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I really enjoyed this episode, but I feel like they tried to fit too much in, so a lot ended up going un-said. Like you would think that after two seasons of Dan and Serena dreading their parents getting together, they'd at least have some sort of interaction at their parents' wedding. And it was less than a year ago that Chuck was kicking Dan out of his father's funeral because he blamed Rufus for Bart's death. I would have at least liked some sort of reference to Bart in this episode.

I love Carter. I wasn't expecting to after his scenes with Blair last season, but I completely love him. I thought it was so sweet that he came to the wedding to give Serena the truth rather than just running away. I want Serena/Dan in the long run, but I'm definitely enjoying her relationship with Carter for the time being.

I thought the scenes with Dan and Vanessa were really funny. I loved her trying to photoshop that photo of Olivia and Orlando Bloom and then Dan assuming that she still had feelings for him.

I was kind of disappointed with Georgina. I don't like feeling sorry for her, and she seems so screwed up right now. I remember in season 1 Chuck saying that she stalked him for years after they had sex in 6th grade. At the time I thought it was a funny line, but how awful. No wonder she's messed up. I wonder if they'll ever touch on that.

I really liked all of the little Chuck and Blair background moments. Like when they made eye contact during the vows, and when they were in the back of one of the later scenes (I don't even know what was going on because I was distracted by them) talking to Lily and Rufus and Chuck had his arm around Blair and kept kissing her, and when they were dancing, etc, etc. *sigh* I love them so much.

I was also really happy that Chuck was standing up with the rest of Lily and Rufus's kids. I'm glad that Lily wanted to include him in the ceremony.

I kind of wish we'd gotten some more scenes about the families joining together, but I did really like the scene with Jenny and Lily. It was so sweet. I've always liked their relationship.
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