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Welcome to the HEXAMERON project.
The project's ambition is to bring together Orthodox Christians from different backgrounds and jurisdictions all working towards achieving common goals, namely:
- Assessing both scientific and Christian Orthodox theological perspectives on questions pertaining to the Origins (origins of the universe, origins of mankind, etc.) and exploring ways to correlate these two perspectives;
- Defining a common Christian Orthodox outlook on scientific theories of the Origins such as Evolution or the Big-bang...
- Defining common principles of contemporary Christian Orthodox hermeneutics for Genesis 1-3 in particular (how are we to understand and read Genesis 1-3 today?)

The "GENESIS and SCIENCE" forum is a platform created to enable a dialogue between science and Christian Orthodox theology on the question of the Origins.

The first part of this forum is entitled "Science And Theology In Dialogue" and deals with defining the relation between scientific and theological knowledge.
The second part is entitled "The Hexameron Yesterday And Today" and address the question of how theologians should approach scientific theories of the Origins.
The third and final part is entitled "Genesis And Science" and deals with the actuality of the opening chapters of the Bible on the question of the Origins.

This forum is the prelude to our future workshops entitled "The BIG BANG and the BIBLE" and "EVOLUTION and the BIBLE".

We hope you enjoy your visit.
Fr. Deacon Alexander Djukic
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Q1 - Is The Question Of The Origins A Strictly Scientific Question?; (defining the scope and domain of scientific investigation)
Topic Started: Nov 24 2014, 10:58 AM (409 Views)
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Some scientists along Prof. Stephen J. Gould have claimed that science and theology are not in conflict with each other since, according to him, they deal with very different spheres of knowledge. For the likes of Prof. Dawkins on the other hand, cosmogony and anthropology are topics that belong only to Science: “Don’t fall for the argument that religion and science operate on separate dimensions and are concerned with quite separate sorts of questions”, claims Prof. Dawkins. According to him,“religions have historically always attempted to answer the questions that properly belong to science”.
On this view, the question of the Origins is a strictly scientific question : theological perspectives of the Origins are superfluous and reflect pre-scientific knowledge.
Other scientists have expressed support to this view. In his well publicised book "The Grand Design", Prof. Stephen Hawking asserts that most of the steps through which our universe came to emerge can be explained through natural processes alone, without the need to postulate a 'God' hypothesis at any point. "We claim that it is possible to answer these questions purely within the realm of science, and without invoking any divine beings." ("The Grand Design", ch.8, p.172)
The theoretical physicist Dr. Sean Carroll expressed similar doubts about the relevance of a theological perspective on cosmogonical questions in a recent debate : “If you go to cosmology conferences there’s a lot of talk about the origin and nature of the universe, there is no talk about what role God might have played in bringing the universe about. It is not an idea that is taken seriously.” (Transcript from the debate between Sean Carroll and W.L.Craig, The Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum in Faith and Culture, New Orleans, Feb.2014, Sean Carroll’s opening speech)

This type of comments emanating from a certain fringe of the scientific community challenges the theologian to justify the relevance and the legitimacy of a theological perspective on the Origins.
The aforementioned observations raise important questions :
Q1.a - Does the Orthodox Christian Tradition still represent a legitimate source of knowledge on the world's origins or does this question now fall within the exclusive domain of science?
b - Has the question of the Origins become a strictly scientific question?
c - Are there different levels at which the question of the Origins could possibly be assessed?

Please feel free to share your thoughts...
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You can find my reply to Q1 in the 4 pages document attached to this post. The sources that I have quoted in it can be accessed directly by clicking on the hyperlinks provided in the document.
Feel free to comment and question my article...

Fr. Deacon Alexander Djukic
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