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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

So Hott

This is a Lunamar-McSnoopy69 Presentation that we colaborated on for a one-shot fic challange for another board.

Meredith has been a bad girl and Ellis is sending her to summer camp as punishment..will she survive the summer??

Some adult content.

New PD Pics
Feb 19 2008, 09:03 PM
and then you must get the full frontal view mcsnoopy!

Posted Image

Me likey the full frontal as well!!! :dr :dr

New PD Pics
And another one...note the low in the back jeans.... :dr

Posted Image

New PD Pics

Pics of Paddy and T at Horse riding lessons


Pics of Paddy and T at Horse riding lessons

Three One Shots

The Gallery

Happy Birthday Baby

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights

Marina del Rey

A mini fic that took over my brain and refused to die. Mark invites Derek to a christening...of what kind you'll have to read to find out. This whole fic is a flashback from Derek's POV revolving around the song Marina del Rey by George Strait.

Extreme adult content...you have been warned...if you are not 18 please keep this in mind...I can't stop you from reading but remember...honesty is the best policy...

Life In The Fast Lane

My second true attempt at fanfiction...Derek is in his first season as a NASCAR Rookie...follow Derek as he conqures the racing world and a petite, green-eyed beauty conqures his heart...

Includes Mer/Der, other pairings that will becaome evident as the fic progresses and some real life charactors that I have taken some liberty with...

Some Adult content....

The Best Was Yet To Come

This one is my baby...the first Grey's fanfic I wrote...well still in the process of writing...Most of the first part of the fic is back story and flashbacks but the main part of the actual story starts after Season 3 Finale...so part canon and part my imagination. Enjoy my version of what happened after the wedding that didn't happen....

Some adult content...

Name: Jody
Age: 38
Location: Ontario, Canada

Pairings: Mostly Mer/Der but with interactions between the other charactors of Grey's Anatomy as well as some fictional charactors...

Just because I pair Mer/Der together in my fics doesn't mean that I'm against any alternative pairings because seriously, I'm for anything...I hear the dark side has cookies...and I looooooove cookies!!!