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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Overworld
Take some friends along as you travel across Weyard. Feel free to explore and set up camp wherever you'd like.
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Regular Forum Sparring Grounds
Whether you're testing out new Psynergy in battle, engaging in a duel to the death, or just wanting to start a fight to get attention from innocent passersby, here's the place to do it.
Dual with a God Jan 7 2018, 08:20 PM, By Hsu
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Colosso - Coming Soon
That's right--the hottest event in Weyard is back! Tolbi is already buzzing with activity as the locals get ready to host, and every day hundreds of new spectators arrive. Check back on Tuesday, 8/1, for more details and entry onto the Colosso grounds!
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