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IPOG membership requires some information about you and your cars. This policy has kept things organized and friendly since 2000.
The information is stored in a members-only database, which allows you to identify others (possibly in your area) with similar cars.

I. IMPORTANT: All new members MUST provide the following information

To complete the registration, all new members MUST send the following information to: editor@mbzponton.org or their request will be denied.

a) Name (first and last)
b) Location (city, state [or province, territory], and country)
c) Year and model of your Ponton (e.g. 1959 220S), or other vehicles of interest

II. IMPORTANT: General Rules and Guidelines

a) Post ONLY topics related to Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962)
b) Posting (or replying to) non-Ponton topics will result in warnings or banishment
c) Administrator approves all memberships
d) All discourse is civil and courteous