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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

Rules And Regulations
1. Respect your fellow board members. You do not have to always agree but you do have to respect their right to have a different opinion from your own. Any one caught showing purposeful/blatant disrespect to another member will have action taken. Purposeful/Blatant disrespect is categorized as, but not limited to, telling someone they are stupid, maliciously making fun of another member, telling another member they are wrong for not agreeing with you. 2. Keep all signatures and avatars tasteful in nature. Any signatures containing anything that could be construed as sexually explicit, racist, anti-sexual preference, or offensive in general. This rule is in compliance with the agreement made by the admins with the invision free server. 3. Refrain from religious and political discussionís. These two topics tend to cause heated tempers, which leads to the breaking of rule number one, so letís refrain from delving into them. 4. You must be an established member with at least 50 posts before posting a link to another site unless you have permission beforehand from the admins. There are no exceptions to this rule. Note, these rules can be amended and added to as situations arise. ________________________________ Rules for Posting Fanfiction: 1. All works must be original to the author. Any members caught posting works that are not their own will automatically lose their posting rights. Note, there must be valid indisputable proof that plagiarism has occurred. 2. All stories must possess the following: disclaimers of ownership of the characters and warnings of mature content. Mature content consists of, but is not limited to, sexual liaisons, drug use/abuse, self harming (cutting, suicide, ect), adultery, alcohol abuse, strong language. 3. Accept any and all reviews. The purpose of a review is to help you grow as a writer not stroke your ego. Most reviews will do the latter, but on the occasions that you are faced with a negative review take them as a learning experience. _________________________________ Rules for Reviewing: 1. Please be considerate. You can give a negative review without being rude, mean, or spiteful. 2. Try to find something constructive say. Writers donít learn or gain anything from bump. There is always something about an update you like or dislike. Let them know those things. Examples of considerate and constructive reviews: -I really enjoyed the exchange between Meredith and Derek. -While I am not fond of the pairing of George and Izzie you are a wonderful writer. -I did not particularly care for the last update. It didnít seem in character to me. Examples of inconsiderate posts: -Your story sucks. -I hate Meredith and Derek and this story is boring. _________________________________ Actions Taken For Violation of Rules: Depending on the nature of the violation will depend on what action is taken. -Warning sent via a personal message to the person committing the violation. -Deleting of post/thread. -Editing/Removal of signature/avatar content. -All posts will require moderator approval. -Removal of the memberís posting rights. -Suspension of the memberís user account. -Ban/Deletion of the violators account. -Reporting to law enforcement. __________________________________ Judgment as to the prohibition of content or rule violations punishment is dependent on consensus by the admins and moderators. Public discussion of moderator/admin actions are not allowed. It is also prohibited to protest moderator/admin actions in a topic title, a post, an avatar, or a signature. If you feel that an action taken was not fair/appropriate then send a PM or an email to an admin voicing your concern.