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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

McDreamy Has Landed
it sucks, he is probably like 1 or 2 hours away from me somewhere and i cant do anything about it

i need a mirror mirror on the wall

McDreamy Has Landed
why the hell wasnt i in jfk ?!?!?

and what's he doing here? i need to find out and stalk him!

Patrick Dempsey is a Speed Racer
he needs to wash that thing

i'll give him a hand with that

My House, M.D. Fic
Ever since Amy had come in to the hospital it seems like all of Chase, Foreman, and Cameron’s time has been spent in the lab. As soon as one thing comes back negative, they throw the next slide up. The more negative answers they get back, the slower they seem to work. With nothing to go on and no medical evidence to back any theories up with they don’t even dare going to House with a new philosophy on how they should be going about trying to come up with a reason why their patient is rapidly dying. To take a break Foreman stands up and begins to pace in back of Chase’s chair. Chase rolls his eyes and continues to look in the microscope at his latest sample. He has been there so long he has forgotten what he is looking at and why he is looking at it. He rubs his eyes with his hand and sits back in his chair. “I don’t even know what I am looking at anymore,” he says in a frustrated tone.

Cameron leans in over him and looks in his microscope, “It’s not Lupus.”

“It has to be neuro,” Foreman says, “It’s the only explanation.”

“Slight problem,” House chimes in as he walks into the room. He has his cane in one hand and the vial with the spinal fluid from the LP in his other hand. “Her scans are clean.” He tosses the vial to Foreman. Luckily Foreman catches it. He holds it up to examine to see what he had just been tossed. “It’s from her LP.” House says to answer the question Foreman had been forming in his head. “Test it for whatever you can test it for. I am going back to the apartment.”

“It’s not environmental,” Chase says, “She would be getting better, not worse.”

“We didn’t find anything at the apartment,” Cameron says.

Ignoring Chase House goes right on to answer Cameron. “You’re right. You didn’t find anything. That doesn’t mean I won’t. Don’t poison her or anything while I’m gone. Cameron, I want you to find out why Wilson is spending so much time with her.”

“Why don’t you just ask him?”

“What would I have you do then?” He smirks as Cameron rolls her eyes at him before leaving the room in a huff. “Foreman, you and Chase try to get a full medical history without talking to Cuddy, I think there is something they’re not telling us.”

“You’re saying Cuddy is a liar?” Foreman questions. They all know House’s theory that everybody lies but they wouldn’t think that Cuddy would be in that “everybody”.

“Everybody lies when they have something to hide,” House says after popping a pill into his mouth.

“And you think Cuddy is lying,” Foreman says back. At this point it’s very hard for Foreman to take anything House says seriously after he had stuck them on this case. Normally House would have a reason to take on a case. Usually the reason would be that it’s a mystery or a challenge. Even though this case has been a tough one to get anywhere with and one would call it a mystery, the fact that they are expected to cure someone with hardly any symptoms leading them one place or another is proving to be difficult to want to move on with. With every negative test that comes back their motivation gets slimmer and slimmer. Sitting in a lab all day testing for everything under the sun is not what they signed on to do. If it weren’t Cuddy’s sister, none of them would have gone on with it. They would have gone to Cuddy and gotten taken off the case. They can’t do that now and so they feel like they have to suffer.

“I think there is no medical answer at this point as to why her sister is dying and yet she is. Funny don’t you think?” House begins to talk out of the room as he continues talking, “I expect a full medical history on my desk by the time I get back.”

As House walks up to Amy’s apartment building he looks down at the paper with the address on it one more time. Fifth floor, of course she lives on the fifth floor. Why wouldn’t she live on the first floor where it’s easy access? She would have to live on the top floor of the building just to make his life miserable. Before he begins his journey up the stairs he takes the pill canister out of his pocket. He pops a pill into his mouth and then he looks up the flight of stairs, he pops one more and begins to make his way up the stairs one stair at a time. Half way up he contemplates just turning back around and going back to the hospital. No patient is worth the pain of walking up so many flights of stairs, not even sexy sisters of his boss. “Has anyone ever heard of an elevator?” he yells as he reaches the last landing before heading down the hallway towards Amy’s apartment. A few heads pop out of doorways looking to see who is yelling. “Oh mind your own business, old hag,” he snaps at an older woman who leers at him as he walks passed her door. He walks to Amy’s door and puts the key into the doorknob. He opens the door and to his surprise sees someone sitting on the couch watching TV. “Oh uh…” Caught red handed although technically he wasn’t breaking in, he had a key, he just wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the apartment.

“You must be Dr. House,” the man, who looks to be about his mid-twenties, says as he looks behind him at the doorway.

House closes the door behind him, “You were expecting me?”

“Lisa called and said you might be by.” He stands up and walks over to House and sticks out his hand to shake it. “I’m Tim.” House just looks down at his hand and looks back up at him. “Ok so you don’t do the hand shake thing. I can respect that. Well go on and look for whatever it is you’re looking for. I won’t get in your way unless you need something from the couch.”

House isn’t sure how to react. Is this Amy’s boyfriend? He couldn’t be a roommate, there is only one bedroom. He wasn’t expecting anyone to be home so he is thrown off his game a bit. It doesn’t take him long to get right into his routine. He starts in the bedroom partially because that is where he will get most of his information from and partially because it’s the room farthest away from the living room where Tim is sitting. House could tell no matter who Tim is that he doesn’t like him. Even though he said he would stay out of the way, Tim’s presence is enough to disturb his work. He can’t truly go through everything with a spy in the other room. He looks over at the dresser and next to the empty spot where Amy’s migraine medication used to be are the pictures that Cameron had seen. One picture is obviously Amy and Tim and the other is a very young looking Wilson and what seems to be a patient. He takes the picture of Wilson and the patient and sticks that into his bag. He could ask Wilson about that later. House could tell that there would be nothing in the bedroom that will tell him what he needs to know. There would have to be some paperwork or something in the office so that is where he heads to next.

The office is just as clean as the rest of the apartment. There is only a desk with a laptop and a book case with about one shelf of books on it in the room and that is it. The closet is clean and there is no evidence of anywhere else in the place that she would put all of her paperwork in. He walks into the living room and stands in the archway that leads from the living room into the hallway with the bedroom and everything else in it. He doesn’t really want to have a conversation with Tim but as he sees it it’s probably the only way he is going to get any kind of real information about her. “So is she just scared of clutter or what?”

“She hasn’t been here in a few months. She was over in Tennessee taking care of a friend’s kid in Saint Jude’s.”

“I see. Is there any medical condition you know of that she may have had in the past?”

“She’s a pretty closed off person so I don’t know much of her life before I met her 5 years ago but as far as I know there has been nothing.”

“So are you the boyfriend or…” House couldn’t help himself from asking. He had to know. The more he finds out about her the more interested in her he gets.

Tim laughs. “No definitely not the boyfriend just the best friend watching the place for her while she’s gone.”

“Why aren’t you at the hospital then? Do you not care that she is dying?”

“I care. She just asked me not to be there.”

“You’re an idiot. Don’t you know when a woman says no she means yes? She’s too damn stubborn and proud to say she wants you there.” Why he was giving advice to this guy House doesn’t know. He doesn’t care about this guy or the fact that he’s clueless about what women want. He shouldn’t care about Amy slowly dying without a friend in the world. If you would ask him he would say that he doesn’t. The way he is feeling, though, he isn’t so sure if that is really the case. He isn’t sure if it’s the mystery that he is attracted to or the actual girl. Either way he knows that the way he feels when he is around her is a way he has only felt one time before in his life time and he isn’t sure if he is ready to take something like that on.

“So what you’re saying is that you don’t know what is wrong with her so I should go see her before it’s too late.”


“I’ll leave now. Just make sure you lock the door on your way out.” Tim turns the TV off, grabs his coat from the back of the sofa, and leaves the apartment. House walks back into the office and turns on the laptop to see if he could find anything on there before he leaves. He needs to make sure he leaves no stone unturned and with Tim gone he doesn’t have to worry about where he looks. There is nothing too unusual on the laptop that would be able to tell House any more information than he already knows. She only goes to a select few websites. She hardly e-mails anybody. She has only the basic bills that she pays. All he can tell is who ever this kid is that is at Saint Jude’s…she really cares about him. After looking through everything on the laptop House decides that there is nothing more for him there at the apartment so he leaves.

Do You Think I Want To Look at You?


Link : Do You Think I Want To Look at You?