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Forum Rules
1) All of the following listed are prohibited from being used on these forums. Abusive, threatening, defamatory, soliciting, racist, inflammatory, or obscene behaviour. Viruses, Hacking, or any other harmful computer software. False Information, libel, impersonation or acting as another & trolling. Spam or Pyramid schemes. Warez, CD-Keys, Serial Numbers, etc. Pornography, nudity, or sexual material of any kind. Sexism. Religious Discrimination. Threads/posts that are detrimental to 'Game Over' and it's members. 2) We have the right to delete any posts, threads, or polls without warning you. If it is severe we also reserve the right to ban your IP Address or your username from these forums. 3) Warnings a. 1st Warning - Just a PM warning you. b. 2nd Warning - Moderation Queue, this means we will review all posts and topics created by you before them going onto the boards. c. 3rd Warning - Suspension, this may be as long as a month or as small as a day. d. IP Address Ban - self explanatory. All of the above also applies to the moderators and the admin, nobody is excluded, of course I can't ban myself (that would be stupid) but I will be following the rules just like any other member. 4) All member signatures are to be kept to approximately 150 pixels in height. The decision to allow ones that exceed this limit is at the discretion of the Administrative team. That's all, have a nice day. Admin