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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

3x07 How to Succeed in Bassness
To me it felt like old school Gossip Girl. It had all the elements there that made me fall in love with the show to begin with.

I'll start with Jenni. That girl has no clue who she is anymore. I would feel sorry for her (and in some ways I do) but she is the one choosing to live the way she is living. I found it ironic that she expected Eric to just understand. How does one understand being treated like crap in the name of popularity? The girl acts like there is this switch inside her that flips according to who she is with. Living that way is going to result in a cold, lonely existence.

Case and point is Blair. She doesn't know how to live now that she can't rule Constance. She is still floating around at a loss. I know this is annoying to some but it is realistic. How many people have been able to find their footing in a matter of a couple months? It took me a couple years. Throw in the mix that she has a shallow bitch for a best friend, a self consume albeit yummy boyfriend, and enough self doubt for an entire platoon. I am a bit shocked she hasn't lost her mind yet. Or maybe she has. Maybe that is what drove her to ask Jack for help. She was desperate to help Chuck in some way; preferably a way Serena couldn't. Lets not forget that the last serious boyfriend Blair had Serena fucked and fucked without a feeling of guilt.

Serena got what was coming to her from Blair in my opinion. Not once has she ever thought about why Blair was doing something or if she herself was somehow to blame for Blair's meltdowns. I would love to see the two of them go their separate ways simply because I think anyone Serena gets near ends up broken, lost, insane, or driven to solitude. It isn't everyone around her. It is her!

THe whole thing with Dan and Olvia is too cutesy for me. It is too fairytale perfect. Movie star falls for commoner. THe storyline is over used. Did love their scene with the kiss though.

3.06 Enough About Eve
Oh! Excellent point Gwen! Words are just words. You need the actions to back them up.

3.06 Enough About Eve
I am not opposed to a Serena and Nate relationship if it means getting to actually see Chace on screen!

3.06 Enough About Eve
I wouldn't worry too much about Chuck and Blair. This break can only be good for them. Blair has a lot of growing up to do and she can't do that with Chuck always there making her feel good when she makes crappy choices. She needs to make mistakes and own up to them on her own. She needs consequences.

Violet Turner
It really was clever of them. :)

I think the people who are attacking her either don't have kids or have never had post partum. They cannot comprehend a woman doing what she did.

Violet Turner
You bring up a lot of great points about Violet. I agree about her needing to give the baby to Pete for a while. (OT I am excited that he is the father) She needs to figure out things without the pressure of taking care of a newborn. I know it is hard for some to accept what she did but I respect her for it. She knew she wasn't what that baby needed and that she couldn't give him the care he deserved. It took a lot of courage for her to take Lucas to Pete (I still think she knew all along he was the dad, at least deep down) and admit she couldn't do it.

What's Violet going to name her baby?
Lucas is a nice, strong traditional name. You were right on that Marie! :)

3.05 Rufus Getting Married
I haven't responded before now because I have had to do some thinking on whether or not I liked this episode or not. The jury is still out. I do have to agree on how it felt rushed. This could have easily carried over into another episode and it would have probably been better for it. They would have been able to dedicate more time to the important parts.

Georgina has always seemed a little pathetic to me and this episode sealed the deal on that in my book. She needs some serious psychological help. I keep waiting for her to commit a suicide/murder.

3.04 Dan de Fleurette
I thought she was suppose to be following them to college as well. Oh well. Maybe she was held back or is like Blair and refuses to let go of Constance. Much as I love Blair she is driving me nuts with this whole living in a bubble/fantasy world. It was alright the first episode, kind of tolerable in the second but now? It is grating on my nerves! She needs to get over herself and the world she USE to live in. Real world honey, wake up and join it! If she doesn't snap out of it she is going to lose Chuck and I won't blame the guy for dumping her.

Hillary Duff did a great job. I was worried, I admit, but she did great. I am looking forward to seeing her on the show. Especially pitted against Georgina. Though I love Michelle on Mercy and want her there full time. Sorry guys!

3.01 - A Death In The Family
True that. :teehee:

You know I think the premiere was calm because the drama is going to start next week. The clip they showed at the end of this episode sort of implied that, you know?

3.01 - A Death In The Family
:teehee: I wondered about that!

3.01 - A Death In The Family
I have to say I find it a bit odd that you want Violet's baby to die because of story, filming, and romance but want Izzie to have a baby on Grey's. Wouldn't two of those three "complications" apply there? Just wondering...

I don't see how the baby will present filming problems. They usually have more than one baby when they introduce an infant on a television show to prevent disruptions. I also don't think the baby will present story challenges. If anything it will add some great ones. Should Violet end up with Cooper (and to be honest at this point I think it would be a mistake) the baby would add some great angst in them coming together. I come from a blended family. It does work.

3.01 - A Death In The Family
LOL I don't think we can really say who the baby looks like because he doesn't really belong to any of them. I am also fairly sure the baby Katie was holding and the baby Violet was holding were two different ones. Not an uncommon practice in film. More than one baby allows for longer filming days.

The flashbacks were brilliant. What a lovely way to tie the past into the present and to explain why and where some of them were coming from. I have noticed with flashbacks it either works well, as it did here, or it doesn't work out at all. I loved how it showed how far everyone has come from the people they use to be. Violet was more of a free spirit who you couldn't see with kids. Sam and Naomi were the perfect couple. Pete was uptight and cold. Cooper was a free for all. Now Violet has a baby she loves. Naomi and Sam are broken up. Pete is chilling. And Cooper is in a steady relationship.

Over all I enjoyed the episode. It was nice that it wasn't intense. I don't think I could have handled another intense premiere. So having them have the drama in a calmer manner was great. To bad they don't take that same approach on other shows. *cough*Grey's Anatomy*cough*

Chuck Bass
Here is the thread for the book series discussion. It is located in the literature section.


Chuck Bass
Hm. That is a good question. I think it might be best to start a book discussion so nobody gets confused. The Chuck from the books is different from Chuck from the show. (Bisexual being the least of it lol)

Episode 3.03: The Lost Boys
Oct 1 2009, 08:02 PM
Oct 1 2009, 07:27 PM
You have to personally over come that sense of obligation. Some people can. Some people can't.
This is exactly it, in my opinion it would have been interesting to see him over come it.

Just like I suppose it is your opinion that I dont seem to want to understand what it is like for someone in that situation....guess its my turn to be offended.
Because you are a friend I am trying really hard not to get pissed and say something I shouldn't. So I am going to explain this in the nicest way possible. A person who has been adopted (whether it be by both parents or just a single one) never over comes that sense of obligation the first time. It is something they have to process and come to terms with. Unless someone has been there they can't understand it. So, no I don't think you don't want to understand. I never said those words. What I am saying is unless you have been there you can't. And what pisses me off is people (not you just people in general) assume that they can. It would be like one woman who hasn't been raped saying they understood to a woman who has been raped. Until you are there you never fully understand. I am sure there are things in your life that I can't begin to understand because I haven't been through them.

I understand that you don't like the idea of drama. However that is the basis of this show. Drama. There are times I think they go over board. Georgina is a prime example of that. She is the prime example of over the top and uncalled for drama. Georgina aside, in this case it is warranted. It is a real form of drama. You have to make this choice between two mothers and two fathers. Your adopted mother telling you it is okay makes it worse. I wish I knew how to explain how and why it does but I'm not sure I can. Its like when it was just you wanting it you could do it out of defience or selfish desire. When your adoptive parent says go for it, well it suddenly becomes this irrational thing where you are scared that your adoptive mother is trying to pawn you off on the real parents or you feel like the are telling you that because they think it is what you want to hear. Does that make sense?

Maybe this thing with Scott won't be as horrible as you think it will be. And if it is...well thats basically because of Georgina and her nuttiness. Which, and I know this makes me in a minority, I can't stand. I have had it with her insanity. It feels like whenever she is around drama follows. In short, if we want there to be less drama Georgina has to go. JMO

(And I am sorry if you were offended. It wasn't my intent because I wasn't trying to say you didn't want to understand. Like I said its hard to understand something you haven't been through.)

Episode 3.03: The Lost Boys
Except it is offensive in the sense that you don't understand what it is like for some one in that situation and don't seem to even want to. It would have been incredibly unrealistic for him to follow through. It isn't about drama for the sake of drama. It is about realism. And realism is no matter how supportive your adoptive parents are you never make it out in the first round. You have to personally over come that sense of obligation. Some people can. Some people can't. I guess you have to be in the situation to get it.

Episode 3.03: The Lost Boys
I have to object on how Scott behaved. My question is are you adopted? If not you can't begin to understand the feelings you have for your adoptive parents. I'm half adopted and it still bothers me to talk to my biological father. It feels like a betrayal to the father who raised me. You feel this obligation to the people who loved you enough to choose you. And while you might want to know your biological parents you can't shake that obligation to the people who took you in when the others gave you away. And yes you do feel that you. So I have to object and take a small bit of offense to teh tired and old scenario because its my scenario and reality.