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So I like Violet, I think she is an interesting character and the current storyline is really giving her something more.

It looks like in the current promo that she is going to give the baby up and I think she will for a little while and I think it is something she needs to do.

She has just been through a major trauma, it would seem she's developed postnatal depression, which given what's happened to her is understandable and the baby is a reminder of that trauma.

I have no doubt that Violet does love this child but at the same time she can't feel that right now.

Things to remember about Violet, she didn't want kids. A big part of her character in the first and start of the second season was she didn't want kids. I think Coopers comment about her was "Violet doesn't want kids. She acknowledges they exist because they scream at her in restaurants." and this kid is going to be doing a lot of screaming. What I'm trying to suggest is a kid wasn't part of her plan it wasn't something she longed for or wanted, not until it was thrown at her, then she began to want it or get used to the idea.

Also she's been assaulted and violated before and when it happened to her before she buried it, she dealt with it by burying (or at least that's how her college friend described it). That could be her reaction this time as well. She might want to bury it again and burying something like that when she has this kid who following some crazy logic is the reason this trauma happened to her would be very difficult.

I think she needs to walk away, for a little while she needs to walk away and get herself help. I have no doubt that she will come back and want that kid more than anything but until she can help herself she's not going to be able to be the mother the kid needs.
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