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Gravity Training once more; Gravity Times 5 Mastery
Topic Started: Aug 2 2018, 06:41 PM (37 Views)
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Very Extreme!
After a few days of resting Tomago re-entered the Gravity Room and set the controls to five times normal Gravity. Hearing the Humming of the Gravity machine turning on. Tomago started his routine with push-ups and sit-ups. Almost right off the bat he could feel the difference from just a few days ago. For Tomago this only fueled his excitement.
He Starts to focus on his strike attacks once more, firing several blast, as the went around he kicked and punched them away as he did this they started move faster in the opposite direction. As he continued to practice his Melee strikes he kept deflecting the energy every time the came near.
Every now and a again he would fire off a few more bolts to help his timing with the different velocities of the Ki attacks. This was also to help with his reaction time for the differences of the incoming attacks. Tomago started to break a sweat much Faster this time around. Tomago wipe the sweat from his brow and continued his training regiment pushing his body to the limits. As he did this he body was now getting use to the five times gravity. Soon he stopped sweating as his body naturally adjusted to the new Gravity. Even with his two hundred and fifty pound weights.
Tomago continued to throw out punches and kicks. Soon all the blasts had been moving to fast for him to react to. For the Saiyan this was not a big deal as he just let the blasts hit them where they may. This was both a Good and Bad Idea, why? Because it would help his body get use to these types of high velocity attacks.
The young Saiyan looked up seeing a pole with ether hand or feet straps. Jumping up Tomago takes hold of these straps. The young Saiyan starts doing pull ups, after several reps of those Tomago slipped his feet into the straps and started to do upside-down sit-ups. He found this to be very difficult. But in his mind the harder it was the more the payoff he would be in the end.
Tomago continued this for a while, he knew this would help his core muscles greatly and thus help his striking power. Tomago started to become light headed from being upside-down for so long so he removes his feet and flipped to the ground. Stretching some Tomago knelt down and started to meditate. He Focused on feeling the gravity pull down on his shoulders.
After some meditation Tomago jumps back to his feet and once again starts focusing on strikes and Ki blasts. This time Tomago fired blast back at the original ones he has launched previously to work on his aim of hitting smaller objects. The young Saiyan was hoping all this training would pay off. After all the earth ways seemed to be under attack from villains of some kind.
He loved this planet with all of his heart and soul and do what ever was needed to Protect it, even. If the day came to sacrifice his own life to do so. Closing his eyes he Focused his strikes to the sound of the pulsating hum of the Gravity generator. Granted his strikes had been slower but at the same time there was more Focus in each of the movements.
Tomago did not care about being the best like other Saiyan he only wanted to protect those that he cared about. For that to happen he needed to up his Strength to do so. His body was now getting use to the gravity to the point he was no longer feeling the effects even though they where still there pulling on his body. After a bit longer he again sat down to Meditate and focused on all those he wished to Protect; Bulma, Shin, Tharkon, Videl, Goku and yes even Vegeta the other Prince of Saiyans.
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Very Extreme!
Tomago opened his eyes after a bit with a whole new determination. Feeling as if his muscles had been fire from all the Gravity, granted it was only five times earths normal Gravity and his body had now grown use to it but the built-up chemicals the fan has muscles from all the training had not had time to settle. But this was a good thing biologically speaking. Because for a Saiyan the more the muscles or damaged and broken down from strenuous exercise the stronger they would rebuild. Granted this is how was the most biological life-forms. But luckily the sayings were much more efficient at having this happen.
Now trying to push his own Natural speed Tomago started to do laps around the gravity generator. Sometimes running on his feet other times using his hands. Even doing several backflips at times just so his body could adapt to motion in the slightly higher gravitational pull.
Tomago continued to push his body to the edge, feeling something deep within himself, the young Saiyan had no idea what this feeling but simultaneously also knew it was important. Though at present time he ignored this.
Clenching this fists the young Saiyan powered up and again summoned the training Drones. He fired up to almost twenty Different bolts of energy many at different variants of speed and Power. Tomago closed his eyes and forced on how they felt zipping past him. Almost like a sixth sense he ducked and dodged, Bob and weave out of the of the way of the attacks. He also preformed several backflips deflecting them.
Once he was right side up Tomago took his Jeet Kune Do stance. Moving his arms and legs Manor that looks similar to that of flowing water instead of the traditional Jagged movements of most other fighting styles. By doing this he found that much easier to flip around, backflip duck and dodge all these blasts. While defending himself against all of these bolts and energy he started to go on the offensive and deflected many of the blasts back at others that had been on coming, all with his eyes closed. Opening his eyes he put out his palm catching the last orb of kind and crushed it. Heading over to the controls Tomago turned the Dial back to zero. Exiting the Gravity Chamber Tomago walked over to one of the Cots and lays down for a nap as the exhaustion finally catches up to him.
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