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My Favorite Mistake; Private Practice
Topic Started: Jul 18 2008, 02:43 PM (345 Views)
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A/N: This was written as a prompt for Sam/Naomi, and what happens after 1.09.

And I don't know about anyone else, but I'm having serious withdrawals, so I thought I would post.

It was my very first non-Addison related fic, so I would very much appreciate any and all comments.

The title is taken from the Sheryl Crow song of the same name.


“Maya?” Naomi called dropping her keys on the counter. “Maya!” She yelled, shrugging off her coat. She had had a long day, the last thing she needed was a stroppy teenager acting up, or worse missing and up to goodness know what. “MAYA!” she bellowed again, but the house remained silent. For all of ten seconds.

“She went out” Sam’s voice answered stepping through the doorway.

“Where?” She asked holding a hand to her chest as she turned, blinking the shock from her face. That was millisecond before the anger took over, and she scowled “What are you doing here?”

“Something about Ruby and a sleepover”

“Damn it Sam! She isn’t supposed to hang out with her anymore. She’s trouble”

“You think you saying so is going to change anything?”

“Yes! I’m her mother”

“Did you listen to your mother?” He asked with a smirk and a shake of his head. It only served to infuriate her.

“Maybe I should have. I wouldn’t have married you then…And why do you always do that?”

“What?” he asked smiling at her

“Undermine me. With Maya, at work…does my voice mean nothing? Do I not count?”

“Of course you count. You count more than anyone else” He smiled stepping forward and wrapping his arm around her waist.

“No. No. Sam. You aren’t going to do that. You aren’t going to kiss me to stop us having this discussion”

“I know.” He laughed as she tried to push him away, but failed. “I just thought I might get you to quiet down for a minute, so I can tell you that we are carrying on this discussion over dinner. I made reservations.” He beamed pulling back so he could watch her face.

It was hard not to let that smile wash over her, to let herself give in to the charm that usually made her shake her head with a wry smile. “No Sam! No.” she wriggled out of his grip “We…I can’t” she relented “I have to speak to Addison”

“She’s out”

“What do you have tracking devices on everyone tonight or something?”

“No” he laughed “Her lights were off and her car wasn’t in when I left”


“Fine, you’ll come to dinner with me? Or fine, you believe me but are going to make me go to dinner alone?” He asked his head tilting forward slightly.

“Fine, I’ll come to dinner with you” she rolled her eyes.


“This is nice huh?” Sam said, after the waitress had seated them in a secluded booth, trying to break the silence that was descending.

Naomi glanced up at him after arranging herself in her seat. She reached out for the water provided and poured herself a glass. Sam countered by reaching out for her free hand and encasing it in his own. Naomi gulped back the water, because she was having a moment like the one when they were summoned by the priest. Being Catholic all her life, okay so not necessarily a great one, she didn’t deal well with guilt. It sat uncomfortably above her stomach, and in extreme cases she couldn’t eat because she felt so physically sick. That’s why she always thought things through, so she could assess the risks, finding ways to avoid lying and guilt.

Gulping at that water right now was the only thing stopping that feeling as Sam smiled over at her, and she saw him take a breath to speak. She sat the glass back down and pursed her lips in an attempt to keep them shut, because all she wanted to do was blurt out. “Dell kissed me” followed by “I kissed him back” and the final blow “I enjoyed it”.

“Naomi” Sam started, watching her eyes flicker back from the depths of her head. Years of watching her had led him to believe that she spent a lot of time in that head of hers, pondering, worrying, working herself up. So it didn’t surprise him she was doing it now. “I’m sorry. About today. About keeping this, us, quiet. I just…” he sighed “I just didn’t want everyone chipping in on our…whatever it is we are doing. You know how they get. With the commenting and the suggestions. This is about us, you, me, and Maya.”

“Sam” Naomi said in a slightly warning tone.

“No. Naomi. I…But if you don’t care then I don’t care. I’m in this. I…If this is…I…This is our second time around.” He squeezed the hand he held a little harder at the words “And I…I’m in this. I’m not giving up on us, on you. I never did. I just…I don’t know what I did. It was a mistake. A huge mistake.”


“I never meant for-”

“Sam” Naomi said again, finally getting his attention “Dell kissed me”

“Excuse me” He sat back, blinking at her.

Yeah that had done it, she surmised watching his shocked expression. “Dell kissed-”

“Okay.” He pulled back and his chair slid out as he made to stand.

“What are you doing?”

“Going to kick his ass”

“Sam sit down.”

“No, Naomi-”

“I kissed him back” she closed her eyes so she didn’t have to see his face. She heard him sit back in the chair and scoot closer to the table.

“You…You kissed him…”

“I didn’t mean to. I…I was in my office and he came in and he just…he kissed me. I was shocked, I just…I didn’t know how else to react”


“So I don’t know Sam. I…I…You’re Sam. You know, you’re the other half of my whole.”

“But” he said looking down at his hands on the table.

“But I…I don’t know Sam. I just don’t know”
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Jul 18 2008, 06:36 PM
One thing that's very noticeable about Naomi and Sam to me, is that, while they're both confident and assertive, they express this very differently. She's very "on", while he's much more laid back and everything they do and say reflects this. I don't think this is much of an insight on my part lol! - but I do think you've captured these qualities very well in their interaction here.

It all seemed very in character and the dialogue seemed like it could have come from the show. Nice one shot.
Thank you Sarah. I'm hoping one day, when they start showing this again, I'll get more from these characters and I can write more for them. Im glad that thiey were in character for you, and that the dialogue seemed realistic, because they were my main concerns having never written either one of them properly before.
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Jul 19 2008, 09:36 PM
This really helped with my withdrawal. Thanks a million Hannah. Seriously. I have to agree with Sarah. I know writing characters that are not Addison, or reacting with Addison, put you outside your comfort zone. You did a fantastic job with this piece though, and i for one hope it is more than a one shot!
Thanks Dee! That is very true, if it ain't Addison, then I always feel a little out of my depth. Which actually is my own fault because I sort of just fell into writing solely her. I'm hoping to get out of that habit though. (I still cant see it as a bad one!). I like getting out of comfort zone on occasion. And I will seriously consider the continuation of this, come fall. Because I think I need to see some more before I put anything down.

Thank you for the encouragement.
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