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News and Announcements

Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

Chapter Fics

Saving Lives ( Complete )
Mark has cancer; how this affects his and other characters' lives and relationships. Pairing: Mark/Meredith.

And Then There's Life ( In Progress )
Everything changes for Mark and Meredith when Mark has to face issues from his past. Sequel to Saving Lives. Set one year later.

The White Rose and The Sword ( Abandoned )
Historical AU story set in 18th century Scotland. Pairings: Mark/Meredith, Alex/Izzie, some George/Lexie.

One Shots


Last of Days
Future fic set in 2018. Addison receives two letters.

This and My Heart
Pre-series 1. New York. Lunch in Central Park on Addison and Derek's 11th anniversary.

Easier to Lie
Mark gets drunk and thinks after episode 3.21.

Here Without You
A short exploration of Mark's possible reaction to what happened in episodes 4.13 and 4.14.

Fool to Think & Gotta Have You
Two pre-series stories written for the prompt "Credit card"

Love and Second Chances
Set a little while after the end of Season 4. Addison flies to Seattle again.

Nowhere To Be Found
Pre-series. Mark finds Addison in an on-call room

I Flew Coach for You!
Light-hearted follow-up to "Love and Second Chances." Mark and Addison are a couple. Four glimpses into their life together.

Your Biggest Mistake
Mark's possible thoughts before and during episode 3.22

The Last Romantic
Futuristic love story; implied Mark/Addison and featuring OCs

Pre-series. A night in New York. Mark experiences feelings he doesn't know how to reveal.

Fairytale of New York
New York. Christmas Eve 2009.

Listen to My Hands
Post 5.13, taking account of 5.14 promo. Mark reflects on past, present and bad timing and offers Addison affection.

Bring an Old Feeling Back That's Gone, Gone, Gone
Mark takes a phone call from Addison. Mark-centric; Mark/Lexie and implied Addison/Noah. (GA S5; PP S2.)


Somebody Loved
Written for Challenge Number One: I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You. More or less fluffy future fic set in 2018.

Heart to Heart
Cristina and Mark talk immediately after episode 4.15. Snarky, angry, "dark place" Cristina POV, but some optimism in the end!


Just a Dream
AU story set during World War 1. Written for the prompt Just a Dream.

Counting on Forever
Epilogue to Just a Dream


The Formula for Happiness
Post Season 4. Callie reaches a conclusion. Written for the prompt The Scientist

Callie takes care of Mark. Set slightly in the future.

This Is the Last Time
A follow-up to episode 5.05. Mark decides he's had enough. Written for the prompt This Is the Last Time

The Torres Method
Written for Challenge Five: Sex, truth and geographical wordplay. Set mid-Season 5.


Treat or Trick?
Written for Challenge Three, Trick or Treat? A Halloween encounter.

Warmer than Warm
Post episode 5.09, pre episode 5.10. Mark's POV.

All I Want
Written for Challenge Four, the Christmas challenge and between episodes 5.10 and 5.11. Lexie has enough and Mark works out his feelings.

Everyday's Most Quiet Need
Post episode 5.14. Lexie gently dismantles a cliché and tells Mark why she loves him.


What Might Have Been
Alex and Izzie meet after years of not seeing each other. Written for the prompt What Might Have Been.

Finally Home
Set post-Season 4. Alex searches for home.


I Must Have Loved You
Song Fic written from Derek's POV. Derek reflects on his past and Addison.


In the Now
A short one shot set on Christmas Eve.


Home on the Range
Derek, Mark, Richard. A little trailer humor.

100 word drabble. Mark and Lexie

My House, M.D. Fic
I think "House" is very difficult to write. Very difficult to get the character voices and very difficult to be witty enough, and I know I couldn't do it. So, I would admire anyone who even tried. But, to pull it off like you have here? - wow! that's just awesome. You've nailed the characters and you've nailed the pace and feel of the show. It's exactly like watching an episode.

:bow: Update please! I want to know what's wrong with Amy!