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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

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Danielle aka Karevsanatomy
The Seattle Grace Fight Club Series

Story One (Addison's Story): How To Lose Your Lover

Premise: Addison wants to get rid of Alex. Izzie wants Alex back. The two team up to get what they want, resulting in hilarious accidents and declarations of love from unexpected sources. Will they end up getting what they want? Or will they realize what they have is what they wanted all along?

Apr 22 2008, 03:23 PM
Ok, so i've never watched an episode of Veronica Mar's, but i loved the one-shot. It was excellently written, but everything you write Dee is excellent. :wub:

If you ever get a chance, rent the DVDs and watch. It is an amazing show. Canceled, but amazing. I miss it.

Katherine Heigl Candid Pics
She always look so cute. :)

Danielle aka Karevsanatomy
Finding Mr. Right

Premise: Heartbroken Meredith Grey meets equally heartbroken Izzie Stevens online. Both women need a break from the messes they have made of their lives, so they swap homes. Meredith goes to Arizona were she meets Izzie’s dashing business partner; and Izzie goes to Florida where she meets Meredith’s sexy best friend. Two women that have sworn off love find themselves suddenly believing in happily ever after.


Danielle aka Karevsanatomy
The Long Road Home

Premise: A single mother with only a few dollars left to her name, Meredith Grey has no choice but to return home to a town that hates her. She knew she wouldn’t receive a warm welcome, but she hadn’t expected the open hostility that greets her. Mark Sloan wants only one thing in life, to be left alone with his demons. The arrival of a slip of a woman and her solemn faced daughter change all that though. Together, Meredith and Mark both must face pasts they would rather forget.

Pairings: Mark/Meredith, some reference to Alex/Izzie, Lexie/George, and a few others.

Parker was a watered down version of Veronica. Okay, maybe she was a bit sluttier, but she was no Veronica! Never could be. Pisses me off that they didn't resolve things between Veronica and Logan before cancelling the show. Argh.

I can't wait either. We will be able to discuss it! Just wait until you see the FLAMINGOS!

Apr 11 2008, 05:17 PM
Apr 11 2008, 10:39 AM
Favorite Sack line: "You have shifty eyes. My uncle had shifty eyes. he liked to touch small children. You don't do you? Touch small children?"

It isn't funny, but at the same time it is because you would have had to seen the way he said it and to who!  :lof:

:biglaugh: It's not something you just come out and say to someone either, that makes it funny too.


Favorite Sack line: "You have shifty eyes. My uncle had shifty eyes. he liked to touch small children. You don't do you? Touch small children?"

It isn't funny, but at the same time it is because you would have had to seen the way he said it and to who! :lof:

John rocks the role of Carl Sack. I mean totally rocks it! I was in love from day one! He only came on this season, but he came on with a vengence.

Yup. Julie Bowen and Mark Valley. I am hoping they return next season. Hope, hope, hoping!

Yup. You are correct! :D

To me, William is Denny Crane. I haven't really seen him in any other role. Mostly because his other roles didn't interest me. Candice is hilarious. I loved Murphy Brown too. They now have John Laraquette from Night Court on too. He is hilarious! The three of them always make me laugh until I cry.

Brad and Denise aren't on the show anymore. I do have a picture though! This is from when Bradleigh, their little girl, was born!

Posted Image

I cannot wait for you too see it either. Then I can start a discussion thread for it in the Java Lounge. I love the show.

I don't. I can write more though. I miss Logan and Veronica so much. Losing them made me cry. I felt so betrayed. I still do not understand what they were thinking with Logan and Parker. It was awful. So was Piz. Grrr.

1The woman lying next to him could have been any of the number of women who had graced the spot she now lay. Her dark hair fanned out on the pillow, if he bent to smell it, it would smell of jasmine and cigarette smoke. Her body was long and slender, every inch of it tanned to a golden brown. As she shifted from her side onto her back, Alan gave her one more stoic glance. The sex had been the way it always. Physically it had been out of this world, emotionally there had been nothing there. Not that he had expected any less. Emotions had no place being connected to sex. Emotions and sex led to heart ache and a deep rooted loneliness that made a man want to fill the void any way possible; even if it meant bringing home sable haired, golden skinned college students that liked to be spanked.

Leaning his head back against the mahogany headboard, Alan stared up at the ceiling. All in all it was a nice ceiling; vaulted with crown molding and a rather intricate light fixture that looked to have naked cherubs on it. Tara had teased him mercilessly over those naked baby-faced angels. Tara. The woman lying in her spot bore a resemblance to her. Hell, they all did. Every last one of the women he had picked up at those ridiculously loud and smoky clubs looked like her. He supposed he had some sick fixation on her. He let’s out a chuckle at the thought. Wouldn’t the world find that hilarious? Alan Shore purposely picked up women who looked like his ex-girlfriend because he couldn’t quite let her go. Denny would tell him that it was love. Alan wasn’t sure what he would call it, certainly not love. It had to do with her being the one to end it.

He raises a hand and scrubs it down his face as he slides out of the bed, careful not to disturb the budding masochistic next to him. Not bothering with clothes, he makes his way toward the French doors that led out onto the balcony he seldom used. He starts to open the doors, if for no other reason than to escape the jasmine smell that seemed to permeate his room. Tara had used jasmine as well. He stops himself just in time. The people in the building across the way, as well as the people on the streets below, would frown upon his naked state. He toys with the idea of saying to hell with everyone else and going out anyways. The slight spattering of rain against the glass was the deciding factor, the streets of Boston were safe from his lewd presence for the time being. Instead, he stands there, staring out, the gauzy curtains making the world appear in a fog.

A frown turns his mouth down. His whole world had been foggy, mundane. Work, women, and nothingness. That was his existence. The frown deepens. For the first time in a long time he realizes that his life wasn’t what he wanted. He had told himself he was happy, that his life was perfect. It had been his way of dealing with the loneliness that had set in with Tara’s departure. He was tired of it. He was tired of picking up women who looked and smelled like her. He was tired of the empty feeling. He was just plain tired of Tara.

It was a bit of a shock to come to that conclusion. It takes a moment to realize he was serious. He was tired of holding onto nothing. He had been holding on, there was no doubt about that now. The frown lifts a bit. In realizing that he was ready to let her go, a sense of peace settled on him. The time had come for Alan Shore to start living. The sound of sheets rustling remind him he is not alone. Tomorrow. He would start living tomorrow, he thinks as he smack the bare ass of the woman lying in his bed.

1Did she love him enough?

It was a fair and plausible question. One that lurked on the edge of her every thought, demanding an answer. Still, it stung more than a bit to have her mentor blatantly answer it with a sounding ‘No.’ A part of her, that childish part that crouched behind her façade of adulthood, had wanted to hurl a ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ in response. The answer that to question would have been simple: Shirley Schmidt. Still, being the all powerful Schmidt did not give her the right to tell others how to live. It did not give her the right to make others question their feelings.

That was the real crux of the matter. Shirley had made her question herself. Which, in and of itself, wasn’t that big of a deal. She was use to that. Most of her relationship with Shirley revolved around Shirley making her question herself. It was the subject matter that made it so hard this time. She didn’t want to question herself where Brad was concerned.

Denise let’s out a sigh that is not quite resigned, but close enough. Pushing her hair off her face with widespread fingers, she closes her eyes, squeezing them shut so tightly it almost hurt. Damn Shirley and her ‘You don’t love him enough.’ She had made the mistake of asking Shirley why she thought that. She shouldn’t have. She should have just left it be, told her she was wrong, and went about her business. Instead, she had asked why, and the answer still stung.

“You have a misplaced sense of obligation. You’re just old fashioned enough to think you have to marry the father of your child. Common mistake, one that often leads to divorce. Do you really want to have three marriages under your belt?”

Did any woman want three marriages under her belt? None that she knew. Occasionally they got a serial bride in the office. Some middle aged woman who was addicted to getting married and divorced. The thought of people seeing her in such a light was a bit daunting. Although, her circumstances were a bit different. The Bastard, she refused to acknowledge her first husband by name, had been the one to ruin what they had. Granted their whole marriage, as it turned out, had not been the wonderful All-American dream she had thought it to be. Daniel had died. Their marriage had ended before it even began. Was it fair to count the marriage as a failure if the husband died?

Opening her eyes, Denise let’s out another sigh. She silently damns Shirley again. She didn’t need this. Not now. Not when her life was finally starting to make sense. She frowns a bit. Her life was finally making sense and she was questioning it. Because of Shirley. Shirley who was single and bitter. Her lips press together in an attempt to not laugh. Her body shakes a bit with the effort.

“You okay? The baby okay?”

The sound of Brad’s voice causes her to look up. Her heart swells a bit as their eyes meet. The slight smile stretches into a full grin. “Yeah. I’m fine. In fact, I’ve never been more fine.” Easing to her feet, she walks toward him. He meets her half way, one of his hands reaching up to gently caress her cheek. Standing on tip toe, she presses a soft kiss against his mouth. “I love you Brad Chase. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. And I can’t wait to be your wife.”

Some people were just not meant to be together. No amount of love or wanting would change that cold, hard fact. Veronica had come to that conclusion about the time she had learned about Logan’s little rendezvous with Madison. Madison! If he had to hook up with someone he could have at least chosen someone less…skanky. If she was truly honest with herself, Madison wasn’t the issue. The issue was Logan with anyone else.

Oh, she pretended that she had gotten past it all and could be his friend. She had partially given her blessing for him to get his freak on with Parker. It was just a façade, a way of protecting herself, more from herself than Logan. She had no illusion were he was concerned. Those blinders had hit the trash after their first go round back in high school. It was herself she didn’t trust. Even knowing how he was, she would make excuses for it, excuses as to why she stayed. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t make excuses, to much was at stake. Namely her heart and sanity.

Veronica wrinkles her nose in disgust. “You’re becoming one of those pathetic women who sit around mooning over guys they shouldn’t. You need to get a grip on yourself,” she mutters, focusing her gaze back down on the case file spread out before her. Liesel Summers wasn’t getting her money’s worth, though, as her mind wandered right back to Logan. Slamming the file shut, she jumps off her bed. “For crying out loud! It was time. It had to be done!”

The Hearst Alumni party had only one good thing going for it, an open bar. Two if a person wanted to count the hunky bartender who knew how to really shake a martini. She was feeling generous, as those martinis were what were saving her sanity. How she had let herself get talked into this, she would never know. God, wouldn’t Wallace and Piz have a real laugh if they could her. Sleek chignon on the back of her neck, Audrey Hepburn style black dress and heels that actually brought her to a normal height. Yeah. They would have a real laugh.


A shiver slides down her spine as she hears him say her name. Him being Logan. Her body stiffens up. A quick glance around tells her that Parker is not with him. Just her luck. She plasters a smile on her face and turns to face him. “That is my name. At least that is what they’ve told me all these years.”

Damn him, he grinned. Her heart twists a bit. More than a bit. Logan had a way of twisting her heart into knots until it broke. It seemed as though Logan and heartbreak were synonymous. “So, you could be a Heather?”

“Yes. I could be. Don’t expect me to start going by that though. I have grown rather use to Veronica.” There was no point to the rather obnoxious banter they were engaged in. She frowns a bit. “Why are you here?” The question came out a bit harsher than she intended.

He shrugs. “No reason. You?”

“Case. And you have to have a reason. You always have a reason.” There it was again. That harsh tone. He always brought that out in her. “Look, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have time for this..” she waves her hand around a bit, the jerky movements in sync with her agitated mood. “So, if you don’t mind.”

“What if I do mind?” Logan says quietly. His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his black slacks.

“Logan, we’ve been through this. You and I…we don’t work,” she said softly, her eyes full of sorrow. They never worked. Oh, for a while things would be okay, then they fall back into the pattern of hurting one another. She touches a hand to his cheek. His skin was so warm, the innocent contact made her had tingle. She jerks her hand away. “We’re over Logan. We have to be.”

“We’ve been over for a while,” Logan reminded her. There was a bitterness to his voice that twisted her heart even more.

“Really over. I can’t be your friend anymore.” It was a shock to hear the word leave her mouth. An even bigger shock that she walked away, leaving him calling her name and wanting more of an explanation. She couldn’t give him one. Not one that he would understand.

“Stop it!” She ordered herself. Falling backwards on her bed, she curses as a tell tale wetness starts to streak down her cheeks. Cutting Logan out of her life was the best choice. It was the right one. Wasn’t it? Oh hell. Now she wasn’t sure. A sob catches in her throat as someone knocks on her door. She ignores it. They could go away, leave her to wallow in self pity. The knock is firmer this time. She scowls. “Go away,” she snaps. Could they not take a hint? She didn’t want company. She wanted to be alone. To mourn the throwing away of the only man she had ever loved. She frowns. “Bit dramatic, don’t think Mars?” Okay, maybe not the only man, but most certainly the man she loved completely, the man she couldn’t let go of, but had. Damn it. Again, there is another knock on her door. More like a pounding, as the pictures on her wall nearest the door rattle. A scowl in place, she storms over to the door. “Do you not understand what Go Away means?” Her eyes widen as she yanks the door open to find Logan standing there. He looked like hell. His hair was flat on one side, standing straight out on the other. His clothing was wrinkly, and she was almost certain it was the same white shirt and black slacks he had worn to the reunion, minus the tie. “Logan..” she whispers. Sniffling a bit, she raises a hand to wipe at the tears on her cheeks. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“I can’t think of anywhere else, I would rather be,” he says, his voice tight. “Look at me! My hair is all,” he flicks the tuffs sticking out with his finger tips. “I need a shower and clean clothes, but I don’t really care. I missed all my classes. Two of which had finals. Don’t care about that either. All I can think about is you don’t want me. I love you, damn it! I have tried to stop. Hell, I wish I could stop. Mostly because all we do is hurt, and I’m tired of hurt. Tired of hurting you, tired of being hurt. Just…tired of hurt. Last night, I was relieved when you said we couldn’t even be friends anymore. It meant I didn’t have to hurt every time we talked. Except, after a while, the hurt got worse. Thinking about never seeing you again, never talking to you again…that hurt far worse. So, no. You can’t just…stop being my friend. I need you to at least be my friend, Veronica. At least that.” There was a pleading in his voice, one that tore what was left of her broken heart into shreds. Her lips start to tremble. “Please,” he begs. “Please just…at least be my friend.”

She shakes her head. “I can’t! Don’t you get it. I can’t be your friend!” The tears start pouring again. Damn it. She hated being weak were he was concerned. The tears pour harder as he reaches out to wipe at them with the pad of his thumb. His forehead presses against her’s as she sobs. She twines her fingers into the front of his shirt, pressing closer to him. Finally, the sobs subside. Taking a shuddering breath, she looks up at him. “I can’t be your friend because I love you. I love you so much more than….” His mouth covers her before she can finish. She feels his fingers thread into her hair. The kiss was the turning point. The point were she knew, there was always going to be hurt, there was no stopping that, but together, the hurt wasn’t as unbearable. It was better to hurt with him there to hold her, than to hurt alone. It was better to love…