the air, propelled silently along by his gravity manipulators. Those power spikes from just now, they’re gone.

It was true, there had been various surges of biological energy (what the humans referred to as ki) from the direction the raven-haired teen was currently heading in, which was not surprising when you considered that the number of androids that had been woken up in that lab, all of them eager to test their mechanical strength on whoever happened to be nearby. Of course, he was no exception and the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, had been the unfortunate individual who’d had to face #17.

Whatever. A light smile creased his lips. He’s still breathing, isn’t he?

Yes, Vegeta was still alive, saved from execution by the daughter of Dr. Brief, a rival to his own creator, probably the only living person who could claim that title. He didn’t know what Bulma had been doing here, but he surmised that it had everything to do with the gaggle of imbeciles who had turned up at Gero’s doorstep this afternoon; they shouldn’t have been able to find this place but, then again, they shouldn’t have been able to defeat #19.

Perhaps.... Thought #17, ...Gero wasn’t all that.

The dark-haired cyborg came up over a ridge of destroyed mountain which dropped off on the other side into a deep, wide crater which could only have been the site of the laboratory (his computer confirmed the coordinates even as his brain connected the dots). Within the crater, there were further pockmarks, evidence of whatever skirmishes had followed the destruction of the lab.

#17’s eyes zoomed in on these scars in the landscape one by one. The first was empty (though his scanners could have told him as much), the terrain was charred and blackened in places, but there were no bodies here; either nobody had died there, or they had really died there.

”Huh?” He said, as his cybernetic eyes scanned the next location.

This time, there were bodies. This wasn’t what surprised him, however. What surprised #17 was who the bodies belonged to. It was #14 and #15, his robotic step-brothers that had lost their lives (if you could really call them that) here. #17 was shocked; these were android built by Gero. Inferior models to #18 and himself in every way, to be sure, but still far beyond any human or, he thought, any Saiyan. Even more surprising was that the fallen forms of Gero’s creations were not accompanied by any of the riff-raff who had appointed themselves the Earth’s defenders. He could accept that they might be able to overwhelm the weaker androids through sheer numbers, but to do so and not lose a single one of their own…

”They probably, took their dead with them when they fled.” He reasoned.

Yet #17 wasn’t able to shake the strange feeling of foreboding that had fallen over him. None of this was supposed to happen, the humans had somehow come into knowledge that should have been impossible for them to acquire, not to mention their power was far higher than predicted. He continued on, faster than ever, to the sole remaining location where he could sense the energy of all of the non-android fighters.

He arrived to a scene of confusion and chaos. #16 was doing battle with somebody he had never seen before, a blue beast that made the massive android look puny in comparison. Several of the humans were nearby, though they had backed off to a safe distance so as not to be swept up in the conflict going on before them. More signals were approaching from the East, these were powerful, rivaling that of Vegeta’s power and, in some cases, surpassing it.

#17 watched the battle and assessed the situation. He had always assumed himself to be the most powerful of Gero’s creations but, right before his very eyes, #16 proved him wrong. The speed and ferocity of the attacks these two were throwing at each other were almost too much for his augmented eyes to keep up with and he struggled to follow the flow of their battle. Whoever this blue person was, they were just as strong as #16, easily able to keep pace with his armored form.

”This...can’t be possible.” He said to himself, stopping dead in his tracks, mouth hanging agape at the two beings who had seemingly surpassed him.

The two monstrous warriors continued to trade blows in a blur of green and blue until the unknown behemoth caught #16 by the throat and proceeded to brutally slam the android over his knee. The blow sounded like thunder and #17 audio mufflers kicked in to prevent his circuits from being damaged by the sheer sound of the impact.

”No way...” #17 uttered as he watched the light of consciousness drop from #16’s face.

He couldn’t tell if he was dead or not (it was nearly impossible to tell with a being that was designed to give off no trace of its presence) but he was certainly out of the fight. That was when the good news continued to pile up.

Alert: Main generator offline, switching to reserve power.

What the hell is going on?

#17 scanned the warning that had appeared on his optical overlay, confirming the alert that he had just heard. His generator, the source of the limitless energy that made him and the other androids so formidable, had just stopped working! All of his other systems were online and reading at full capacity, but he was running on backup power. He looked frantically around him for the cause of this disruption and found that the cluster of approaching power signals was starting to arrive. Leading the pack was none other than Son Goku’s (meant to be deceased) brother, Raditz, who pulled to a rapid stop and addressed #17 with a cocky grin. The Saiyan said something, but #17 wasn’t really listening to him; he was too busy looking at the big blue beast who was heading in his direction.

#18 was right... He thought, floating away from the orange-haired creature just as quickly as he approached. ...I don’t need this. Let these idiots deal with the Steroid Smurf here.

With a whir of servo motors that only he could hear, android #17 fled, rocketing away from Raditz and the other approaching warriors as fast as his gravity manipulators would carry him. He watched the readout on his heads-up-display with growing unease as, for the first time ever, he saw his energy reserves start to deplete.

WC: 1,099/6,546

Battle Info.
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Android 13
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The Bomb!

Posted Image


Android 16 has stood against the now Super Android 13 and has almost paid the ultimate price. Nevertheless, he will no longer be of any help to anyone present in this battle. Android 17 has chosen to flee not only from the battle but from the area. Each and every member still involved in the Saga is now presented with a choice: you can either stay and fight against the seemingly unbeatable Super Android 13 or you can attempt to stop Android 17 from getting away and becoming a threat later.

Choose wisely, because your decisions will not only shape your characters experience in this saga, but it could also shape the future of the site. Whatever you decide you will be locked in and will permanently lose your chance to face off against the opposite Android.


Posted Image Posted Image


Now the battle begins in earnest! Below the posting order of this battle can be found. Super Android 13 has already taken his first turn, so the next person to post will be Raditz.

Super Android 13
Super Android 13
Super Android 13
Super Android 13
Super Android 13
Future Gohan
Super Android 13
Shin Kyto
Super Android 13

Note: If anyone does choose to go after #17, a new battle will be opened up and a new posting order arranged. For anyone this applies to, please put your first post here, then the staff will do the rest of the work and tell you where to go from there.

The time limit on posts will remain at 48 hours, however, if you miss your turn even once without previously having either informed the staff that you'll be unable to do so (with a valid reason) or having posted an official leave of absence, then you will be removed from the posting order. This will allow for the battle to continue onward at a reasonable speed. Those who are removed can still be attacked and killed. If you are removed from the order you are able to rejoin in the next round of posts, at which point you'll be re-introduced into the order.

Edited by Zarbon, Jul 27 2018, 06:40 AM.
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"First on the scene and feeling mea...oh...didn't see you there."

The wild-haired Saiyan screamed to a stop, his deep pink aura flickering and then retreating back inside his body. He had hurried across from the site of his previous (and rather disappointing) battle with androids #14 and #15 because he had sensed a battle being waged here. There were other energy signals approaching the area, even more powerful than those he could feel in this location; they were also converging on this place, so the three Space Amigos figured that this would be their best bet at seeing some decent action.

As he arrived, Raditz caught the tail end of the spectacle that was the battle between two of Gero’s most powerful creations, the mutated Android #13 and the stoic Android #16. Of course, he neither knew or cared who Gero was, but he remembered #16 from the moments preceding the destruction of the Doctor’s mountain lab. Raditz had thought himself alone until he noticed a dark-haired teenager floating in the air not too far away. He looked him up and down for a moment before the light of realization dawned on him.

"Android!" He pointed a finger excitedly in #17’s direction.

He could feel Mikan and the others approaching from the direction he had just come from; it wouldn’t be long before everybody was here and interfering with what could be a glorious battle. The big guy with the green armor was down for the count.

Too bad. Raditz thought. He looked tough.

It wasn’t all bad news, however, for #16’s opponent (someone who had just stomped a mudhole on the aforementioned android’s face) was heading in their direction now. Raditz pointed at him next, though he maintained eye-contact with the dark-haired one.

"Android?" He asked, this time a little unsure, as he definitely didn’t remember seeing this one back at the lab.

The bandana-wearing teen seemed not to be listening to Raditz, who scratched his head now. He wanted to know who was stronger out of the two and found it extremely annoying that he couldn’t read their energy, either with his own senses or with the use of a scouter.

Why can’t they just have their power levels sewn onto their shirts or something? So thoughtless of them!

Still, he could make a pretty educated guess judging from the size of this blue freak and the way he had manhandled the other one. It didn’t hurt to ask, though.

”Ok buddy, I don’t have a lot of time." Raditz said to #17, in a frank tone of voice. "Who’s stronger, you or him?" He pointed once more at the blue beast, who was nearly upon them at this point.

He received no answer, however, because the teenager simply turned tail and ran, jetting off across the sky at a fairly respectable clip. Judging from speed alone, the boy was packing a fair bit of power himself, more than the androids he, Daiz and Mikan had just destroyed at any rate. Yet, the look on his face before he left told Raditz that he had been shaken to his very core by the thing that was coming for them.

"Him then." He said turning, now, to face Android #13. "Good talk."

He felt a powerful power level approaching just then from behind. To his surprise, it didn’t belong to either one of his friends, though it did feel vaguely familiar. There was no way he was letting anyone else get first dibs on this guy, after all, he was the fastest in the universe now, why not show off a little. With a wry grin, he locked eyes with #13.

"Sorry, no cookies today, sweetheart."

Raditz whipped his right leg up into the air in a blur. Twisting his hips, he produced a curve on the kick that aimed to drive the front of his foot into the soft flesh where the android’s shoulders met his neck. The Saiyan’s steel-like tendons gave his kick the force to shatter mountains but he figured big blue could take it. Regardless of whether #13 attempted a defence or not, Raditz wouldn’t give him time to breathe; instead, he would seek to keep his opponent off balance and pummel him with a further two strikes, both augmented by his internal energy. He planned to aim for the normal weak spots you tended to find on humanoid life-forms, though he had no idea if this would have the same effect on whatever this guy was; a throat strike with the front edge of the hand and a follow up soccer kick to the groin, because why the hell not?

Man, I hope the guys see this. I’m going to look like such a boss. He thought as he went in for his assault, completely forgetting that he was still wearing the tiny robot’s sombrero from before.

WC: 813/5,931 Battle (8,731 Saga Total)


1/2) Javelin Kick - 3,730 damage potential (makes next attack hard to dodge or block if lands.) +6 % Fatigue
3/4) Wolf Fang Fist - 2,923 Damage potential (hard to block - see above) - +4% Fatigue
5) Maintain Wolf Fang Fist - 2,923 Damage potential - +4% Fatigue
6) Respite - -10% Fatigue

STAT Enhancements:

  • Equipment: [Str: +2% (trivia), +3% (gear)] [Ki: +58%] [Agi:+2% (trivia) +14% (aura) +28% (gear)] [Dur: +27%]
  • Relentless 1 Spec: 10% Fatigue threshold in battle and fatigue gained is reduced by 20% [/color]

Total Gains: +5% Strength | +58% Ki | +44% Ki | +27% Durability |[color]

Battle STATS
Strength: 10,706 (11,241)
Ki:37,000 (58,460)
Agility:37,000 (53,280)
Durability:22,000 (27,940)

Fatigue:4% / 110%
Health:55,880 - 0 = 55,880
Power Level:213,412 (301,843)

OOC Notes: All fatigue gained is reduced by 20% due to Relentless spec.

Equipment and Stats
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Being Human
Today was a rough day.

Tien was starting to really feel those burns all over this body, the searing pain that had pushed all the way down past his skin. It wasn’t pleasant, to say the least. Still, he had to keep pushing forward, had to keep going. This android threat wasn’t going to go away on all its own, and he knew now that if he didn’t take a stand more than he ever had, if he didn’t force himself to give it his all, then the planet may just be doomed, and more. Sure, there were plenty of strong fighters here, but who knew how many of them would be able to stand up the massive power that these mechanical monsters seemed to be stirring up? Tien knew that the blast Sixteen had unleashed had hurt like hell for him, but had it hit Goku, it may have taken him out of the fight, or at least forced him to make use of his Senzu Bean. Was that the strongest attack he had? Or did he have even more hidden within his removable sleeves, so to speak? These were the sort of questions that plagued Tien’s mind, that were keeping him sharp and focused as he tried to consider his next moves, still hot in pursuit of 16. He knew he was faster than the large android in his combat speed at the very least, but the difference in sheer power was what concerned him, and even then, he was finding it difficult to catch up, thanks to the big headstart that the red-headed machine already had. He was running through all of his potential sequences and techniques, all the ways he could manipulate Ki, all of them rushing through his mind as he tried to figure out what would be best to stop the rampaging automaton that was so bent on killing Son Goku. Speaking of that, just where the hell was he going? 16 had claimed that he had something more important to attend to, but if he was designed to kill Goku, what on Earth could be more important? It didn’t make any sense! Suddenly, as they closed in, he could feel all the power levels converged around here, and he recognized at least a few. Daiz was here, like he’d thought. That brought a small smile to Tien’s face. He couldn’t say for sure whether he was here out of any real goodness, but the triclops liked to think so. Once you’d fought against an enemy together, it helped you to understand someone a bit better. Even if Tien wasn’t a people person, he could tell when someone was…pained, when they’d been through a lot. Daiz was one of those people, and he’d managed to retain his spirit, the soul that made him who he was. He hadn’t allowed it to break him. Tien wished that he had been that strong - he’d allowed himself to shatter when he was raised to kill, and he would never let it happen again. Even if his body was crushed into bits, if he was reduced to nothing but dust by these Androids, he was going to keep his stubborn will and his need to fight in others’ defence right where it was.

Assuming that Goku had followed, Tien yelled out behind him. He recognized two of the other powers alongside Daiz’s. ”By the way, your brother’s here. Don’t ask me how, but…he doesn’t seem to be trying to kill anybody. Just trying to pick fights for fun. You’re definitely related.” There was hope for Raditz in Tien’s opinion, too. He’d come back without wanting to kill Goku, it sounded like. Even if Daiz may have wanted to a bit, Raditz was just wandering around, trying to get into a brawl with anyone he thought was strong enough. Which sounded an awful lot like his younger sibling, really. Maybe that really was just all Saiyans - even if his friend seemed a bit less…uncontrolled than the rest of their people. It made Tien wonder what was even going on when it came to the big crowd of people he felt; what had brought them all here? Were there really that many others dedicated to Earth’s defence, that they would rush in to the unknown? If that was true, then they had this in the bag. No way they would lose.

Tien closed in, only to see exactly what had become of 16. The huge, blue beast had broken him like a twig, tossing him aside like a piece of garbage. Though Tien hadn’t been able to get close enough to intervene, he had heard the short conversation, and it conflicted him. Why would sixteen care about what was good in this world? Whatever his reasons, Tien didn’t have time to ponder, only to try and strategise as he now had a proper look at the huge Android. His hair was bright orange, and his skin was blue, but what stuck out most to Tien were his sickly yellow eyes. They gave nothing away, except for what kind of sick pleasure the Android seemed to derive from the damage he’d caused to the other model. Even if it was meant to be a cold and unfeeling machine, there was something profoundly evil about its stature, about the grin on its face and the way it seemed to deal with its business. So far, Sixteen had been following a directive, and Tien didn’t so much hate the Android for that as he did opposed it; how could he hate a machine just doing what it thought it was meant to? This, though - this wasn’t any ordinary kind of automaton, was it? Whatever it was, it was twisted, and it had to be destroyed before anyone else got hurt.

As Tien closed in, he caught the glimpse of Raditz and his absolutely ridiculous hat, which seemed to barely fit on his head, rushing the monster as well. Tien fired off a Ki blast as Raditz began his assault, aiming the projectile low while the Saiyan kicked high, hoping that they would work in at least temporary unison. As he got close, he stuck to his guns and moved opposite of where Raditz was, beginning to lay into Super 13. He threw an elbow into his neck, ducking low as he did so to follow up with a powerful kick and punching strikes towards his back, moving around him as he did so. The being’s huge size made him more of a target, and Tien was interested in exploiting that as much as he could. They needed every advantage they could get.

Battle Info.
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Android 13
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The Bomb!
First was the Saiyan Raditz, whom was originally set up in the files as being slain, now he was several hundred times stronger than before, with a power level nearly as high as his own. It was odd that this Saiyan was attacking him. One would expect that someone who had been killed would want to go after their killer to get revenge. Then again, it didn't seem to matter in the long run. Raditz rushed in, slamming in several attacks and dealing some seriously heavy attacks. There was no reason to stop this however. Raditz was merely an annoyance. His eyes canted over to the rock hole that he had placed Piccolo in.

“Saiyan Raditz... Surprised ya are attackin' me. Would'a figured ya would'a gone after ya brother.” He said, pointing at Goku for a moment, and then pointing over to the hole he had made. “Or the green one. Though is he pretty knocked out right now.” He said, chuckling a bit as the final attacks landed. They would have hurt as well, if he had not shut off the primary pain receptors and had instead opted for the digital read outs. This would keep an active counter of his total injuries and where they would be out, plus how long it would take to reach termination status.

Next was Tien. His data on this one was... Extensive. Ever since the first time he appeared to fight Goku, and win by the slimmest of margins, Dr. Gero had his eye on this one. As Tien came rushing in, the Omega Directive kicked fully in, and he glowered a bit. Raising up his hand, he would catch the strike aimed against him, this rushing attack was nothing, and he saw the read out for the damage done to his joints, though, it was very minor. Flicking the human away, he would lower himself ever so slightly before rushing towards Tien like a bullet, preparing a massive punch on the smaller man. While it probably wouldn't kill him it would slow him down.

“And ya'll had some potential too. Time ta fully take out the trash.” He said coldly.

Battle Info.

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What in the cold hell was she doing? As she had powered her attack, her familiar and potent Ka Me Ha Me Ha wave, 18 couldn’t help but question her course of action. What the hell was she doing? There she was, not only going back to the damn lab, that she had promised herself never to return to – though she had wanted to go in order to retrieve her brother so there’s that – but now there she stood between her brother and Bulma Briefs. On top of it all, she was charging up an attack to use against her brother; or to be more specific, to use against the attack she knew he was going to fire against the defenseless blue haired woman.

So, once more, with feeling, what the hell was she doing? Her brother was right there. She could just grab him and drag him along, couldn’t she? Well, ok, maybe she couldn’t do that; her brother was a brat sometimes but she couldn’t just leave him there knowing full well that Gero’s plans and machinations went deeper than just unleashing a couple of androids on his enemies, herself included.

The two energy attacks closed the distance and collided. The brilliant light of their explosive cancellation lit up the area and caused both of them, 17 and 18, to raise their arm up and shield their eyes.

When the smoke and the light died down and the dull growling roar of the colliding attacks quieted, they were left hovering over the shattered and cratered earth; a deep wound had been created by the two attacks striking each other, albeit not particularly large but deep. It would have made a modest pool should someone flood it with water.

18’s feet had actually taken to the air as soon as the ground underneath her had begun to collapse; it was as if her body had gone fully on instinct, autopilot.

The twins turned to face each other; while 17 was shocked, surprised, and curious as to why his lighter haired twin sibling would do this, get in his way, stop him from taking out the blue haired woman, Android 18 was having her own internal squabble, questioning why she was doing this as well.

Her brother was curious as to why she wanted to leave, why the rush to vacate the area; well there were many reasons, one of which included the ever increasing number of Gero’s enemies arriving on the scene, including the star of Gero’s revenge fantasies, Son Goku.

Her brother did not seem bothered by the arrival of all those people; in fact, he even managed to find time to kick the saiyan prince while he was doing, figuratively speaking at least; mocking the prince for shedding tears of agony due to a broken, or more like shattered, arm at the hands of her brother.

Gero’s dead, yes, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods just yet. At least, that is what she wanted to say. She did not get to say those words as her built-in computer systems detected a massive surge of power to the south.

What in the hell was that?

How could it be possible? Their databanks were wrong? No, everything was wrong. Everything was going south pretty damn fast. What was happening? For years, the mad scientist, Doctor Gero, worked on his algorithms, on his mathematical equations, on his predictions of just how strong the defenders of Earth were going to be; in fact, her built-in computer had access to massive amounts of information on quite a number of them, from Krillin to Tien Shinhan to Son Goku but the predictions were wrong. Their power was much higher than the good doctor had predicted t hey would be and those power spikes to the south confirmed it.

Her brother could feel that energy, that power, and how it was spiking higher and growing larger; soon, she could tell, that power would be high enough to surpass all of them, all of Gero’s robotic creations, and even them. It was a hard pill to swallow; the idea that these humans, these saiyans, could get so strong and so fast – somehow knowing of their existence – to be able to surpass them.

That meant one of two things, somehow they were forewarned of their existence, that much as somewhat of a given. Someone had somehow given these people a heads up as to what was Gero’s plan, to create androids and set them lose upon the world – not like she was all too eager to follow the plan, considering she took the first opportunity to escape and ran with it – and thus they had time to prepare.

But, on top of that, there was the possibility that everything they underwent, the kidnapping, the terror, the agonizing experiments, the nightmare inducing trauma they suffered, was all for nothing. They were created only to be surpassed by a ragtag group of misfits and alien space monkeys and all before they even began to accomplish their goal. Fate was cruel.

He was being arrogant, but cautious; she could tell from his facial expressions that he could pick up what was happening to the south but was trying his damndest not to react to it. She knew her brother; she knew his pride would not allow him to acknowledge that there was someone capable of surpassing him, the both of them, that easily.

“All I want is to put as much distance between me and that damned lab as humanly possible,” 18 quipped back; it was the truth, she didn’t want to be there. Just being within the vicinity of the now destroyed lab sent shivers down her spine and her stomach was performing gymnastic level back flips, “Do you really want to be around for whatever the hell is going on over there?” She motioned over to the south as, once again, the energy levels spiked exponentially.

He wasn’t listening. He was too busy cracking jokes and making light of the situation; a defense mechanism? Was he trying to ignore what was happening over there?

The energy spiked again and the smile on his face vanished. He could no longer ignore it, “There’s no fun in crushing someone that much weaker than you,” 18 reasoned with her brother. It would be like taking candy from a baby to kill Bulma now; plus, 18 did know her. Though she did not know her very well, she had met the woman maybe once; the fact that she was Krillin’s friend was enough.

Her brother took off. He was heading straight towards the source of the rising energy levels; he was flying straight into the lion’s den.

“Stay here; my brother may have spared you once but he won’t do so again. Go make sure Vegeta’s alright,” 18 called back to Bulma and then took to the sky. She was jetting off after her younger brother, although she was a bit behind him, having stayed back a few seconds longer to make sure that Bulma had heard her and to give Vegeta a sideways glance and make sure he was still breathing.

Once she was sure the prince was alive and the blue haired genius was going to do as she was commanded, 18 followed behind her sibling.

The energy readings were vanishing. What was going on now? Were they dying? Was there something there, something she couldn’t pick up, which was picking them off one by one? What the hell could it be? What or who could be so strong? She didn’t want to know, but at the same time morbid curiosity got the better of her; plus, with Android 17 heading in that direction, Android 18 was bound to see the person responsible.

There were many people it could have been; the amount of people which had arrived outside of the lab had been almost comical. It was almost like a clown car, at least a dozen people, she could only guess, had arrived, including Son Goku and the prince of all saiyans, Vegeta. There were several others whom she had extensive knowledge on and there were a few whom she had little data on; for example, the blue haired teen that had blown up the lab or the long haired man whom 18 identified as the brother of Son Goku. His name was Raditz, if she was not mistaken, but as far as she knew that saiyan was dead and had been dead for years so how was he there?

Something was wrong. Her brother had stopped in his tracks, and even from a distance, 18 could tell that something was wrong. He was watching something, his eyes were jumping all over the place; down to the ground, where she could see that the terrain had been utterly devastated by various attacks, possibly the other fighters taking on their respective enemies, but she also saw several corpses.

The bodies that she saw belonged to Androids 14 and 15; the strange looking pimp and the Indian, if that is what he was supposed to be. Yet, she didn’t see any bodies of any saiyans or humans. So it stood to reason that they had been the source of the powerful energy spikes from earlier. But the question now became, where did they go? Where is everyone?

Her brother turned around. What? Why was he flying away? He was moving towards 18, away from where the energy spikes had been emerging. Not just that, but the look on his face, he was terrified.

“17, stop, where are you going?” The blonde yelled over at him as she was in his path, though from the distance they were from the battlefield, the fight between 13 and the others, she wouldn’t be overheard from that distance, “You can’t leave; we need your help. We can’t stop them on our own.”

Two of the androids were gone, but whatever it was that her brother saw must have been quite a doozy; was it 13?

Android 18 honestly never did like Android 13; he was always looking at her funny. She never felt comfortable around that particular model android.

“You don’t like these people, you don’t care for them, but I have to help them. One of them died to save me, 17. I need your help. I don’t like relying on others. You know that. But we both know we don’t stand much of a chance if we split up. So run, if you want. But if you really want to show me and them how superior you are, then come with me and help us fight that mechanical monstrosity. Once he’s gone we can do whatever the hell we want without worrying about anything, ok?”

18 looked her brother in the eye, her eyes were focused, narrowed, determined, and then she peered past him in the direction he was fleeing from.

“I’m not going to run away.”

18 flew past her brother as she soon caught sight of Android 13, “Oh, holy hell,” He had turned blue (ok why) and had apparently changed from white hair to orange (again why) and looked as if he’d packed on quite a lot of muscle. Not far away from him was the unmoving body of Android 16.

Two people were attacking 13; one of them was Raditz, the supposed to be dead saiyan, and the other was Tien, the three eyed human (he was human, right?)

But from the look of it, they weren’t doing enough damage.

13 threw the bald human away, flicking him away as if he were flicking a fly, a pest. Then he charged the human. He was going to bring the hammer down. She had to do something.

He was focusing on Tien. He didn’t know she was there, as far as she knew, so let’s make this surprise attack worth it.

Energy flowed through her body, undetectable by any means, through the use of ki sense techniques or even energy detecting technology like the scouters, and yet it was there, inside her, surging and roaring silently like a mad storm gathering power. She fired dozens of attacks, glowing spheres of power that shot through the air aimed at 13. Yet as one shot past his shoulder, zipping just past him within his peripheral vision, and another followed and another and another and another, none of them appeared to be hitting.

If he stopped his attack, probably in surprise at the sudden onslaught of energy attacks raining down on him, he would notice he was surrounded by the energy blasts that almost immediately converged on him like heat seeking missiles and exploded violently.

As the volatile Hellzone Grenade exploded violently, one final energy attack, a simple basic energy blast, fired through the smoke and din and fire and Android 18 only hoped it would hit its intended target.

Oh I hope those hit, Android 18 hovered quietly not far from the others; her blonde hair tossed by the breeze as her presence became known to them all.

WC: 2,180
CWC: 11,960

Battle Info.
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