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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

Episode 3.03: The Lost Boys
I agree with all of the above. Why was Vanessa crying over Scott? She barely even knows him. And I really do think he's a horrible actor. I hope maybe we'll get a little break from him next episode.

The thing that made me happiest about this episode was the lack of Bree, but Jenny and Eric weren't in it enough, and everyone else was acting so weird. Chuck turning Blair down for sex after five days of celibacy? Yeah, right.

I do love the Georgina plotline, though. She is completely insane, and it's fabulous. I thought it was hilarious that she already had Georgina/Dan wallpaper on her computer. I cannot wait to see what she does next. And I thought Serena and Vanessa catching Dan in the hallway after their hookup was great.

My friend pointed out that the main reason this season seems so weird is that Gossip Girl is just a narrator not a character now. They're never checking their phones for blasts anymore or worrying about her revealing their secrets. That whole element is gone. I miss it.

3.02: The Freshman
Danielle, what is your new Gossip Girl fic about?

Ari, I find Bree to be painfully dull as well. I'm not really a big Nate fan (although I do think Chace Crawford is the most beautiful boy I have ever, ever seen), so I'm totally not into thier plotline at all. I really wish some of the other characters would be involved.

Marie, I can't decide if Dan's brother is evil or just the worst actor ever. Either way, I don't like him.

3.02: The Freshman
I agree with pretty much everything you said. Serena was acting so childish. I kind of like it, though. We keep hearing about her dark past, but with the exception of her brief reunion with Georgina in season 1, we never really see it. I certainly hope that she doesn't continue acting this way, but I think it's an interesting pit stop in her character development.

I feel sorry for Blair. She really does need to move on from her high school life of being queen, but, like you said, I don't think she really knows how. I'm excited to see where her character goes this year. Leighton is such a talented actress, and I'm sure she'll make whatever juicy scenes they give her amazing. And I thought her scenes were incredibly funny this episode. I LOVED her calling Georgina's Bible camp to ruin the party. Hilarious. I can't wait to see what else will happen with this roommate rivalry.

I hate Dan. He's been acting more and more like Rufus (my least favorite character) lately. They're both so self important and judgey. And Dan is such an idiot. Why would he trust Georgina again? Why isn't it obvious to him that she is doing the same thing to Blair that Blair is trying (and failing) to do to her? I do kind of love Dan and Georgina hooking up, though. I thought that plotline was so interesting in season 1, and I could see this stirring up a lot of drama for everybody.

Vanessa continues to annoy me. I agree, her extensions are just GROSS. And she's soooo naive. She's constantly getting taken advantage of as she tries to stay on her high horse and ruin everyone else's plans. I'm just not interested in her character at all.

And, ugh, Nate and Bree are the most boring pairing ever. I don't care about her at all yet, and they're the only two people in ALL their scenes. I would definitely like to see some Nate/Jenny action. (I love your new signature and avatar!) I hope Jenny becomes more involved with the story lines. I really want to see her as queen!

As always, Chuck was my favorite part of the episode. I'm so proud of him too!! He's acting so mature and is clearly a smart businessman. I can't wait for him to really explore his potential. And even though she was being awful to him, I loved seeing him and Serena interact again. It made me so sad when Chuck lost the family that clearly meant so much to him, so I was glad that he was still calling her "sis" and getting help for her when he realized she was on a downward spiral.

And, oh my gosh, I absolutely died when Blair climbed into bed with Chuck at the end. It was so unbelievably sweet and exactly what I wanted to see. I really think the only thing that could have made me happier would be Chuck holding their baby. lol. So I'm in a really good mood right now for at least a week. :)

3.01 Reversals of Fortune
It's on my season 2 DVDs, but I haven't watched it yet. I'll let you know when I do!

3.01 Reversals of Fortune
I know, I know. I think that's even why I love them so much, but I liked it better before they were together. Now I feel like anything that happens will be taking a step backwards.

I'm excited for the school stuff too, Marie. And I love Dorota and Georgina, so they should be fun to have back.

3.01 Reversals of Fortune
I'm glad to have someone to discuss it with too! I think I'm just so addicted to Chuck and Blair right now that it's making me get a little crazy. I've had a whole summer of reading happy, fluffy fics and watching Chuck's I love you too scene over and over (possibly more times than I watched the Lexzie season 4 finale kiss--that's how obsessed I am), and I'm not quite ready for new canon.

3.01 Reversals of Fortune
I totally agree with everything you said about Bart. I was having such a hard time figuring out what I was supposed to be thinking about the game, and I like your version better than what I'd concluded on my own. lol.

3.01 Reversals of Fortune
Well, I just see Chuck's relationship with Bart as having such a huge influence on the person he is/was. I always thought that Chuck slept around because he was missing any sort of genuine affection in his life and was trying to find it in all the wrong places while keeping himself protected. Then I fully believe that Bart's constant rejection of Chuck was the reason it took him so long to tell Blair he loved her. So if Chuck is done living in Bart's shadow, I think that would mean he was also ready to be in a completely monogamous relationship, so I didn't really understand why these other women were necessary. But maybe I misunderstood Chuck's intentions in this episode. Were we supposed to believe that he really did leave Blair in Connecticut because he had a headache?

3.01 Reversals of Fortune
I was so disappointed by this episode. Everything felt off to me, and the plotlines were spread too thin. I don't like all these new characters. The Bree/Nate plotline bored me to no end. I don't care about this new character, and I hated that so much time was wasted on just the two of them with no other main characters involved.

I had so hoped for at least one episode of Chuck and Blair fluff. Now I just wish they would rip the band aid off. We all know they have to break up because the show thrives on Chuck and Blair angst, so they might as well get it over with. This unhappy togetherness is killing me. I don't find it believable that Chuck would want to be with anyone other than Blair especially if he really is done living in his father's shadow, which I also found to be highly unbelievable and also really not interesting. I did really like them role playing waiter and customer, though. That was cute. I just wish Chuck would move back in with the van der Woodsens. I love his relationship with Lily.

I like Serena and Carter, and I am actually interested in this plotline with her father. The scene in the woods at the pollo match was surprisingly sweet.

Eric and Jenny were cute but totally irrelevant.

I'm completely bored with everything else, especially Rufus, who I wish would just leave.