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Gearing Guide #1
Topic Started: Apr 6 2016, 08:51 AM (744 Views)

Detailed Guide on how to gear your character after you've completed The Beginners guide^

To get your offsets check last part in this guide

Part 1
You should by viewing this guide have obtained eight pieces of gear from.
- Fantasy Jungle
- Lost Basin
- Temple of Uldum
Around this point you are ready to start getting the good pieces of gear.
Go to Magic Stone > Quest Zone > PVE.
Talk to the "Earth Keeper" -located in Mall. He will provide you with eight quests each with their own gear reward.
"Earth Keeper" will also daily provide you with "Fine iron" quest, which is needed for completing quests.

Part 2
By accepting all eight Quests with "Earth Keeper Gear".
- Go to Magic Stone > Super Dungeon of Teleportation > Throne of the Tides.
This is a new dungeon that will drop.
- Tide Shards. (You will notice they can be upgraded to Tide Stones with upgrade gems.)
- Tide Stones. (Drops from bosses.)
- Lukewarm Magma.
- Deathwing Armor Shard.
Every dungeon also have dailies > talk to "Captain Taylor" and accept ALL Quests. (can be taken daily for rewards.)

Part 3
Next step is to progress into the next dungeon.
- Take all "dailies" in the dungeon.
- Go to Magic Stone > Super Dungeon of Teleportion > Blackrock Caverns.
- You will instead receive: Blackrock Shards, Blackrock Stones
Once you have upgraded your gear to II(2) version of "Earth Keeper"
- Proceed to next step.

Part 4
You must've gotten the hang of it now, proceed into further Super Dungeons and upgrade your "Earth "Keeper" gear.
Remember to get ALL dailies to get Materials to upgrade your gear.
All bossses will drop "stones" from the certain dungeons.
- "The Stonecore" to upgrade from II to III(3).
- "The Vortex Pinnacle" from III to IV(4).
- "The Lost City of Tolvir" from IV to V(5).
- "Grim Batol" from V to VI(6).
- "Halls of Origination" From VI to VII(7).

Part 5
While upgrading your "Earth Keeper" gear by doing "Super Dungeons" you will receive.
- "Lukewarm Magma".
- "Deathwing Armor Shards".
These are used as materials for "Earth Keeper" quests and upgrading your weapons.

Part 6
By obtaining your "Earth Keeper" gear and having a lot of time to do "Super Dungeons"
You must have gotten yourself quite some weapons
- To upgrade these, go to Magic Stone > Quest Zone > PVE
You've been here before, and will look for the NPC where u took your X weapon quest before.
Get the "Hero Enhanced" Quest for your weapon and start gathering Lukewarm Magma and Deathwing Armor Shards.
- Hero weapons have V(5) upgrades and all you need is materials.
Get yourself the V version of both your weapons and you can proceed to the next "guide".

Part 7
I have been saving the offsets for this late cause u will have no trouble getting em with your gear by now.
- Go to PVP Arena.
- Kill Argaloth(Tier1) and Fallen Battle Angel(Tier2).
They will drop different items i like to call em Tier 1 and Tier 2.
- Tier 1 requires Energy Mounds and Fallen Sky Stones.
- Tier 2 requires Lukewarm Magma and Deathwing Armor Shards.
- Upgrade them with "Upgrade gems"

Part 8
To get your tabby and/or shirt
- Go to Deepholm Mall.
- Find Trials Keeper (Lookalike to Thrall), to start your tabard quest.
- This will require you to enter "Trials" and complete the assigned quests.
- You will find out that every 4th mob drops certificates which is needed when you take your upgrade quest on the tabard.
- Find Weaving Dreams Division, to start your shirt quest
- go with "Wild Shirt" for melee "Holy shirt" for caster.
- From here you'll need 4 orbs which is dropped 4 several places, ALL listed in the quest.
- Upgrade shirts with "Jewels" from "Emerald Forest"
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