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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

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Name: Marie
Location: Generally speaking Australia
Favourite Pairings: Alex and Izzie.
Least Favourite: I was not a fan of Gizzie (though I do love them as friends). I'm not against Meredith and Derek, but at times I just get sick of them.

My current story.
Learning to Live

They had the perfect wedding, the perfect honeymoon, everything was perfect until it wasn't. Driving home from their honeymoon Alex and Izzie are involved in a horrific car accident. This story is Izzie journey as she picks up the pieces and learns to live in a world quite different to the one she was meant to be in.

This is a very Izzie centric story with a lot of Meredith and George as friends, and bits of everyone else.

warning this story does deal with death, you may want to have some tissues close by, but if you do read it I urge you to stick with it to the end.
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