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Starting January 18, 2010 we will be resuming our weekly discussions on various characters, couples, and plot points for the show Grey's Anatomy. If you are interested in seeing a similar discussion for another show let Danielle know. Be sure to check out some of the new fanfictions that been posted and show the writers your support!

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So I thought it was time I post some well over due spoilers. I think there are some suprising ones and some very nice ones!!

From People.com


"Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) are definitely going to be a couple and stay a couple this season," Gossip Girl executive producer Stephanie Savage tells PEOPLE. But don't expect it to be all chocolates and roses: "Chuck and Blair in a relationship is going to be something very unique and something we haven't seen before. They have definitely found ways to not be boring." Now thatsounds interesting.

In last season's finale, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) unexpectedly took off with Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan). So, are they now a couple? Not quite. "Something definitely happens with Carter over the summer and you will see Serena and Carter deal with the fallout over that in our first couple of episodes," says Savage.

The drama between Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) and his powerful grandfather is sure to continue. When Nate finds a new ladylove in Bree Buckley (Joanna Garcia), a Texas girl whose Republican family counts the Vanderbilts as their political rivals, it's game on. "It's a bit of a Romeo and Juliet romance," says Savage.


So, how does a kid from Brooklyn score the superstar new girl? "[Olivia Burke] (played by Hilary Duff) is a child actress who craves a normal college-girl existence and happens upon Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), a Brooklyn hipster and cultural snob who doesn't know who she is," says Savage. But don't count on Serena being jealous. "Dan and Serena are a lot more like siblings than former flames. It is much less romantic than it has ever been."


"The Rufus-Lily-Lovechild story will definitely come [full circle] in the first part of the season," says Savage, who won't divulge any more details though we suspect a reunion is in sight. And something tells us that Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr) might help it happen. "Vanessa has someone new in her life, who may or may not be related to Dan Humphrey," hints Savage. Any guesses?
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