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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

3.06 Enough About Eve
Yes it was good seeing him on screen again. :)

3.06 Enough About Eve
Blair does need to grow up a bit. I want to cringe a bit at her minions but it is very Blair to have them. I loved what Lily said to her, it was kind of her to point it out.

Vanessa though OMG I wanted to scream some sense into her. I think her mom was right about what the school is turing her into...or maybe it is just bringing out her true character. I thought the end when it was Vanessa and Blair at the table together was kind of fitting for the episode.

I think I like Olivia, she seems really sweet and fun. I wish we'd heard her speech though.

I liked that Nate was interacting with Serena again...wasn't too impressed with his reason for doing it but I liked them together.

Violet Turner
yeh, I'd say they can't comprehend it. I guess for some it might seem like a hard thing to do. But sometimes it is the hardest things to do which are best

Violet Turner
Yes I've seen on other boards several people attacking Violet for giving Lucas to Pete because she's his mother but I think she did the right thing given her current state. Pete clearly loves the kid and will do what is best for him.

One thing I wanted to ask has anyone else noticed Violet's green pillow? I think it's like her security blanket for the first three episodes this season she's been holding it or had it near her in almost every scene. I think it's a kind of clever thing to have done by who ever decided to do it.

3.01 - A Death In The Family
Could be, the promo for next week did look like it was going to have a bit of drama in it.

Violet Turner
So I like Violet, I think she is an interesting character and the current storyline is really giving her something more.

It looks like in the current promo that she is going to give the baby up and I think she will for a little while and I think it is something she needs to do.

She has just been through a major trauma, it would seem she's developed postnatal depression, which given what's happened to her is understandable and the baby is a reminder of that trauma.

I have no doubt that Violet does love this child but at the same time she can't feel that right now.

Things to remember about Violet, she didn't want kids. A big part of her character in the first and start of the second season was she didn't want kids. I think Coopers comment about her was "Violet doesn't want kids. She acknowledges they exist because they scream at her in restaurants." and this kid is going to be doing a lot of screaming. What I'm trying to suggest is a kid wasn't part of her plan it wasn't something she longed for or wanted, not until it was thrown at her, then she began to want it or get used to the idea.

Also she's been assaulted and violated before and when it happened to her before she buried it, she dealt with it by burying (or at least that's how her college friend described it). That could be her reaction this time as well. She might want to bury it again and burying something like that when she has this kid who following some crazy logic is the reason this trauma happened to her would be very difficult.

I think she needs to walk away, for a little while she needs to walk away and get herself help. I have no doubt that she will come back and want that kid more than anything but until she can help herself she's not going to be able to be the mother the kid needs.

3.01 - A Death In The Family
Yay! someone wants to talk PP with me.

I thought the kid looked a little like Sheldon too but I didn't dwell on it. I feel quite sure in myself that the kid is Pete's. We find out for sure in episode three.

And to answer your question about Dell. He got Betsy back in the season final. Heather turned up strung out on crack and told Dell if he gave her $10,000 she'd give him Betsy. He went to ask Naomi for the money but Sam interrupted, and in the end Sam gave him the money. When Heather came to collect though he took Betsy and didn't give her the money. He told her to go get help, and if she didn't let him keep Betsy he would phone DCF and she'd loose her custody.

I did see the promo for next week. I think Violet is going to hand the kid over for a bit but I think she needs to so that she can get her head into the right frame of mind and get the help she needs. I wrote a big long rant about this on another board. I think I'm going to start a Violet thread for it.

What's Violet going to name her baby?
Okay so I thought this might be a fun topic for the week ahead. I'm assuming the kid will have a name by the end of next week. Does anyone what to throw a name out there?

For some reason the name Christopher keeps coming to mind. I'm not sure why, but I can see Violet giving the kid what I would describe as 'a strong traditional' name. Aaron is another one which comes to mind.

Has anyone else got thoughts on this? There are bragging rights up for grabs if anyone pulls out the right name.

3.01 - A Death In The Family
So I thought I'd get the ball rolling with this show. I've been looking forward to this show coming back more than any other this year. I was excited about seeing how it was going to play out because we all knew Violet was going live, that makes watching her fight to survive so much easier.

I won't say I was disappointed with how it went down but it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I was expecting this heightened level of intensity and I actually found it very calm. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but yeh...I found it to be very calm.

I thought the flashbacks were an interesting move, it really did help give everyone else that back story of 'before Addison' which is something that show needs a bit. Well I found them interesting. They did mess up the timeline again but I'm trying not to dwell on that. Pete's wife at various times during the show has been dead 8, 6, and 9 years (in that order).

I thought every one's reactions were quite good. I liked how Pete and Sheldon interacted, it was this strained kind of awkward, where they were both feeling similar emotions but having different ways of expressing it. That moment where they're with the baby and Pete asks Sheldon if he wants to sit with him, and Sheldon asks what his name is. I thought it was a touching moment.

And about the boy, I'm so glad they got him back, Cooper did a good job of getting him back. You could see he wanted to just take the baby but he knew he couldn't. I did miss Cooper a bit this episode, it is obvious he's feeling some major guilt about what happened, I think that's why he didn't want to go sit with Violet but in that final scene when Violet wakes up and everyone but him is there, I wished he was there too. I think it was because they did a close up of everyone in turn and they were all relieved and he wasn't there. I'm sure there is a reason for and it'll get played up in the weeks to come, all that guilt.

And lastly I want to say I think the make up and style departments did a good job. I thought it was cute how they made Cooper, Violet and Naomi look younger by changing their hair and they gave Sam glasses (or have I just never noticed them before). And they did a really good job of making Violet look like death, she really did look like she was about to die which I haven't seen too often, usually everyone still looks pink.

3.01 - A Death In The Family
Violet is rushed to the hospital unconscious and severely injured, after the violent attack from her patient Katie. Addison and Naomi fight to save her life. Meanwhile, the whereabouts and condition of Violet's stolen baby are unknown.

Episode 3.03: The Lost Boys
I agree the episode did feel off or different. The description of it being on speed or something seems quite apt. It is like they're trying to fit way too much into such a short period of time, and they're introducing too many characters. I wonder how many of them are just going to stay guest stars or if they'll make some of them regulars.

I miss Jenny, and can't wait for her to get back to Constance...I think her as queen will be an interesting storyline which we haven't seen any of yet.

I have no interest in Scott, I'm really over his storyline...it wasn't nearly as interesting as I thought it would be. I do really enjoy Georgina though, I thought her wallpaper was funny too. I wonder how long she is going to stick around seeing as the actors also in Mercy.