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Her long dark brown hair bounces in the cool winter breeze as she walks from her car into the hospital that stands before her. She almost has to strain her neck to look all the way up at the main building. Her eyes squint as the blinding morning sun shines brightly in the blue sky. Not a cloud to be seen for miles. It would seem like the perfect New Jersey winter day besides the fact that the temperature is in the early teens. As the wind starts to pick up she quickens her pace and runs towards the door when her hair begins to blow every which way. Used to the looks she begins to get as she walks through the hospital she just smiles as most of the men and some of the women stare at her. Half of the reason is her striking beauty and the other half is the fact that even in the middle of winter she is wearing a shorter skirt than most people would wear in the heat of summer and her low cut top leaves nothing to imagination.

House is of course taking his time getting to the clinic. Stopping every few feet to pretend to read his week old newspaper he feels a breeze blow passed him. Her hair is bouncing with each step; of course he doesn’t notice her hair as he is looking slightly lower. Every man in the hospital is looking slightly lower. He begins to walk towards the clinic to make a comment about her short skirt but she makes a sharp turn at the clinic door and walks away leaving him stunned and walking through an open clinic door where Wilson is standing at the check in desk. “Did you see that skirt Cuddy is wearing today?” House says as he rests his cane on his arm as he signs the check in log. “Someone important must be stopping by.”

With a smirk on his face Wilson replies with a simple, “No I didn’t.” Anticipating some kind of sly remark Wilson waits for House’s response.

“Sucks to be you. I am going to find out. Cover for me.”

“I have patients of my own, you know.”

He grabs the shoulders of a man in his twenties who has red, watery eyes and a running nose. He sneezes. “Yes this is your patient. Looks serious, better hurry before he dies.” Not waiting for a response from Wilson or the patient House walks away.

The patient looks at Wilson in a panic, “I am going to die?”

“No you’re not.” He turns to the sign in desk and holds out his hand. The nurse hands him the patient’s information. Wilson takes a disgusted deep breath and brings the patient into an exam room.

As House makes his way over to the elevators he sees that Foreman is standing down the hallway talking with Chase, Foreman spots him and he begins to try to walk faster to get onto the elevator before they reach him. He steps onto the elevator. They both jogs to catch up but the doors begin to close. “I need you to look at this,” Foreman yells from half way across the hallway.

House looks down at his watch and back up at Forman and Chase, “Meeting with Cuddy, can’t be late.”

They both look at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. Foreman speaks up first, “He never is on time for meetings with Cuddy, hell, he never goes to meetings with Cuddy.”

“Come on, does anything surprise you anymore with him?”

“No.” They turn around and walk away to make their way back to House’s office where Cameron is waiting for them. They don’t have to say a word. The annoyed look on both of their faces tells her they didn’t get the answer they were looking for from him. They will just have to wait until he returns.

She makes her way to the office. She looks up at the name on the door. Dr. Lisa Cuddy. The office is empty so she sits down in the chair behind the desk and waits. Not so far after she sits down is House standing outside the closed doors. He opens them and walks in with words already flying out of his mouth before he fully enters the room, “What big wig are you dressing to impress today? Let me guess…” He finally takes a moment to actually look at the woman sitting behind the desk. “You’re not Cuddy.”

“Technically, I guess. I am Cuddy, just not the Cuddy you are looking for. I am Amy Cuddy, Lisa’s sister.” He takes the pill canister out of his pocket and throws a single pill into his mouth. “You must be Dr. House.”

“She has talked about me? All good things, I hope.”

“Are there any good things to say?” He doesn’t respond. Instead he stares into her eyes for a few moments making her uncomfortable.

“Do you always have that twitch in your eye or do you only do it around handsome doctors?”

“What twitch? I don’t have a twitch.”

“Yes you do and it’s annoying.” Amy just glares at him.

Wilson walks in and walks passed House and right over to Amy to hug her. “I was hoping I wouldn’t be seeing you for a while.”

“You know her?” House asks perplexed that Wilson would just walk right in and hug Cuddy’s sister.

They ignore him and go back to catching up. “The drugs aren’t working at all. I need more tests. I came to see when Lisa can fit me in.”

“They aren’t helping at all?”

House slams his cane on the ground to get their attention. They both jump from being startled by the noise and look over at him. “How do you know her?”

“I just do.” Wilson turns back to face her to continue. “What’s up with the twitch?”

She rubs her eyes with her hand, “I didn’t know I had one until Dr. House so politely informed me about it a few minutes ago. It’s probably nothing. I think I have a fever or something. My skin feels like it’s on fire. Here feel.” She grabs Wilson’s hand and puts it to her forehead.

“What are you talking about? You’re ice cold. Feel her head.”

“No thank you. As much as I would love to say I have felt Cuddy, I am going to pass.”

“Oh come on just do it. It may interest you,” Wilson says as they walk towards where House is standing.

“The only way it will interest me is if her skin was actually on fire. When she bursts into flames then call me.” He pops another pill, turns to walk away from them to leave the room when she grabs his free arm. “That is cold. Go put some clothes on, I bet it clears right up.”

“I can’t it’s too damn hot. I don’t care what you guys feel, I am burning up and it only keeps getting hotter. Where is my sister anyway?”

“I am right here,” Cuddy says as she walks into her office. “If I knew you were coming I would have made it a point to be here when you got here.”

“Who has time for things like phone calls?” she jokes, “No, it’s just that the meds you gave me aren’t working. I actually think they’re getting worse.”

“And her skin is ice cold but she feels like she’s burning up,” Wilson adds.

“Don’t get her worried, Jimmy, as I said before I am sure it’s nothing.”

“Would you two leave us alone?” Cuddy says in a tone which tells them that she is not asking but rather telling them to leave the room. She sits down at her desk and Amy sits down in a chair.

Wilson and House walk out the door and close it behind them. “Jimmy? Is there some history there that I don’t know about?”

“Yes there is and it’s not what you think and no I will not explain. Go back to your team.” He leaves House and heads to his office.

House makes his way through the hospital and back to his office as well. He receives a page on his pager. He looks at it briefly and puts it back on his hip. The team is sitting in his office staring at the word filled whiteboard. They see him through the glass walls in his office and sit up with anticipation for their next set of instructions. Without saying a thing he takes the eraser and wipes the board clean.

“New symptoms?” Foreman asks.

“New patient,” House responds as he grabs the marker.

“What happened to Mr. Murillo?” Cameron asks.

“Mr. Murillo died,” House says as he begins writing on the board with the marker.

“Eye twitch?” Chase reads out loud, “What is the rest?”

“That is the rest…for now,” House replies as he puts the marker back down.

“How are we supposed to come up with anything with just an eye twitch?” Foreman asks.

“We wait for more.”

The team rolls their eyes and leans back in their chairs. This is going to be a long day if that is the only case they will be working on. A ton of ideas race through all of their heads and none of them are about the eye twitch House wrote on the white board. They wonder why House would be involved in a case that is so basic. It’s not like him. They exchange glances once in a while and give each other the same confused look. Nobody has answers. They don’t know quite what to think. All they know is that they could be working on something interesting; instead they are looking at a white board with two simple words on them. He knows it will only be a matter of time before she will get worse and Cuddy will rely on him to save her life. He might as well get a jump start.
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