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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

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In House’s office the team is sitting in their chairs around the table while Cuddy sits on the edge of the table and Wilson stands in the doorway. Another two symptoms have been written on the white board, migraine and heart failure. House scratches the top of his head with his hand and then rests his elbow on the corner of the white board. He looks around the room to see the expressions on each person’s face. Cuddy looks scared, Wilson looks concerned, Foreman looks stunned, Chase has his chin rested on his hand, and Cameron has begun to take notes. “I leave for 15 minutes and she almost dies, can’t you people do anything without me?” House finally says in a somewhat raised voice.

Cuddy stands up furious with rage, “You shouldn’t have left in the first place, House!”

“Well there is no use in fighting about it now. That’s not going to solve anything,” he retorts. “Did anything come up in the tests you ran?” They all shake their heads no. “Are we any closer to any kind of diagnosis?” Still silence. “I wish you can at least lie to me and pretend you know what you’re doing. Throw anything out. I am sick of talking to myself. If you think there is still nothing wrong you can just leave, if not I need you to start stepping up now.” Chase reluctantly raises his hand. “Robby, you have something to add?”

Chase gives a disgusted look before speaking, “We should do a full body scan. Maybe there is a blockage.”

“Good, finally an idea. Even though it’s a bad idea it’s still an idea.”

‘But you said…” before Chase gets to finish his sentence House interrupts.

“Relax, just do the scan.” Chase leaves the room. House puts his hands over Cuddy’s ears. “You two go to her place and test for toxins.” He takes his hands off of her ears and nods them on to go.

“You are not going to have them break into her apartment!” Cuddy shrieks.

“What? Have my team break into a patient’s house? I would never. That’s against the law, you know. Shame on you for even suggesting it.” House puts his hand on the small of her back and pushes her towards the door. “Now go ask her anything she may be leaving out of her story. As you know everyone lies, even sisters of the dean of medicine.” Cuddy walks passed Wilson and leaves the room. Cameron and Foreman grab their coats and leave soon after. House looks up at Wilson who is still standing in the doorway. “Why are you here? Are you sleeping with her?”

“No I am not sleeping with her,” Wilson replies. “Why can’t you just accept the fact that people can just be friends? Somebody is always sleeping with somebody else. It’s either that or they’re trying to sleep with them. There is such thing as a normal friendship, but you wouldn’t know anything about that.”

“Of course, let’s make fun of my social shortcomings. That’s going to save her life,” House says sarcastically, “You know something and you’re not telling me.” House stares Wilson down. Wilson steps back since he is uneasy. He knows House is right and will probably find out sooner or later. He is House, he always figures out.

“I know that you should probably talk to Amy more about what’s going on and worry less about breaking into her 5th floor apartment.” Wilson walks away and into his office. Before House can follow him in he closes the door and locks it.

Outside of Amy’s apartment building Foreman and Cameron try to open the door that leads into the apartment building. They take a few steps back and look up. Cameron looks down at the paper with the address written on it and looks back up. There aren’t any trees on the outside of the building and the fire escape ladder is up. “How are we supposed to break into a 5th floor apartment?” Cameron says. “I bet House would want us to ring every single doorbell until someone let us in.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Foreman replies. Cameron looks at him shocked that he would actually think knocking on everyone’s door would be a good idea. Normally he would just pick the lock and go in that way. She hesitates but starts to walk towards the doorbells. Just as she reaches out to start pressing the buttons he calls out to stop her, “Hey, I was just kidding. I have the key.” He holds up the key ring and jingles it.

“You’re an ass. Don’t tell me you stole that from her purse.”

“Relax, Cuddy gave them to me before we left.” He puts the key into the doorknob and opens the door.

They make their way up the 5 flights of stairs until they get to Amy’s floor. They put their gloves on in the hallway before opening the door and entering the apartment. The first thing they see when they walk in is the living room right in front of them and the kitchen off to the left. At the end of the hallway there is the bathroom and on either side of the bathroom is the bedroom and a spare bedroom that Amy uses as her office. The apartment looks clean. In fact the apartment looks so clean that it could pass for unlived in. Foreman takes the front of the apartment while Cameron takes the back.

Foreman starts in the kitchen and doesn’t find anything unusual. He tests for radiation but nothing is showing up. The countertops are spotless so there isn’t much to sample. He slowly opens the trashcan and takes samples of whatever he can from there. He opens the fridge to see that there is hardly anything there. He starts to feel that it’s a little strange that there is no food in the fridge and the trash can. He makes his way into the living room and begins to test for radiation again. He notices a man’s jacket draped over the back of the recliner. He laughs to himself, “House is going to be pissed.” He picks up a picture frame from the coffee table. The picture has Amy and a tall good looking guy hugging each other. “This day just keeps getting better.” He continues to look around.

In the bathroom Cameron notices there are men and women products in the cabinets. There are no prescription drugs in the cabinets, just the regular tooth brush and tooth paste and other bathroom things. The trash can is empty and there were no toxins in the air so she moves on to the bedroom. She had already been in the office and found nothing unusual which seems to be the theme of the day. Foreman finishes in the living room and joins Cameron in the bedroom. “There is nothing in here, we should just go,” he says.

“Let’s just finish up this room so we can get out of here,” Cameron says in a bitter tone.

“Do I sense a bit of jealousy?” Foreman teases. He walks over to the dresser where there are several canisters of different migraine subscriptions. “Do we take these in? We know she has chronic migraines.”

“We need to bag anything we can. Maybe she mixed drugs.” Cameron sweeps all of the drugs into a bag. Next to the empty space on the dresser where the pills used to be are a few more picture frames. There is another picture of her and the guy that was in the picture that Foreman had looked up earlier. “I guess she has a boyfriend.” Cameron couldn’t help herself, she tried to make it sound like it was just a minor thing noticed but she had to mention it. The fact that House may be interested in Amy is enough to make her emotions go wild. Containing them is another thing.

“So that’s the reason she’s dying?” Foreman asks in a teasing manner again. They look at the next picture and it’s a young Wilson with who looks to be a cancer patient. “A picture of Wilson, maybe she’s dating Wilson.”

“You think so?”

“No I don’t.” They walk out of the room. “I don’t care. There is nothing here, let’s get back to the hospital.” They pick up their bags and leave the apartment. Foreman locks the door and they make their way out of the apartment building and they go back to the hospital. When they get back to the office Chase is sitting at the table and House is nowhere to be seen.

“She seized just as I got her out of the scan. The scan was clean though,” Chase explains.

“The apartment was clean too,” Foreman adds, “There wasn’t even anything in the fridge but bottled water.”

“Maybe she just hasn’t gone food shopping yet,” Chase says.

“You’re on her side?” Cameron screeches.

“I didn’t know there were sides,” Chase says cautiously.

“Cameron is just jealous,” Foreman says with a laugh. She doesn’t respond with words, only a look that could pierce daggers. Foreman quickly stops smiling. Chase walks over to the white board and reluctantly writes seizures underneath the rest of the symptoms.

In Amy’s room House is sitting on a chair on the side of her bed. She slowly opens her eyes and House pretends like he wasn’t paying that much attention to her. He picks up a magazine and begins to read it. “It’s about time you woke up, sleepy head,” he says from behind the US Weekly. “Do people really care if Jessica Simpson can pump her own gas?”

“Apparently,” she says from behind the oxygen mask. It came out a little muffled but he understood what she said.

“You had a seizure. Have you ever had one before?” She shakes her head no. “Your body hates you.” She smiles. “I’m going to meet with my team to see what they have come up with. I believe Chase did that scan before you decided to seize.”

She pulls the oxygen mask away from here mouth so she could speak clearly. She gasps once before speaking. “Am I going to die?”

“I hope not, Cuddy would never let that go.” Amy laughs and then winches in pain. He lifts his hand slightly to wave goodbye but quickly puts it back into his pocket. He pours out a pill into his hand and pops it into his mouth. He walks away and makes his way over to the elevator. The pain in Amy’s head slowly gets worse. She begins to get dizzy so she closes her eyes to try to get some sleep. She hopes that if she can’t beat the migraine that she could at least sleep through it. She takes her fingers and massages her temples. Nothing she does seems to help. She picks up the magazine House had left on her bed and begins to flip through it. She gets to the Jessica Simpson picture that House had been complaining about and she smiles. For the first moment since she had been admitted she actually feels like nothing is wrong. The feeling quickly goes away with the throbbing of her head but at least she could smile for just one moment. She puts the magazine down and tries once more to fall asleep, this time she succeeds.
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