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CAT scans, MRIs, blood tests, they were all normal for Amy. It had become routine to show up at the hospital every few months to get the latest migraine medication from her sister. A chronic migraine sufferer would be so lucky to have her sister be dean of medicine of the hospital that is practically in her back yard. Amy rolls her eyes behind the young doctor’s back who is explaining the symptoms that she may experience from the dye being injected. If he wasn’t an intern he would have laughed in his face as soon as he started the speech. The needle doesn’t even pinch she is so used to all the poking and prodding of the doctors. “Try not to move around,” the doctor says as he finishes explaining.

Amy fights the urge to say something smart back to him. She probably would have if she wasn’t being watched by her big sister. She just smiles and decides it’s better to keep her mouth shut. Cuddy and the young intern walk into the tech room to watch the images come up on the screen. Not too soon after the scan starts Wilson joins them. “Hey how is it going?”

“It just started,” Cuddy explains. They all look at the screen as the images of Amy’s brain start to appear on the screen. “Nothing,” she says almost in a disappointed tone. It’s not that she wants something to be there, she just wishes there was something she could do to help. She picks up a notebook (Amy’s migraine journal) and hands it to Wilson. “They’re happening more often now.”

He takes the notebook from her hand and begins to flip through it. “Wow, 4 days in a row last week.” He turns another few pages, “She has changed her diet. Maybe that explains the body temperature thing.”

“No it doesn’t. Nothing does. I don’t know whether to send her home or have House look at her.”

“You don’t want House to look at her. Do you remember who House is? Do remember what House does to patients.” Cuddy doesn’t say anything. “Send her home and see if she gets better on her own.”

“Now you’re starting to sound like him,” Cuddy says with a laugh. “You know he’d figure it out.”

“No, you hope he will figure it out.” He hands her back the notebook. “Don’t do that to her unless you’re sure there aren’t any other explanations.” He takes one last look at the screen before leaving the room.

“Dr. Cuddy, what is it that we are looking for?” the young intern asks after some moments of silence after Wilson left the room.

“Oh, uh, nothing, there is nothing there.” She still orders them to be printed out onto films just in case anything may happen. It would be a good contrast scan.

While they’re working on getting the scans printed a voice can be heard through the speakers in the tech room, “Did you forget about me or is there something really wrong? I really hope you just forgot about me.”

“We didn’t forget about you. It’s just that you have such a big head, it’s taking a while,” Cuddy jokes. Amy laughs. Cuddy looks to the young intern. Not realizing her hand is still on the microphone button. “Don’t talk to patients that way. She’s my sister so I am allowed.”

“I would hope he is smart enough to know that already or I am thinking he may be in the wrong profession,” she pauses, “You shouldn’t talk to your sister that way either, Dr. Gibbs, it may cause permanent damage.”

“Keep this up and I won’t let you out.” She walks into the room with the MRI and pushes the button to let Amy out of the tube. Amy stands up and Cuddy hands her the journal back. “There is nothing unusual there. I don’t know why the medication is not working anymore. I want to take some more blood to see if we can figure out your body temperature problem.”

“You don’t need to do this. I am sure there are more important things you need to be doing than taking care of me and my problems.”

“You know I am always happy to help. Come on, let’s get these tests going.” They leave the MRI room and walk through the hospital to where they can draw the blood.

Cuddy leaves Amy with the young intern and returns to her office where she contemplates paging House. She knows paging him would do no good because he never actually answers his pages when she pages him but it would stall for time before she knows she would have to make her way to his office where she would have to endure his staring at her cleavage and making sexual remark after sexual remark. Something she has come to expect from him. Deep down inside where she hides things she would never admit to anybody she actually enjoys them and looks forward to them.

She would have to do none of those things as when she got to her office House was already waiting inside. She smiles the smile she gets when she is frustrated with him but can’t let him see because she needs something from him at the same time. “What is with your family and revealing clothing? Did your parents ever teach you about covering up your special parts? Have you ever owned a pair of pants?”

She takes a deep breath and continues smiling. She takes a moment to compose herself to plead her case why her sister may or may not need his expertise but in any case she would want him to just take a look at her anyway. “House…”

“I want the case,” he interrupts.

“What case?” She answers almost in defense mode. She wonders how he could possibly know that is what she was about to ask him. She walks behind her desk and sits down.

He takes a few steps towards her and pops a pill. “You know what case.”

“There is no case,” she lies. For some reason now that he wants it, it is making her not want to give it to him. Why would he be interested in it in the first place? His curiosity alone has gotten her worried. Maybe he saw something they didn’t see. It happens all the time.

“Oh please. You were just going to ask me to take your sister’s case and now all of a sudden there is no case? What? Did she die or something? Or did the MRI magically cure her? Somehow I doubt she is cured.”

“How did you?...” She doesn’t have to finish her question. There is no reason. He’s just House. There is no other explanation anybody could ever give.

“Just give me the chart before I get lost in your cleavage and you’ll have to send a rescue team.”

He reaches his arm to her. She looks at his hand and back up at him. She rolls her eyes and drops it into his hand. “Fine…take it.” Without saying a word he turns to leave the room. “Wait.” He stops but does not even turn around. “Why?”

“Because,” he says matter-of-factly before continuing to leave the room. He walks straight to his office with the file and slams it down on his desk when he gets in. The team is still sitting in their chairs unsure of what they should be doing. He couldn’t possibly expect them to come up with anything without even knowing the full history of the patient, not to mention the fact that the symptom he gave them really didn’t mean anything major was going on. “So what did you come up with?”

“You were serious?” Foreman asks as he sits up straight from leaning back on the two legs of the chair.

“Well of course I was serious. Being a doctor is very serious business,” House says as he starts tossing his ball up and down into the air.

“Clearly,” Foreman retorts.

“Nobody has come up with anything? Not even the suck up?” Cameron and Chase both look at each other and then back at House a little unsure of whom he was referring to. “Now that’s just sad.” House takes the pill canister out of his pocket after he puts the ball down. He pops it into his mouth and walks over to the white board. “Fine, I’ll give you something else.” He picks up the marker and begins to write. Body temperature differential.

“Body temperature differential. What does that mean?” Cameron asks with a genuine curiosity. Foreman and Chase aren’t buying that this is even a real case, that he is just yanking their chain. It couldn’t be real. Besides the popping pills, insults and rudeness, this isn’t like House at all.

“The patient’s body temperature feels one way to the touch but the patient feels just the opposite. Her skin is ice cold and yet she feels like she’s burning up.” They all perk up. That’s not normal. Not normal is good. Not normal is interesting. Not normal is a step in the right direction to being able to figure out what exactly is going on. It’s still not enough to even begin to try to come up with a diagnosis.

“Wait a second. You touched the patient? Which means you met with the patient?” Foreman’s line of questioning is not off base. Since when does House meet with a patient before the team? It just doesn’t happen. If it were up to House he would never meet any of his patients. For him to initiate a meeting sends up a bunch of red flags to the team who is used to him and his anti-social, people hating ways.

“Is there anything you aren’t telling us?” Chase asks. His curiosity is now peaked as well.

“Nothing that you don’t need to know right now.” House walks over to his desk and sits down. He puts his feet up on the desk and folds his arms over his chest. “So differential diagnosis?”

“Impossible,” Foreman says almost immediately after House is finished talking. He is still skeptic of the whole thing and he has a right to lash out. Nobody can figure it out being stuck in an office with only words on a white board and a pain popping maniac of a doctor in charge to go by there is no way they can diagnose. They will need to meet with the patient and run tests. Any kind of test would be helpful at this point.

While the team try to wrap their brains around what is going on Wilson walks into the office. Immediate panic sets in as House tries to stand up and make his way back over to the whiteboard. He isn’t quick enough. He can’t even get his legs off the desk quick enough before Wilson realizes what is going on. Wilson walks right over to the white board and laughs to himself. “You took her case.” It wasn’t a question. Wilson knew exactly who they were trying to diagnose as soon as he read “eye twitch”. “Are you trying a new game? Diagnose before symptoms even happen?”

“You know who the patient is?” Cameron asks as she stands up and walks over to the two men who are both now standing in front of the white board.

Wilson looks at Cameron and back at House. “You haven’t even told them you’re treating Cuddy’s sister?”

“Why did you have to tell them?” House asks. “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Why do you care?” Wilson asks.

“It gets me out of clinic duty for a while,” he replies.

Chase and Foreman both smile at each other. They immediately assume that the only reason they are on this case is because House probably wants to get in Cuddy’s pants. Which Cuddy, they don’t really know. It doesn’t really matter to either of them. The whole situation is laughable. They don’t know that the case, in fact, is very real. House doesn’t even know that as they contemplate which Cuddy he wants to sleep with and why he would be so interested in a non-case that Amy’s temperature shoots up, she begins coughing, and she cannot breathe. All of their pagers go off at the same time. “This case just got a whole lot more interesting,” House says to the team. “Let’s go.” He grabs Amy’s chart from his desk and they all follow him to her room. A nurse hands House a page of notes they have taken while he had the chart. “Add pneumonia to the list.”
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