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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

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3x07 How to Succeed in Bassness
I'm not really sure how I feel about this episode.

I was surprised that all my favorite scenes actually involved Dan. I think the Christmas episode in season 1 was probably the last time that happened. I thought the scene with him and Nate watching the vampire movie was hilarious. The line about Nate reading the movie's blogs made me laugh. And then I liked the scene at the end a lot where Dan and Olivia kissed for the paparazi, and Serena kissed Patrick. I'm curious to see what will happen with that. KC's comment seemed a little foreboding. All the Serena and Dan interactions kind of made me sad, though. It's like nothing ever even happened between them. I don't think I could ever be like that with a boy I had been in love with.

I was really happy that Jenny and Eric were so involved with the episode, and I like Jenny being queen...I'm just not sure I really get why she wants to be anymore. She's changed so much since season 1. Why is she suddenly changing back?

Lily was really sweet in this episode, but Rufus drives me crazy. He's so ridiculous. And I don't think it was very good of him to discourage Lily from going to support Chuck.

I'm really disappointed by Blair and Chuck tonight. They've always been my two favorite characters, and tonight I didn't like either of them. Blair was still acting childish, and I didn't like the way she treated Serena. But I also thought what Chuck said to Blair about why he couldn't say "I love you" was really, really mean. Last season when Blair pulled that scheme on Nate at his cousin's rehearsal dinner, Chuck told Nate that it was foolish of him to want Blair to be anything other than what she is. Chuck knows Blair is a schemer. Why is he suddenly so offended by that? He lies to HER all the time. And then I thought the resolution of their issues was weak. Shouldn't they at least have mentioned the fact that she called Jack--Chuck's uncle who she had sex with?? The one scene I did like was right when she arrived at the club and apologized. Leighton is such a talented actress, and I thought she did a great job with that scene.

3x07 How to Succeed in Bassness
Looking for publicity for his new hotel, Chuck moves his club's opening and convinces Serena to assist him in getting the word out. Feeling left out, Blair tries to win Chuck's approval by secretly helping him with a problem concerning the opening night. Meanwhile, Dan get's nervous after watching one of Olivia's infamous sex scenes with her co-star and real-life boyfriend during that time, Patrick Robinson. Jenny is forced to choose between Eric and her new role as Queen Bee, which as a result causes major conflict between the two characters.

3.06 Enough About Eve
Yes, this was the most interesting Nate plot since his father went to prison. I hope they continue to use him as more than just eye candy. (Although, I'm not at all opposed to the eye candy. Yum.)

And I'm actually feeling much better about Chuck and Blair today. I think what bothered me the most was that I just didn't understand why Blair did what she did. But then I rememberd her conversation with Vanessa where she was saying that she never left her fate in anyone else's hands, and I think that goes back to what Danielle was saying after the first episode. She doesn't trust Chuck. She didn't trust him enough to just ask him to do the kiss for her which as an audience member seemed like such the obvious thing to do. But I guess it's not as obvious to her, and I think that it makes sense considering how many of the people she loves betrayed her--Serena, Nate, her mother, her father, and Chuck so, so many times. What she did was awful and she DOES definitely need to do some growing up, but I think this may also show them that saying "I love you" isn't the fix all patch that they thought it was going to be. Finally hearing the three words, eight letters didn't just erase all of the times she'd didn't hear them.

3.06 Enough About Eve
>:(< Why Blair, why? I am so disappointed in her. She had to know that Chuck would have just kissed the guy if she asked. What was the point in tricking him? I feel so bad for Chuck right now. He's been so incredibly sweet to her, and he was doing so well because he felt like he had her support. And now this. I know that they need conflict to make the show interesting, but I just didn't really understand Blair's motivation. I'm okay with them having problems. I'd just like them to make sense. And one of the things I really wanted for this season was a Halloween episode, just because I really wanted a Chuck/Blair couple costume. They were so close! *sigh*

I did like getting a little more Vanessa back story even if I don't really care about her character. I love the actress who played her mom. She was on Angel and Firefly.

I'm sad that Carter's gone. I thought Blake Lively did a really good job in the scene where Serena says goodbye to him.

Um...I can't even think of what else I wanted to say. I'm too sad about Chuck and Blair. I can't beleive that my two favorite tv couples broke up in less than a week. :sulk:

3.06 Enough About Eve
Vannessa desperately trying to have her mom's approval, teams up with Blair to do the honor of delivering the freshman taost at NYU, but what will be the price she has to pay? Dan takes Olivia to meet Rufus and Lily, which leads to all sorts of problems for the new couple. Meanwhile, Serena and Nate team up to help Carter Baizen.

3.05 Rufus Getting Married
I really enjoyed this episode, but I feel like they tried to fit too much in, so a lot ended up going un-said. Like you would think that after two seasons of Dan and Serena dreading their parents getting together, they'd at least have some sort of interaction at their parents' wedding. And it was less than a year ago that Chuck was kicking Dan out of his father's funeral because he blamed Rufus for Bart's death. I would have at least liked some sort of reference to Bart in this episode.

I love Carter. I wasn't expecting to after his scenes with Blair last season, but I completely love him. I thought it was so sweet that he came to the wedding to give Serena the truth rather than just running away. I want Serena/Dan in the long run, but I'm definitely enjoying her relationship with Carter for the time being.

I thought the scenes with Dan and Vanessa were really funny. I loved her trying to photoshop that photo of Olivia and Orlando Bloom and then Dan assuming that she still had feelings for him.

I was kind of disappointed with Georgina. I don't like feeling sorry for her, and she seems so screwed up right now. I remember in season 1 Chuck saying that she stalked him for years after they had sex in 6th grade. At the time I thought it was a funny line, but how awful. No wonder she's messed up. I wonder if they'll ever touch on that.

I really liked all of the little Chuck and Blair background moments. Like when they made eye contact during the vows, and when they were in the back of one of the later scenes (I don't even know what was going on because I was distracted by them) talking to Lily and Rufus and Chuck had his arm around Blair and kept kissing her, and when they were dancing, etc, etc. *sigh* I love them so much.

I was also really happy that Chuck was standing up with the rest of Lily and Rufus's kids. I'm glad that Lily wanted to include him in the ceremony.

I kind of wish we'd gotten some more scenes about the families joining together, but I did really like the scene with Jenny and Lily. It was so sweet. I've always liked their relationship.

3.05 Rufus Getting Married
Lily and Rufus move up their wedding day, but someone or something will come between them. Can they overcome this and finally get married? Chuck uncovers Carter's secret. Georgina traps Dan and Vanessa into one of her schemes. Blair suspect something not good about Bree and shares her concerns with Nate.

3.04 Dan de Fleurette
Lol. I'm fine with that. I like Georgina best in small doses.

3.04 Dan de Fleurette
I hope I started this thread correctly. I just got the summary from imdb. Feel free to change it if it's wrong.

I really enjoyed this episode. It was nice to have Jenny back in the action and to have less focus on all the new characters. I hope we'll get to see more of Jenny as queen of Constance.

I liked Hillary Duff's character a lot, and I thought the scene with her, Nate, and Dan was really cute. Please don't let Tyra Banks be in any more, episodes though. Her scenes were almost painful to watch. Over acting much?

I thought Serena looked so pretty in this episode, and I liked that she was back to being a nice person again. I'm kind of unimpressed with this "finding myself" plotline, but I guess they needed a way to keep her in NYC.

As usual, Chuck and Blair were my favorite part of the episode. "Next time you forget that you're Blair Waldorf, remember that I'm Chuck Bass, and I love you." *dies* I got a little nervous when Chuck was so obviously undressing Jenny with his eyes, but he most definitely redeemed himself. I love when he takes care of Blair from behind the scenes like in the prom episode, and I thought it was so sweet that he paid that photographer to take her picture, knowing how much it would mean to her. I couldn't tell what was in the garment bag at the end, though. Did her text refer to a uniform for her or his St. Jude's uniform? Either way, I am so beyond in love with them.

Oh, one more thing. Did it seem like only the high schoolers are getting the Gossip Girl texts? I thought Gossip Girl was supposed to be following them to college.

3.04 Dan de Fleurette
On the first day of school at Constance Billard, Jenny is forced to make her rightful place as the new Queen Bee of the Mean Girls. Unfortunately for Jenny, Blair is more than happy to intervene when news reaches her that Jenny may need her help. Meanwhile, Lily finally returns home to Rufus and her family to find that things are definitely not as she left them, especially after learning that Serena has decided against going to Brown University. Elsewhere, a famous teenage movie actress, Olivia Burke, enrolls at NYU and is assigned as Vanessa's new roommate in which Olivia hopes for a somewhat normal college experience. Also, Oliva's best friend Ursula, another actress co-starring in Olivia's latest movie, befriends Serena.

3.01 - A Death In The Family
Lol. You know me so well.

3.01 - A Death In The Family
Okay, so maybe part of the reason I didn't want Violet to have a baby is that I'm a little bitter that she's the one having a baby and not Izzie...

3.01 - A Death In The Family
I was a little disappointed by the episode. I think I had been hoping for more angst. I know this makes me a horrible person, but I kind of didn't want the baby to live....it would make things easier filming and story wise and it would be a great source of drama...and then Violet can still end up with Cooper...I probably need to just let that one go.

I really enjoyed the Naomi/Addison scenes. I can never pick a favorite character on this show because they're all so, so great.

Did anyone else notice that the season 3 premeire of Grey's also started out with flashbacks? I thought that was an interesting parallel.