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IPOG Rules
IPOG membership requires some information about you and your cars. This policy has kept things organized and friendly since 2000.
The information is stored in a members-only database, which allows you to identify others (possibly in your area) with similar cars.

I. All Members Must Provide the Following Information

a) Name (first and last)
b) Location (city, state [or province, territory], and country)
c) Year and model of your Ponton (e.g. 1959 220S), or other vehicles of interest
d) To expedite the approval, send information to: editor@mbzponton.org

II. IMPORTANT General Rules and Guidelines

a) Post ONLY topics related to Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962)
b) Posting (or replying to) non-Ponton topics will result in warnings or banishment
c) Administrator approves all memberships
d) All discourse is civil and courteous